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Re-Run ~ Dead-heading Pansies of Self,

I Culled Myself and Woke Up and Called Out

Death is the Mother of memory, the organic fertilizer that nourishes dreams, ideas, intuitions, imagination. 

What message do I have for myself from this experience?

Feel it. Hear it inside. GIve its resonance space to expand until it settles. Now, say it.

Keep it.

Pansies Are…

Dead-head your pansies in your garden, or pots, or urns, or wherever you have them. It’s a verdant gesture to keep them thriving and vibrant. There’s so much cool color when you do. So much cool color ALL the time. Dead-head the flowers as they start to wilt and drop them to the base of the plant. Death will then be the Master Gardener to nourish. Death, the mother of memory, will fertilize future flowers’ dreams. Dead-head, and that energy can go into the soil, and the energy that was going to that flower will strengthen the remaining full flowers and new growth.

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

Pansies Are Delicate, Though…

Pansies are delicate, though they are hardy. Pansies in the garden are no weaklings. Pansies are SO not pansies. Trauma works like pansies to a degree…


So many times after an intense experiences passes, I feel there is a tendency to say, Phhuuuuueeewww. Glad that’s over. Run away! Like Monty Python. Run away! Run away! 

Is it. Is it over? Is the experience really over? Or, is The End really Just The Next Beginning? Or, is the over simply that we escaped with our life? Or, escaped to be emancipated with more life, more of ourself revealed, now more evidently present?

Maybe, instead of Glad that’s over, somewhere along the line I’ve learned to dwell IN the experience while it was still fresh just afterwards, and then not have to dwell on it as some nebulous unresolved why-dafuq-do-I-get-triggered-that-way by who knows what that reminds me subtly enough that I don’t groc it until too late, for years to come.

Feel into trauma and experience wise in time or just after. Own it. Listen to its message. Allow it to integrate itSelf on its own terms. Continue WITH it as a new asset. Feel your empathy tuned up a notch in so doing. Respect and resonate in powerful witness with the trauma messenger inside. Be grateful to the person who triggered you BEFORE you act out driven by the trauma and not the totality of what you were the moment before. Express, Thank you for digging just there. I need to breathe and feel into that. ANd, if they are a solid friend comfortable in their own skin, they’ll understand, maybe even silently stay with you for the short vigil while you acclimate to the trauma re-surfacing, powerfully and respectfully and grateful listen to it in all its ferocity and candor and quiet subtleties.

Once Your Trauma Has

Once your trauma has re-acclimated to you as well — its birth to peel off from you to protect you and bleed off overload in the system and become a disconnected Part and be buried deep inside may Be the last time it saw you — get re-acquainted, and do so allowing the Part to lead. Don’t poison it with any words or expectations or presumptive putting words in its mouth. Allow it to speak, and do so on its own time rather than yours. The 1st session with a Part may simply be an awareness of one another session. Each encounter is different. It may leave and come back to check in later. Minutes. Days. Years. Simply reserve a place At your table for it when it presents each time.

Amending The Soil

It feels like fingers in black earth while amending the soil in the garden. If, just for a moment, I honor myself enough to be silent and still, not frozen, not in shock, silent and still, when I feel into the intense experience after I have washed up on the shore on the other side after the storm I’ve experienced has broken, I can feel-discern with a fresh clarity of vision in a new perspective framed by the experience before it evaporates. And, it informs me. It gifts me the message of my experience while it’s still fresh, instead of disappearing inside to become a trigger where the trauma is always kept fresh.

“Reflections” (c) 2005 Jordan Hoggard

Still Near It, Fresh

Still near it, fresh and wet behind the ears from my birth from The experience, before it’s truly past trauma, still focused by it and immersed in it rather than by me, a bit still hanging toes in the unconscious semi-liminal, it or I may gift myself a message from the experience before I fully step back over the trauma prison of Inner Beyond to here. Psychologists have plenty of titles for this. That’s cool. Creativity is not a diagnosis or a malady or a disorder. The only titles that matter to me are Tarot Reader and Author, Astrology Reader and Author (by Blog), Artist, Poet, Writer, Alchemist, Architect, someone who is Alive. Bold. Courageous. Caring. Empathic without being mushy… unless of course we have our toes in the mud… to grow a Lotus from the mud in joyous and as-if-without-thought-or will sandbox garden.


Fearlessness doesn’t apply here. I have plenty of fears. I simply don’t let anxiety kidnap them and torture and distort them into making me afraid. Guess that helps get off the mountain when those torrentially experiential storms come in rain-singing, Nature’ll kill ya. Keep breathing, and you’re still alive so you’re still a problem. Keep breathing. Nature’ll kill ya. Nature’ll kill ya. And, Nature will make you stronger when you relive yourself of the excess, when you deadhead the pansies in the Soul Garden so they keep thriving more and more strongly towards perennial naturalization each year.

I’d stay in that place as long as it took, not running for dear life to get as far away as possible, certainly not frozen, quite the contrary. Not fight or flight or freeze. Aware. Still. Focused. Patience is not docile or omissive. Patience is concentrated strength.

To In-dwell, To Enact

I in-dwell in the feelingsense home of the space, of the place, of my recent, intense experience. Sometimes 5 seconds. Sometimes an hour. Sometimes decades cycling around through its paces throughout my psyche. No deadline, no expectation. I simply make serendipitous stumbles in meditative momentS moving forward in a powerful and respectful witness of what just occurred. I don’t waste trouble.

And, I do that until I’ve psychic-gold-panned past the experience’s rough geode exterior to see beyond the rawness in the moment to the refined, potent message. I see into to the colorfully kaleidoscopic, living crystal, juicy gemstone, geode interior. And, the message comes as my head begins nodding. Almost without fail. Almost without fail is an acceptable risk to me.

I’ve had historical friends for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they are spectators, sometimes assistants, sometimes colleagues, and sometimes I’m the spectator when I Engage in process towards the message with something like: What would my friend Fred do?; How would my friend Bill B handle this?; What does CG‘s ‘Red Book’ have to offer?

How Do You Keep It?

Who Are Your Historical Friends?

How Can They Help You Today?

How do I keep it? I keep it with an open palm up to the sky where it would nestle in my hand. No closing my hand and holding tight white knuckling to possess it. That suffocates things. Embrace it. Embrace the person or thing as a talisman, a talisman of THEMself on their terms. No need to digress into Psychological Projection or Projective Identity. Those two are the horseshit born of not owning your own stuff.

How do I embrace and meet up with inner, geode messages?

Open handed, reciprocal figure to ground touch, the Both/And touch of the Yin-Yang, the apogee master violin bow single-stroke bindus connecting inhale and exhale, forming breath as prayer. That’s how I embrace and meet up with these inner, geode messages.

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Be there. Be present. The present is perpetual.

Boundaries that create separation simply induce self-imposed anxiety. Boundaries that establish identity and distinctions can dance and immerse in one another without dissolution. I love swimming. I love swimming immersed with another and their uncut intensities even more. Fun stuff.

Then, if you‘re still alive, keep it.

And, saturation needn’t be drowning in the distress of a situation. Like a high performance, high speed, X-rated radial tire — rated for speeds over 134 mph, it’s on you to take responsibility for how far you take it above that… they’re not concerned about a court case at that level above 200 mph as that’s on you top make sure — you and your tires are filled up to 33 psi for stability, and maybe dropped to 32psi for added grip in the turns in the cold? Yes. Vrooom, shift n corner, baby! Shift n corner TOGETHER!

Message Gifts Kept

From your experiences, what gems of messages have you mined to keep?

They are yours, I respect that, and ask that you do as well. No need to comment them here. Please comment only IFF if and only if you care to and are full-on comfortable to share them. Otherwise, they are yours to tune your Soul’s liquid silence with the resonant chords of you and nurture the healthy boundaries of the Royal Castle Around You forming you as Presence As Architecture, or whatever you decide you do with… (Hey presumption, get the effa outa here and know when to shut dafuq up)

May I suggest that Your Presence Is Architecture, Presence As Architecture. Keep it. Upkeep it. Nourish its powerful limits and boundaries. Fly as high as your roots go deep. Swim as deep And infinitely as your dreams expand within.

How do you dead-head the pansies of trauma to nourish yourself by respectfully integrating them?


What Have You Mined, and Kept That You Use to Enact Your Priorities? Does Form Follow Priority? And/Or, Is The Form Simply the Consequence of Your Form-Giver?

I go with the form-giver. Beauty necessarily has some weirdness she’s, some flaws. Otherwise, it’s just pretty. Like quick fixes have shallow roots, pretty is temporary. Beauty endures, as beauty evolves to continually be itself.

You have no responsibility to be who you were even 5 minutes ago. ~ Alan Watts

Thanks for You, as only you can be, visiting here today in the perpetual present.

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Re-Issued ~ Stress Is Not the Issue

Re-Issued ~ Stress Is Not the Issue

Trees with strong roots laugh with storms.

~ Old Malay Proverb

Today, Here on This Blog, the Vik(c)tors Have It

The Interstice, the space between, The Psychic Synapse space between each of us where things that are poured from us magically mix and bring things into relationship live… the space between the Personal Alchemy of vases… Magically mix up Myths at The Alchemist’s Studio. Vessels are important. Their’s are beautiful with just as beautiful stories to found them in…

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose.

~ Viktor Frankl

Laughter is the shortest distance between people.

~ Victor Borge

I’ve seen

I’ve seen a lot of articles on Eustress over the years, the positive form of stress. Don’t get me wrong. My intent is not to dismiss them out of hand, or at all. They provide some wonderful tools and perspectives, some brilliant. I haven’t linked any here. You can kneel to The Google Oracle for that. They’re mostly valid, some brilliant and ground-breaking, though for the most part, I don’t think they really get off the ground or dive deep to get past the surface. Again, no slam. Just me expressing that I think there’s a blind spot in regards to stress.

From my perspective stress is not a problem In the 1st place. It is simply an often over-used buzzword that now borders on crisis–mongering, attention-getting slang, instead of KEEP GOING. Keep rockin’ your gig. Oh Jordan! Stop being so nit picky-word-specific. You and your semantics are just SOME ANTICS. Stress, stressful. What’s the diff?!

To which…

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, the lady and the ladybug. ~ Mark Twain

Stress Is

Stress is not the actual issue from my perspective. Stress is simply a force applied, an influence, an experience. It’s Strain that’s the driver as I see it. Strain is deformation, causes something to be bent from a memory perspective with things like wood or steel. Strain affects an indelible influence. I don’t believe you can have stress. It’s a potential influence, certainly real, though it’s IF stress affects or influences you that that I question. I don’t think you can have stress. If affected or influenced by stress, it is not stress anymore. It is causative strain.

Damage Versus Influence

I think you can experience stress or stresses And eustress. Though, if the force stresses you such that you don’t bounce back to form, then it’s not stress you have. It’s strain. Stress is like pointing to the water or environment you swim in, and strain it what they do to you, how they affect you. That also has to do with your wits and wisdom and ability to keep perspective… in stressful situations. I firmly feel you can have strain, though. That’s what I feel most people are referring to when speaking about stress. Most have the concept they experience right on the money, though just the wrong word to pair with it.

It can be difficult to sort out the signal from speedy, newsfeed noise and head-chatter-inducing static driven by the false sense of urgency of media and the amount of information we encounter even in a single minute. That in itself can put you in a heightened sense of trauma, and in addition make for a dulling of your senses by overload such that the inertia of it makes it more and more difficult even to fathom pulling yourself out of the pond so to speak, much less to counter it in response rather than reactionary ways. And, then in that vulnerable state, you are fed highly repetitive, psych-slang of stress... among other misinformed things.

If you do not read the paper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed. ~ Mark Twain

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage. ~ Brene Brown

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

The arrows above indicate the stress or stresses, the force(s) applied.

Structural Psychology (my words to reflect Structural Engineering as I see it applicable to Psychology… Most likely not the Psych profession‘s version, though that can be TBD)

I take a Structural Engineering view of psychological stress. Stress is simply a force applied. Strain, the strain of your experiences and traumas and influences are the gigs I see worth actionable exploration. ~ Jordan Hoggard

The thing that is stressed bends or moves or deflects. When the stress is removed, it returns to its original form. Strain is when that stress pushes something past its elastic limits, past the memory limits of the material or identity. And, when the stress is removed, it doesn’t return to its original form. There, strain has occurred. Permanent deformation. Indelible, or poignantly present influence. Call it influence. Call it experience. Call it trauma.

Influence is not inherently good or bad, though I feel it important to discern the what of what has occurred. The material or person that is bent or dented or marked or influenced in some permanent, indelible way — at least until replaced if a material, or as a person you psychologically address it — it’s your call whether by yourself or with a Psych Pro. I certainly don’t intend psychological advice. I’m not a licensed Psychologist. I’m a layman who has a noggin’, and I consider myself qualified for life with it.

Are You Qualified for Life

Openings, Forces Applied to Self

Eight forces sustain creation: Movement and stillness; Solidification and fluidity; Extension and contraction; Unification and division. ~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

As soon as as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. ~ Morihei Ueshiba

With Your Presence As Architecture, How Do You…?

How does a building stand on the ground?

How does it extend to the sides?

How does it open and close?

How does it reach for the sky?

~ Four existential questions about Architecture from Christian Norberg-Schultz. How can you apply them to yourself:

(Invisible, unseen, how stable is your foundation? How strongly are you rooted?)

How do you stand on the ground?

How do you extend to the sides?

How do you open and close?
How do you reach for the sky?

Perspective, Stability, Power

I see stress as being what you make of it, how it influences you, and/or how you do or do not allow it to influence you.. If your perspective is born of healthy boundaries and comfortability in your own skin, then trees with strong roots needn’t fear intense winds applies. or storms make oak trees take deeper roots.

With healthy boundaries, one is naturally aware of their strength and their strengths, and not prone to even flinch, but to experience, or DUCK! — like this Rock of Gibraltar Lighthouse is unmoved in the stormy ocean without any thought or will. It just is. Proudly, with no hubris. Simply is, itself grounded strongly in context. How do you design and develop and train yourself to be like this lighthouse regardless of the intensity of the forces present in your surroundings?

This lighthouse is simply stable, comfortable with itself in context. Stands there in powerful witness, might not even notice, just enjoy the intense foam and spray, like a welcomed massage session, or listening to music. I

I first suggest, especially with questions, to listen to others as if their voice is music. Do you want to immerse in it? Let it go to a wonderful and driving 11?! Do you want to change the channel, or click OFF? Take it from there. See if the technique is both natural and easy, and secondly whether it’s effective for you. Listen to people as music. Where does that go for you?


And, the lighthouse. Even during the most intense storms. It is a beacon to those out at sea, a beacon to help them navigate their storms, so they can wash up on the beach refreshed once the storm has broken rather than breaking them.

As I Began With

Trees with strong roots laugh with storms.

~ Old Malay Proverb

Sometimes I

Sometimes, people get their hackles up when asked a question. Expecting to be scolded — nascent trauma memory from childhood/the past being triggered from Inquisitor parents? — or expecting to take a hit actually or metaphorically, and/or expected now to do something, maybe that they don’t want to do? So many possibilities and permutations there. Parents are naturally, the Both~And of the Mentor/Tormentor. That is not dual. It can teach about the importance that is to engage your Shadow, to literally turn and face it… daily as required, if necessary, until it is not. I would suggest this is lifelong to continually refresh the Both~And of having a light and numinous world an ally on one shoulder, and dark and chthonic things allied on the other. Each allied with the other, they are a binary Star~Black Hole system that orbits around the Sun of you to keep you fresh… and do remember to change the filter before winter fully sets in.

46 Seconds To

Understand, though, every question/comment/request is urgent to the asker. I suggest to not assume urgency, or anything for that matter, When someone asks you a question, especially if they don’t couple their ask with a timeframe. That’s asking you to do their scheduling. Abrogation, is a word, putting ones’s responsibilities off on another. Delegation is cool, though, think through what you agree to receive there. Ask questions back. Once you agree, it’s your responsibility, regardless of missing clarity or requirement features.

Simply put, I suggest to inspect your expectations. Inspecting your expectations helps mitigate blind spots, assists to be able to listen more fully. And, also provides the opening for ‘No’ without explanation to be a complete sentence.

Duty in the World Community

I find it to be our duty to ourselves to be that tree in the wind, the Rock of Gibraltar Light House unmoved by a stormy and powerful ocean around it, simply fully engaged in the world. Are you able to simply and fully listen to questions asked in powerful witness, with Empathic Silence all the way through until someone is finished? And, pauses are not them pulling the trigger for “your turn.” Feel the pauses. How do they help you feel what is being conveyed? Then, take YOUR time with your response or non-response. You are not the asker, so with your priorities intact, the ask may not even be something you would even entertain in the first place. Stand there, and when the storm or high wind or potential influence passes, when the question or communication is complete, Take your time to feel into your response, especially if the asker is poke-prodding. That just implies a desperate false sense of urgency that they need to get it off their hot plate. Heck, keep some hot pads around. Hand it back to them. “So, you are asking… (insert ask)? Is that correct? Tell me more about what you expect for (insert x,y, etc). Please clarify those with things I missed.”

A concept that is simply luminescent and glows on healthy boundaries is, Lack of planning on your part will in no way constitute an emergency on mine. I suggest you plan better. It’s important to not support bad behavior. You are only training people how to treat you poorly. When we do that, it’s squarely on us to own.

Before You Respond

Before you respond to a question, question the question to yourself so you acclimate to it inside. How did the question feel? Is the person delegating within reason. Are they abrogating, or in other words being lazy and smoking the narcotic hope that someone will complete their responsibility? You know, looking for a sucker? Are they asking for advice, perspective, wisdom? Mundane? Large? There are as many kinds of questions as there are people to ask them, though until you say, ‘Yes,’ there are only two kinds of questions. Those questions that are responded to, and those that receive silence. It’s ok to imply no with eyebrows up and a smile non-verbally saying, as if. They’ll move on. There’s a sucker born every minute. It is each of our jobs to have sovereign boundaries that are simply in the shape of ourself with runflat sidewalls and road ready pressurized to 33 psi. Well, on a cold cold day, maybe drop to 32 psi for some squash factor for extra grip. Slipping’s no fun. Sliding can be.a joy. How’s your traction control in life?

Sometimes II

Sometimes there’s not even any reason to respond to a question or a stress, except to discern whether it begs a potential priority to be established on your part, or a response. And, if so, what degree of urgency, if any, is it given? It’s like noticing the weather. This isn’t a harsh or cold and insular and disconnected way of interacting. It trains people how to treat you and trains how well you care to care for yourself. And, if it’s their stuff, to take care of it themselves with just two eyebrows up and pursed lips with no words in response. Always put the onus of responsibility on the asker to find out for themselves first, if they are able. Many people I know, though, are simply curious and asking a question. That’s an invitation to engage in conversation, which most times I full-on dig.


I would ask, instead of stress, how do you clearly experience the weather of Nature or weather of events or people around you? Initially, how are you influenced? Do you react out of hand, jump to respond startled and quickly? Do you powerfully whole-mindbodybeautiful listen completely until they have finished, and give the question Silence and a place to open up and expand between the two of you?

Sometimes people solve their issue right there in front of you while they are working the stress out as if it’s TO you. Sometimes in the asking of the question, the person is saying the thought out loud for the 1st time, and in so doing run the process through, and at the end of their question, their head pops up with a smile. Nevermind. Just got it. It brings a smile when I see someone do that, work out their question right there in front of you.

Interpersonal Connection

There’s a certain, sacred, Oracle quality to interpersonal connection from my perspective. And, sometimes only one person needs to speak. Like you go to the “Oracle” of a friend to ask a question. They are stable and quiet, and fully listen. They simply provide you a wonderful mirror, in safety, where Your words not mine smiles into play.

This Friendship Oracle, as I began to call it while penning this blog, also makes it unnecessary to discern whether there is potential danger of Psychological Projection or Projective Identification to watch out for. (Yes, I ended a sentence in a preposition… we have a response for that in Texas… re-end the sentence to some with an expletive). You’re not required to respond except by yourself.

In the case of PP or PI may I suggest the following response: (Do not respond, don’t become ensnared or entangled in the Tar Baby), or Your words not mine. I’m glad you can describe yourself so aptly. Good for you! (In a happy tone, no conflict engagement, though no taking it on, either). 

If you have a Narcissist or Sociopath on your hands, the best way I find to argue with them? Just don’t. Walking away is a complete sentence there, and a last sentence as you re-prioritize your placement to move yourself to safety. Nevermind their follow-up chatter in your wake where they spill the beans of PP and/or PI with shaming and vitriol. They just attempted manipulation, and your stable mirror of that Light House can reflect it all right back where it should be. In them.

After their feign, their sweetie-pie lie-shiny-Angler-Fish-bait to lure you in, they out themselves to boot. You might even have an ablution cascade of tingles flow through your body full-on pleased and proud of yourself when you walk away, viscerally feeling how much you did the kind thing for yourself. No hubris. Just feels good.

Realistically, though, from my experience — and I’m sure there are PLENTY of exceptions — this type asks very few questions, if any at all. Questions imply interest, and that in itself speaks volumes about them, and how to maintain safe passage navigating away from them. I‘ve experienced them most often leading in with a psychological rib-spreader knife, just opening with some kind of shaming statement to try and appeal to some inner guilt. Not playing. They open with that play, and the play ends. Exeunt stage left to transform them… into Ex.

Another response I remember using, and of course I might as well have detonated a bomb… You’re a great Angler Fish, though not a very good fisherman. At least drop the hubris and pay your Inner Electric Bill to get the light thingee turned on for that dangly thingee. Your brightness is supposed to come from within, NOT gulp others’ to your within.

How Do You Experience?

How do you experience the weather of things you experience around you? Can you tune to your signal and discern more for what resonates with you from your perspective? I hope de-personalizing experience into weather can give you a better handle, and improve the strength of owning and healing places where you may hold your grace hostage. I hope you tune into You As Only You Can Be.

Disciplined Action Is Important. What Do You Hear With This 46 Seconds the 2nd Time Around?

How Can You?…

How can you brighten yourself? How can you train your innate talents into developed abilities? How can you do this in ways that enhance your natural intensities to make yourself more of who you are? I suggest to dose yourself with something good about yourself. Meditate not about a problem. Try meditating fully immersed in something wonderful about yourself. See what happens.

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

If you stop to address every barking dog along the way, you’ll never get anywhere. ~ Winston Churchill. He was on quite a journey, huh?

What’s Your Weather Response When It Looks Like Rain?


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The Parts Sandbox: The Golden Yod & Tarot Majors Individuation Engagement Prompters

The Parts Sandbox: The Golden Yod & Tarot Majors Individuation Engagement Prompters

To Engage Strength and Clarity With Your Natural Inner Animal Voice

To engage natural voice and open up a dialogue with your unconscious — which is very alive. We do need a new word for that. Some in the Professional Psychology community are on the hunt for one — Experience Dr. Becca Tarnas’ Participatory Imagination.

Today, or whenever you are visiting this, please bring your own imaginal yellow bucket and blue shovel to the liminal horizon sandbox, or your color choice, and/or Both-And the tools of your choice. Or, just yourself. That is often plenty. Oh, kick in a sense of adventure, too, as I like to hydrate these sessions rather than intellectually dry them out. No reason for Imagination Beef Jerky. Anyone have a Radio Flyer 90? If so, please bring it or them along, too. We might have some demolished materials to haul off to work clean without interference patterns in the sandbox playground of the psyche. I suggest to take several deep breaths, and as you move through this, please be conscious not to hold your breath. Keep yourself aspirated and hydrated.

The Land of Mystereum Majors Chorus OM-Hums Their Resonance To & For You

We are not You. You are not Us. Though, we are not separate.
We are connected and live in every synapse and interstice and space between so Psychic Synapses can bring things to bring beauty into relationship with beauty.
We live as Archetypes throughout the Universe, 
and within and through and through throughout You. 
You are only as comfortable with Us as you are balanced.
Engage Us like Parts in Brainspotting.
Where and how you look affects how you feel.
Engage Us. 
In Empathic Silence listen to whole-Self Be with Us.
We are your allies when you are your own,
when you own, honestly own You.
You live what you leave out.
What more of your Michelangelo’s marble
can you chip away and make leave
to make more of you seen,
not left out?
Light Ablution Pool Space at The Temple of Luxor at Karnak. Well, that’s what I’ve always called it. Photography credit goes to Photographer, is not one of mine.

O The Fool…

I am The Fool,
though there is no I Am or me in here.
I am not all the cards. They are each themself.
I simply individuate with The All and the small 
to become each card as they gestate and are reborn in each reading. 
Then, they shed me like
The snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed.
A Part of the Divine All of Me remains,
from the original piece of The Divine that broke off in the Creation.
I remain For you as the Creative Principle. I am the liquid dark depths of air you breathe inside your Place of Creation.
There, I am no longer nameless. I am the fire and water 
of Sophia and Lilith to empower You to own and be responsible
for your power. 
Use the space between, that empty, though empathic Silence between things to amplify or simply respectfully observe with reverence how the space between brings them into relationship. In relationship with your surroundings, heighten your curiosity, deepen your wonderment.

My agency is not on a journey or the journey itself. My agency is not the number 0 (zero). 
It is the untouched O (circle) unsquared by influence or expectation, there as fuel for your expeditions. There simply to provide fresh perspective and quality to your continual becomings, your gestures of iterations, your fertile forays in continuous transformation and evolution. 
Yes, I am the vessel, container and contained at the same time. 
I am the unhatched eggshell and that life that burgeons within. 
I am cracked from within as the new life stops breathing water and turns to air, the unborn soul awakening once again.
Do I individuate to become each card along the way 
until we play with a full deck? In the no-knowing forgetting is for getting way, certainly!
Then, the fun begins.
The path to wholeness is lifelong. 

Is the the Fool is the unsquared circle card O to you? The zero card 0 To you? And Osho Zen emptiness and simply the Psychic Synapse of the space between? 
Personlly, I do not feel The Fool to be zero 0. It is O, the unsquared circle of the Alchemist full of infinite potential each time you strike a mark across to square it into a chord or dischord to resonate.
Is The Fool also The Other Card Back, sloughed and forming, sloughed and forming?
What’s your take on The Fool?

Opposites attract? Ahhhhh the song of the truly desperate.

~ John Cleese on Cheers way back when

What’s that do for syzygy? Hmmmmm… I gather syzygy doesn’t need much help to do its magnetically gravitational thing. Apogee Perigee Within and About… the EverReady Bunny of the Psyche?

I The Magician.
I inceive. 
Yes, now that is now a word as I brought it into being.
Formless, I 1st-spark the idea. 
I Am the Arche of Architecture.
I Am the inspiration or impetus. 
What do you inceive or incept today?
II The High Priestess. 
I conceive. 
I give form the the formless with that 1st spark. 
I Am the Techne of Architecture, the making, the putting together.
I Am that agency which gives form to the formless. 
What do you conceive today?
III The Empress. 
I carry conception to full term. 
I am the Yoniverse, that from which all emanates. 
Hey men, you, too! Get your Man-Womb on in your Place of Creation. Sophia Justice-balances the sacred place of the birth, my 4 supporting Queens and the Both~And in all of us stakes the 4 corners. 
What sacred space in place will you corner to establish to pour in... What conception do you carry to full term today?
IV The Emperor. 
I sit, 
Silent, and without a word, I observe.
I oversee.
I trace the invisible property lines with my eyes,
the magical metes and bounds of identity 
in the realm of you 
that just emanated 
from the Yoniverse. 
My eyes are only moved by my heart. 
What do you In your power silently observe with established love today?

I heard. I sat unseated from my Silence. I experienced. I was better for my Silence.

~ The Emperor once The Land of Mystereum dandelioned into the world
V The Hierophant. 
I marry the spirit with the earth 
so the Archetypes’ out-of-wedlock Mag-HP~Empress~Emperor 
Place of Creation Man-Womb and Woman-Womb 
can continue to enjoy their sin, 
excuse me, creative life, to the fullest. 
I am the Heartfelt Silverback Gorilla Hierophant. 
No stubborn, unbending Traditionalists need apply. 
What magical energies will you marry into life
from your down-to-earth-Spirit Man-Womb/Woman-Womb
Place of Creation 
so they become real out here today 
for your and the world as a human community’s benefit? 
I am not indoctrinated anymore. 
I arrived before indoctrination was a glint in my Dad’s Eye.
Am I the Mote in God’s Eye? Yes. No. Both-And.
I was born in the future from the Soul Gardener 
where Death came as the Mother of Memory. 
My conception brings forth the conscious and fluid fluency confluence 
of the Infinite Arroyos 
of the past
and the future
to birth the perpetual present. 
Please live here. I do.
I have priorities and principles of chief value 
born of the wisdom of my experiences. 
What are your priorities and principles of chief value
that you bring or can begin to bring 
to actively and actionably live in your life today?
What are you doing with all this future
of your prescient remembrance in front of you,

VI The Lovers.

We paid for a larger font today as we are proud of each other. 
We love what we love. We indomitably love what we love.
We needn’t defend it. It is ours an none others’. We decide.
We make our own rules according to the dance of self with Self.
What way do you love that’s all yours 
that you own 
and take responsibility for 
and love today? 
(Odds are this is all yours and is a personal prompter for your consumption only to keep to yourself. Then again, you make the rules. 
Make time to forget form and action and results, 
like Nature did on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 
Make time to forget form and action and results 
to create a vessel of place filled with sacred space 
to recover just being in the world.
to Your Life, Your Way.
We suggest to not be all happy dappy all positive.
Heck, focus your Being on the negative, 
the angry, the hurt, the cracked, the broken Parts inside you... 
as when you turn to face them and engage In Silence
and only Empathically Listen to their rantras and ravings... 
you may find that they are the ones that need it the most.
As well, can you be a tree with strong roots that laughs at storms?
Do not laugh at their storm as a shaming behavior,
but with that inner laughter that is a closed mouth, temple-flexing, eye brightening inner smile as they go on and on. 
Make sure to toss the ad nauseum out of their ad infinitum.
With your patience not as waiting, 
but as the focused power of a glass top lake
with all the rambunctious life teeming below...
with that, engage. Reverently listen.
What happens when you do?
We did that this morning,
so we’re going to go have some more sex and then enjoy the sunny afternoon together and apart.
We tend to become besties with our beasties.
It often takes much time, 
and that is a currency we are glad to invest in each other
What happens when you engage your beasties? Take care to allow no harm to be done to you. Heck, sometimes nothing great actually begins without a little controversy... to shake the tree and get the lead out and expose Your Inner Gold to heal stronger each day.

When you focus on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you make an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you.

Crystal clear, sharp and bright, the sacred sword allows no opening for evil to roost.

~ Morihei Ueshiba

And, by engaging your beasties, they can show you the door… to transform them into your allies once they bleed off the negs. Remember Pandora’s story, and her box. A better translation of the box is vessel. In the story of Pandora’s Box she opens the vessel and all the ills of the world fly out and escape. It goes on an on, a lifetime of on and Aion on. And, the story stops there, right? Nope, it doesn’t. And, consequently, like Lilith, Pandora gets a bad wrap. You see Lilith was the 1st to utter the ineffable name. In that action, by her choice, Lilith, made from the same mud as Adam, birthed consciousness. She was demonized as if in some bogus Biblical Tabloid entry.

Eve, not made from the same mud as Adam, was given form from one of Adam’s ribs. Was Eve more aligned or more complicit? I’ll leave that question out there.

Lilith transforms into a serpent, slither-sneaks back into Eden, and seduces Eve to make a choice as well… to bite the apple. POOF, history records the 2nd birth of consciousness as the 1st, and THANK GAWD, and perfection in matter and body goes away. Perfection is boring, and I am allergic to boredom.

So, now that I’ve given proper reverence to Lilith and a respectful bow and nod to her, and of course Sophia, I’ll circle back around to Pandora and her open vessel.

There comes a long pause after the flood of blackness leaves the vessel from the depths. It is quiet, almost silent but not. She is ducked down in front of the vessel on the floor as she allows her vessel itself to shield herself. She hears the faintest thoomp-thoomp. She puts her ear to the vessel. She cocks her head. thoomp-thoomp again. Her ear on the vessel wall. It feels rhythmic. She’s curious. She wonders, Dare I look? The black cat in her can’t resist.

She braces herself. She engaged her vessel which opened her vessel. She endured the Rantra stampede of flight in The Leaving, the liberation. Now, for the moment there is a peaceful calm… and the thoomp-thoomp. She feels the strong and gentle silence confide within confidence, no pushy and arrogant and hubris-poisoned assertion. Her curiosity and imagination are filled with wonderment. It’s so quiet, almost Silent. She

She embraces the lip of the vessel with her hands as a cornerstone. Wraps them strong, though not possession-tight. She begins to pull herself back up with her firm embrace. She slowly pulls herself up and over to peer into the vessel. What does she see? All the ills and negs and beasties are gone, for the moment at least as that/our vessel is infinite as the Universe is inside us. More are sure to come. What does she see?

A tiny, golden, fledgling, Yod-shaped feeling of hope.

Pandora’s Golden Yod (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

She brings it to her heart. Individuation is engaged, The Chymical Wedding just began to occur in its lifelong marriage.


~~~~ O ~~~~

Can you live 
at the confluence 
of the past and prescient remembrance future 
in the experience of the perpetual present.... 

Can you own and take responsibility where shame is not even a word in your vocabulary? … much like the word guilt doesn’t exist in the Tibetan language. They have shame and remorse and resentment and regret… though, guilt, does not exist there. Whyever would one want to ingest and digest shame such that it becomes an internal Negative Rock of Gibraltar to bully us from the inside? Personally, I feel shame is a dumb thing to do. Are you a criminal? If so, turn yourself in. If not? Dispense with guilt, flip the turtle of shame on its back. Own your stuff, and there you go. There you go where you can inspire yourself like Pandora with the Parts of your story no one except yourself can tell you about. Know Thyself. 2 powerful words. If I could only take 2 words with me to a deserted island. Know Thyself. would be the two. Plus, I snUck in a single period there. Hope customs doesn’t relieve me of it, as then I’ll have a period toy to move around and 11 letters Trojan Horsed into the 2 words. Bet the airline will let me go carry-on. Hope I don’t lose them in the airport x-ray vessel.

Can You Rise

Can you rise above yourself and pluck that weed out like the Soul Gardener you are. Your naturalized perennials just might thank you for the added breathing room for their roots.


One’s roots much touch Hell for one to reach to Heaven.

C.G. Jung


Heaven and Religion are for people who do not want to go to Hell. Spirituality is for those of us who have already been there.

~ David Bowie

VII The Chariot.

I sidle up and sync from the side. 
What internal rhythms 
do you sidle up 
and sync your resonance with today? 
Can You ask Moira, 
the Astro Asteroid Goddess 
of internal time
help you?

VIII Justice.

It is. Your heart is. Your actions are. 
What activity and exercise 
will lighten your heart 
to tare your scale 
and balance you 
out today? 
You know, 
like RBG. 

I bet Maat 
had to get 
a new scale for 
RBG whose heart could fly.
No Maat judgment Mano y mano.
Maybe Maat actually just smiled, said, Thank You, Ruth,
and just waved her on in. You’re welcome, Maat heard in that moment. Both worlds are better places for RBG’s presence.

IX The Hermit.

I have hypervision. 
My inner light warms the places that are deep in darkness. 
Am I the white spot in the Yin-Yang? 
What will you do to illuminate dark depths 
to mine the splendor of your Inner Inheritances, 
to use your natural, emotional wisdom, 
and discover and integrate Inner Gold today?

X The Wheel.

1 word       I’m 
2 words.    going cycling 
3 words.    today always. Are 
4 words.    you going cycling today? 
5 words.    On a lark, in a 
6 words.    park, on a whim, or deep 
7 words.    within? How do you engage cycle today?
8 words     (Insert your words)
9 words     (Insert your words)
10 words.  (Insert your words)

XI Strength.

I have marshaled the forces of my natural, inner animal voice 
And married it with the clarity of refinement. 

The goal of words are to be like pouring clear water in a stream from a dear, recent email (sentence by Enrique Eniquez). 

That also Is like the gurgling water over rocks sound you hear when you play a tuned Steinway piano. Bliss of resonant vibrations on both.
What do you say today that is as clear as pouring clear water in a stream?

XII The Hanged Man.

 I am The Empress’ son, and together we are Tarot Birth Cards. 
You see, I continually am and continue to become enlightened 
as I am connected with my Place of Creation. 
Sometimes, full-on and total. 
Sometimes, just brilliant and welcome sunbeams 
that gleam to me through the leaves of my Tree. 
What lights you up today?

XIII Death.

I am the Mother of Memory and Nourisher of Dreams, 
and I reside in the past-future confluence 
that is the Birth-And-Death 
MindHeartBodyBeautiful of the perpetual present 
with a foot 
on both sides. 

I am the snake its skin shedded, 
the snake its skin not missed. 
For, look at the refreshed and vibrant new colors. 
I am the chaff blown off the wheat 
in the wind 
for you to nourish the life ingrained in you. 
What do you feel like today once you are free of something that’s run its course?

Death as the Both~And Mother of Memory and Nourisher of Dreams that confluence in the perpetual present.

What will we do with all this future have… Now?

XIV Temperance.

We are the magical mixing. Some call us the Mysterium Coniunctionus Because we, in our Latin way, hadn’t yet discovered “ j.” Some call us the Systema Monditotius. Some call us evolved Lovers of Self Knowing Thyself/Ourselves in reciprocal Justice. We powerfully listened when we approached the Oracle and internally experienced the words, Know Thyself. That struck chords to resonate in our heart, and we had a Chymical Wedding within each of us before we came together, with William Blake’s etching acid corrosive as our wedding planner helped us balance the Ph of our relationship to dial out the acidic and keep the corrosive as our corrective. Sarcasm anyone? Hmmm. Lotta words for the wise and time calm confidence of our Temperance. 
How is your balance magically mixed?

The snake’s skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed. Chaff blown from wheat in the wind. Our forgetting is for getting. It makes more breathing room for the good stuff. Can that be magnetic for you to pull in more good stuff?

~ Jordan Hoggard. Who’s that HierDood?

XV The Devil.

What are the power of your expectations in your focus rather than with blind spots? What innate intensities do you embrace? Are you aligned with your earthly desires, or do they take you into a state of imbalance where your strategies innately keep you there? I don’t ask you a question. Instead, I gift you the tool of freedom to feel your desires clearly. I suggest to explore them and strike your own balances as you do no harm.

XVI The Tower.

I am the Shaker-Upper. Uranus And Pluto are my Besties. And, with the Tower, we all go Rx (Retrograde) on you. We station. We plant. We emanate with all our power. Do you experience World-Altering experiences from the upsets we create? Do things fall through in ways to cascade what you‘ve built into oblivion? If so, when the marsh gasses of the pound turn over clear, do you feel relief, a Tabula Rasa of a restart? Or, when we do this, do you downshift to plant right along with us? Do you then instead feel a World-ALTARing experience? Have things then not fallen apart, though have fallen together for the first time in a way you are simply not familiar with? Do you feel grief or relief and/or both? Do YOU settle the dust in the focused power of patience by not stirring your pot and allowing it to settle where you Ghandi it out and wait for the dust to settle? How does your Tower work this time? How does your Tower work each time?

We each grieve differently, and we each grieve differently each time.

~ Jordan Hoggard

Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.

~ Malay Proverb

When the water is cloudy, will you stop stirring and powerfully listen? The wait for clarity can be an internal, Moira rhythm that is yours only. Know thyself, and it often relates to the All that is good for everyone. Taking care of You takes care of The All..

~ Me

XVII The Star.

I am your celestial groove. 
What is your celestial groove? 
What is your celestial groovy? 
Are you surfing yours with the clarity of your Inner Animal voice where proper Silences highlight and provide reverence 
to enhance your voice notes and the Golden Yods in between?

XVIII The Moon.

I am your Inner LUNAtic. Are you driving yourself crazy with anxiety, or do you outlaw anxiety from hijacking your fear from turning your fear, which is simply awareness, into being afraid? Isn’t your fear simply both primal and evolved awareness? 
Does your fear connect to your Inner Radar to blip and say DUCK and/or SWERVE and/or ENGAGE?

XIX The Sun.

am who you were 
when you born, 
and maybe forgot? 
How can you be You, as only You can be?

XX Judgment.

Resurrection anyone? 
How do you move differently 
when your Inner Perennial Parts 
wake up and stretch after a long sleep?

XXI The World.

Isn’t the 9 of Pentacles 
the teeny Gaia card after the 7?

The 7 of Pents is what I call the Soul Gardener card.
Back to the dynamic verge point towards the 10 in the 9.
Though, the 10 would be the future to the 9,
so let’s dial back in to the present with 
The World and the 9 of Pentacles,
and put a couple of drops of your Golden Yod into them.
Roll it around to do a subtle flow mix,
maybe with as much focused balance as handling nitroglycerin in the movies.

With that in mind
Look into the Inner Obelisk Wormhole with a Golden Yod Heart
in the Land of Mystereum 9 of Pentacles
What more can you learn about about yourself from The World as you look up from inside the obelisk through the Cloister of Eternity. Are these the 2 Yin-Yang dots?
What message(s) do you get?

Thanks for the Sandbox Play Today!


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The Empress’ 4 Agency Form-Givers

The Empress’ 4 Agency Form-Givers

Agency ~ In psychology, agents are goal-directed entities that are able to monitor their environment to select and perform efficient means-ends actions that are available in a given situation to achieve an intended goal. Agency, therefore, implies the ability to perceive and to change the environment of the agent, but crucially, it also entails intentionality to represent the goal-state in the future, equifinal variability

The 4 Queens ~ Agencies of The Empress

The four Queens form the Agencies of The Empress. Queens are natural leaders, and elementally the Queens magnetize themselves together and become a quaternal form-giver to the Nature of The Empress in a Tetrahedron. The Empress may form the 1st self-supporting shape of the triangle, though the 4 Queens come together to form her further into 3 dimensions, the triangular pyramid, otherwise known as the Tetrahedron.

But Jordan, a Tetrahedron only has 3 visible sides + the base. Exactly. And, the Architect oftentimes differentiates a structure to evolve its beauty and function at one and the same time. Such as, see the image below to express one way I see The Empress in a 3-D Archtetypal Cosmology way. It also can apply to The Emperor as shown. Q of P at the Base points ~ that form the extent of the base side which homes the Magician and High Priestess ~ and then Q of C, Q of W, Q of S as the three rising sides ~ that rise to the tetrahedral point at the top which is… still thinking this part through: the Emanation point? The mini-tetrahedon created on top made of Psychic Gold to flow into Self and seed the next, IV The Emperor to establish place — draw another sketch diagram of the pyramid with 4 sides and a base.

Tetrahedrons and Pyramids need no foundation. They are themselves their own foundation

4 Agencies of The Empress. Queens are natural leaders, and each one of the 4 a Temple of herself that come together to form the overall Yoniverse of the Empress, that from which all emanates:

Queen of Pentacles Queen of Cups Queen of Wands Queen of Swords

Empress to be continued…

Emperor up next going under my sketch pen with pyramid and Hierophant… somewhere… to be continued.

Notice all the little people up and down the Soulseat Heartfelt Silverback HieroDood Wise from experiential integration… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

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Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment

Blog By Comment is a blog technique I sometimes utilize when someone else’s blog post inspires me and/or strikes a chord to resonate, and my comment in itself is basically an unpublished blog if I notice and allow it to be. I find that to be an important allowing, the noticing of the value you share When you connect. And, with Blog By Comment, the post that inspired me, and that I embraced by sharing here, can potentially do the same for others. In one sense these Blog By Comment posts are postcards sent from my Serendipity Itinerary blog travels.

Today’s Blog By Comment Is Inspired by a quote on Theresa’s Soul Gatherings site

“What You Are Comes to You”

What you are comes to you.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really resonate with that, especially from a Brainspotting Therapy perspective. As you come into readiness to look into aspects of trauma with your Psychologist and/or yourself, and you center, and sync with the gravity/magnetism of what you are looking to address, that action of focus and sync feels to dial out a blip on your overall radar inside. Most often, if not in that same session the Part will present itself, walk right in, or peek around a corner, or….. It may be several sessions later (sometimes much much longer). When the Part that IS and has been living that fresh trauma inside you, when you focus with it to address it and zero-talk and over-listen whole-being style, it walks right in through the portal of your gaze from the perspective of the magnetic What you are comes to you. They gravitate back to you, and most often not like dino-killing asteroids in the Yucatan. More of yourself returns as each Part re-surfaces into the scene of your session.

I can view the whole Parts scene as the multi-facets of many personalities, one or several modes from each Part, though that would still be the Inner Child. There isn’t only one Inner Child from my perspective. They are often referred to as Basement Children in Brainspotting that are hidden or hid themselves away. There’s one, at least one, for each and every trauma that peeled them off to be hidden away unconsciously… OR that THEY peeled off from you at some point to relieve you pressure from overload. Those that peeled off? It feels like that’s the impetus of Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval work, though I shake my head No from my perspective to 2 of those. No Inner Child. No Soul Retrieval. ALL Shadow work, calling from the shadows. Brainspotting is all of that and more. And, when you get down to it, I almost didn’t believe it when the 1st several integrated. Done. I had been dosed with more Me. And, to make this particular paragraph even a little too much longer. Behaviorism? Behavior Modification? Pffsss. Not. B.F. Skinner can stick to torture techniques for the CIA where his true abilities lived. Behavior modification to me as a gardener is like taking a pair of scissors to weeds and stepping back to say, WOW, now THAT looks great. Sure. In a temporary relief way. In Brainspotting, that which was causing the behavior in the 1st place transforms into a message that it literally conveys to you before it dissolves to go back and live in you as more energy where it is naturally at home… probably from where it was kidnapped by the trauma in the 1st place. Maybe not in extreme or psychotic scenarios… though, I bet the jury is still out on that one until Psychiatry is made illegal because they medicate before they investigate. The Psychologist have it right. Work with what you have. And, I’ll personally say there’s a lotta goody hidden in the inner infinities of the Psyche.

You know, there really wasn;t a reason to break up the above paragraph. Sometime’s, Can I have a box for that? Leftovers anyone?

There Is A Whole Process

There is a whole process, sometimes instant, sometimes several or many sessions long. Not to embrace the Part, though for the Part to re-embrace you as you are now — it’s been incarcerated and/or living in the world of the trauma that created it, and you and the trauma that created it as a Part are all it knows. And, when that happens, that re-embrace, where You Now and the Part (from then) sync in reciprocality, the Part integrates, and/or begins to integrate. Most likely with no more words. None of that what do you think/feel/etc about that? Talk Therapy jumbo jumbo. There’s talk for sure, though that’s not the driver In Brainspotting. You are the driver, and meeting up with your traumas and Parts is the winding road. Sometimes the road is a flat-out foot-to-the-floor straightaway. Sometimes the road is a hair pin turn. Sometimes dead ends present themselves for you to discover other treasures. And, engaging trauma and integrating it seamlessly is the goal of Brainspotting — at least it was/is for me. Talk is often just more head chatter explosive flack being shot up in the air from the battleship of your EXPECTATIONS — Inspect what you expect. To engage and embrace your trauma. There is great stuff there when you face things.

Talk already occurred, or did not, during the session towards the invitation for the re-meeting of a Part and the trauma(s) that formed it, towards the reunion with the Part. And, as a Part integrates and the ablution cascade of tingles washes through a particular place in your body or your whole body, What you are now larger and more of yourself has come[-s] to you.

Thank you, Theresa. It was a solid experience to have that perspective strike a chord that resonated with Brainspotting from your post of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s What you are comes to you.

How Has What You Are Come To You?

“Reflections” (c) 2009 Jordan Hoggard

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Dorothy Parker

Thank you for your post Scott Parker-Anderson

Blog By Comment Method

Telling them I’m fucking busy — or vice versa.

~ Dorothy Parker

I’ve always loved that quote with or vice versa. Beyond priceless and full-on expressive of Dorothy Parker’s Beyond Mad Men Ad-men (person) level of wit to not just cut through, but to liberate the truth with her wonderfully scary mad observational abilities and playing tennis at the net right back BAM, Winner.

Her wit. Her wisdom wise in time in the moment that didn’t seethe under the surface, or rarely did.. was belted out directly and was not parsed or diluted. She expressed herself… She expressed herself wise in time in the moment. Heck, why wait for the short fuse when you can just BLOW Straightaway?!! Especially, the way she responded.

Pensive takes time. Dorothy took life by the horns and rode it in style and if you engaged her, you might as well have been the bull rider to her 2,000 pound Brahma Bull constitution of direct and full-on Nature. Maybe I’ll nickname her Brahmana. She was certainly strong enough and wise in time enough to run a Temple.

She Feels

Dorothy Parker feels like the kind of person that got more and more of her high octane self as she progressed through life, and she started with much out of the gate… the full-on of no debt with HERSELF… Feels like she paid off that mortgage before she started… Not by keeping it simple or real. By expressing the heart of the matter congruent with the heart of the matter. Without spin or diluting it with the propaganda falsely-tentative Betty Boop figure-eight Angler Fish foot baiting out loops of alleged weakness in the form of Schussss, We’re in the Library kinds of discretion. Dorothy dealt it. Period. Engage her, and you would be engaged… or ignored. Love it!

Bam! Kapow!

BAM, is a word. KAPOW is a word. BAM and KAPOW, are mostly of course used as onomatopoeias in cartoons, Batman, etc, though I ascribe them to Dorothy’s Way.. BAM. KAPOW. Those two words are complete sentences in Dorothy’s vocabulary.

An old Malay Proverb expresses, Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. Maybe even after being a silent and empathic and undisturbed mirror through each storm, the tree softly and compassionately reaches to the subsided storm and, Did your bluster have a message? That sounds like classic Dorothy. I feel From my perspective that that proverb is full-on Dorothy Parker worthy. She’d checkmate you in one move, and then assist to figure out a better way moving forward. Well, of course after patiently waiting for you to lick your wounds.

Dorothy Led

Dorothy led by example, by the example of what it means to be unapologetic for Your Life, Your Way. To me, Dorothy Parker is the Poster Child for Be Yourself, What Other Way Is There? Or, my Mystereum and ImaginAction mantra of. Your Life, Your Way, Actionably. Without fail, she was that. Herself. Indefatigably. Indomitably. She is my Keumgang Jitae, my Diamond Mountain 6th Dan form. I will forever have the asset of being in her debt. She lives with Jung, Morgan, Nietzsche, Blake, Watts, Rumi, Rilke, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cassatt, and The Temple of Luxor at Karnak (R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz — yes, dispense with his politics… he formed The Temple in Man and The Temple Of Man which were primary form-giving influences in my formative years) as my primary Historical Friends.

Dorothy Parker, You wen from this world 6 months before I came in in 1967. I do not say R.I.P.

Dorothy Parker. My memories of you, the lot of them from what I’ve mined, are blessings. I cherish them all. Thank you. We need more of you.

Dorothy, Thank you for giving form to the formless in your every utterance to keep things brought to square… and continue to evolve the things you valued without them being diminished by the trash-talk of Reason(s).

We Need

We need more women and more people who are like Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan to step up into who they are with their native talents and develop those talents into consummate abilities. That stuff is a priceless treasure.That stuff, the stuff of Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan, makes the world a better place from my perspective.

Hemingway Comes To Mind

Hemingway comes to mind in regards to Dorothy Parker in regards to writing. He expressed, Writing (read in: creating) is not difficult. All you have to do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed. Dorothy Reminds me of Hemingway’s expression. She sat down in her life somewhere, at some point, and bled. And, after that, she never stopped pouring her life into her work. Thank you for leading by example Dorothy Parker!

Just Sayin’. What’s YOUR Sayin’?

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LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

(C) 2020 Jessica Hundley, Taschen Books


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A Horoscope Reading Suggestion


Here’s a suggestion on how to get more in the big picture out of horoscopes from Astrologers you subscribe to. Not the ones from the newspaper. Those often feel like they are written by Clairfraudulents. Do you Wake up tired in the morning. OMG I have this. Write this down! Or, something like: I see pain in your past. All right, wait. Hmmm, let me see… DUH! Please don’t respond to those vague and Angler Fish parlor tricks. Every field has frauds. I just see them as rocks in the river, and flow riggghhhhhtttt around them untouched. Oooooohhhh SHINY. GULP!

The Angler Fish. They are often up to 6’ long? Hmmm… the size of some people I know…looks just like ‘em, too, once you see it. One of those things you can’t unsee. ANd hey, they have their pain most likely causing that as well. Hopefully they’ll dial in to wrest it free. Until then, though, NOPE, not on the list. NEXT.

Or, read the horoscopes in The Onion If you simply need some silly to cut some daily bs that’s gone down. Breathing deeply is certainly not the only way to relieve stress. My fave Horoscope in The Onion was from back in 2006-2007 for Sag:

Dear Sag, If your are reading this, we really apologize for predicting your untimely death last week. Though, if you are reading this without arms, we have to say we told you so.

Horoscope Reading Suggestion

In regards to horoscopes, I read my Sun Sign of course, Sag. And further, I read my Moon’s sign, Cap for my Moon~ASC conjunction per a rockin’ suggestion years back from none other than my Mom. I also then read Virgo for my 8th House Pluto~Pallas~Uranus conjunction there. Then, Libra for my 7th House Jupiter, and Scorpio for my 10th House Mercury~Neptune conjunction. Funny, I don’t read Pisces for my 2nd House Chiron, or Aries for my 2nd House Saturn~Moira conjunction. Further, hmmm, I also don’t read Libra for my 9th House Juno~Venus conjunction in tandem with the 3rd Sacred Sister also in Libra, Ceres, their near neighbor in the 8th House. Hmmm. Hmmmmms… Glad I’m writing this post as I just noticed those GLARING omissions. Bet there’s some of the good stuff there.

And, Cycle Through

Afterwards, which group or groups or groupings resonate with you that day. I feel our magnetism is alive, and we are naturally geared to dial in to different parts of our Natal Chart daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Based on the orbs of influence of the relationships of the orbits of the celestial bodies — planets, asteroids, etc.

I Find

I find this technique gets me out of the Oh, that Sun sign horoscope fell flat. Bet it didn’t. Bet it was asleep or just has delegated by tooting its own horn to start the band, is just listening and groovin’ and kelping to the rhythms of the band as they play their tune from their section of the your Natal Charity stage and strike the chords that resonate with you from your Chart.

Also, Look At

Also, look at your Astro transits, transiting planets and asteroids. They often strike chords around your Chart that resonate. When you know to look for them, maybe They can inform how you dial through your Chart to know in advance the most resonant horoscope to read that day. Or, if one upsets you, by all means dial into that one. Bet there’s a gift waiting to burst out of its seed into your Soul Gardener’s tools.

Asteroid suggestions: Chiron, Moira, Juno, Ceres (with Venus you’ll have 3 Scared Sisters in your court), Pallas-Athena, Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, Astraea. There are plenty more. Like with cooking. Use the herbs and spices differently for each meal. Cherry-pick which asteroids you’d like to hear from on a given day. I leave them all there, just dial in to focus on the message that most resonates… or, the one that upsets me or makes me uncomfortable. In that case I stop, drop, and roll right up to that one and face in to tack into the wind of its voice. That’s a no-brainer for me. That one’s digging shit out, and once the dirt stops flying my way… Oooooooohhhhh SHINY! Oh, right. Be mindful… and heartful.


Happy post-Bastille day yesterday. May this horoscope reading suggestion help you tip your cup to spill some beauty and tip your hourglass up to freshen your flow and clean out any places of stagnation for increased Self-awareness.

Our Cups

Our cups are continually being filled with beauty. There’s an art to learning techniques to tip your cup and spill beauty. Beauty, the mess you don’t need to clean up. And, in regards to things that are stuck, what techniques and habits can you develop to tip your hourglass back up? I mean, to get your flow to flow through stagnant places and wash them out. Here’s a poem I wrote in 1993 for Bastille Day that may lend an example to how you can tip the scales of your Natal Chart in your favor To get it flowing more and read the most resonant horoscope each day rather than only your Sun sign. Actually, I always read my Sun sign, and then whichever other group is orbiting closest in resonance with my feel and sense that day.

And remember, your Sun is always shining behind every dark cloud. That may be where those silver linings are coming from.



is to free the prisoners

when sand sleeps in the eternity of the tilted hourglass?

(C) 1993 Jordan Hoggard

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A New Idea Comets Through My Imagination


Is Karma simply Spirituality’s version of Religion’s Dogma of guilt and Shaming? Both hierarchy-reinforcing and manipulative crowd control?

Tree of Life Structure Doodle Detail (c) Jordan Hoggard


Rather than leaving things to The Fates, or concern of karma or shame or guilt what about… reasons are unreasonable and Dharma? Why explain yourself? Why petition? When Sovereign, isn’t the only Principal in the Principal’s Office you? For me the only Principal in the Principal’s Office is me, and I don’t keep office hours with that position.

Tiger Woman Pen & Ink (c) 1991 Jordan Hoggard

Can Ego be Good if it Keeps Your Center Looking Good and Healthy?

Is Karma simply Spirituality’s version of Religion’s Dogma of guilt and Shaming? Aren’t they both just crowd control to reinforce hierarchy and manipulatively facilitate people to induce crowd control via being afraid or worrying And take care of perpetuating it on their own. Both worry and being afraid are forms of anxiety rather than being the excellent radar of fear informed by the wonderful vanity of the ego that says, Well, you look better with a head than without, so fear blips the radar to say, DUCK!

Is Anxiety a Creativity Silencing Narcotic?

Does anxiety numb and silence creativity and self-knowledge into sluggish and ingrained conformity rather than to explore and experience things like The Silence of Light By Louis I. Kahn, or Chthonic Numinosity AS Self by Jordan Hoggard to supplant boring and desiccated Hierophants who are stubborn and unbending traditionalists. Basically, The Hierophant on a bad day, rather than you finding YOUR OWN inner Hearfelt Silverback Gorilla Hierophant? Toot my own horn? Sure, somebody’s gotta start the band.


Isn’t sluggish and ingrained conformity a mud from which even a Lotus won’t grow? That’s stifling. No Soul Gardener’s gonna amend the soil with that shit. Too hot. Burns the roots. Even cow manure needs to compost and rot before it’s safe for the plants in your garden. I think that conformity shit might have a half-life in regards to composting. Yeah, it’ll be ready… never. How does never work for you? Oh yeah, sign me up for some of that shit.

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit


This post is a comet of an idea that just passed through the orbits of my Idea Solar System otherwise known as imagination. Go figure with NEOWISE in the sky.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum 10 of Wands (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard


The Dive and Ichthusa and Chthonic Numinosity: Self oil paintings (c) 1991-1992 Jordan Hoggard

It’s always a crank idea, until of course it catches on.

~ Mark Twain

What’s Your Take on the Above?

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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The 3rd Session

As If

I’ve lived my life as if my life depended on it, in the perpetual present. I value my experiences, regardless. They have all together brought me to where I am now. No regrets. No mistakes. All OFLs.

My mistakes are all OFLs. Especially the ONE bad-ass of the bad relationships I allowed myself to remain in for 2+ years. Now, as the song goes, Now you’re someone that I used to know.

OFLs. Every. Single. One. Especially that one. Each contributed to where I’ve arrived in my life today. But, that one? I have to thank her for that one… as … I decided to….

Feel Into Myself with…

3 Years of Brainspotting

Feeling into that last experience that led me to that, and forgetting it into action. As, forgetting is for getting. It makes more room for the good stuff. I feel to embrace, breathe, and share…

The greatest fear for success should not be failure. It should Be succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.

~ Francis Chan

That Relationship

That relationship didn’t matter with the constant, toxic drip of shaming behaviors. I mattered, though, and understood that even a Professional Psychologist could get to her. I’m not a Professional Psychologist. I woke up when, outside of my family, I lost the thing most personal thing. 1st my creativity went. Then, my imagination died on the vine, desiccated by the drip so slowly that right before my eyes that I hadn’t seen it happen… right under my nose.

Creativity and imagination going away are pretty much one of the most common symptoms of PTSD, and when a relationship is a prison camp of Steven’s Wright’s dog named Stay. And, for an Artist, an Architect, a Tarot Reader and Astologer and Author? Fear incarnate. Like Steven Wright naming his dog Stay.

Come here, Stay. Come here, Stay.

I had to do something about it. We went into couple’s therapy as my requirement for staying in the relationship. I’d never given an ultimatum before as I typically see them as a unilateral decision made by one, though hidden behind the fakery that the person being given the ultimatum even has a chance. I never saw the merit of an ultimatum except in extreme cases, and this was certainly that. Still, ultimatums root themselves in control, and that has a tendency to cause disconnection and are most likely manipulation born of being afraid in most cases?

You Give

You give an ultimatum? Well, you need to be comfortable with the infinite responses possible, not a finite set of them, and certainly nothing definite. Definite, that which takes the finite away and results in a decision.

Ultimatums are worse from my perspective than the attempt to count to infinity, except in extreme cases. So, I cocked my head and realized this was one of those, an intense extreme case. If I didn’t want to die on the vine in total, or worse, experience the creative catatonic of being forever miserable, then it would begin with this.

The 1st Session

Funny thing happened on the way to…. Funny thing happened. Every time the Psychologist asked her a question in the 1st session, she’d put it off on me.

I started seeing something I’d never seen before as I wasn’t engaging in argument. I was powerfully listening because no one was coming at me directly. He was simply asking her questions. What did I see? The Narcissistic Sociopath. Projective Identity way beyond Psychological Projection, and stresses that were not Eustress. I saw rage and hatred and no fear and plenty of being afraid. Such anxiety about anything coming from the outside world… as it wold most likely be dangerous or to harm her. At least, that’s the expectation I saw her not inspect.

While calmly, calmly but fully dafuqin surprised, I calmly listened as my historical friends Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche hopped up on each shoulder and settled in, settled in as I simply listened. Listened to the therapist turn her back to herself, which she would push right off over to me. And, he would calmly repeat.

I simply listened until the Psychologist turned to ask me something, and I felt into the question, attempted to open, attempted to feel-say, and say what I feLet. Rough. Raw, rugged geodes of statements where if he didn’t know what to hear for, the happy-mad-glad-sad hidden, I would have conveyed no feelings whatsoever. Though, he knew geodes better than me as a rock hound.

1st session, she leaves frustrated. I get it. This shit, this mud’s not easy. I leave with a hopeful though very furrowed brow. What dafuq just happened?

The 2nd Session

The 2nd session, I’m opening up, getting comfortable with things I was not comfortable with at all. He checkmates her. She still pushes it over. 3/4 of an hour and nothing but deflection. The therapist turns to me, and she, Wait! He’s the one with the problems. I don’t want to hear his bullshit. The therapist turns to me, Jordan, what do you think about that? I smiled one of those smiles where your temples flex. I feel she just described herself perfectly to a ‘T’. I don’t know that I have much to do with it. In fact it felt selfish to make it all about me. Her words not mine is what I got there. Her words for her to respond to.

Glad I brought a lighter. Guess that lit a show fuse.

The 3rd Session

3rd session. The therapist opens up with, Ok, Jordan is putting in an effort with an honesty that is based in vulnerability. You aren’t pulling your weight here. You are also a Psychologist. These sessions have started off wholly imbalanced, so I suggest we have two initial choices: we do them individually moving forward with each of you until both have made progress to come together in a session set; or, with him here we spend this Whole session on you in the interest of re-balancing.


Ohhhhh, was she incensed. And, I saw it, felt it whole-body. I saw the caged animal inside her lashing out through the bars. All her pain and what had been done to her — which, credit to her was quite a bit of beyond terrible And tragic things throughout her life. There’s a beauty in that gift of sight with someone when you see them warts and all, and then I came back from the experience on the other side… of the couch… into the room as she burst out in a rager of a Rantra at HIM… you know, the therapist, the one who couldn’t have done any of this to her? Yeah, that guy.

And, up and out of the session she flew.

We Had

We had come in from different parts of town, so different cars. His eyebrows go up calmly nodding to me. So, do you need to get up and go? I smiled. Ha! I saw what I was up against when she blamed you. She’s been doing that to me with every question she has ever asked after the 1st 2 months, for the last 2+ years. Your a profession in the Psych industry. With what I saw happen in these past 3 sessions, could YOU even ever get to her?

It doesn’t happen often, though most likely not.

Ok, I’m not a Psych professional, so the odds of me getting through? Less than zero to give myself at least some credit.

He smiled. I Continued.

She’s an Angler fish with her shiny questions and then GOBBLE, and you only then swim inside her shame. I saw that for the 1st Time today. There’s NO way YOU could be responsible for ANY of what she put on you tonight. She and I? That ended when the door closed behind her just now. It’s not the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was caused by the 1 million 435 thousand straws piled up on there unnoticed one by one until… I’m not Atlas.

So, nope, not leaving. We came in separate cars, she and I are through. I’ll handle that later. For my safety I may need to check into a hotel. Though, we still have 40 minutes, right?

Well then, yes we do. What would you like to focus on?

And the Long Road Home Began As…

I saw on your bio that you do Brainspotting. How does that work? Something is like a magnet inside me fascinated with that, and I know spare little about it.

He proceeded to give me the general overview in several minutes.

Well, COOL! Let’s get started. Let me stand up and shake that previous off, maybe an adrenaline dump like dogs and cats literally shaking it off and back into flow, and breathe deeply, then sit down…. Ok, how do we start?

And, We Did

I Took the Long Road Home

I took the long road home, ended the Internal Civil War between my own Parts, things I’ve called Inner Inheritances in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum and ImaginAction, and ImaginAction 2.0 that caused me to not only allow that kind of relationship, but to maybe even to expect it. Interesting to me that I wrote about things that I was doing naturally, though that wouldn’t reach the intensity to dive even deeper than I had in writing those books.

The Parts Now?

The Parts now? Now, I continue to work with and listen to them regardless of their intensity as they come up, or they choose to be allies in different ways not ready yet to dissolve in those ablution cascades of tingles in parts of the body when they do. And, some are heard, and I ask them their message. As I receive, they disappear into me, and I feel ablution tingles as they cascade disperse to re-home where they belong in my body.

I feel again now. I feel and do my creative work. I’m in love with my creativity and imagination again. I look forward to where that takes me from here.

After 3+ years of Brainspotting, Sovereign.

18 months ago I paused Brainspotting after 3+ years, looked up from my desk. Why was I even sitting there? Why had I been sitting there for the same hour every day for 2 weeks. I chuckled and smiled wide temples flexing eyes brightening and began writing as if I had never stopped… as out loud I said,

In Regards to Unresolved Trauma That Triggers You, Here’s a Bastille Day Poem I Wrote in 1993


Who Is to free the prisoners when sand sleeps in the eternity of the titled hourglass?

(C)) 1993 Jordan Hoggard

There is an art to learning your cup is always being filled with beauty, and learning how to tip it over to spill some out. Beauty spilled is a mess that doesn’t need to be cleaned up. Trauma, trauma stuck inside and driving you. May I suggest to learn ways to tilt the hourglass back up to wake up those sands of trauma so they can flow rather than fester?

Now, it’s time

Now it’s time to grow a Lotus out of this mud.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put the foundations under them.

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

And, I began writing again, differently now.

That All started

That all started 4 1/2 years ago.

I took the long road home, on purpose.

I cherish what I went through and have done and how I’ve grown into myself where my boundaries look like… well, they look just like me. In the last 18 months from It’s time to grow a Lotus out of this mud,, and from all the creative work I did before the poisonous drip and ooooohhhh SHINY of the Angler Fish‘s bait… they live here now. In me. Perennials waking after a long winter sleep to wake verdant and naturalize in my voice.

And, what’s that? What have I done. Naturalize my perennials? I’ve begun to naturalize the perennial of me in my wonderful Soul Garden. Soul Gardener… hmmm, I like that. Thank you M.Y. — you know who you are. That card you gave me at REI that day Sitting on the bench with coffee in Denver in 2006-2007. You wrote that to me. You referred to me as a Soul Gardener in your card. It was such an honor and went way over my head of the credit I was NOT giving myself back then to believe in my work fully. That stuck. And now, I’m unstuck. Thank you for that gift, for that card, for your astute and apt and heartfelt words, so I can now thank myself for my value, and be grateful… I can be grateful that I have a Soul Gardener to help me Naturalize further in my life, may way. Thank you, M.Y.

Quick fixes have shallow roots.

~ Unknown

Storms make the oaks take deeper roots.

~ George Herbert

A tree with deep roots laughs at storms.

~ Malay Proverb

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nin

Religion and Heaven are for people who do not want to go to Hell. Spirituality is for those of us who have already been there.

~ David Bowie
Reflections (c) 2006 Jordan Hoggard

My Soul Gardener Asks

What cornerstone in life do you brace against to grow a Lotus out of the mud in an area of your life… no matter how long it takes?

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“A Place of Restful Possibilities” by Ian Bryant

I Was Recently Sent

I was recently sent a link by a friend:

You might like what Ian Bryant is up to on Tarot Sushi.

it was certainly not click-bait.


Yes, I do like it TWO-FOLD! Of course I like it as Ian Bryant is driving the Tarot in the Land of Mystereum deck the way it was meant to be driven, HIS way, AND also his piece A Place of Restful Possibilities written as a meditation on the bed of a Mystereum slab altar as a spread is dialed in and connected and alive and refreshing. It took me on a journey at the intensity levels of deck creation when I was immersed and swimming and dialed in connected with the archetypes and characters as if we were old friends, because we are.

Ian Bryant’s Meditation Spread prompting A Place of Restful Possibilities. Images (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard. Schiffer Publications. Ian has my express permission to use Mystereum images at will on Tarot Sushi.

I Encourage You

I encourage you to check out Ian Bryant’s Story A Place of Restful Possibilities, and as well his work on the Tarot Sushi site. I cherish the story A Place of Restful Possibilities as a sculpture, Mystereum as the armature, and the warm-up armature of M is not part of the visible performance —references from teh book owned and fully made his own — filled Ian’s tanks with the high octane good stuff for a wonderful journey to connection. Oh, nah, that’s not a spoiler. The writing and story are too good in Ian’s piece for that one detail to be anything more than vague and ambiguous tease here. No tease there, though. Check out Ian Bryant’s A Place of Restful Possibilities on the Tarot Sushi site.

I am Honored. I am plussed. I cherish Ian using Mystereum the way it was meant to be used… to enhance and reinforce and strengthen and amplify His Life, His Way. Your Life, Your Way is the Way of The Land of Mystereum, ImaginAction, and ImaginAction 2.0. Best to you always finding your best way.

May the ground always rise up to support your every step. Especially, when there was no ground there as you began to step.

~ Jordan paraphrasing an Irish Proverb to The Fool for the Leap… where The Fool might not even leave the ground, simply experience the flight in the interstice between each and every steps. Skip in the step, anyone?

Thank you, Ian. Treasure. Your Story is True Treasure. Thank you!

Solar System & DNA


Have a Wonderful Week Your Way!

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