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Healthy Allergies

I Have Two Allergies

Suffering isn’t always required for success if you’re allergic to boredom and challenge yourself. Discipline of the ritual, and Butt In The Chair is most likely required though — The BITCh Method. Butt In The Chair… or, wherever you create.

What does not kill us makes us stronger. ~ My Friend Fred

Sometimes. And ALSO, sometimes what does not kill us, doesn’t kill us because it likes us very much. When you don’t waste trouble, you don’t let your emotions dictate how you feel. You allow them to guide how you feel, though not get dissolved by them. When you don’t waste trouble… it’s not the catastrophe that’s the problem. It’s how you take it, what you make of it, your perspective on it. Perspective is key. How can you hold your mouth differently? Like an interrogative dog? How can you hold your mouth differently. It, literally, gives you a different perspective.


Adversity is like weather coming in, that has arrived, on the mountain, above treeline, in late October, on a 14er, at 14,263 feet above sea level, on Mt Democrat, the sun dropping behind the bowl, temp from 60s to 23 to 19, and you got stuck not getting off the mountain at 2p before the storms come in, and you’re day-dressed, shorts and a T-shirt. Nature’ll kill ya, no matter your experience level. Nature’ll kill ya. That I’m writing this? I kept going. Keep going…


Being aware of experience, though, means we’re still alive, and so does pain. You don’t need to suffer, though the best thing about pain is, it let’s you know you’re still alive, and to get Home! Well, these days, that flips itself huh? Maybe you want to get OUT of home? I rather like it. Home of house. Home of place. Home of world, etc. I suggest to entertain that… the, I’ve just had an another experience, or, are having an experience. And, one can potentially make That stronger if one discerns… What’s the workability? Not responsibility. Not accountability. Workability.

Lose the reverse gear for just a moment. What’s your perspective of your experience? Don’t be anything you think you’re expected to be. Inspect your expectations. Check ‘em at the door. Heck, shake ‘em off to reveal You. If you have to, cross-check them into the blue line wall hard enough for their helmet to shatter the glass, so you can shatter your glass ceiling(s). Shake ‘em off. Oh, and sometimes all you have to do is duck, or move out of the way. It’s nothing personal, all just some action on the ice of life. Take care of yourself out there. And, don’t be afraid to smile as you slip just to the side. My joke one year was,Go ahead. Take aim. Waste of time. I’m so shot full of holes you’re gonna miss.

A ship in harbor’s safe, but that’s not what ships are for. ~ John A. Shedd

What’s your perspective?

Keep it.

In total depth of darkness, first you’ll see a spark, then a crack, and from this crack will flow your unborn soul. ~ Altered States

Adversity does not build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Death is the mother of memory, nourishes the future in dreams from the perpetual present. It’s always now. What will you do with all this future you have?, NOW ~ Jordan Hoggard

Your experiences

What geode gems of messages have you mined and cracked open by not wasting trouble, by working at your craft not to stave off boredom, but to build value for yourself? What was/is your takeaway message gift from them? Too numerous to remember? None yet? That’s fair.

Your Presence

May I suggest that you have Presence As Architecture, Presence As Architecture. Keep it. Upkeep it. Enhance it and reinforce it and strengthen it. Nourish its powerful limits and boundaries. Fly as high as your roots go deep. Swim as deep And infinitely as your dreams expand within you. If your roots go deep, have a strongly developed sense of yourself, words won’t move you. You may feel them, though sometimes, still no reason than to be still. Top Gun, I’ll hit the brakes and they’ll fly right by. Next.

When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind ~ African Proverb

Why flinch or grimace or dodge? Heck, you might have already been well placed. Don’t want to move into what was going to already pass right by. Strengthen your roots, develop and enhance your sense of identity and healthy boundaries. Then, there’s no cause or reason to fear the wind so to speak.

Why move 3” when blade only 1/4” wide? ~ Unknown. Mr. Miyagi?

I have 2 Allergies

Boredom. Starvation.

My allergy to boredom neverminds the other one Into oblivion.

Thanks for visiting!

Till next time.

Rock your life YOUR way!

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Dead-heading Pansies of Self

I Culled Myself and Woke Up and Called Out

Death is the Mother of memory, the organic fertilizer that nourishes dreams, ideas, intuitions, imagination. 

What message do I have for myself from this experience?

Feel it. Hear it inside. GIve its resonance space to expand until it settles. Now, say it.

Keep it.

Pansies Are…

Dead-head your pansies in your garden, or pots, or urns, or wherever you have them. It’s a verdant gesture to keep them thriving and vibrant. There’s so much cool color when you do. So much cool color ALL the time. Dead-head the flowers as they start to wilt and drop them to the base of the plant. Death will then be the Master Gardener to nourish. Death, the mother of memory, will fertilize future flowers’ dreams. Dead-head, and that energy can go into the soil, and the energy that was going to that flower will strengthen the remaining full flowers and new growth.

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

Pansies Are Delicate, Though…

Pansies are delicate, though they are hardy. Pansies in the garden are no weaklings. Pansies are SO not pansies. Trauma works like pansies to a degree…


So many times after an intense experiences passes, I feel there is a tendency to say, Phhuuuuueeewww. Glad that’s over. Run away! Like Monty Python. Run away! Run away! 

Is it. Is it over? Is the experience really over? Or, is The End really Just The Next Beginning? Or, is the over simply that we escaped with our life? Or, escaped to be emancipated with more life, more of ourself revealed, now more evidently present?

Maybe, instead of Glad that’s over, somewhere along the line I’ve learned to dwell IN the experience while it was still fresh just afterwards, and then not have to dwell on it as some nebulous unresolved why-dafuq-do-I-get-triggered-that-way by who knows what that reminds me subtly enough that I don’t groc it until too late, for years to come.

Feel into trauma and experience wise in time or just after. Own it. Listen to its message. Allow it to integrate itSelf on its own terms. Continue WITH it as a new asset. Feel your empathy tuned up a notch in so doing. Respect and resonate in powerful witness with the trauma messenger inside. Be grateful to the person who triggered you BEFORE you act out driven by the trauma and not the totality of what you were the moment before. Express, Thank you for digging just there. I need to breathe and feel into that. ANd, if they are a solid friend comfortable in their own skin, they’ll understand, maybe even silently stay with you for the short vigil while you acclimate to the trauma re-surfacing, powerfully and respectfully and grateful listen to it in all its ferocity and candor and quiet subtleties.

Once your trauma has re-acclimated to you as well — its birth to peel off from you to protect you and bleed off overload in the system and become a disconnected Part and be buried deep inside may Be the last time it saw you — get re-acquainted, and do so allowing the Part to lead. Don’t poison it with any words or expectations or presumptive putting words in its mouth. Allow it to speak, and do so on its own time rather than yours. The 1st session with a Part may simply be an awareness of one another session. Each encounter is different. It may leave and come back to check in later. Minutes. Days. Years. Simply reserve a place At your table for it when it presents each time.

Amending The Soil

It feels like fingers in black earth while amending the soil in the garden. If, just for a moment, I honor myself enough to be silent and still, not frozen, not in shock, silent and still, when I feel into the intense experience after I have washed up on the shore on the other side after the storm I’ve experienced has broken, I can feel-discern with a fresh clarity of vision in a new perspective framed by the experience before it evaporates. And, it informs me. It gifts me the message of my experience while it’s still fresh, instead of disappearing inside to become a trigger where the trauma is always kept fresh.

Reflections (c) 2009 Jordan Hoggard

Still near it, fresh and wet behind the ears from my birth from The experience, before it’s truly past trauma, still focused by it and immersed in it rather than by me, a bit still hanging toes in the unconscious semi-liminal, it or I may gift myself a message from the experience before I fully step back over the trauma prison of Inner Beyond to here. Psychologists have plenty of titles for this. That’s cool. Creativity is not a diagnosis or a malady or a disorder. The only titles that matter to me are Tarot Reader and Author, Astrology Reader and Author (by Blog), Artist, Poet, Writer, Alchemist, Architect, someone who is Alive. Bold. Courageous. Caring. Empathic without being mushy… unless of course we have our toes in the mud… to grow a Lotus from the mud in joyous and as-if-without-thought-or will sandbox garden.

Fearlessness doesn’t apply here. I have plenty of fears. I simply don’t let anxiety kidnap them and torture and distort them into making me afraid. Guess that helps get off the mountain when those torrentially experiential storms come in rain-singing, Nature’ll kill ya. Keep breathing, and you’re still alive so you’re still a problem. Keep breathing. Nature’ll kill ya. Nature’ll kill ya. And, Nature will make you stronger when you relive yourself of the excess, when you deadhead the pansies in the Soul Garden so they keep thriving more and more strongly towards perennial naturalization each year.

I’d stay in that place as long as it took, not running for dear life to get as far away as possible, certainly not frozen, quite the contrary. Not fight or flight or freeze. Aware. Still. Focused. Patience is not docile or omissive. Patience is concentrated strength.

I in-dwell in the feelingsense home of the space, of the place, of my recent, intense experience. Sometimes 5 seconds. Sometimes an hour. Sometimes decades cycling around through its paces throughout my psyche. No deadline, no expectation. I simply make serendipitous stumbles in meditative momentS moving forward in a powerful and respectful witness of what just occurred. I don’t waste trouble.

And, I do that until I’ve psychic-gold-panned past the experience’s rough geode exterior to see beyond the rawness in the moment to the refined, potent message. I see into to the colorfully kaleidoscopic, living crystal, juicy gemstone, geode interior. And, the message comes as my head begins nodding. Almost without fail. Almost without fail is an acceptable risk to me.

I’ve had historical friends for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they are spectators, sometimes assistants, sometimes colleagues, and sometimes I’m the spectator when I Engage in process towards the message with something like: What would my friend Fred do?; How would my friend Bill B handle this?; What does CG‘s ‘Red Book’ have to offer?

How Do You Keep It?

Who Are Your Historical Friends?

How Can They Help You Today?

How do I keep it? I keep it with an open palm up to the sky where it would nestle in my hand. No closing my hand and holding tight white knuckling to possess it. That suffocates things. Embrace it. Embrace the person or thing as a talisman, a talisman of THEMself on their terms. No need to digress into Psychological Projection or Projective Identity. Those two are the horseshit born of not owning your own stuff.

How do I embrace and meet up with inner, geode messages?

Open handed, reciprocal figure to ground touch, the Both/And touch of the Yin-Yang, the apogee master violin bow single-stroke bindus connecting inhale and exhale, forming breath as prayer. That’s how I embrace and meet up with these inner, geode messages.

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Be there. Be present. The present is perpetual.

Boundaries that create separation simply induce self-imposed anxiety. Boundaries that establish identity and distinctions can dance and immerse in one another without dissolution. I love swimming. I love swimming immersed with another and their uncut intensities even more. Fun stuff.

Then, if you‘re still alive, keep it.

And, saturation needn’t be drowning in the distress of a situation. Like a high performance, high speed, X-rated radial tire — rated for speeds over 134 mph, it’s on you to take responsibility for how far you take it above that… they’re not concerned about a court case at that level above 200 mph as that’s on you top make sure — you and your tires are filled up to 33 psi for stability, and maybe dropped to 32psi for added grip in the turns in the cold? Yes. Vrooom, shift n corner, baby! Shift n corner TOGETHER!

Message Gifts Kept

From your experiences, what gems of messages have you mined to keep?

They are yours, I respect that, and ask that you do as well. No need to comment them here. Please comment only IFF if and only if you care to and are full-on comfortable to share them. Otherwise, they are yours to tune your Soul’s liquid silence with the resonant chords of you and nurture the healthy boundaries of the Royal Castle Around You forming you as Presence As Architecture, or whatever you decide you do with… (Hey presumption, get the effa outa here and know when to shut dafuq up)

May I suggest that Your Presence Is Architecture, Presence As Architecture. Keep it. Upkeep it. Nourish its powerful limits and boundaries. Fly as high as your roots go deep. Swim as deep And infinitely as your dreams expand within.

How do you dead-head the pansies of trauma to nourish yourself by respectfully integrating them?


What Have You Mined, and Kept?

Thanks for You, as only you can be, visiting here today in the perpetual present.

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Perpetual Present & OFLs

I live my life as if my life depends on it,

in the perpetual present.

I value my experiences, regardless.

They have all together brought me to where I am,

where I am now.

No regrets. Many OFLs.

My mistakes are all OFLs. Every. Single. One.

OFLs? Opportunities For Learning.

The greatest fear for success should not be failure. It should Be succeeding at something that doesn’t matter. ~ Francis Chan

Proceed as if success is inevitable. ~ Unknown

Întention is over-rated. It’s simply far more important the way something comes across. ~ Jordan Hoggard

My process of being naturally comfortable with the not-knowing while getting things done? Maybe it’s due to having almost died on the mountain once, twice, three times? Possibly. Maybe, it’s my Natal Astro Chart config, and how I’ve come to resonate with it in myself. Maybe, it’s also due to a life of welcoming experience over worry, as I seem to get happier the older I get.

By not numbing to just ignore intense gigs because my awareness has eroded, just have become accustomed to them, and/or didn’t like the discomfort? Nope. Nope. And… Nope. In fact I notice and respond or don’t more now.  3+ years of bi-weekly Brainspotting in my late 40s certainly didn’t hurt.

I love that someone recently asked me about my 5+ year radio silence. DOOD, what DID you do while you were gone?! You’re so clear now, even in your abstract, like you really love what you’re doing and know how to care about it more. AND, we can follow and all share in that as well. You were wickedly brilliant and interesting before, though at times hard to follow. You’d Easily paint the WHOLE picture at once in a stroke, 1,000 words or 5 word metaphor, at every scale. Easily clear to you, though… Yup, YOU just saw it and felt it, though keeping up with your revs and where you were going, uh hem… and you, NOT FAIR!, speed-shifting in sync bypassing the clutch… it was exhausting at times, and actually almost impossible, though ALSO intriguing. Your simple steps were leaps of faith for me, and I’m no Evil Knievel, though I’m ‘out there, too.’ Understood, you were thinking and feeling out loud, Effin Abstract Expressionist you were, and NOW, TOO, though I feel it clearly!. I fuckin’ resonate with what you’re doing SO much more now! Glad to have you back! And, more so, glad you have a more aware clarity of what you are doing in a way you can express it to us! You also seem happier. I may like that even more.

I live my life as if my life depends on it,

as those 3 times on the mountain it certainly did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the 3rd one — a short time after, me still swimming in the experience still wet behind the ears so to speak from it  — i paused. I felt something stir deep within me that rose to the surface like Poseidon rising up through my Natal 10th House Neptune`Mercury conjunction in Scorpio, supported by my Pluto~Pallas-Athena~Uranus conjunction in 8th House Virgo, given plenty of room by my Moon~ASC 12th House conjunction in Capricorn. And, my Chiron could not have been more pleased. My head popped up as if a long lost friend suddenly appeared as if to continue a conversation interrupted, paused to gestate and ruminate, years ago.

Yes?, I asked, all ears. The message response came back…

Yes. Yes, indeed, Jordan. Yes, keep that. It’s yours. Keep it.

My rock. It was my rock. My equilateral triangle, basalt rock from out of the sand at the top of the Mt Democrat 14er scree field. Sand and blood and a rock. I kept them, blotted the blood with sand, Sand-Aid not by Curad. The rock. I kept the rock. The blood and sand healed away. I kept the rock in my left pocket for 5 years. What happened to my rock? It’s now a talisman. It’s now the talisman on my wand which is a whole ‘ other story in itself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What Do You Keep?

What cornerstone do you keep in your life to brace against?

How Can You Utilize That to Further Invest in Yourself?

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Good. You’re feeling pain now. And, you know the best thing about pain?

No, Master Chief.

The best thing about pain is, it tells you you’re still alive, and to get home! ~ G.I. Jane

Get Home!

Well, theses days, we’re typically already there,

and that can be utilized.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for You, as only you can be, visiting here today in the perpetual present.

What Have You Mined, and Kept?

What geodes of OFLs have you mined and opened and kept

that provide a cornerstone you brace against?

What have you kept

that enhances your investment in yourself?

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

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I look forward to how you value ImaginAction.

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On your own time. No fuss, no rush. You decide its value to you in your own good time, in your way. Money currency, the currency of liking, commenting, sharing, re-blogging.

Downloading? No charge. Your tip/share/re-blog/comment/like? Priceless.

I look forward how you value ImaginAction.

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Creativity As Religion or Profession?

Creativity and/or Imagination

Religion and/or Profession?

Place of Creation and/or Soul Garden?

Aren’t They All Both/And?

Yup. Amen. Punching those damn keys is both religion and profession. Every stroke a step up the temple steps. Every stroke both expresses perspective and gives us perspective. Every stroke potentially causes us to fall and skin our knees, potentially becomes our ally. Though, every stroke, every stroke touches that place deep inside us which does not need to be touched, only needs to be expressed.

Yes, creating and painting and writing are both religion and profession, that thing that activates the I must, of implementing heartfelt passion. Especially maybe even when it goes in the trash bin, like chaff, blown off in the wind, from wheat. We are both our own Soul Garden and Soul Gardener.

Natalie Goldberg expressed, Writing Down the Bones. I say, amend/amen your soil. Bless it with your work and fresh nutrients. 1st year roots. 2nd year foliage. 3rd year flowers and fruit. Be your own Soul Gardener in The Place of Creation. The “year” in creativity is only your particular cycle in each iteration. It sometimes doesn’t take that long, sometimes take much longer. Could be seconds. Could be gestation across decades. That’s why I find it important to keep working. Why wait for a 17-year cicada cycle? You’d be creatively stale by then if you didn’t get off your butt and do something by then. Though, IT certainly won’t be when it wakes up. Keep working. Be strong enough to handle your own creations when you and they are both in the mood.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Naturalize your perennial talents by developing your abilities? Well, yes. That’s just good sense, and that’s also simply gardening. Don’t tell your dahlias to hurry. If they valued writing and could speak, they might just laugh at you if you did. A garden laughing at you would not be such a good thing, unless you get that the joke’s on you.

Your dahlias won’t laugh, though, when you punch the damn keys. Then you can afford to water them, to tend them, to amend the soil and leave them the f*ck alone to wonderfully do their thing. Your creations in the garden of The Place of Creation know that’s the same thing as their underground, finger-tendril, groundgrabbers of their roots that nourish them.

And, religion or profession? Hmmm. What about belief? Hmmm. I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology. And, I also don’t believe in my Kitchen range, though I use it to cook relatively often.

How do you cook with your creativity, your religion, your profession?

How does your work and what you do nourish you and amend your soil?

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

Click the title to download ImaginAction at no charge

The pdf is 18MB. Depending on your connection, it may take a bit. Again, no charge. My intent is not that it’s free. No charge, and you determine the value. Download for nada. Please tip at BuyMeACoffee and/or comment and/or Like the post AFTER you’ve had an opportunity to work with it. And, on your own time. No fuss, no rush, no buy now gimmick false sense of urgency.

You decide its value to you in your own good time, in your own way. Money currency, the currency of liking, commenting, sharing, re-blogging. I simply ask that you value ImaginAction in your own way, even if that’s simply looking out the window and smiling at Nature, from the Nature inside you. That kind of thing, that kind of energy put out there, makes to world a better place to be.

Downloading? No charge. Your tip/comment/like? Priceless.

I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective.

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Tarot Psychology ~ Sequencing Individuation

I’ve Heard…

the Divine Feminine creates, the Divine Masculine manifests. This can be supported by the natural leadership of the Queens and the implementation orders of the Kings.  But wait! Let’s not go too far too fast. Shall we steep a bit?
I wonder more if it is in fact the reverse. Could be a Both/And as well, though the flip, the mirror of the above feels more apt. I feel the Divine Masculine Creates, the Divine Feminine manifests.
Ok, let’s pause right here. Yup, Both/And. It takes two to Tango. Functionally-Inter-related-Component-Parts (FICP) assembling with a fluid fluency and living dynamism.

Tarot As Psycho-Spiritual Architecture


Architecture as a Psycho-Spiritual Experience


The Temple In You


Sacred Sanctuaries Built in Resonant Questions

~ ~ ~ ~

Architecture. It’s Classical Greek Roots

= arche and techne

Arche Creates

~ Arche is the creating, the first spark of an idea. It is formless and can = inception. The Creating.

Techne Makes

~ Techne is the making, the putting together OF that idea. It gives form to the formlessness and can = conception. The Making.

Creates: 1st-sparks, inspires, and imagines a Lotus

Creates = brings into being such as an idea, and it is formless as it is still in the mind…  to create.

Makes: grows a Lotus out of the mud

Makes (or manifests) = brings formlessness into form, soulfully spiriting matter with identity gestating… Not born yet, though…

To Create, To Make, To Gestate To Full Term, Birth, Naming

all together = to manifest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Subtle Distinctions

There is a subtle distinction between “to create” and “to make,” though also a hefty one at their conceptual base.  People often utilize “create” and “make” as synonyms, and though they are in the same family, they are not the same.  They are complementary in the process… like supplementary angles = 180 degrees, and complementary angles sum up to 90 degrees — (embedding disabled by request).  One is, say, 120 degrees and then the other is 60 degrees to make the supplementary sum of 180 with 120.  They are not the same, though they contribute to the 180 or final product… they manifest or make the supplementary relationship in total.  Like tossing up a tennis ball and serving an ace. Two things that taste great together. Like creating and making, they work together, though they are not the same.

Divine Feminine creates, Divine Masculine manifests? Or, the other way ‘round. Or, Both/And?


Originally Frog Grown Wings (c) 1995 Jordan Hoggard. It grew up, though. It’s loving owners aptly renamed it Flying Frog, as that’s what it is, the butterfly beyond the caterpillar is… the butterfly.

Sequencing Individuation Through the Tarot


Individuation Sequencing Through Tarot

Does the Order Matter?

Please Comment

Interesting with the Tarot that in regards to statement, “The Divine Feminine creates, the Divine Masculine manifests?,” there is a role reversal in regards to this with The Magician and The High Priestess… where The Magician is the first spark on the table in the Place of Creation bringing forth the formless and weightless idea to orbit in mind/psyche/heart energy from The Place of Creation.
It is the Mag, then, that is about inception. The High Priestess gives form to the formlessness of The Magician’s first spark inception. Call it sperm and ovum.  The High Priestess, then, is about about conception after The Mag’s inception.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then of course we move to The Empress and Emperor. She creates By carrying to full term and emanating from her Yoniverse. He makes by establishing place, Genius Loci.

Inception to Conception

And, What of Birth & Naming & etc.?

Inception to conception, if so from The Magician to The High Priestess…  Then, of course on to The Empress where the Priestess’ form is carried to full term to be birthed and emanate from the Yoniverse… Then, from that here is a little Tarot Psychology individuation sketch outline… to simply track right through them. Each and every step on this trail can open up expansive journeys of further study and experience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, Let’s Individuate our way through the Tarot and pathwork our way to simply unfold the most basic component of each card’s Presence As Architecture

~ … The Magician incites, is inception, the 1st-spark leading to…
          first you’ll see a spark, then a crack, and from the crack will flow your unborn soul.  ~ Altered States
~ to The High Priestess who conceives from The All flying as high as her roots go deep, Soul Gardener leading to…

The High Priestess

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard Her fully grounded out-of-body experience flying as high as her roots go deep

~ to The Empress to carry to full term, emanate all from her Yoniverse. 3, the first number of self-supporting structure leading to…

III The Empress

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

~ to The Emperor to establish place  Emperor makes, creating a place to move on to…
~ to The Hierophant to bring spirit down to earth. Hierophant makes down-to-earth spirit, creating a place to move on to…

V The Hierophant

down-to-earth spirit, wisdom, activated spirit, indomitable spirit

~ to The Lovers to vibrantly relate. Lovers make relationship, creating a place of fluid fluency to move on to…
~ to The Chariot to move these integrated and coupled opposites of antinomy.  Chariot makes dynamic actions, creating a place to move on to…

VII The Chariot

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side, getting pulled in two directions

~ to Justice to experience balance and imbalance.  Justice makes weighed choices, creating a place to move on to…

VIII Justice

balance, befitting, honest is-what-it-isness, Justice knows no loyalty

~ to The Hermit to prefigure the coming cycle with reflection on the journey.  Hermit makes foresight perspective, creating a place to move on to…

IX The Hermit

Memory illuminating forward, inner light, perspective from experience, silent awareness

~ to The Wheel to mark the milestones. The Wheel makes cycles, creating a place to move on Janus style from/to to/from to…
~ to Strength to discover and adjust and tune and tailor inner animal voice, natural voice. Strength makes natural clarity of expression, creating a place to move on to…

XI Strength

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

~ to The Hanged Man afloat in clarity to open up the crown chakra. Hanged Man makes meditation, creating a place to move on to…
~ to Death to transform at speed, Death as the wheel within the Wheel. Death is the Master Gardener, makes cycles within life, creating a place to move on to…
~ to Temperance for the above and below to couple as they magically mix alchemically.  Temperance makes alchemy, creating a place to move on to…

XIV Temperance

magical mixing, integrated balance, vibrant duet

~ to The Devil to experience earthly desires and evolve the use of the head-butting  goat ego. Devil makes intense, individual desires, creating a place to move on to…

XV The Devil

Comfortabilty with your earthly desires. Mind that the omissions of inhibitions enslave as easily as the tantrums of excess.

~ to The Tower to turn over the pond, another cycle along the way. Tower world-alteringly clears the way for new worlds, creating a place to move on to…

XVI The Tower

big change, world-altering, emancipating

~ to The Star for discovering one’s celestial groove.  Star makes dreams come to light, creating a place to move on to…

The Star

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

~ to The Moon for intensely poetic reflection and even crazy-mad misdirection.  Moon makes perspective hinge on a bigger picture, creating a place to move on to…

XVIII The Moon

vision, genius, madness, poetry, illumination from unseen sources, powerfully intense reflection

~ to The Sun for shining one’s bright identity from celestially discovered Inner Inheritances incorporating the whole process thus far from an archetypally personal perspective, creating a place to move on to…
so that…

XIX The Sun

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

~ to the resurrection of Judgment in a molting where adversity won’t build character, it will reveal it… the snake his skin not missed.  Judgment makes perennial life-seasons evident, creating a place to move on to…

XX Judgment

patience, respect, impending growth and renewal

~ to one coming into being in the higher octave of The World, the big wheel, or, your metaphorical Big Wheel where the world is your oyster.  World makes a Portal of the Seamless Segue (PotSS) which you can find in The World card’s voice in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, creating a place to move on to…

XXI The World

looking up and out through the top of the obelisk from the inside, complete cycles, expansive, infinite, fractal-facets of all scales in one and one in all

~ to The Fool who is The Interstice of your journey weaving within and through and in between your every experience. May the ground rise up to support your every step, especially your inspired and expansive steps where there wears no ground there before you stepped. The Fool. Repeat the above as required. Shift focus, redirect scale. It’s your life, your way. Like The Mystereum Sun card, The SUn card. It’s you, as only you can be.

The Fool

journey, natural expressions, natural new directions, Psychic Synapse of magical twilight

How Would YOU Order the Tarot?

Or, in what sequence have you experienced individuation?

Do you gravitate towards some card stations more than others?

Do you resonate with some more than others?

Do you avoid some card stations?

  • How would you order your Tarot suits before continuing this sketch exercise?
  • Would you do Aces first? … and then the Family of 2’s, and then the Family of 3’s, and then the Family of 4’s, … and so on?
  • Would you go suit by suit?  If so, how do you order the suits? Earth Air Water Fire? Pentacles Swords Cups Wands?
    • Personally, I prefer to order them like a creation story: Earth Water Air Fire. Pentacles Cups Swords Wands, though ask me again tomorrow. Not flippant, simply perspective that continually evolves from experiences.
  • How does this allude to psychological development?
    • Does it need to assume individuation? Is this necessary? Is this helpful?
  • And, if you do the switcheroo with Strength and Justice, VIII XI card flip-flop, how would you revise the above? Is one a basic foundation of the other, and thus necessitates it coming prior? Or, do you swim in the chicken or the egg story in regards to the sequence of Strength and Justice relative to which one’s VIII and which one’s XI?

What things do you create?  What do you make from your creations? Are they informed by your individuation? Or, is individuation like practice and warm-up, where the warm-up is most likely not part of the performance?

Listening to the Mystereum cards speak, resonant like an epic movie. 

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum on Amazon

Mystereum Spread Advert

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Ace of Pentacles     2 of Pentacles    3 of Pentacles    4 of Pentacles    5 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

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“Something New Coming Soon” Gifted A Memory

Well, in posting, Something New Coming Soon, I have been deeply reminded of something I expressed on my Death As The Master Gardener post years back, in addition to something with more depth of feeling than philosophy:

Rest is a death of sorts, a rejuvenation time, especially utilizing the way of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Death is also outright. Finishes. Completions. Death is the mother of memory, and the fertilizer for dreams.

Here’s what I expressed then that gold-panned a nugget from my experience that goes hand in hand with a larger gift, one of those indelible Songs Of Experience that arrive throughout life simply when we do:

Death is the mother of memory, and the fertilizer of dreams.  Yes!, to that. And, it continued:

Death is the mother of memory.

Death creates our individual Songs of Experience, together,

amends the soil of our Soul Garden,

actively and actionably nourishes and makes our dreams real.

So, Something New Coming Soon? 

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Yes. And, now sooner than before.

Stay tuned this week.

Also, I received a wonderfully touching gold nugget gift of a surprise that was no diamond in the rough that was abduced from my memory revisiting this painting’s cyclical journey. It watered, nourished with the first three comments on my last post, Coming Soon, Something Is Waking Up.

What was the gift? In a way it serves up a preamble dish for what is coming soon, as I was influenced to remember something I cherished. I remembered death, and a poignant and meaningful memory resurrected. A portal of emancipation of robust value arose to light my way. In a way it was The Hermit seeing, acknowledging, zen-taking the steps to step back into the old shoes of the first footprints of the cycle just completed. I see those steps. I feel them in memory. I resonate with them in the journey from there to here. As I step into my own footprints anew, the first footprints embossed into the birth of a previous cycle, I step into my own footprints differently. Because, well, its now. Songs of Experience message the soles of my feet, touch my groundgrabber toes, message straight up into my imagination.

May the road rise up to meet you.

~ Traditional Irish Blessing

May the ground rise up to support your every step, especially ground that wasn’t there before as you began the step.

~ The Fool in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

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Karen Sealey of Pure & Blessed Tarot, The Pure and Blessed Way chimed in, I smell something beautiful in the air. My smile was priceless, the squinchy-nose goofy kind you hope makes it to posterity.

Holly Troy of Cosmic Holly watered the portal of the memory of this painting’s history without knowing anyThing about it, Love the painting! That perfect, unconscious safe-cracker timing removed a cover stone, flushed out a wonderful reminiscence, and then emancipation as the history resurfaced. As know I could hold it.

And then, after I expressed this painting’s story, Bonnie expressed, What a touching story. Resonant icing on the cake, a tall glass of water to go with the water of tears that flowed from this experience. Gotta fill those tanks back up ya know? She did that for me.

I find reasons to be unreasonable most times, especially here in this experience. Actions are simply infused with them. At most they are impetus, much like, to bring surety brings ruinLike Mystereum’sBe comfortable with the not-knowing. It’s the fade of forgetting that makes for getting, makes more room for the good stuff. Like, Know thyself, one of the three Delphic Maxims from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

So, no more preamble, here’s the good stuff of where I’m going with this post, just in advance of the creative venture that just went into labor and is on its way to birth, Coming Soon. The gold nugget good stuff here, the just-before-what’s-on-its way is a gold nugget of memory that was gold-panned out of a simple comment: I love this painting!What a catalyst to induce! What a simple key to unlock a re-surfacing at just the right time. Beautiful, deceptive simplicity. As simple as a key. Hmmm, what do keys do? So, I am going to hold the space for this gift I was given of my own cherished memory re-surfacing robust and full and fresh. No edits below, like you wouldn’t edit a mother in labor before a birth — those who say it cannot be done are better served to stop interrupting the person doing it ~ Chinese Proverb — and simply post my response in italics below.

With gratitude.

In inception, conception, birth, and soon to naming.

Thanks for visiting and being here now, especially right now as this upcoming creative seed unfurls from its Place of Creation Womb fully formed. Nope, not an abomination. No Dune references (regardless of which version you dig).

A New Living Memory Gold Nugget Gift

Thank You! And, thank you for the accolade.

I chose #16 from my ‘Constructing the Center” series as it just felt to be right. Little did I know, that upon your compliment, the wonderful and sad and full reverence of this painting’s story would re-surface. I express my heartfelt thanks for that.

My experience and history with this painting passes through occasionally to re-posit a perspective of the importance of now, though it has been years since I felt it from this painting fully. You certainly don’t need to read the rest if it comes to being TMI about what this painting did after it graduated from my brush. Suffice it to say I am proud of it, and proud of what its nature did for another vibrant person.

This is one of my personal faves in the series, The compositional white space feels to do as much as the paint to dance the image into life, circles completed by the unpainted white space. It was #16 in the ‘Constructing the Center’ series of 66 mandala-like watercolors. At the gallery opening where it was 1st presented, a woman smiled and reached out to me and the gallery owner across the room. We both felt it. Turned. As she smiled and turned back to the painting to continue her finger trance-dance across the glass of the Uni-Frame.

We came over. She was just beaming. “Constructing the Center #16 you call it Mr. Hoggard? Hmmm, CtC #16. Hmmm. Nope. I say, Sweet 16. Besides the color sense I love, so joyous, and JUST FUN, it just has everything, and half of that is comprised of nothing Mr. Hoggard. Jordan! You IMPLIED half of this!. I LOVE that laziness that probably took more planning than the contrary, or (looking me up and down) maybe you didn’t plan anything, just painted? Oh, I love the balance. The feel. The colors. What’s there. What’s not there in connected complement. Oh, hmmm. Oh Lordy. Where will I put it? Ah, that’s the 50% not there. I don’t need to know that right now. May have to reshuffle a bit. Don’t need that reason buzzkill right now, cloud my decision. Yes. Yes, I must have it.” Instant red dot on the label from the gallery owner. And, I’m there beaming, too, wondering where my words went. I know now. I didn’t need any. It was the feeling of knowing that something I did enhanced another’s life.

I stood there enamored in her resonance with the image, honored, and love that I was also taken aback, a bit confused at 25 years old. She was so astute with her emotional resonance as to why she loved ‘Sweet 16.’ Heck, I didn’t even take issue with her re-titling it. Heck, she adopted it after it graduated. She gets to name it, and it’s not moving back home. It’s started to make its way. And, that I had created something that someone valued that deeply? At the time, all I said was, “Thank You,” as we both stood there swimming. I, in something that graduated from me provided to another that enhanced their life, her simply basking, more wondering where in her house did it need to find home… like it was already there.

I felt something in that experience I will never forget. Honesty and emotional truth in what you find beautiful, in what moves you. Yes, it was my creation, though hoopy to the vanity of that. That SOMETHING I created moved someone that way, that intensely, calmly, honestly, in the moment? She taught me a great lesson that day about what are yess-es and what are no-s.

Thanks for striking the nerve in me, the ancient chords on this one. I hadn’t resurfaced that memory when I posted it. It just felt right. Your resonance was plenty enough, though, fulfilling to feel what she taught me again, fresh again now this painting and her speaking to me fully again now liberated from their treasure chest to be worn..

And, I hope this was not too much. Your compliment dropped a smile on the portal they were in to open it for me. Thank you for that.

Not to be cagey, though if you read down this far, the short story is more important. One day, in 2002 a package arrived. It strangely looked like something I was used to shipping out. No return address, actually my address as the return address. ??? I opened it, unwrapped the contents, and there was Sweet 16, and a card fell out. I was stunned. “What is happening here?!!???!!!! I opened the card.

Dear Jordan,
I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic. It’s one of those that even I IN MY lyrical way can’t sidestep to flip the poisonous turtle limits back. It’s quite a menace. That said, I do not give up. I live. I love living, love experience. Though, this Sweet 16 that you made has given me so much joy every time I pass it. Will it EVER stop dancing in your 50% laziness of execution? I handed Sweet 16 with this card off to my son in my will. So, if you are receiving this, know I cherished Sweet 16 and your spirit. Thank you. Heck, what else can I say? Thank you.

(My name’s moving on.Please keep yours fit, and take care of Sweet 16 for me)

I love that I’ve been brought to tears here. Waterfall. Thank you. This experience is a gift I cherish.

Thank you, Holly. I gather as well the original owner thanks you as well from somewhere beyond. SHe was an effin lyrical firecracker, quick on the draw, and most everyone around her glad for it.

2 Seeds of What’s Coming Soon.

What Are They About to Open Into?

Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction Born 5/2/2020 at 1:21a EST


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When Will My Life Begin? ~ Levity Session

Today, When will your life begin?

Well, how about now?, with these…


…Rockin’ families building value with their time!



The Riggalls


Tears For Fears


Blackmill, Miracle…  Playing at the time on Sonos, for Serendipity!


Tarot in the Land of Mystereum & The Twos

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Tarot in the Land of Mystereum on Amazon

And, just because celebrating nothing other than because you are, celebrate your wise in time moments, the experiences you and yours create together! Heck, if nothing other than experience is created, wasted time is not wasted when you enjoyed it. Lives are built with that!

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Phantogram Celebrating Nothing

(Isn’t that often one of the most important things?)




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