ImaginAction for the Gemini New Moon ~ Get Yours for the Price of a Coffee

21 May
ImaginAction for the Gemini New Moon ~ Get Yours for the Price of a Coffee

Download ImaginAction for under $4 USD

for your Gemini New Moon tomorrow

052220 at 10:38a PST (in the US)

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Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

Name: ImaginAction. Born 5/2/20 at 1:21am EST

Tarot Birth Cards:         Justice ~ High Priestess

Table of Contents

   1st     ImaginAction Divination Spreads Creation Story     1st 11 pages

   2nd    ImaginAction How-To                                                     Next 10 pages

   3rd     78 ImaginAction spreads                                               001 through 078

   4th     To Establish Value                                                           Last page

What is ImaginAction?


Immerse in the sanctuaries of questions As you steep in the artwork.

Ever try scrying with questions while swimming in Ablution Pools?

You tell me. ImaginAction, Your Life, Your Way.

I’ll step back, though, to give ImaginAction the berth its birth deserves.

I extend a…

Letter to ImaginAction

You graduated from me, from my deep well, fully formed.

I am now in Empathic Silent, powerfully witnessing what you grew up to be.
The Silence of fluid fluency flowing in and through and around
The A U M of your ImaginAction voice is mine no longer. It is yours.

Now, made by, though unfettered by my creative armatures while making you, you make your way into the world.

The death of process into your completion is fertilizer for your future, Mother of Your Memory.
Now, as I bow back to my well to create, joyful and ecstatic I birthed you,

I smile and settle and open the space for you to emanate all of your own accord.

ImaginAction, your fluid fluency is now yours.

I gift you the respectful space to speak for yourself.

Moira’s Blessings,


Sample of one of the 78 Divination Spreads

065 Body Electric
The Body Electric Tarot Spread. (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction is like a big, wonderfully fleshed out sandbox for you to have tools to actionably achieve your wishes and goals and dreams, much like The Sun card Is all about you, as only you can be

Download the ImaginAction pdf for the price of a coffee.

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I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like

from YOUR perspective.

ImaginAction (c) 2012, 2020 Jordan Hoggard


Someone sent their downloaded pdf copy to the printer! I’m honored! 

ImaginAction. What does it feel like from Your perspective?

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