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Re-Run ~ Dead-heading Pansies of Self,

I Culled Myself and Woke Up and Called Out

Death is the Mother of memory, the organic fertilizer that nourishes dreams, ideas, intuitions, imagination. 

What message do I have for myself from this experience?

Feel it. Hear it inside. GIve its resonance space to expand until it settles. Now, say it.

Keep it.

Pansies Are…

Dead-head your pansies in your garden, or pots, or urns, or wherever you have them. It’s a verdant gesture to keep them thriving and vibrant. There’s so much cool color when you do. So much cool color ALL the time. Dead-head the flowers as they start to wilt and drop them to the base of the plant. Death will then be the Master Gardener to nourish. Death, the mother of memory, will fertilize future flowers’ dreams. Dead-head, and that energy can go into the soil, and the energy that was going to that flower will strengthen the remaining full flowers and new growth.

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

Pansies Are Delicate, Though…

Pansies are delicate, though they are hardy. Pansies in the garden are no weaklings. Pansies are SO not pansies. Trauma works like pansies to a degree…


So many times after an intense experiences passes, I feel there is a tendency to say, Phhuuuuueeewww. Glad that’s over. Run away! Like Monty Python. Run away! Run away! 

Is it. Is it over? Is the experience really over? Or, is The End really Just The Next Beginning? Or, is the over simply that we escaped with our life? Or, escaped to be emancipated with more life, more of ourself revealed, now more evidently present?

Maybe, instead of Glad that’s over, somewhere along the line I’ve learned to dwell IN the experience while it was still fresh just afterwards, and then not have to dwell on it as some nebulous unresolved why-dafuq-do-I-get-triggered-that-way by who knows what that reminds me subtly enough that I don’t groc it until too late, for years to come.

Feel into trauma and experience wise in time or just after. Own it. Listen to its message. Allow it to integrate itSelf on its own terms. Continue WITH it as a new asset. Feel your empathy tuned up a notch in so doing. Respect and resonate in powerful witness with the trauma messenger inside. Be grateful to the person who triggered you BEFORE you act out driven by the trauma and not the totality of what you were the moment before. Express, Thank you for digging just there. I need to breathe and feel into that. ANd, if they are a solid friend comfortable in their own skin, they’ll understand, maybe even silently stay with you for the short vigil while you acclimate to the trauma re-surfacing, powerfully and respectfully and grateful listen to it in all its ferocity and candor and quiet subtleties.

Once Your Trauma Has

Once your trauma has re-acclimated to you as well — its birth to peel off from you to protect you and bleed off overload in the system and become a disconnected Part and be buried deep inside may Be the last time it saw you — get re-acquainted, and do so allowing the Part to lead. Don’t poison it with any words or expectations or presumptive putting words in its mouth. Allow it to speak, and do so on its own time rather than yours. The 1st session with a Part may simply be an awareness of one another session. Each encounter is different. It may leave and come back to check in later. Minutes. Days. Years. Simply reserve a place At your table for it when it presents each time.

Amending The Soil

It feels like fingers in black earth while amending the soil in the garden. If, just for a moment, I honor myself enough to be silent and still, not frozen, not in shock, silent and still, when I feel into the intense experience after I have washed up on the shore on the other side after the storm I’ve experienced has broken, I can feel-discern with a fresh clarity of vision in a new perspective framed by the experience before it evaporates. And, it informs me. It gifts me the message of my experience while it’s still fresh, instead of disappearing inside to become a trigger where the trauma is always kept fresh.

“Reflections” (c) 2005 Jordan Hoggard

Still Near It, Fresh

Still near it, fresh and wet behind the ears from my birth from The experience, before it’s truly past trauma, still focused by it and immersed in it rather than by me, a bit still hanging toes in the unconscious semi-liminal, it or I may gift myself a message from the experience before I fully step back over the trauma prison of Inner Beyond to here. Psychologists have plenty of titles for this. That’s cool. Creativity is not a diagnosis or a malady or a disorder. The only titles that matter to me are Tarot Reader and Author, Astrology Reader and Author (by Blog), Artist, Poet, Writer, Alchemist, Architect, someone who is Alive. Bold. Courageous. Caring. Empathic without being mushy… unless of course we have our toes in the mud… to grow a Lotus from the mud in joyous and as-if-without-thought-or will sandbox garden.


Fearlessness doesn’t apply here. I have plenty of fears. I simply don’t let anxiety kidnap them and torture and distort them into making me afraid. Guess that helps get off the mountain when those torrentially experiential storms come in rain-singing, Nature’ll kill ya. Keep breathing, and you’re still alive so you’re still a problem. Keep breathing. Nature’ll kill ya. Nature’ll kill ya. And, Nature will make you stronger when you relive yourself of the excess, when you deadhead the pansies in the Soul Garden so they keep thriving more and more strongly towards perennial naturalization each year.

I’d stay in that place as long as it took, not running for dear life to get as far away as possible, certainly not frozen, quite the contrary. Not fight or flight or freeze. Aware. Still. Focused. Patience is not docile or omissive. Patience is concentrated strength.

To In-dwell, To Enact

I in-dwell in the feelingsense home of the space, of the place, of my recent, intense experience. Sometimes 5 seconds. Sometimes an hour. Sometimes decades cycling around through its paces throughout my psyche. No deadline, no expectation. I simply make serendipitous stumbles in meditative momentS moving forward in a powerful and respectful witness of what just occurred. I don’t waste trouble.

And, I do that until I’ve psychic-gold-panned past the experience’s rough geode exterior to see beyond the rawness in the moment to the refined, potent message. I see into to the colorfully kaleidoscopic, living crystal, juicy gemstone, geode interior. And, the message comes as my head begins nodding. Almost without fail. Almost without fail is an acceptable risk to me.

I’ve had historical friends for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they are spectators, sometimes assistants, sometimes colleagues, and sometimes I’m the spectator when I Engage in process towards the message with something like: What would my friend Fred do?; How would my friend Bill B handle this?; What does CG‘s ‘Red Book’ have to offer?

How Do You Keep It?

Who Are Your Historical Friends?

How Can They Help You Today?

How do I keep it? I keep it with an open palm up to the sky where it would nestle in my hand. No closing my hand and holding tight white knuckling to possess it. That suffocates things. Embrace it. Embrace the person or thing as a talisman, a talisman of THEMself on their terms. No need to digress into Psychological Projection or Projective Identity. Those two are the horseshit born of not owning your own stuff.

How do I embrace and meet up with inner, geode messages?

Open handed, reciprocal figure to ground touch, the Both/And touch of the Yin-Yang, the apogee master violin bow single-stroke bindus connecting inhale and exhale, forming breath as prayer. That’s how I embrace and meet up with these inner, geode messages.

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Be there. Be present. The present is perpetual.

Boundaries that create separation simply induce self-imposed anxiety. Boundaries that establish identity and distinctions can dance and immerse in one another without dissolution. I love swimming. I love swimming immersed with another and their uncut intensities even more. Fun stuff.

Then, if you‘re still alive, keep it.

And, saturation needn’t be drowning in the distress of a situation. Like a high performance, high speed, X-rated radial tire — rated for speeds over 134 mph, it’s on you to take responsibility for how far you take it above that… they’re not concerned about a court case at that level above 200 mph as that’s on you top make sure — you and your tires are filled up to 33 psi for stability, and maybe dropped to 32psi for added grip in the turns in the cold? Yes. Vrooom, shift n corner, baby! Shift n corner TOGETHER!

Message Gifts Kept

From your experiences, what gems of messages have you mined to keep?

They are yours, I respect that, and ask that you do as well. No need to comment them here. Please comment only IFF if and only if you care to and are full-on comfortable to share them. Otherwise, they are yours to tune your Soul’s liquid silence with the resonant chords of you and nurture the healthy boundaries of the Royal Castle Around You forming you as Presence As Architecture, or whatever you decide you do with… (Hey presumption, get the effa outa here and know when to shut dafuq up)

May I suggest that Your Presence Is Architecture, Presence As Architecture. Keep it. Upkeep it. Nourish its powerful limits and boundaries. Fly as high as your roots go deep. Swim as deep And infinitely as your dreams expand within.

How do you dead-head the pansies of trauma to nourish yourself by respectfully integrating them?


What Have You Mined, and Kept That You Use to Enact Your Priorities? Does Form Follow Priority? And/Or, Is The Form Simply the Consequence of Your Form-Giver?

I go with the form-giver. Beauty necessarily has some weirdness she’s, some flaws. Otherwise, it’s just pretty. Like quick fixes have shallow roots, pretty is temporary. Beauty endures, as beauty evolves to continually be itself.

You have no responsibility to be who you were even 5 minutes ago. ~ Alan Watts

Thanks for You, as only you can be, visiting here today in the perpetual present.

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When There Is Only Darkness…

When There Is Only Darkness…


Do You Own Your Actions?

Open handed, reciprocal figure to ground touch, the Both/And touch of the Yin-Yang, the apogee master violin bow single-stroke bindus connecting inhale and exhale, forming breath as prayer.

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen (most likely ripped from Aristotle, though I haven’t located the conceptual reference. No matter. Nothing new, yet everything must be original. ~ T.S. Eliot)

Suffering isn’t always required for that if you’re allergic to boredom and challenge yourself. Sometimes, what does not kill us, doesn’t kill us because it loves us very much. And, when you powerfully witness to engage in the Empathic Silence of listening, you may forget your thoughts… the gift in hearing and experiencing another full-boat, full-bore straight out of the box of who they are. I feel one of the biggest tragedies in life is not settling in to nestle in the experience to evaporate the mirage of what or who you think someone is. One of the biggest beauties? Having a clear mind and heart so that every word and feeling between them from another ripples on the glass top lake of your infinite, inner well.

And Yes, adversity may be just like weather coming in, that has arrived. On the mountain. Above treeline. In late October of 1999. On a 14er. 14,263 feet above sea level, and Nature’ll kill ya in a single mis-step no matter your experience level. Being aware of experience, though, means we’re still alive, and that we’ve just had an another experience. And, that we can potentially be made stronger if we don’t react, and instead respond wise in time in the moment, and own it with NO mistakes, just OFLs, Opportunities For Learning… own it, and… can the reasons as they are unreasonable there. You. Are. Already. There. DO you live or die? Do you live or die trying. Do you live by dying trying to be reborn the next morning with your back propped up on the back wheel of an ambulance.

Keep it.

In total depth of darkness, first you’ll see a spark, then a crack, and from this crack will flow your unborn soul. ~ Altered States

Death is the mother of memory, nourishes the future in dreams.

Yes, they water the garden to nourish value, to nurture what’s important. To build value. Though, do you continually Amend Your Inner Soil?

From your experiences, what geode gems of messages have you mined and cracked open by not wasting trouble to keep?

What was/is your takeaway message gift from them?…

That you OWN? That You Keep?

May I suggest that Your Presence Is Architecture, Presence As Architecture. Keep it. Upkeep it. Nourish its powerful limits and boundaries. Fly as high as your roots go deep. Swim as deep And infinitely as your dreams expand within. Can you resonate with…. . “Go YOU!”

Is guilt simply shame you allowed To digest? Cool. So what? That’s what ablution’s for, to get you back to you. And, shame? Can you slip that shit by side-stepping to literally slip it with wit and humor… with such things when you feel uncomfortable with something like, “:), your words not mine.” And, leave it that, not integrating another trauma to be resolved?

I don’t know about you, though that docket’s full already, and there’s no cutting in line.

If you stop to address every barking dog…. (Kinda thing) ~ Winston Churchill

What did I Keep That Day?

What I heard as I came to, came back to consciousness at 5:45a after getting myself off Mt Democrat and Leg leg blown Creature From The Black Lagoon dragging it and myself back to camp at the base at just after 3am. … Hearing my name, I collapsed.

What Did I Hear?

His heart rate has been locked at 51 bpm for the last 2 hours since he’s been here. I don’t know how he did that, though I gather it was to evaporate anxiety to get ‘er done. 51 bpm and 120 over 70 under full life-threatening stress. Oh, here he comes. ‘Hey Brown Eyes. Where Ya Been?’

~ Paramedic whose name would never stick. Thank you Paramedic-Person For keeping me alive by just staying there in front of me as I began to try to make my way back. Your presence gave me a beacon.

When There’s Only Darkness

When you think there is only darkness, close your two eyes to open the 3rd. When you think there is only darkness, look again. Maybe it’s you that are the light With no need of a mirror. That’s something you can share. It’s a gift to the world.

What Did I Say to the Paramedic?

I heard that. Yes, you are right. I breathed my Heart into Cruise Control. No anxiety or worry. I was sure I was going to die 2,000 vertical feet down the scree field. So, what did I do? I turned around, looked up that infinite sand hill… ‘Yup. I’m going to die. But, (pointing up the incline) I’m going to die going THAT way. Will you epi-pen me or Shake me or something? Now, I can’t get it out of that gear. I love her response. No, I won’t. I’ll give you this cold burger they got for you just in case, and sit here in silence with you as you keep making your way back as slowly as you need. You already shocked your system. Eat. No need to stir the water. You did that up there. It’ll clear. Your heart will thaw into reg. Why do you keep throwing off the blankets? You did that in your sleep, too. I don’t understand. It’s 19 degrees, and you’re in shorts and a T-shirt. I think I cracked a smile which cracked open my lips again to warmly drip blood down my chin On the burger. Yum. My Own Life Sauce. Cold? I don’t feel cold right now. The blankets are too hot. As she blotted my bleeding, she smiled. That tells me again you’re not back yet. Well, YOU are back, just that YOU yourself are not here yet. We sat for an hour. The Silence may have been the best conversation I’ve ever had, right along with the best burger ever.

What Beauties of Golden Experiences Have You Discovered During Your Darkest Hours That Flowed Up From Within To Fill The Cracks, and rather than motion-limiting scars, to Kintsukuroi Your Self in Celebration of Your Experiences?

Don’t waste trouble. ~ Paul Pennock, P.E.

I made a diamond out of my misfortune. ~ Jodorowski’s Chariot Speaks


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What Have You Mined, and Kept?

Thanks for visting with You, as only you can be

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Happy Halloween & a Vampire & a Moon Message

Happy Halloween & a Vampire & a Moon Message

From Me & the Mystereum Moon

Happy Halloween!

Hey there. I’m the Moon here Full and bright in Taurus. Remember me? The one who helps you find and harness your Inner LUNAtic!

My Fullness is in Taurus conjunct Uranus On Halloween! Yes, yes, they squabbled at the onset, though Taurus then gave structure to Uranus’ Shaker-Upper Qualities. In return Uranus remodeled a Greek courtyard, oculus, and cloister for her to breathe and AI and flow out from her Crown Chakra. Let the golden glow flow. Taurus is Taurus, I like my home. Why shake it up?” Uranus smiles a seismic smile. “Taurus Babe, we at least need to get you a big ole skylight in here. Let that golden Crown Chakra glow FLOW!” “Ohhh, alllll right. I’ll take the Cloister addition option.”

Walk through the Peach Tree Portal as they veils are thin. Or, for those who lift their own veils, there’s an Express Lane for Brooms. No brakes, no wait. Fly right through. We only give tickets if you drive too slow. We support Vroom on the Broom.

Happy Halloween Peach Leaf Portal
Prescient Remembrance Cover
Prescient Remembrance Cover

Heck, if the veils are still there… yup, lift ‘em back up yourself, and make your own way. Enjoy!

There are 28 poems in this collection.

It begins…

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Does he find her?…… He might need some coffee along the way.


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Prescient Remembrance Poetry Collection

Prescient Remembrance Poetry Collection
Ichthusa is Brahmana, our Priestess, his love… “I will find you...”
Prescient Remembrance Cover
Prescient Remembrance Cover

The Prescient Remembrance poetry collection was free through the weekend from Halloween Eve through Dio de Los Muertos in Honor of Lifting Veils and the Thinned Veils on the epic Uranian Full Moon in Taurus..

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It Begins…

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I Realized I Haven’t Posted Anything Much If At All From the “Prescient Remembrance” Poetry Collection

I Realized I Haven’t Posted Anything Much If At All From the “Prescient Remembrance” Poetry Collection

Well, I’ll remedy that!

1992 Marketing
Prescient Remembrance Cover
Prescient Remembrance Cover

Here’s a Sample From

Prescient Remembrance: Dialogue of a Vampire


lying high up in the mountains,
where is brewed the thunder 
and in fair weather 
the dragon sleeps.

Ours is not a lot to be feared. The dragon is a necessary beast
immeasurably deep.

juvenilis puerilis vanitas ostentatio jactatio

Feel Your Prescience

Feel your safety on your holy ground.
Suckle on the myth of your goodness
in those cruciform places you hold sacred,
while I suckle
on the rest of humanity.

We do not follow you to those places
as we cannot
do those things which are conquerable,
and simply cannot bear those places where you sing.

Those places do not protect you.
Enslaved gargoyles,
traitors to us lest their unknowing feet
entrained in those stone shoes that you fashioned,
and an occasional bellringer stroking them
as they drone high above your path,
where the wind is stronger than the scent of your life,
keep us circling above,
intent on your storied portals,
those lists of the best tasting among you.

     Angels.  You misname them.
     They are simply prettier to you
     than their gargoyle siblings
     held down by those enslaving prison-shoes of stone
     that you call cathedrals.

     You should know,

there have been sly ones among you.
Those tricky Nassenes for instance, 
knowing that in our vanity we will not touch our young,
as we, too, find them abominable,
stole away with nine of them,
worshipping them as they grew,
carrot-leading them:

     You are perfect as you are . . .
     Grow strong not beautiful . . .
     Help keep us safe . . .
     Up there you can see eternity.       
     Live up there . . .
     Turn to stone, it is strong . . .

Ignorant of their heritage,
of their eventual grace and stealth and eternity,
they were taught to perceive a strength and power
in your piles of stone conveniently shaped.
     Behold Us!
     We are strong and beautiful.
     Can you resist us?
     Gaze into our eyes and see inside your universe.
     Touch our skin of winter,
     and feel the heat of your passion
     pulsing in the silence of our bodies.
     Peeking through the wonder piquing,
     can you resist us,
     knowing that all we want
     is simply your entire life for just a moment?

Your silent guardians sometimes stir
inside their stoney sleep
still unborn into a life
where they would eventually die into their own eternity.

They lie dormant far above you,
and nightly we circle.

Nightly the bell-ringer.
Nightly they stir far above you.

It is not fire or lightning
that occasionally rips the towers from your cathedrals.

Keep eating your garlic.
We will help you stop sinning more quickly
if you are spiced up a bit.


tempus dies aevum saeculum otium hora in praesentia siquando spaientiae nostrum tempestivus

is to free the prisoners 
when sand sleeps
in the eternity of the tilted hourglass?


futilis frivolus vanus futilitas

fascinates her clock each night
     with innocence 
     and a stake,

while the potent scent of predatorial bliss
that permeates the air each dusk,
sends this lionesse back over the horizon,
sending her away from this sleeping cobra,
never staking
as we are each others’ claim...

Sends this lionesse back over the horizon to sleep
each night just before I wake.

How many centuries will this go on?

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The Design Crucible: Copper Tarot Birth Card Talismans Formation Alchemy

The Design Crucible: Copper Tarot Birth Card Talismans  Formation Alchemy

Enjoy the Comparisons

Enjoy the comparisons between my original Tarot in the Land of Mystereum card images and their simplified line drawings dialed down to the minimal to embrace the essence, though allow the process to work to be etched corrosively with saltwater, electricity, and a little ingenuity in a process Isaac Bradfield and I crafted. The Jupiter clouds of orange and blue and green that swirled in the clear vessel diode eclipsed the copper plates in color strata indicating what was happening as the process took place, like a womb-cloud until we intuitively called time, repeating until the process was a recipe of the alchemical operations set in time to dial it in… and then came the true test. What would come out in the end? A waste of copper? Well worth the risk.

I viscerally remember watching that creative cloud doing its thing. Wonderment. Curiosity. Don’t get too close and take any deep breaths around it, either. It was so cool to work this process, toxic as heck to yield Jupiter’s treasures of the earth, copper, in Tarot Birth Cards.

What are Your Tarot Birth Cards?

Click to find your Tarot Birth Cards here at the Tarot School in NYC. Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone have a great set of offerings and info, in addition to just being rockin’ people who run The Tarot School in NYC!

And, if you want to explore Tarot Birth Cards more, please visit my 9-Part Birth-Placing Identity Series.

The Sun 0 min 45 sec

How do YOU roll when it matters? How’s your timing? Center, settle. Explore the lifetime of wisdom in 46 of YOUR seconds. Try it. Try 46 seconds of you. What happens?

Enjoy the DNA of our Solar System as it moves along its 230-million year orbit around our Milky Way galaxy. Credit to A.T. Mann for sending me this years back when he was a guest on my Inner State Highways internet TV show. Hmmm, I miss doing that. Well, I might want to do something about that…

Solar System & DNA

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

How could this be 40% off below? ??? That’s almost free. Oh well. Stranger things ya know. Don’t worry. They’ll go back to the full price of a coffee once the coupon expires at midnight EST tonight. Next week… the decimal point moves the other way. Shall you take the opportunity to invest in yourself for the price of a coffee, or less? First they were free so everyone could have them. Then, they were the price of a coffee. Now, less than that the last several days. Soon, I’ll price ImaginAction and ImaginAction at their value. Thanks for following along the process of the ImaginAction Twins debut in the world. I appreciate that. Thank you.

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

(C) 2020 Jessica Hundley, Taschen Books

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Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment

Blog By Comment is a blog technique I sometimes utilize when someone else’s blog post inspires me and/or strikes a chord to resonate, and my comment in itself is basically an unpublished blog if I notice and allow it to be. I find that to be an important allowing, the noticing of the value you share When you connect. And, with Blog By Comment, the post that inspired me, and that I embraced by sharing here, can potentially do the same for others. In one sense these Blog By Comment posts are postcards sent from my Serendipity Itinerary blog travels.

Today’s Blog By Comment Is Inspired by a quote on Theresa’s Soul Gatherings site

“What You Are Comes to You”

What you are comes to you.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really resonate with that, especially from a Brainspotting Therapy perspective. As you come into readiness to look into aspects of trauma with your Psychologist and/or yourself, and you center, and sync with the gravity/magnetism of what you are looking to address, that action of focus and sync feels to dial out a blip on your overall radar inside. Most often, if not in that same session the Part will present itself, walk right in, or peek around a corner, or….. It may be several sessions later (sometimes much much longer). When the Part that IS and has been living that fresh trauma inside you, when you focus with it to address it and zero-talk and over-listen whole-being style, it walks right in through the portal of your gaze from the perspective of the magnetic What you are comes to you. They gravitate back to you, and most often not like dino-killing asteroids in the Yucatan. More of yourself returns as each Part re-surfaces into the scene of your session.

I can view the whole Parts scene as the multi-facets of many personalities, one or several modes from each Part, though that would still be the Inner Child. There isn’t only one Inner Child from my perspective. They are often referred to as Basement Children in Brainspotting that are hidden or hid themselves away. There’s one, at least one, for each and every trauma that peeled them off to be hidden away unconsciously… OR that THEY peeled off from you at some point to relieve you pressure from overload. Those that peeled off? It feels like that’s the impetus of Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval work, though I shake my head No from my perspective to 2 of those. No Inner Child. No Soul Retrieval. ALL Shadow work, calling from the shadows. Brainspotting is all of that and more. And, when you get down to it, I almost didn’t believe it when the 1st several integrated. Done. I had been dosed with more Me. And, to make this particular paragraph even a little too much longer. Behaviorism? Behavior Modification? Pffsss. Not. B.F. Skinner can stick to torture techniques for the CIA where his true abilities lived. Behavior modification to me as a gardener is like taking a pair of scissors to weeds and stepping back to say, WOW, now THAT looks great. Sure. In a temporary relief way. In Brainspotting, that which was causing the behavior in the 1st place transforms into a message that it literally conveys to you before it dissolves to go back and live in you as more energy where it is naturally at home… probably from where it was kidnapped by the trauma in the 1st place. Maybe not in extreme or psychotic scenarios… though, I bet the jury is still out on that one until Psychiatry is made illegal because they medicate before they investigate. The Psychologist have it right. Work with what you have. And, I’ll personally say there’s a lotta goody hidden in the inner infinities of the Psyche.

You know, there really wasn;t a reason to break up the above paragraph. Sometime’s, Can I have a box for that? Leftovers anyone?

There Is A Whole Process

There is a whole process, sometimes instant, sometimes several or many sessions long. Not to embrace the Part, though for the Part to re-embrace you as you are now — it’s been incarcerated and/or living in the world of the trauma that created it, and you and the trauma that created it as a Part are all it knows. And, when that happens, that re-embrace, where You Now and the Part (from then) sync in reciprocality, the Part integrates, and/or begins to integrate. Most likely with no more words. None of that what do you think/feel/etc about that? Talk Therapy jumbo jumbo. There’s talk for sure, though that’s not the driver In Brainspotting. You are the driver, and meeting up with your traumas and Parts is the winding road. Sometimes the road is a flat-out foot-to-the-floor straightaway. Sometimes the road is a hair pin turn. Sometimes dead ends present themselves for you to discover other treasures. And, engaging trauma and integrating it seamlessly is the goal of Brainspotting — at least it was/is for me. Talk is often just more head chatter explosive flack being shot up in the air from the battleship of your EXPECTATIONS — Inspect what you expect. To engage and embrace your trauma. There is great stuff there when you face things.

Talk already occurred, or did not, during the session towards the invitation for the re-meeting of a Part and the trauma(s) that formed it, towards the reunion with the Part. And, as a Part integrates and the ablution cascade of tingles washes through a particular place in your body or your whole body, What you are now larger and more of yourself has come[-s] to you.

Thank you, Theresa. It was a solid experience to have that perspective strike a chord that resonated with Brainspotting from your post of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s What you are comes to you.

How Has What You Are Come To You?

“Reflections” (c) 2009 Jordan Hoggard

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Dorothy Parker

Thank you for your post Scott Parker-Anderson

Blog By Comment Method

Telling them I’m fucking busy — or vice versa.

~ Dorothy Parker

I’ve always loved that quote with or vice versa. Beyond priceless and full-on expressive of Dorothy Parker’s Beyond Mad Men Ad-men (person) level of wit to not just cut through, but to liberate the truth with her wonderfully scary mad observational abilities and playing tennis at the net right back BAM, Winner.

Her wit. Her wisdom wise in time in the moment that didn’t seethe under the surface, or rarely did.. was belted out directly and was not parsed or diluted. She expressed herself… She expressed herself wise in time in the moment. Heck, why wait for the short fuse when you can just BLOW Straightaway?!! Especially, the way she responded.

Pensive takes time. Dorothy took life by the horns and rode it in style and if you engaged her, you might as well have been the bull rider to her 2,000 pound Brahma Bull constitution of direct and full-on Nature. Maybe I’ll nickname her Brahmana. She was certainly strong enough and wise in time enough to run a Temple.

She Feels

Dorothy Parker feels like the kind of person that got more and more of her high octane self as she progressed through life, and she started with much out of the gate… the full-on of no debt with HERSELF… Feels like she paid off that mortgage before she started… Not by keeping it simple or real. By expressing the heart of the matter congruent with the heart of the matter. Without spin or diluting it with the propaganda falsely-tentative Betty Boop figure-eight Angler Fish foot baiting out loops of alleged weakness in the form of Schussss, We’re in the Library kinds of discretion. Dorothy dealt it. Period. Engage her, and you would be engaged… or ignored. Love it!

Bam! Kapow!

BAM, is a word. KAPOW is a word. BAM and KAPOW, are mostly of course used as onomatopoeias in cartoons, Batman, etc, though I ascribe them to Dorothy’s Way.. BAM. KAPOW. Those two words are complete sentences in Dorothy’s vocabulary.

An old Malay Proverb expresses, Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. Maybe even after being a silent and empathic and undisturbed mirror through each storm, the tree softly and compassionately reaches to the subsided storm and, Did your bluster have a message? That sounds like classic Dorothy. I feel From my perspective that that proverb is full-on Dorothy Parker worthy. She’d checkmate you in one move, and then assist to figure out a better way moving forward. Well, of course after patiently waiting for you to lick your wounds.

Dorothy Led

Dorothy led by example, by the example of what it means to be unapologetic for Your Life, Your Way. To me, Dorothy Parker is the Poster Child for Be Yourself, What Other Way Is There? Or, my Mystereum and ImaginAction mantra of. Your Life, Your Way, Actionably. Without fail, she was that. Herself. Indefatigably. Indomitably. She is my Keumgang Jitae, my Diamond Mountain 6th Dan form. I will forever have the asset of being in her debt. She lives with Jung, Morgan, Nietzsche, Blake, Watts, Rumi, Rilke, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cassatt, and The Temple of Luxor at Karnak (R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz — yes, dispense with his politics… he formed The Temple in Man and The Temple Of Man which were primary form-giving influences in my formative years) as my primary Historical Friends.

Dorothy Parker, You wen from this world 6 months before I came in in 1967. I do not say R.I.P.

Dorothy Parker. My memories of you, the lot of them from what I’ve mined, are blessings. I cherish them all. Thank you. We need more of you.

Dorothy, Thank you for giving form to the formless in your every utterance to keep things brought to square… and continue to evolve the things you valued without them being diminished by the trash-talk of Reason(s).

We Need

We need more women and more people who are like Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan to step up into who they are with their native talents and develop those talents into consummate abilities. That stuff is a priceless treasure.That stuff, the stuff of Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan, makes the world a better place from my perspective.

Hemingway Comes To Mind

Hemingway comes to mind in regards to Dorothy Parker in regards to writing. He expressed, Writing (read in: creating) is not difficult. All you have to do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed. Dorothy Reminds me of Hemingway’s expression. She sat down in her life somewhere, at some point, and bled. And, after that, she never stopped pouring her life into her work. Thank you for leading by example Dorothy Parker!

Just Sayin’. What’s YOUR Sayin’?

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Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction (c) 2008 – 2020 Jordan Hoggard

LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

(C) 2020 Jessica Hundley, Taschen Books


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Sunday Services ~ Something Personal

My mistakes are all OFLs.

Opportunities For Learning.

Every. Single. One.

They each contributed to where I’ve arrived today.

What messages have not wasting trouble gifted you?

What cornerstone of your life do you brace against that sends veins of gold throughout you from your Mother Lode. What Mother Lode of a cornerstone do you brace against to sidestep the shallow roots of quick fixes, where storms make Your oak tree take deeper roots… to become… A strong tree has no worry about storms?

What’s Your Kintsukuroi of Self?


My Natal Chart (Just completed my Chiron Return and moving to the Saturn Return in 7-ish years. One prepares you for the next

Cool! Yes and yes on Taureans, and another positive Taurean quality is that a bull won’t budge an inch no matter how pushy, might just look the other way as they swat you away with their tail like a fly. 🙂

My Sophia Wisdom and Lilith (Dark Moon Lilith AND Lilith, ro just Lilith?) live in the Taurean world of my Chart. Interestingly enough, my Home, which is very Taurean has imply always been natural, and not needing of much attention. Taurus has simply functioned as an ally. When I need to vacuum and clean? That imply tells me my house is out of order. I vacuum and clean, and POOF, it’s back. I’d say that’s the easiest and as well most easily actionable (relatively non-existent) part of my Natal Chart.

Rather Than Simply Being Resonant With My Sagittarius Sun Sign

Rather than my sign, Sagittarius with Cappie Moon 12th House conjunct the ASC, I’m more my whole Chart, each grouping or featured character cycling in and out to ebb and flow as they pulse their magnetic influence into my life.

People In A Room Astrology

It’s like People In A Room Astrology for me AS a Sign, Where the whole chart plays, and/or rests. I see Charts as whole Astrological and Astronomical symphonies.

Yes, I’m a Sag, and Sag sits in the (Tarot) Chariot driver’s stance (drive standing up, steer with the ground-grabbers of your feet in balance) in the 11th House. Chariot most often sync up to overtake and engage from the side. They literally sidle up to you, or you sidle up with them, Though, the whole rest of my Chariot, my Astro Vehicle so to speak is composed of my Hanged Man~Empress Tarot Birth Cards as the wheels.

How I Resonate Publicly

10th House Mercury~Neptune conjunction in 10th House Scorpio (I LOVE this feature Or my Chart!) — very matter of fact and up front with intuition as a fluent language, fluid fluency of intuition developed from seamless segues of imagination and creativity surfing in over the Inner liminal horizon from the unconscious to open the Marco Polo hulls exploratory seeds and pour in mire ambrosis.

This pairing creates a very clear and Neptunian radar for me to inform both the seen and the unseen, and for each to inform one another as mirages and illusions are dissolved in… Instpect your Expectations.

This 10th House Astro feature leans me into being direct in comms and even stealthy physically (martial arts), an ability to be quieter than quiet = Silence immersed in meditation. All of that also composes a glass top lake teaming with life underneath, though a glass top lake ability of whol-body listening… to receive these ablution tingles that cascade in the body when we full y listen and experience another. Even in simply saying, Thank you, or, You’re welcome in the Eric and reciprocal spiral of how we give and receive.

11th House Sun in Sag = YAH! Born Ready!

Moon in 12th House Capricorn

vision, genius, poetry, madness, inspiring light from unseen sources

Moon in 12th House Cap — certainly no cork there, and the Moon won’t get swallowed by the infinite abyss of the dark and chthonic depths of the 12th House that ever-enlightens us to the power of the Dark, and the light that lives deep in the dark. Like in the Yin-Yang… going so far into the dark as to find light, and then diving further in there, worm-holing back into the light… to go so far into the light we again discover the darkened, wormhole-hyperspace back, and continually discover more. Each refreshes the other. The light and dark both live within each other as the other’s nucleus, their nuclear reactor deep well of energies in constant re-invigoration. DOes this create, like The Sun, your personal gravity?

who you were when you were born, Self, return, identity, bright success in context

Moon in 12th House Capricorn Conjunct My Ascendant (ASC)

Moon in 12th House Cap conjunct my ASC — there’s that imagination, intuition, reflecting like the Moon low in the sky over the ocean Casting a wonderful self-portrait of itself across the ocean, playfully, like watercolor. There enters my watercolor painting, and my oils were somewhat Moon in 12th House.

1st House

Mars. 1st House almost conjunct the ASC though a little out of orb just under the dawn horizon of the ASC in the Night Sky (lower 6 Houses) of the Natal Chart, that’s where Mars lives in my Chart.

2nd House

Chiron Rx and Saturn Rx~both in the 2nd House, though Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Aries. The Rx feature (Retrograde) indicates they were parked there, very comfortably, Like Marco Polo parking a ship in harbor to unload the hull of the treasure from the journey. And, with Chiron being Saturn’s son (Chronos/Kronos) AND the asteroid Moira being conjunct within minutes to Saturn (making them one, complete being) there’s an intersting fascination with chronological timing that is most often driven mostly by my internal sense of timing, when I decide to rather than someone else dictating that. Moira’s domain is the internal sense of time and timing which contrasts to Saturn’s (Chronos’) chronological time. Moira is Saturn’s wife, Saturn, Moira’s husband. Chiron the son near. I’ve always found this a wonderful place in my Chart to till for resonances and persepctive.

3rd House

North Node 3rd House

4th, 5th, and 6th Houses nice and peaceful. Nobody there. Kind of like the Temple in my Chart for me. A place of Astro Pilgrammage I often visit for uninterrupted perspective to refresh and replenish. I consider the 4th, 5th, and 6th Houses to be my Astro Scenic Overlook.

7th House

7th House Jupiter — Playful and sometimes a bit more on the play with luck rather than planning side. That’s both a positive trait and a failing. 🙂

8th House

8th House Virgo OH BOY HERE COME my favorite troublemakers — 8th House Pluto~Pallas Athena~Uranus all conjunct in Virgo. I’m very comfortably methodical about embracing change and transformations and shake-ups when they arrive, just another storm in the garden so to speak. And, when I say methodical, in this context with these 3 beautiful troublemakers =, methodical means NO steps to accept the transformation except instant immersion. Dive right in or let it flood in, in an is what it is way. And, these feel to be the characters that also nourish my boundaries… very Both/And rather than dualistic, both sides of the coin in the same moment, abilities to venture over the horizon so to speak.

9th House

9th house Venus conjunct Juno to the minute in Libra and not conjunct to but neighbors with Ceres back in 8th House Virgo — The Neighborhood of the 3 Sacred Sisters I call them here. Nourishes my love of spirituality and washing up on my shore after storms have broken so to speak. Storms as ablution rather than torrential or terrifying, even when they are disastrous. SO much Nature intensity, and I just even feel MORE natural then. = ability to listen under stress and pressure and conflict without being defensive to full-body listening experience the expanse of what’s bRing conveyed.

10th House, See Above. As Above, So Below

Brings me back to the 10th.

So, There’s my Sign As I Feel It

So, there’s my “Sign.” When I just say Sag… people furrow their eyebrows like What??!! Where’s the wanderlust? Oh, I don’t have wanderlust. I wanderlove of serendipity peppered with little wanderlust side trips for serendipity and finding cool new places. I go places all the time, even simply sitting in my chair. It’s where my writing comes from. Pour the feeling through the fingertips. Which author said it? Oh yeah, Hemingway. “Writing’s not difficult. All you have to do is sit at your typewriter and bleed.” Hey OVER THERE. Yeah You Sacred Sisters. Will you please turn off the faucet for a sec. As they giggle and sneak a finger out to point to Pluto~Pallas~Uranus who then “US? Nah. Well, ok, we did do that. Just wanted to wash the rest of the molt off” 🙂

I mantra my chart with something I wrote about in regards to rites of passage years back, and plaved in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.That expression is, The snake its skin shedded, the snakes its skin not missed… for … look at all the bright new colors.

My Natal Chart with Transits

SO many Rx (Retrogrades) currently. This may pose a difficult time for many, especially if you are not used to finding workability in intense situations and experiences. The Reason? RX, Retrogrades Magnetically drag if smaller, causing the need to downshift and re-sync. And, the larger planets? When they go Rx, they basically park. They are not stationary, though they might as well be like Marco Polo parking a full hulled ship in harbor after filling it with intensely vibrant experiences and treasure discoveries from his journey.

Take care not to be overwhelmed by the quality of everything all at once of multiple planetary bodies docking in harbor. Remember, this time will pass. And, what wonderful Nessies will you have allowed to inform your intuition to fuels your next iteration of journey?

A ship in Harbor is safe, though that’s not What ships are for.

~ John A. Shedd

Have Fun

Have fun if you like, playing With my Chart in context with all the Rx qualities from recently/ The recently of RIGHT NOW! Yes, it’s not easy. I’ve had some slowings. Some try to present as depression, though I call that low energy with great inertia. Means, time to downshift and gear in to newness in change wise in time. Though as well, dialing in to downshift into these densities and slowings and heavy weights… I decided to be the Customs Officer. Some things were off-loaded directly into the ocean At port as they arrived. I can’t be expected to do everything. 🙂 I did, though note them in my journal for upcoming explorations. And, off-loading them at port… I have some snorkel field trips when I have the fortitude and mental and emotional real estate to drop in and re-discover them as if experiencing them for the first time… when I do.

Have fun playing with my Chart in context. I’m open to teaching. I’m open to learning from your Astro perspective. Let the reciprocal comms begin.

What’s Your Read of My Chart?*

*no intent is made to achieve a free reading as I as well don’t read for free. This Sunday Service is simply a gesture to provide a sketch problem with something I have an inherently developed sense of, and can speak to. Fire away! I look forward to your reads!

This comes on the heels of my 2nd Major Accolade-Award being featured in Jessica Hundley’s The Library of Esoterica. 2 cards featured. XVII The Star and the 6 of Wands. Big gratefulness for this lineage legacy of my work!

LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

(C) 2020 Jessica Hundley, Taschen Books

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum and The Library of Esoterica are both available from Amazon and Taschen directly in my Shop. Click their respective links there. You’ll be transported to their treasure ports to purchase directly from either Amazon or Taschen.


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ImaginAction in Mindfulness


Experience ImaginAction and ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions in action in your Mindfulness Meditation. Simply gaze into one of the 78 eSpa Ablution Pools and breathe. I’m honored at this heartfelt accolade. Esther S. expressed:

Dear Jordan,

it was almost instant. All the anxiety blew away as I gazed, immersed in the image. I forgot to pick up my cards. I even forgot the question on the page. It was the most wonderful meditation session I’ve had in quite a while. And, when I did get back to the question later, when I did pick up the cards, the flow of the reading was SO me I felt so washed. Yes to Ablution Pools! I truly did discover Inner Inheritances. Even some things I was uncomfortable with about myself began to present themselves as allies. Each patiently brought a treasured message of self-wisdom from their experience of being trunked in the pain of my trauma. I was almost in disbelief. What was at once uncomfortable, and that I sidestepped at every turn… it was released in minutes. Unbound! My whole life up to that point became my toolbox, completely, unapologetically, and without shame anymore. Oh YES I received the messages I already had within, and then the body tingles, and then they re-integrated. I’ve never had healing be so simple and fun just like a great swim. Thank you.Wholehearted thanks for creating ImaginAction. Now I use it for Mindfulness Meditation, Tarot, and sometimes just to clear the air of my troubles. So Simple. So refreshing. I’m being healed by beauty, growing exquisitely. And now there’s ImaginAction 2.0? The world is a better place for me now.

~ Esther S

P.S. I forgot to mention how blown away I was when I first opened the pdf downloadeds. Really Jordan. ImaginAction is 103 pages, and 2.0 is 98 pages. All for the price of a coffee? Just wow! And, I loved being able to download 3 copies of each, 1 for myself, 2 to share with friends. What a grand suggestion. That also sparked something new in me. I love coffee, so for the price of a coffee I took care of myself 1st. 1 on my phone, 1 on my tablet, 1 on my laptop. It’s like I have digital fluorite for calm clarity and persepctive in my pocket wherever I go now. Like I said, I love coffee, so I bought two sets. I have those 3 copies parked to pay forward to people when the moment strikes. I love this serendipity stuff of yours. It’s no pie in the sky. Get a fork! I may just keep buying a set here and there, so I’m always prepared, stocked with such a wonderful gift to brighten someone’s life. ImaginAction is such a feat. I don’t know how you came up with all those depthful sanctuaries of questions. But, you did, and here they are. 🙂 You’re the best. Thank you.

~ Esther S.

Also, use ImaginAction or ImaginAction 2.0

Also, use ImaginAction or ImaginAction 2.0 for Tarot & Divination like Karen Sealey at The Pure and Blessed Way ~ Riding the cusp between imagination and reality

See ImaginAction in Action!


ImaginAction is now wonderfully out there in the world. The foundations placed and built under that dream were accomplished with the help of 438 rockin’ people out there with the original ImaginAction! And, who knew? ImaginAction has a fraternal twin… ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions.

ImaginAction 2.0

~ The Unplugged Sessions ~

is Also Now Available!

Drive Your Inner Solar System With Mindfulness

Solar System & DNA

With ImaginAction 2.0

~ The Unplugged Sessions! ~

What’s different? Excellent question. The original ImaginAction throws you literally hundreds of bones for self-development and to actionably increase your effectiveness to implement your goals and dreams. Those bones are in the form of evocative questions asked in the context of lush immersion pools of artwork, sacred and alive places to nest your dreams, to grow them to fruition.

ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions is literally that. Unplugged, like a band doing a heart-tingling bad-ass acoustic version of one of their great songs. Not rough and raw and unrefined. Full-on heartfelt and gripping. Magnetic. ImaginAction 2.0 is ImaginAction stripped down to only the heart of the matter… Heck, an early McClaren was still a McClaren. Why have a dash when you can just put on a helmet and feel the high octane fun of the foot into the floor?

ImaginAction 2.0 is basically an eSpa all to yourself with ablution pools to dive into and immerse yourself, your ideas. Only 2 things are required. You, and the Immersion Pools eSpa of 66 full-color saturated places of inspiration that ImaginAction provides you. You wanna soak up some goodness?

There are no questions in v2.0, just pure eSpa pools + a fun Intro Adventure Story and some other percs on the way to the eSpa… well, there is 1 question… though only one… and then ALL 66 Constructing the Center immersive ablution pools to dial into and amplify your creativity and imagination and the effectiveness of YOU. Help yourself invest in your goals and dreams to build even more value as you bring them into the real.

ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions

Thank You

for Investing a Coffee in Yourself!,

$3.75 USD: ImaginAction 2.0. — 98-pg pdf. 66 in full color

$3.90 USD: ImaginAction — 103-pg pdf. 78 in full color


No Cards Required Other Than You

Excellent for:

Mindfulness Meditation

Tarot and Oracles and Divination

Anxiety Relief

Finding Your Perspective, Your Life Your Way

Invest in yourself. I hear it lasts a lifetime.

Warren Buffett

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

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