2023 ~ 9-Part Birth-Placing Identity Tarot Activators

01 Jan
2023 ~ 9-Part Birth-Placing Identity Tarot Activators

The Architecture of Well Being


Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Suggest

to birth and further incorporate your discoveries using your down-to-earth-spirit as a cornerstone in life to brace the natural voice to live as the marrow of the matter in your actions. 

Incorporate your celestial groove to naturally intensify your way and raise up your strong balance to new levels.

Energize the heart of the matter as you explore your core with Tarot Birth Cards. Further, nourish your marrow of the matter!

~ Don’t know your Tarot Birth Cards?  

Click here to use The Tarot School’s Birth Card Calculator.

Each Birth Card Grouping link will take you to perspectives of your Birth Cards that you can further craft to fuel your 2023.

How will you:

  • use your Birth Cards to inspect your expectations?
  • see past the blind spot mirages that your expectations produce?
  • fuel 2023 with the more natural octane of You?

1  XIX Sun ~ X Wheel ~ I Magician

How does your innate and developed identity cycle your magic to pull more Water of Life out of thin air like Aquarius, The Water Bearer?

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2  XX Judgment ~ XI Justice ~ II High Priestess

How do you resurrect wonderful inner gold from the past to marry your head with your heart and gut and give form to the formlessness by building down FROM your dreams to continually make them generative realities in your life? How, like a Taurus, are you unshakable and firm in how you place yourself?

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3  XXI World ~ III Empress ~ XII Hanged Man

What are the most majestic qualities you have that emanate from your Creative Wellspring, your Yoniverse from which everything emanates, that both nourish you to be both afloat in clarity and live with the marrow of the matter like the structure of the ocean does? How do Mars and Pallas-Athena (aka Minerva) keep your Piscean, oceanic waters fresh with living strategies?

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4  XIII Death ~ IV Emperor

What are the most key transformation drives you have that you work with to nourish and nurture how you dwell, how you make place, how and what you naturally integrate into your concept of home? Think about a Centaur and how that uniquely complete being stands on the ground and moves through life. Yes, Centaurs and Sagittarius more often lives in XIV Temperance, though when here, think of your allies. A human torso seamlessly segued with a horse body? The Centaur has two hearts, and two minds. What?! Two minds? Yup, there is of course the one in the head. Where’s the second one? It is the very earth the Centaur stands on, a Gaia Mind. How do you connect with the ally that is you while you connect with larger and smaller forces to get the job done? The Emperor here is not listening in for fumes of betrayal wafting through the background conversation. The Emperor has put down his sword and crown. His horse has set down to become the World Tree he resides within. He is not checking for betrayal. He is touching base to check on the health of the empire. Like the Centaur, how is the very ground you walk on as inspirational as the stars in your sky? I suggest to pull your 4 of Pentacles as a DNA strand to explore this in more detail. See the 4 people in the background? What? You only see 3? Ahh, yup, that’s valid. Until of course you see the 3 as a group with the spaces within and around them that composes the 4th.

How is the very ground you walk on as inspirational as the stars in your sky?

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5  XIV Temperance ~ V Hierophant

How do you magically mix living forces within and about throughout your life?

How does your down-to-earth-spirit keep you grounded enough to fly as high as your roots go deep?

Like a volcano ~

Its head lives in the clouds

as it continually makes and remakes new lands with heart right here,

its feet firmly planted in the abyss.

Here, feel into the volcano at first more than the Astrological aspects of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus.

What’s the marrow of the matter in your life?

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6  XV Devil ~ VI Lovers

How comfortable are you with the intensity of your earthly desires?

Is addiction actually a cover stone for pesky inhibitions that sneak around like creepy crawlies under a rock within you? Suggest to not try and fill closed vessels. Inhibitions enslave as easily as excesses, if not even being their blind spot source. There is a subtlety and nuanced quality to the things you pour. Rather than waste not want not, feel into how Capricorn and Venus come together to birth your Growth Principles. Together, they might compose the Individuation Planet, aka Uranus.

How does Uranus factor into as the marrow of your matter, your living structure without stricture?

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7  XVI Tower ~ VII Chariot

How do you not waste trouble when life throws you world-altering curve balls? How do you lean into the dissonance of those kinds of times to make them World ALTARing? Understand what is toxic, though understand toxic things as not being standalone. Gasoline is toxic. Gasoline is toxic unless you put in the tank of a vehicle and start the engine and go VROOM and take yourself places as you utilize its intensity by harnessing opposing forces in their dance when you dwell them together in wonderful, alchemical vessels. How can you live with more Both~And with Dignity in Difference in your life? No reason to take on other peoples’ stuff. Allow it to fill the vessel between you, have it on the table and drain it as necessary while you work together to mine the golden nuggets hidden there. No reason to work with everything on the table. Pick your poisons your way. Poison is simply too much of anything. Further, I see that as too much of a lack of connectivity which leads to withholding from yourself and others. That is isolation and loneliness rather than solitude, together.

How can you more fully embrace and gold-pan trouble by safely leaning into dissonance when it is present? You aren’t responsible to fix everything. Though, when you provide a safe environment for things and people to iron out their own kinks, with a little help here and there, you tend to start a process of natural nourishment for your environment both inside and out.

How and what do you gold-pan in your life? What do you want to gold-pan? Now’s always the time. Life is what passes you by while you’re too busy making plans. Plan like you might on a road trip where you adjust your navigation as required, and have no fear of U-turns. Control is a fiction. Navigation is present whether you smoke Hope on the couch or get in there inside and out there in your world and do something about it. What do you want to do something about?

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8  XVII Star ~ VIII Strength

How are your natural, inner animal voice and your celestial groove connected to Nature? How do you dance them together? Play a little Gemini game. Dance how deeply you listening and connected you are when you speak to inform your intuition. How does this enhance and engage a more robust education and re-education of your intentions as they directly live in your actions? I’ll suggest to look into Pluto and Scorpio and the 8th House in your Birth Chart. Maybe add in:

  • Moira #638 who I see as Inner Rhythm in contrast to Saturn’s (Chronos) chronological time
  • Poesia #946 who I see as the poetry in motion of your natural ways
  • Hygeia #10 who I see as Well Being

What are new challenges to explore in your Life Sandbox with these 3 Astro bodies discovered in your Chart?

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9  XVIII Moon ~ IX Hermit

Ahhh, and we arrive at the seismic waves within of the Moon ~ Hermit combo. What are the plate tectonics of how your inner structures activate, are engaged, slip and fall and renew, and move in and out of deeply resonate new ways for you? And more, how are new ways wonderfully recreations of your continually developing, natural way?

What inspires you deeply from unseen sources?

What moves you inside to tune your clarity of vision from a loose flame to a blowtorch tool?

How can you more fully and robustly and simply BE as the Moon is with the ocean, as the Hermit is with your inner world? What navigation tools can you enhance when your inner oceans, your outer seas, and your intuitions are naturally put into actions over time?

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Oh, and 2023 is 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7. It’s a Tower ~ Chariot Year. May they orbit this year as a Fixed Binary Star Couple in your sky to always give you a cornerstone to brace your navigation.

I hope you get some useful stuffstance for 2023 from these Birth Card Groupings and short snippets.

May they provide some catalysts for you to chew on for more of

Your Life, Your Way this year.


The Tarot School has a Birth Card Calculator where you can enter your birth date to determine your Tarot Birth Cards.

Or, have some fun and calculate your Birth Cards yourself:

Or, have fun adding your birth month + birthday + birth year until they reduce to a number that is 21 or less (21 Major Arcana cards + the 22nd as The Fool not included)
Example: December 4, 1967 = 12 + 4 + 1967 = Add 12 and 4 to equal 16, and then add 16 to 1967 = 1983. Then make 1983 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21. 21 is XXI The World card.  And, then 21 = 2 + 1 = 3 which equals III The Empress.  So, the Birth Cards for this date are World ~ Empress, or World ~ Empress ~ Hanged Man. Did you know that some say that The Hanged Man is the Empress’ son? I rather resonate with that.


12 + 4 = 16 and 16 = 1 + 6 = 7, and 1967 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 =23, and 2 + 3 = 5 added back to the 7 .from 16… 5 + 7 = 12 = XII The Hanged Man, so the Birth Cards = Hanged Man ~ Empress.
Note: XXI or 21 The World. 2 + 1 = 3.  XII or 12 The Hanged Man. 1 + 2 = 3.  And, III or 3 The Empress = 3.
World ~ Empress Birth Card combo.  Hanged Man ~ Empress Birth Card combo


The Body Electric Tarot Spread. (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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These eSpreads are great for Tarot and Oracle decks and Runes and Crystals alike. You can get the whole set of these 78 spreads in the 103-page ImaginAction downloadable PDF eBook. Click here. More useful gifts for yourself and those close to you are also available at the SandboxPsyche shop.

Birth Card Grouping Links:


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