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Strip Yourself of Salvation

Strip Yourself of Salvation

The nudity of the star? Yes. The star has shed all except Self and Other. The snake, its skin shedded. The snake, its skin not missed, For, look at all the pretty and wonderfully vulnerable colors refreshed. Phoenix! Phoenix yourself! The star needs no veils.

~ Me (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

Strip Yourself of Salvation

Years ago now, I made shame and guilt walk the plank. No arrrggg, Matey. No pirate push. Just nodded to them to go of their own useless accord as they simply had to go.


Well, at 23 the child became the parent of the adult. That didn’t loose my parents from me, nor my Mentor~Tormentors. They simply applied for citizenship within. And, on that day, my parents did not become colleagues. On that day, they became friends. Parents aren’t there to be your friend. They are there, to be your parents. Much like your friendly, neighborhood Psychologist. Parents and Psychologists = Self-Phoenix-Makers.

You see, at 42, across the Ebenezer Transit (credit Eric Pride, Consulting Astrologer) — Transiting Neptune crosses Natal Neptune. At that point in life, across the steps in the journey across the place of that time, it happened again. Phoenix. I molted again. The snake, my skin shedded. Was again the snake, my skin not missed. No pretty colors, though, that time. Time for terror, huh? Why? All reasons are unreasonable when it comes to the life of living symbols and times in life. For, who are your really answering to?

Who Are You Answering To?

So, as it went. Terror. It’s not, and wasn’t sadist. That’s just what transpired and has brought forth my whole life to this point to birth the current inspiration of..

Strip Yourself of Salvation

There’s no need to forgive. Ever. Sure, I forgive, and here’s about how it goes. Remember, I am a gardener, and on occasion, a Soul Gardener. I do not trim weeds with scissors. I remove them lie a Shaman exits terrors from your psyche. First, out by the roots to the trash, and also the guilt-by-association ground that was converted around them. Then, amend the soil. Pour not alluvium, Pout ablution-soil in. Pat softly. Water it in. Add some more like a comforting blanket for good measure.

Then, pause. Breathe as you kneel there thankful. Thankful for the opportunity you took to face that little terror called a weed, a psychic weed. Sometimes, it only take a good finger thump to upset their controlling orbit, and a subtle-nudge-second-push to jettison them out to the nearest black hole. That’s my kind of psychological delegation. It is connected to Nature, and the Universe. Nods to that. Big, Abrazos nods to that.

Shame? Guilt?

Rid yourself of both. Rid yourself of shame. Rid yourself of guilt. Are you a criminal? If so, stop reading here. If not, feel free to continue.

Your body? It’s been said to invest in yourself as it lasts a lifetime. I think Warren Buffet said that. I’d put a dollar on that he ripped that from Aristotle or Julia Morgan. More probably, it was Joan Didion.

I have lost touch with several people I used to be.

~ Joan Didion

So, your body? Invest in yourself? It lasts a lifetime? Yup, Yup, and some more Yup. You’ve gotta live with yourself for the rest of your life. So, why make yourself miserable? Others can do that plenty easily. Unless, of course… you discover the Property Management Company inside that assigns plats and metes and bound called property line… psychologically known as boundaries.


Shed shame. Then, guilt might soon follow like the ball and chain to shame it codependently is.

The Nudity of the Star

Ther nudity of the star? Yup. The star needs no veils. Neither do you. Fetishes? Bullshit. Fetishes are a fiction just like breath is prayer enough. Lovers love what they love, together and by themselves, together. People like what they like. Period.

Do you like what you like? If yes, then cool. Can you own that? No need to tell the world. Just tell yourself. And, telling yourself often requires the amount of words that should be on the books creating laws about womens’ bodies. It’s also the same number as the laws on the book about mens’ bodies. What is that number? ZERO.


Zero is the number of salvations you need. Shed worry and anxiety. How? What are you really afraid of? Do you now even remember anything other than that the media teaches you tp stay afraid?

If you do not read the newspaper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper each morning, then you are misinformed, daily. ~ Mark Twain

So, what are you really afraid of? Are you afraid that if you listen to me, make shame walk the plank, then you’ll have nothing? Good. That’s a wonderful start. Odds are, though, you have much more than you know. Odds are, you have much golden splendor within just waiting to flow up and fill the cracks and fault lines, self-created or otherwise… to fill them with the connections and wisdom born of experience rather than motion-limiting scars that are owned by the internal property management company called Shame & Guilt, LLC. Ever notice the limited liability of an LLC? Seems a bit tentative and weak to me. Incorporate. Or, don’t. Can you incorporate YOURSELF into your life more. Can you just incorporate yourself into your life outright over time?

Strip Yourself of Salvation

Strip yourself of the need for salvation. And, for all of you out there in toxic relationships out there, I share my empathy and sympathy with you ONLY if you remove yourself from there without harming yourself or causing more harm to you. If you don’t, that’s yours. Hopefully, that will piss you off enough to say FUCK YOU JORDAN which at least pressurizes you enough to turn to your Tormentor and with just a look scare the piss out of them. The 1st step to address a predator is to not be their food.


Forgiveness? Apologies? Sure. I do not care about what you say you are going to do. I care about what you do. At the end of time, at eternity, if you remember, then remind me. If you haven’t done that again to any other person since then, then I will entertain accepting your apology. Oh, wait. It’s eternity. Time’s up. Then, at that point? Yup. Then, I’ll revisit my decision. Until then, though, you must go, and you must go now.

You See

You see? Strip yourself of the need for salvation. Because, who is it really through all these years who has consistently saved you? Not who helped you. Not who assisted you. Don’t forget them, though wasn’t it ultimately, and hasn’t it been, and isn’t it right now YOU that are the only one saving yourself? Cool. Emancipation is a word. You deserve more. I found that once shame an guilt walked the plank, it was only a matter of 3 years until I was able to connect with people deeply… and, not lose myself in the process… because they would hold a cupped hand and lift me up when I fell… so I could keep supporting myself and stay pressurized… on my own… better… with them.

Strip Yourself of Salvation. Salvation’s a Con Job

Worried about going to Hell? Ha! Don’t be. It’s run by an androgyne fallen Seraphim who still lives in his Pop’s basement. I find personal hells to be far more terrifying. Not an adrenaline sport, though I’ll take mine over that abstraction any time. I’d rather make Besties with my own Beasties. At least I can count on the management to listen if they are in the incorporated company called Myself. Worst case scenario of being ignored? Every single morning in the mirror when I am brushing my chompers.

Oh, One Last Thing

If You’re Lonely When You Are by Yourself,

Then You Are Not in Good Company.

If That’s the Case, Simply Own It, and… guess what? It’s Yours. You don’t need to ask permission to change yourself, not even to yourself.

How Can You Make Your Life the


I Suggest… Don’t Save Yourself

I Suggest… Live Yourself

Connect Deeply Just the Way You Do

10 Bucks Says You ROCK!

(C) 2021 Jordan Hoggard


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Always Complete, Never Finished, Lifelong

Always Complete, Never Finished, Lifelong

I don‘t find the Ego to be conscious. I find it to be a vessel, an energetic, psychological containment system that can be equated to boundaries. So, having a strong ego often indicates healthy boundaries where someone else’s words do not upset the architecture of your well-being within the vessel. The Ego is a necessary part of the psyche.

“Egomanaical” is different as it’s a love of power rather than a power of love. And, as such, a love of power is often only skin deep superficial, mostly about false senses of control in a consummate avoidance of what makes one themself uncomfortable… attempting to make others squirm because one will not own that they are squirming.

And, like a Kintsukuroi broken vessel brought back together with gold, silver, or platinum lacquer to highlight connections rather than motion-limiting scars… we are each better for having been broken. Those who can still be kind (to living beings and Nature) after going through hells are badasses with hearts of gold.

Copyright Potter who made this visual metaphor of the Kintsukuroi of Self For one’s ongoing Architecture of Well-Being called life. You are your own project, lifelong.

Experiences make for connections, traumas addressed and resolved making for connections rather than motion-limiting scars. Image here of a Kintsukuroi bowl being better for having been broken, for having experienced life. Always complete, never finished, lifelong. The journey of the ongoing project called Your Life is the destination, the confluence of memory and dream that we live in in the perpetual present. Or, more concisely said, The Now. Your Life, Your Way, Always.

Night Nautilus (in progress) (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

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Holly Troy and The Halfbreeds Performing “Miss Me” in the ‘90s!!

Happy Friday!!

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Built Beautiful, An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story with narration by Martha Stewart

Experience this groundbreaking new film as it moves you with the power of quiet elegance.

by Architects Don H. Ruggles, Melissa Mabe, and Team

Screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival May 7th to 15th, 2021!*

with narration by Martha Stewart

Purchase your All Access Online tickets for $85.00 USD by clicking here

Ticket sales end on Thursday May 13th, so act fast to get yours!

From IMDb:

“Neuroscience gives architects a new lens through which to consider the built environment’s influence on health and wellness.”

From Me:

I say that Beauty inspires, and is also one of those primary requirements for a healthy life in support of both the personal and cultural and global architecture of our well-being.

See the Trailer on Vimeo

Showing at the PIFF, the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.*


*Do note that as I navigated the PIFF site and then tracked through to their Facebook site, I have not yet been able to find the 2021 Event Schedule much less this wonderful film offering of:

Built Beautiful, An Architecture & Neuroscience Love Story

Don h. Ruggles, Melissa Mabe

with narration by Martha Stewart

I will update this post and then also post it on once I have located easy to navigate links so you can experience this film online as the PIFF buildings are closed. Wonderfully ironic, huh? Architecture, online. So elegantly modern, quiet elegance, really. Big Abrazos nods In silence to that.

On the Architectology Page


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A Tarot Numbering Thought

A Tarot Numbering Thought

You know, I’ve had an issue with The Fool in the Tarot being labeled 0 (zero) since I was seven years old. I guess, that 46 years is enough time for an idea to steep and let the cat out of the bag so the dog’s not so alone.

I’ve never seen a wild thing sorry for itself.

~ D.H. Lawrence

I do not think the O in the middle of the top of the card is a zero. I don‘t think it is a number at all or the concept of zero. One, all the other numbers are at the bottom. Certainly, a number 0 at the top could be a telling anomaly, like the head of the ouroboros’ (uroburos) potentiality to bite its tail prior to the tail forming, a “nothing about the caterpillar tells it about the butterfly“ kind of thing, though, I grimace at that with a pretty hefty ‘Nope.’

So, what do I feel from an artist’s perspective? Well, Pamela Coleman-Smith designed the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot cards. And, I feel the O at the top of The Fool in the RWS is a Day Sky Full Moon. I think that goes a long way to include everything in the card like a whole oak tree in an acorn. The Sun. The Day Sky Full Moon. The elements. The Archetypes all in an unseen place beyond much like the Buddhist Concept of the Disappearing Path indicated by the cliff’s edge right in front of the Fool. Then, all of the unseen things are seen, and the whole oak tree of the deck is in the acorn of The Fool.

How does the O in the top middle of this card image land for you as a Day Sky Full Moon? No need to research this. You won‘t find any attributions as the idea is mine, a personal, Tarot acorn so to speak. My Fool sees the world from the moon, so the earth is what waxes and wanes and is New and is Full through cycles for the Mystereum Fool. How does the O as a Day Sky Full Moon land for you?

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Fool image (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Rider Waite Smith Fool image (c) US Games, Inc.


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May Your E I E I O

May Your E I E I O

Click to visit my new website for an Easter / Ostara blessing…


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NoKill Colorado

NoKill Colorado

I,, and Proudly Support

Hb21-1160PBCover (1).png

Groups Opposing HB21-1160


It’s not what you Say you will do,

It’s what you do and that you do it.

Yes, To life, Yes.

Blog (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

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The Place of Connection

The Place of Connection

C.G. Jung’s ‘I’ that relates to the Imaginal “I”

From Lament of the Dead ~ Psychology after Jung’s Red Book

James Hillman: What matters is the therapy. Well, (comma added) the therapy is the actual therapy of our world today, which the public evidently relates, because hung=dreads, thousands of copies are being bought and carried home with the people. They must recognize that this bit of history, which is the ‘Red Book.’ Is their therapy, the therapy of our time.

Sonu Shamdasani: And, (comma added) it gives a new way to envisage their issues. They are connected with something that one would have considered to be utterly remote.

~ excerpt from Conversation 5, Lament of the Dead, p. 98

Jung’s I and Imaginal I Within

And, isn’t this the place of connection where we interact with our inner self and with the unconscious and enact from The Place of Creation, in my case a Man Womb?

So, Today in a C.G. Jung Depth Psychology Reading Group

I began Doodling a Mark of Self moving to a Mark of Soul response visually into the conversation. Full-on unsaid, though, as I had already spoken too many words…

And, interestingly, watercolors from my Constructing the Center watercolor series from 1993 to 1995 came to mind right after Doodling these three in a sketchbook. I’ll present the three inages from today. Then, visually pause, give you space to experience, and then lift into this post the naturally refined ore from the past in the watercolors from the CtC series I feel that apply after.

The Following,

no citation necessary, (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

It’s not what you do,

It’s THAT you do.

The discipline of any ritual informs intuition,

Though that is NOT the Participation Mystique.

It is the training ground for the Participation Mystique with the unconscious

That enhances and reinforces and develops our ability to steep and swim deep and fly high without Icarus Issues.

Pardon, Icarus. You should’ve vetted your Construction Documents, regardless of your youth.

No shame there, though. Don’t fret,

Worry is useless. Your Dad, Daedalus, was an Architect For The Chrissakes. Give yourself some credit.

Imitation my be the 1st sign of genius,

Though, I gather he didn’t review your work to set you up for much success.That’s way too bad.

I am truly sorry for your fall.

Constructing The Center Series Correspondences

And, though I gather my current Mark of Self, my Mark of Soul revs its engine and runs the track with this, personal Astro Seal, currently… though, ask me again tomorrow… I have some gears to run up and down through… and… Yup, some walls to smack right into at 100 Gs to learn. Though, blood and sweat and tears? You don’t need to be subjected to that carnage in the process.

Was more likely This in 1992…for just a bit as it tracked to…

And, even more concisely, this in 1993…

Again…. Ask me again tomorrow, or at another pivotal point.

You may also enjoy… in addition to The Place of Connection

The Placemaker

Yes, To life, Yes.

Till next Time.

Blog (c) 2021 Jordain Hoggard

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Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

I will use that + As a message to the hackers who took down my laptop. Thanks for waking up a friend of mine who…

Dedicated to Our Lost Children

There forever

they shall reside

under a small lake,

immeasurably deep,

lying high up in the mountains,

where is brewed the thunder,

and in fair weather the dragon sleeps.

Ours is not a lot to be feared.

The dragon is a necessary beast.


Knock Knock Motherfuckers

There’s more than one way to skin a cat… except a cat is now not the focus… Sooooooo nice to meet you. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, especially like those who prey on the little guy like me. Hmmm, I wonder how big I am? Thanks for the exploratory exercise in not wasting trouble. Maybe I’ll find out. Get the jewel box ready.


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I’ll Be on Astrologer Anthony Picco’s Cosmic Tuesdays Show Tonight, Monday 3/22/21 at 9:30p. Monday at 9:30p EST is already Cosmic Tuesday to you all in the future Time zones from over here

I’ll Be on Astrologer Anthony Picco’s Cosmic Tuesdays Show Tonight, Monday 3/22/21 at 9:30p.  Monday at 9:30p EST is already Cosmic Tuesday to you all in the future Time zones from over here

I am looking forward to being on Astrologer Anthony Anthony Picco’s Cosmic Tuesdays show tonight at 9:30p EST. March 22, 2021. It is live tonight, and in the archives tomorrow if you want to be there and can’t make the live show. The US brings up the caboose, the rest of you all in your time zones are already in the Cosmic Tuesday then… Oz (Australia) is 16-hours in the future. Tune in from the perpetual present of where you are.

You Are the Holy Grail,

both container and contained at one and he same time.

We Each Are, Aren’t We?

Your House. Your Stuff. Your Body As Temple.

I have a Binary Star 2nd Website!

I Proudly Announce, Sandbox Psyche!

Click to explore!

(C) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

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