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Sunday Services ~ My Fave Heresy, & Wrath

Sunday Services ~ My Fave Heresy, & Wrath

My Fave Heresy

I write in books.

When I am moved
by the ABRAcadABRA
of the magic
of words
I write in books.

We commune, words and images and I,
as we warm 
at the campfire 
of our light 
their stars
that nestle us as well in our dark.
~ A(wo)men

Symbolic representation and imagistic writing are the pure hieratic forms of esoteric expression. Through symbolism, and through it alone can we read the thought of the Ancients. It is only through the symbolical that we will be able to coordinate the known elements of this great civilization and that the writing may take on its true meaning.

R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz — The Temple In Manp. 19

It Is Not

This act, it is not graffiti.

It is a sacred act form-given by the living words and images that move me. Like my morning Inner Temple Spread reading today. Pull 1 card. Feel into it with no words. As you sync up to the message, dial into the sync, and as you steep in that ablution pool of Yourself AS the card, deal in 2 Clarifier Ally Temple Steps Pillar Cards.

Today my Daily Deal is the Ace of Swords. My Clarifier Ally Temple Steps Pillar cards are XVIII The Moon and V The Hierophant. My Inner LUNAtic and my Heartfelt Silverback Experiential Down-to-Earth-Spirit Hierophant fuel my self-support to fuel my actions with the movements and lessons of the Sacred Sword.

So, with that in mind I did what any self-respecting person who likes Dave Barry and Gary Larson and RBG would do. I confessed, though in no way to ask for forgiveness. I confessed as abraCADabra, the magic that smiles out of your light and dark when they dance together as you own part of yourself. And, they seem to consistently do this not when I simply cherish something. That’s more the Inner Photo Album. Magic smiles out of the reciprocal couple of the Light and the Dark when their dance consummates to become the fuel for heartfelt action. In those times I call the Self Chthonic Numinosity. In those times I create.

So, there it is. I write in books. More than I write books? Hmmm, that’s not an Ace of Swords question. I write in books. I feel so much better now that you know this tic of my Inner LUNAtic. Big exhale. Ahhhhh. I feel so much better now. I write in books.

We commune, words and images and I.
We warm at our campfire together.
Our Light under the Archetype's stars
nestles in the Black Crucible of the Magician,
the upside down vessel of the Night Sky.
We warm. We nestle. 
We happily turn to face 
and dance 
with our fears in the dark.
~ A(wo)men

Though, What of the Wrath Part?

Oh, that’s a simple one. There are some rules not to be broken. For example: I do still know to never, ever, ever, under any circumstance draw on a 4-year old’s drawing. What happens if you do? Well, that’s the Tao & The Way of the Direct Path… to a direct experience of the full definition of WRATH. I think it took me 20 years to get over the concussion blast of that just from the witness of it. WOW, I didn’t have to even touch the hot burner to learn that one. Like Abraham Lincoln said, Learn from others mistakes. You don;t have time to make them all on your own. And, I’ll dump some Happy Gas on the fire from Oscar Wilde: Be Yourself. Everyone else it taken.

Have a great rest of the weekend, and a great week!

What irreverent thing do you do that is actually sacred and makes you light up in the dark?


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KintsuKuroi of Self Readings

I claim no credit for the pages in the book (though do my words and drawings on them). The book is (c) 1992, 2002 John Stevens, excerpted from The Art of Peace: Morihei Ueshiba. Translated by John Stevens, published by Shambala Publications, Inc. Available on Amazon.


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Dorothy Parker

Thank you for your post Scott Parker-Anderson

Blog By Comment Method

Telling them I’m fucking busy — or vice versa.

~ Dorothy Parker

I’ve always loved that quote with or vice versa. Beyond priceless and full-on expressive of Dorothy Parker’s Beyond Mad Men Ad-men (person) level of wit to not just cut through, but to liberate the truth with her wonderfully scary mad observational abilities and playing tennis at the net right back BAM, Winner.

Her wit. Her wisdom wise in time in the moment that didn’t seethe under the surface, or rarely did.. was belted out directly and was not parsed or diluted. She expressed herself… She expressed herself wise in time in the moment. Heck, why wait for the short fuse when you can just BLOW Straightaway?!! Especially, the way she responded.

Pensive takes time. Dorothy took life by the horns and rode it in style and if you engaged her, you might as well have been the bull rider to her 2,000 pound Brahma Bull constitution of direct and full-on Nature. Maybe I’ll nickname her Brahmana. She was certainly strong enough and wise in time enough to run a Temple.

She Feels

Dorothy Parker feels like the kind of person that got more and more of her high octane self as she progressed through life, and she started with much out of the gate… the full-on of no debt with HERSELF… Feels like she paid off that mortgage before she started… Not by keeping it simple or real. By expressing the heart of the matter congruent with the heart of the matter. Without spin or diluting it with the propaganda falsely-tentative Betty Boop figure-eight Angler Fish foot baiting out loops of alleged weakness in the form of Schussss, We’re in the Library kinds of discretion. Dorothy dealt it. Period. Engage her, and you would be engaged… or ignored. Love it!

Bam! Kapow!

BAM, is a word. KAPOW is a word. BAM and KAPOW, are mostly of course used as onomatopoeias in cartoons, Batman, etc, though I ascribe them to Dorothy’s Way.. BAM. KAPOW. Those two words are complete sentences in Dorothy’s vocabulary.

An old Malay Proverb expresses, Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. Maybe even after being a silent and empathic and undisturbed mirror through each storm, the tree softly and compassionately reaches to the subsided storm and, Did your bluster have a message? That sounds like classic Dorothy. I feel From my perspective that that proverb is full-on Dorothy Parker worthy. She’d checkmate you in one move, and then assist to figure out a better way moving forward. Well, of course after patiently waiting for you to lick your wounds.

Dorothy Led

Dorothy led by example, by the example of what it means to be unapologetic for Your Life, Your Way. To me, Dorothy Parker is the Poster Child for Be Yourself, What Other Way Is There? Or, my Mystereum and ImaginAction mantra of. Your Life, Your Way, Actionably. Without fail, she was that. Herself. Indefatigably. Indomitably. She is my Keumgang Jitae, my Diamond Mountain 6th Dan form. I will forever have the asset of being in her debt. She lives with Jung, Morgan, Nietzsche, Blake, Watts, Rumi, Rilke, Van Gogh, Picasso, Cassatt, and The Temple of Luxor at Karnak (R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz — yes, dispense with his politics… he formed The Temple in Man and The Temple Of Man which were primary form-giving influences in my formative years) as my primary Historical Friends.

Dorothy Parker, You wen from this world 6 months before I came in in 1967. I do not say R.I.P.

Dorothy Parker. My memories of you, the lot of them from what I’ve mined, are blessings. I cherish them all. Thank you. We need more of you.

Dorothy, Thank you for giving form to the formless in your every utterance to keep things brought to square… and continue to evolve the things you valued without them being diminished by the trash-talk of Reason(s).

We Need

We need more women and more people who are like Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan to step up into who they are with their native talents and develop those talents into consummate abilities. That stuff is a priceless treasure.That stuff, the stuff of Dorothy Parker and Julia Morgan, makes the world a better place from my perspective.

Hemingway Comes To Mind

Hemingway comes to mind in regards to Dorothy Parker in regards to writing. He expressed, Writing (read in: creating) is not difficult. All you have to do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed. Dorothy Reminds me of Hemingway’s expression. She sat down in her life somewhere, at some point, and bled. And, after that, she never stopped pouring her life into her work. Thank you for leading by example Dorothy Parker!

Just Sayin’. What’s YOUR Sayin’?

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LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

(C) 2020 Jessica Hundley, Taschen Books


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