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25 Oct

The Presence of Temperance in The Land of Mystereum

Temperance plays 18 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 18 very specifically different roles.  This came about from Temperance’s magically alchemical mixing qualities that felt to resonate into the crucible creating these cards  It felt very natural to let the presence of Temperance naturalize throughout this many cards in The Land of Mystereum.  This is where my concept of Deceptive Simplicity and hiding in plain sight came through in Mystereum character development most evidently.  For, this many appearances are almost so big and so there one might miss them… or not.  It’s like Yellow Car Syndrome.  Don;t have a yellow car?  Then, there are probably none on the road.  Though, BUY a yellow car, and drive it off the lot.  On the way home you might see 50 of them.  They’ll be everywhere.  Things are easy once you learn them, much like things are easy to see once you’ve seen them, huh?

1. The XIV Temperance appearance.  Temperance of course appears first as itself.  Temperance is the Samekh Dance birthing the Quaternal Twin King Brothers. The Temperance female is a cameo of The High Priestess and the King-Maker in the light of day.  Samekh Dance?  What’s that you ask?  Start at her crown chakra where he touches her.  Move your eyes around the composition.  Curve through her to her touch of his throat, her touch tempering his voice. Then, continuing, his wide right arm gesture moving off the card on the right past consciousness to wrap around the unseen future and come back in to touch her crown chakra… with just that subtle, Samekh, pig-tail flourish of his finger.  And, there is a compositional Samekh (serif Samekh font version), or as I like to call it, The Samekh Dance of Temperance.  Why Samekh?  Samekh is often attributed to the Temperance card, and it felt resonant to bring it into as composition and structure that hide in plain sight.

2. The XV Devil appearance.  After coming together above and below in their Samekh Dance as one, the Temperance characters themselves do not cameo in the Devil, though coming before the Devil they direct the characters to square their circle and move to come together side by side as the yin and yang, the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine either side of The Devil. This way the above and below are integrated with the earthly plane.  We could have some fun and say, Temperance went horizontal. Get a room.” This is a gesture to temper and evolve the Pan-goat ego so that earthly desires are seen and felt as natural intensities to be explored, experienced, developed, and resonated in and with. In this Devil card, the man and woman are both tethered by blood to his obelisk.  Though, from the Devil’s expression, they are acting together and clearly the leaders in the card.  The Devil may feel that they are in control. From their Temperance perspective, though, their role is more of an evolved form of control born of balanced masculine and feminine qualities which can be equated with self-leadership by being comfortable with one’s intensities and desires.  I find it important to say here that the Lover’s love what they love, period-end-of-story without apology, and that concept is embraced here without guilt as they are both contributing, giving back (over their shoulder). These two were directed by Temperance to cameo here and come together to interdependently individuate Temperance into The Devil. I mention the Lovers, though I’m not sure if these two characters are from the Lovers card.  The Lovers have a private face in their card.  They seem to either be real Picasso people or wearing Mardi Gras masks.  Their private life is theirs.  So, as the author, I can’t even tell you which two they are.  Well, that’s not really true.  It’s more-so that I have discretion, and that’s their business on their terms of their own accords together. 😉

3. The Knight of Wands appearance. Out of the darkness of the house, the egg, this Knight crack-hatches into the light.  The cracked and broken house is not hard-to-mend damage.  It is an energetic awakening.  Kundalini rising?  The energetic serpent emerging from the sacral egg.  Two things become one for these to occur and release higher octave energies such as an energetic Knight in Your Royal Court — as the Court Cards are called in The Land of Mystereum.

4 through 13. The High Priestess appearance.  Please visit the Presence of the Priestess blog in this Presence of series as she has 10 appearances throughout The Land of Mystereum.  With the mixing present in Temperance, this felt like a great place for a big, cross-linked overlap rather than on, big way-too-long article.  See those 10 cameos here and further explore how the families in The Land of Mystereum come together to create a whole surreal world in their archetypal and psychic home of the deck.

14. The 10 of Wands appearance. Strongly agile, energetic balance.  The Temperance of intensities in Cirque du Soleil level yoga.  A young King with wand-y cockatiel headfeathers up expressing interest, pouring one’s energies into a focus.  Notice the home between the day and the night.  Both are either side of the brain’s twilight community in the back of his head/top of spinal cord.  Notice this place.  It is composed of the cerebellum, medulla oblongata, pituitary gland, pons, and pineal gland.  This places this brain neighborhood at home AS the magical twilight between day and night, conscious and unconscious, where brain meets brain stem.  Call the dusk and dawn the magical twilight, the interstice, the Psychic Synapse of the space between, and this little brain neighborhood lives there in the card.  Putting the 10 of Wands here after the Knight of Wands does beg a question: Does this higher octave level of body temperance achieved in the mindbodybeautiful of the 10 of Wands bring one to a potential awakening in the knight of Wands?  With the concept of the Temple In Man and the Temple of Man and intense martial arts training, my perspective on that is “Definitely, Yes.”

The Quaternal Twin Kings

15. The King of Wands appearance.  The 10 of Wands grew in to the Knight of Wands, and the Knight of Wands grew up.  He is now the King., one of the four Quaternal Twin Brother Kings.  Note the Queen of Pentacles at his gravitational core in his mind. His heritage is strong.  His magical twilight brain neighborhood is as bright as ever.

16. The King of Cups appearance.  The King of Cups, besides being composed of the characters from Temperance, resonates differently than the other Kings.  The Queen of Cups emanates from his biceps, from the nourishing support of his actions.  His emotions infuse his every move which births life at every turn.  He understands all too well that the wisdom of the ages naturally lives in well-expressed emotions.  He’s intense, though has more of a “mellow, not melodrama” way about him. His heritage is fluid and fully integrated. His magical twilight brain neighborhood is as bright as ever.

17. The King of Pentacles appearance.   The Master Builder of the group.  He has fully integrated architecture within and about.  Sound limiting?  Doesn’t sound like Temperance?  Well, personally, as an Architect, drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job.  I won’t play the expertise resume game required daily to do my job.  I’ll put it vastly more simply to see if this opens something up for you.  Architecture is composed of the Greek roots or arche (arkay) and techne (teknay).  Arche is the creating, is the original idea, the first-spark of inspiration, and it is formless.  Arche would then be “inception.”  Techne is the making and putting together of the idea in form, giving form to the formless.  Techne would then be “conception.”  Architecture is a both~and wholeness rather than an either/or proposition.  The King of Pentacles might live by these two quotes.  “Architectural design consists of an ounce of inspiration and many tons of logical argument.”  And, he solidly knows the ins and out of process as he is fully aware that, “The 1st 95% of a project takes the first 95% of the time.  The last 5%?  Well, it takes the other 95% of the time.”  Note the Queen of Pentacles at his gravitational core in his mind. His heritage is strong.  His magical twilight brain neighborhood is as bright as ever.

18. The King of Swords appearance.  The Ultimate Communicator of the group.  He fully and empathically integrates into his surroundings.  His words and expressions are evident, clear, and sharp… right to the point in the big picture.  And, his words and expressions, his sword, mostly always go outside the accepted borders as he is always after the natural thought and not the accepted way of thinking.  I would call this King the Ninja-Samurai as he seamlessly blends in with his regal and formal uniform being that of Nature itself, the perfect foundation to support clear expressions.  This King is fully aware that his presence is felt way beyond his spoken words.  He understand the tip of the finger pointing while at the same time may look at a different moon than the one pointed to. Notice that his magical twilight brain neighborhood is goldenly distributed through him to activate his crown chakra and as well to live and surf on the crests of his actions to enliven them further with natural intent in his will.

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of the “Presence of” series

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!

Till Next Time.

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