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The Empress’ 4 Agency Form-Givers

The Empress’ 4 Agency Form-Givers

Agency ~ In psychology, agents are goal-directed entities that are able to monitor their environment to select and perform efficient means-ends actions that are available in a given situation to achieve an intended goal. Agency, therefore, implies the ability to perceive and to change the environment of the agent, but crucially, it also entails intentionality to represent the goal-state in the future, equifinal variability

The 4 Queens ~ Agencies of The Empress

The four Queens form the Agencies of The Empress. Queens are natural leaders, and elementally the Queens magnetize themselves together and become a quaternal form-giver to the Nature of The Empress in a Tetrahedron. The Empress may form the 1st self-supporting shape of the triangle, though the 4 Queens come together to form her further into 3 dimensions, the triangular pyramid, otherwise known as the Tetrahedron.

But Jordan, a Tetrahedron only has 3 visible sides + the base. Exactly. And, the Architect oftentimes differentiates a structure to evolve its beauty and function at one and the same time. Such as, see the image below to express one way I see The Empress in a 3-D Archtetypal Cosmology way. It also can apply to The Emperor as shown. Q of P at the Base points ~ that form the extent of the base side which homes the Magician and High Priestess ~ and then Q of C, Q of W, Q of S as the three rising sides ~ that rise to the tetrahedral point at the top which is… still thinking this part through: the Emanation point? The mini-tetrahedon created on top made of Psychic Gold to flow into Self and seed the next, IV The Emperor to establish place — draw another sketch diagram of the pyramid with 4 sides and a base.

Tetrahedrons and Pyramids need no foundation. They are themselves their own foundation

4 Agencies of The Empress. Queens are natural leaders, and each one of the 4 a Temple of herself that come together to form the overall Yoniverse of the Empress, that from which all emanates:

Queen of Pentacles Queen of Cups Queen of Wands Queen of Swords

Empress to be continued…

Emperor up next going under my sketch pen with pyramid and Hierophant… somewhere… to be continued.

Notice all the little people up and down the Soulseat Heartfelt Silverback HieroDood Wise from experiential integration… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

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TT ~ Coupling Cards for Tarot Thoughts

Featured video for this week to extend your Tarot voice and story experience.

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The Queen of Wands

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, energetic clarity

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, energetic clarity

The Queen of Wands can be about one’s dreams pulsing as the heartbeat of their actions, dreams as one of the sacred fires of life.

The Queen of Pentacles

practical, down to earth, nurturingly nourishing with exquisiteness just so

practical, down to earth, nurturingly nourishing with exquisiteness just so

The Queen of Pentacles can be about the wonderful notion that buying a kid a Steinway can help them find their own, personal Mozart.  She is about things placed just so to pay great care and attention that environments are both natural and exquisite and useful … where usefulness is a mature tree bearing mouth watering ripe fruit.

A Queen of Wands + Queen of Pentacles Tarot Thought

“Do not let yesterday use up too much of today.” ~old Cherokee wisdom.  

Do not let yesterday use up too much of today.  The present is perpetual.  So, there is no better time than now to tend and care and provide for healthy growth to naturalize and ripen your energies to be harvested into and as the heartbeat of your actions.  First year roots. Second year foliage.  3rd year fruits and flowers and naturalization.  Mind that you take care of the tools with which you continually craft yourself.  Don’t dig in the dirt.  Respect you inner dead and amend the soil.  Water as required and per your strong whims.  Don;t create drought by neglect.  And, feel free to deadhead regularly though not excessively to promote bright colors in your world.  Sometime all it takes is a strong hose to do the trick, though pinching/snipping stems is mo betta.  Keep your actions fresh by tending to the exquisiteness of your imagination-ground from which they grow.

The present is perpetual.  Don’t allow neglect to set drought into your actions.  All similar, each unique.  Naturalize and present your self your way… Be You as only You can be.

  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Tarot voice and stories.  The place where cards literally speak to you.  Mystereum.  It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.  Always complete, never finished. Always complete, never finished.

“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

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Happy Mother’s Day From Mystereum

Happy Mother’s Day From The Empress & Natural Leadership of The Queens

From the Momma Gaia Yoniverse of The Empress from which all emanates as it is carried to full term…

carrying to full term

carrying to full term

“I give you a golden glow as you bring your ideas to life.  Crayons are a great way to begin using your new Imagination Tool.” ~ Imagination Tool from The Empress. Imagination Primer, page 25.

From The Queen of Wands…

energetic clarity of vision

energetic clarity of vision

“I gift you the tool that your vision is blessed and sacred and magical.” ~ Imagination Tool from The Queen of Wands. Imagination Primer, page 147.

From The Queen of Cups…

emotional and intuitive harmony

emotional and intuitive harmony

“I gift you the tool of the wisdom of the ages whether you have learned them or not.  I feel that the wisdom of the ages is already natural and present in your emotions.  May you always act in accord with the wisdom you feel is best for Your Royal Court.” ~ Imagination Tool from The Queen of Cups. Imagination Primer, page 123.

From The Queen of Pentacles…

perennially exquisite solidity

perennially exquisite solidity

“I gift you the tool of a vibrant, inner garden for the hearth and home fire in your imagination.  May you nourish and tend all the things you value.  May you celebrate Your Royal Court as an exquisite place throughout all of your years!” ~ Imagination Tool from The Queen of Pentacles. Imagination Primer, page 98.

From The Queen of Swords…

No bullpoopy.  Fit, finish, and polish not recommended.  They are required.

No bullpoopy. Fit, finish, and polish not recommended. They are required.

“I gift you the tool of the idea to be effective when you present yourself.  With this you can stand your ground with positive and confident gestures.  I do not move out of the way.  Also, when I am clear and direct, people rarely take aim. :-)” ~ Imagination Tool from The Queen of Swords. Imagination Primer, page 174.

Listening to the cards speak, resonant like an epic movie. 

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.

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Tarot, Relationship Building, and the King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles sent me an Inner Voicemail message today…

“I am the King of Pentacles.  I am the Master builder.  To build things masterfully I also need good and solid ground.  The natural, down-to-earth leader of my Queen, the Queen of Pentacles, instructs how worthwhile things take time to come to fruition, and further to naturalize.  She leads with her exquisite Master Gardener qualities where… First year roots.  Second year foliage.  Third year fruits and flowers.  Her garden is naturalized as are we, and always becoming more so.  We share valuable time and care to attend to that.  We take our time to solidly feel a full understanding of one another before responding.  Some call this respect and listening.  We find it to be more about dismissing pesky idealism and assumptive expectations as we wanting to build something solid together without unnecessary hassles.  I keep her in mind as I build.  She keeps “exquisite and just so” in mind as she Gaias the garden with genius loci.  

You see many things happen unexpectedly when building something.  We find unpredictability to be sexy as hell.  We find unpredictability minus common courtesy to equate to unreliability.  With our reciprocality coupled with a “no news is good news” mantra from the Queen of Swords, worry has no place in our world.  Things are, or they are not, even as they are coming into being being built.  We have the utmost concern at times.  Concern is not the hairy wart of worry, though.  Our concerns fuel our focus, our solid focus.


~ The Land of Mystereum King of Pentacles

Listening to the cards speak, resonant like an epic movie. 

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.

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Tarot And The Spider

Tarot . . . And The Spider Is The Mother Of The Universe

Couple The Mother of the Universe of the spider with The Empress and Mama Gaia, that from which all emanates, and maybe it’s The Yoniverse.

Spider energy is much about the predominant expressions of magic:

  • magic and energy of creation
  • assertiveness of the force of creation
  • spiral energy linking past and future in the present

Credit and (c)1993-2008 for the 3 points above goes to Ted Andrews in his Animal Speak book published by Llewellyn.  May he R.I.P.

3 Predominant Expressions Of Magic?

I would call the spiral energy the perpetual present with its own inner customs agent of the horizon all around linking it to past and future.  Is past memory? Is future dream?  If we remove the hinge pins of time from the equation, memories and dreams can orbit with one another weightlessly in mind, and are of the same family.  They are not the same, though very very similar.  They are an integral feature of our Idea Solar System as put forth in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

I feel that the assertiveness of the force of creation and the magic of energy and creation, though potentially distinct, are as well facets of Nature’s personality, the personality of any Place Of Creation.  It is not that I take issue with Ted’s presentation of the 3, I simply feel they work so well together that I would bullet-point them as a single expression.  And, I would add:

  • making decisions as doing so directs and orchestrates the momentum of things which tends to magnetize them to their aim, or intent or intention to manifest something.
  • clarity of focus as it tends to open up portals of vision, and clarity of vision is pretty dang magical.

Magic is a lot like Psychic Synapses Between And Around Your Cards

Yesterday I presented a technique about how to get living connective tissue to bridge between cards and connect them more lucidly in your Idea Solar System when reading Tarot cards.  Today I will let the technique flow outwardly to gift you another technique: The Blooming Card Technique.  I am a gardener, so I’m a geek for this kind of stuff, just love it! — click for the free 13-card Death As The Master Gardener Tarot Spread in a Powerpoint. Hint, it’s waaaaayyyyy at the end of the article.

So, today I will show you my Blooming Card Technique.  I find it to be a rockin’ ally in those readings where a card is really standing out in ways that aren’t making me so sure I trust my reading of it.  I came up with the technique because just like us, sometimes cards really transcend and stand for a soliloquy in ways that spread their magic across the garden like a blooming flower.

The Blooming Card Technique

When you receive a card that shines in wholly new ways, and you are both surprised AND want to hear it out AND to not want to minimize the gift it is shining to you . . . try this . . .

Give the card a little breathing room as you meditate on its wonderfully new message in all its glory AND unfold the petals of its past and future.  Visualize or literally pull the card that comes before it in the deck, and the card that comes after.  So, if you get the 3 of Swords, for example, unfurl its past petal of the 2 of Swords and its future petal of the 4 of Swords.  This will rarely minimize the effect the card is having.  Remember, I’m a geek for gardening.  Rather, it will serve to give further strength to the card’s newfound message by amending the soil around it, give it clearer context to spread its bloom.

Blooming A Tarot Card In Action

So, I’ll pull a card.  I pulled The Queen of Pentacles.  Perfect for this is acceptable. lol The cards do that, huh?

So, let’s say I am SO resonantly astounded by what this card has to say in a reading that I want to Bloom it. I will visualize the card before it in the deck, and the card after it.  Easy on this one.  I will unfurl the card-petal of The Knight of Pentacles coming right before it, and The King of Pentacles coming right after it.

If you are working with an Ace of any suit, take a bit of time to order the suits from your most preferred to least preferred, or if you are like me, I like ’em all for different reasons.  I am very Wand-y, and for example, I order them Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords as I am very Wand-y, sometimes windy, and I feel it takes all the other elements to make a Sword.  So, order your suits, and then you can know which King will come before your Ace, and as well which Ace will come after a King.  Though, if you are working with a card in your 1st suit, you might drop back from the Ace to The World in the Majors, and to The Fool if you have a King that is from your last suit.  Ok, ok, where’s the damn picture of the card Bloomed with its card-petals either side?  Here ’tis. Here’s an example.

If you are working with the Majors, you can go from The World forward to The Fool, or back from The Fool to The World OR make a choice using your suit orders.  Go back from The Fool into your 4th suit, and forward from The World into your 1st suit.  And, both if that suits you.

I also like to look at the card you are focused on as my hands embracing in Namaste in the garden with my hands together as a flower bud, and as I unfurl my flower-petal-hands to open palms up the before and after cards appear in my hands and the focus card is the flower’s center.

Best to The Blooming Card Technique unfurling a new bloom in your Tarot Garden reading repertoire.  Have fun, there’s often expert skill in it!

Best to this Blooming Card exercise doing some bright blooming of your card(s) for you to enhance the Inner State Highway of your readings.  What do YOU see and feel when you bloom a Tarot card or cards?

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And, here is the featured Mystereum Tarot Moment video.  The Empress felt right for the Spider and the Yoniverse.  And, since she’s a 3, here’s an article on Form-Giving Identity with the Tarot 3’s Birth Cards.  Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.

Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous, and Tarot is more fun, anyway. 😉

Have a great one!

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Tarot Forming Archetype ~ Judgment

The Queen of Pentacles’ throne’s left flank,
in the right side of her card.

Form was given to the formlessness
of her grounded station airy ness
by The High Priestess.

Hands naturalized in out of body and earthenly rooted
at one and the same time as she permeated all,
She took the station airy ness,
to stationary ness of a Queen’s throne,
A Nessy unknown now known as throne.
As Queens’ settled regal wing-feathers
solidly folded themselves in purple and gold
to sit regally naturalized in her garden.

The High Priestess, looking all directions always,
looked over,
looked over to The Queen of Pentacles to feel all directions.

While looking to her right. . .
The High Priestess formed the formless Q of P’s thought:

*Splay regal purple and psychic gold wing-feathered throne!


*Regally splay-spread your wing-feathers to stretch through twilight*

*At dawn and dusk regally herald a resounding voice to say


*WAKE UP throne!*



*You are now no longer throne!*

*You are now called Judgment!

*Open EACH IDEA as they burst forth unseen!*

*Open each from their bulb- box!*

*Tis the SEASON!*

*Phoenix-Resurrect your throne-bulbs Judgment!*

*Open your perennial regalNESS in your bulbs!*

*Look at ALL that green out there!*

*Open the perennial bulbs of your ideas to the SUN

each when in their season!*

~ The End




Card Resonances:
Land of Mystereum’s Queen of Pentacles throne left flank, right side
Land of Mystereum’s High Priestess giving form to the station airy ness
Land of Mystereum’s Judgment’s horn-voice heralding regal wing.

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard. All Rights Reserved.


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