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A New Idea Comets Through My Imagination


Is Karma simply Spirituality’s version of Religion’s Dogma of guilt and Shaming? Both hierarchy-reinforcing and manipulative crowd control?

Tree of Life Structure Doodle Detail (c) Jordan Hoggard


Rather than leaving things to The Fates, or concern of karma or shame or guilt what about… reasons are unreasonable and Dharma? Why explain yourself? Why petition? When Sovereign, isn’t the only Principal in the Principal’s Office you? For me the only Principal in the Principal’s Office is me, and I don’t keep office hours with that position.

Tiger Woman Pen & Ink (c) 1991 Jordan Hoggard

Can Ego be Good if it Keeps Your Center Looking Good and Healthy?

Is Karma simply Spirituality’s version of Religion’s Dogma of guilt and Shaming? Aren’t they both just crowd control to reinforce hierarchy and manipulatively facilitate people to induce crowd control via being afraid or worrying And take care of perpetuating it on their own. Both worry and being afraid are forms of anxiety rather than being the excellent radar of fear informed by the wonderful vanity of the ego that says, Well, you look better with a head than without, so fear blips the radar to say, DUCK!

Is Anxiety a Creativity Silencing Narcotic?

Does anxiety numb and silence creativity and self-knowledge into sluggish and ingrained conformity rather than to explore and experience things like The Silence of Light By Louis I. Kahn, or Chthonic Numinosity AS Self by Jordan Hoggard to supplant boring and desiccated Hierophants who are stubborn and unbending traditionalists. Basically, The Hierophant on a bad day, rather than you finding YOUR OWN inner Hearfelt Silverback Gorilla Hierophant? Toot my own horn? Sure, somebody’s gotta start the band.


Isn’t sluggish and ingrained conformity a mud from which even a Lotus won’t grow? That’s stifling. No Soul Gardener’s gonna amend the soil with that shit. Too hot. Burns the roots. Even cow manure needs to compost and rot before it’s safe for the plants in your garden. I think that conformity shit might have a half-life in regards to composting. Yeah, it’ll be ready… never. How does never work for you? Oh yeah, sign me up for some of that shit.

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit


This post is a comet of an idea that just passed through the orbits of my Idea Solar System otherwise known as imagination. Go figure with NEOWISE in the sky.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum 10 of Wands (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard


The Dive and Ichthusa and Chthonic Numinosity: Self oil paintings (c) 1991-1992 Jordan Hoggard

It’s always a crank idea, until of course it catches on.

~ Mark Twain

What’s Your Take on the Above?

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Astrology As Time Machine… Tarot As A Tool

So, I woke up early thinking about structure…

So, I woke up early thinking about structure… and Tarot and Astrology… and was impressed by the robins playing in my pond that are as big as small chickens this year.  Was I still dreaming? What’s IN that water? Sip of coffee and… nope I’m awake and this is no dream. Alfred Hitchcock is probably smiling in his grave at these birds.

And, Hierarchy Came to Mind

And, hierarchy came to mind… and then anarchy just due to the archy rhyme part as I was halfway thinking about architecture, too.  And, it dawned on me… pretty appropriate I’d say for being in the morning.  It dawned on me from a convo I had with a great friend recently that Astrology was this giant clock where you can run it backwards in all its wonderfully complex simplicity of ephemeris-moving celestial bodies way like elegantly refined gears in a clock with infinite abilities of shifting focus and redirecting scale… even simultaneously when charts are danced together. You can run astrology forwards into the future like a time machine… much more into the future than that the Oz of the Land Down Under of Australia is 16 hours in the future relative to me here writing this right now. Maybe I have already posted this 16 hours ago. 😉

And, it struck me. I am thinking Astrology is the top of the food chain… AND Astrology is a time machine that already exists and functions wonderfully.

So, Where’s this leading?

So, where is this leading I ask myself?  It is leading me from a knowledge that Alchemy birthed medicine and psychology from its operations that from the Astro-event forensics concept in that convo with a great friend that psychology and medicine and architecture and Tarot and divination… they are all potentially TOOLS of and for Astrology to utilize, though Astrology is the top of the food chain.  Like Architecture with its arche of inception and creating and its techne of conception and making and putting together… Astrology is math spirited by divination… where, though time gives life to the clock, the clock itself would be akin to psychology and medicine and and and… with the Time Machine of Astrology giving life to their schedules… well, if someone wants to work under the most auspicious circumstances.

So, Where’s This Leading?

It looks like I already got there. Astrology is a Living Time Machine that Movado could only dream of imitating. I got there.  Interesting point. Astrology Is A Living Time Machine.  What I am really giggin’ on is that it seems I just set the stage for whatever I come up with tomorrow.  So, as I turn this little knob forward to…. hmmm, that’s interesting. I think I will pull a card and see how they play together in this place… Oh… thanks, I think I am keeping my card to myself today. Enjoy yours as well if you pull one.

Oh, and the hierarchy~anarchy~archy~tecture thought I hung out there above…. really wasn’t so random… I was throwing myself a pass for a touchdown down here. You see Anarchos is how God used to be referred to in some circles. The chaos of anarchy as it is commonly used is really a very narrow political version of the word. Anarchos in its more natural home moving larger is… “that without ruler.” A divine top of the food chain? Nah, that’ll get squirrely working with that one without an appropriate goofiness… so, my whole point for pondering today is… Astrology Is A Living Time Machine… Astrology Is A God Clock.  Plus, my card of course.

Ask Me Again Tomorrow. The Magic of Astro Structure to Ya!

‘Cause I’m on deadline… and though I might run out of… Astrology will never run out of time. Time’s simply a wonderful tool it seems. Pardon, I’m slow sometimes.

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