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How The Land of Mystereum Came To Be

Sacred. Numbers All Are

Inspired by Christina Schmidt, MA’s blog post:

I love that Wyrd brought up the triplets, especially here with Christina being a Four kinda person. Quarter note triplets in 2 versus 3 is a pretty beautiful cadence.

I Especially Love

I especially love that you brought it up, as the architect in me nodded at the 3 when I first saw this series, though it was as engaging as a prayerful breath, as I moved right along. I nodded as 3 is the 1st number associated with beauty. Once 3’s, then 2 is also beautiful as a paring or coupling, and 1 as identity.

3’s. III The Empress. XII The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is The Emperor’s son.

There’s a potential seed for rockin’ conversation about numbers and numerology here for 1 through 9 + 0. (As a concept rather than a number). I feel 9 is the most dynamic number, as it folds over itself, the only number to do so, and it is formed of 3-squared. 3 is then a seed of 9, dosing itself with more of itself as 3-square to POOF, become 9. 9 folds over itself? What are you saying, Jordan?

Let’s Look

Look at the 9’s multiplication table:
09:18:27:36:45::54:63:72:81:90. It’s a mirror, like 10 fingers sharing a pinky to fold over together in a namaste or prayer gesture: Also, the color for 9, the Nin kanji in Ninjitsu Shadow meditation, indicative of the Tao, is White. Community of all colors in harmony, the dynamic place to go of the One Point, or Hara… and then back to yellow at 1 with Chu Kanji.

  • Ace of Cups

The Four

And, the Four? Oh yeah from what I see that fits you, Christina. Four is the first number of place, of empire, of foundation, IV Emperor in Tarot, Four Corners, Four Winds. Foreplay to pun it. XIII Death as 13 is also a 4. Are your Tarot Birth Cards Death~Emperor? Or, High Priestess~Justice?

I resonate that the expressions of the meanings of numbers go on and on like pi… 3.1415629 etc etc etc. Pi. One of the EverReady Bunnies of numbers. 22/7 (or, is there another expression of Pi? … hmmmm)

Rather than going into my 1 through 9 as I’ve written about it almost too extensively to yet be concise, to have been concise, and somehow now I am again in the place of the repeating number ellipses NOT being able to be concise about numbers…

I’ll simply share these 4 videos as an Ode to Christina’s 4-Ness-ness. 3 videos mine + 1 Cristobal Vila… which I have to say is MO’ BETTA than mine. Not a judgment or personal slam on me from me. He simply WENT places with it that I full-on resonate with, full-on EXPRESSED it without words.

3’s: 0m 59sec

4’s: 0m 59sec

9’s: 1m 51sec

The Nature of Numbers: 3m 43sec

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Great Questions Enamor Me

The Hierophant

Yessssssss, the Hierophant on a bad day is often considered to be the stubborn, unbending Traditionalist. Though, I don’t feel him/her that way. Those people aren’t Hierophants. They are patriarchal and afraid and confused with an inner fabric of unresolved Trauma issues where they are consequently dyslexically obsequious sycophants, regardless of gender — binary, mixed, or otherwise. Maybe even Solipsistic Transcendentalists. Though, I’ll belay the last for another day.

I’ll play my naive card for a second to back up on my previous statement and not be so mean as the song goes. I feel everyone is good at something. Everyone. And, those people? Yes, they are good at something, too, and deserve my support for their goodness. So, I support their goodness. They are certainly good at something. They are really good at being dicks.

You See

I feel that it’s important to be genuinely comfortable and confident with one’s intensities. The natural ones. The ones developed over a lifetime. They’re attuned because they are integrated, they are ablution as they in their highest form come from total immersion over time.

In the animal kingdom, preying on the old and the weak and the young = breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. When people do that? It’s without question weak and mean and cruel.

Have we seen that recently in the literal and weak bully pulpit of recent sex crimes exposed in the religious (uh hem… alleged Hierophantic) community?

And, with racism. Lewis Hamilton, who is fast approaching being one of the most accomplished F1 drivers in history, put it well when asked if he felt racism was getting worse. ’No, Will Smith expressed it best. Racism isn;t getting worse. Now, it’s simply being filmed.

Did you notice? I mentioned nothing about Lewis’ race? Why would I? Yes, he’s black. Dafuq a bunch o’ that. He’s simply one of THE greats in F1… EVER! ‘Nuff said. Why in the hell would that even need that adjective portion to expressing him? Have you seen him drive?! Ayrton Senna is Most likely up there in Heaven for the weather and in Hell for the company BEAMING with the likes of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde and Carl Jung And Julia Morgan cheering Hamilton on… I gather.

I hear they’re serving red today. Carmenere and Malbec…

Maybe some Priorat, too. Quite an international crowd.

And, George Floyd? That was a modern day lynching. Un… Un-dafuqin-acceptable! Period. Something must be done. What are we going to do with all this future we have With things like this… NOW!

Who’s Julia Morgan? Well, let’s just say she expressed, when asked why she wasn’t as famously quotable as often as Frank Lloyd Wright, her contemporary… Because I have too much work to do, and he needs the work. That’s him running out (of work) and marketing when he’s broke. Ever heard of Casa Grande, the William Randolph Hearst mansion? Yes, she was the Architect. Julia out-enamors me more than FLW.


Got to the Primary Point of This Blog

The Hierophant Is Instead

I feel the Hierophant to be made of the spiritual crown that sits on the Inner Throne of heartfelt perspectives born of integrated experience. Otherwise, known as wise, or The Sophia Principle.

The Hierophant is a Song That opens you up to be inspired by how they intensely and almost instantly untangle you from your own inner briar patches. We all have them, I have them.

We certainly cannot hire that man. Not a chance.

Why Mr. Churchill?

Because he said he has no vices. Either, he’s a liar in denial, or he really is THAT boring. Either way that’s a bust. ~ Winston Churchill

quote… please kneel to the Google Oracle and search. You might find some other gems.. 🙂

The Hierophant is/are… Songs of Experience.

I Feel

I used to be an Architect, maybe I still am. I simply build differently now that I found myself. And yes, May 5th, 2008 put a cannonball through my stomach to hardscrabble scratch and claw until in 2014 when I closed my own firm after 12 years… well… kinda.

I stood up and said, Enough! The snake his skin shedded, the snake his skin not missed… like chaff, from the wheat, in the wind. I wisened. I turned. I shed. I am thankful for the moment I did. Restart? Already did. Differently. Questions are important. Ask me again on that tomorrow so to speak.

And, Here’s the Real F1 Drive of This Post

Sanctuary Questions I

I feel there are sanctuaries built in great questions, sacred places of inner reverence that are not egomaniacal, that provide the opportunity for the ablution of immersion. And, I feel that helps self-center Self where you can HEAR your own voice and resonance and personal and resonant chords WHEN they are struck. Sometimes, even wise in time IN the moment.

Sanctuary Questions II

Questions, like two of my own…

Are you strong enough and comfortable enough in your intensities to be comfortably gentle? You know, like a tiger with a tiger? Effin comfy, and MAJESTIC Presence As Architecture there.

What sacred cornerstone in your life do you brace against?

I Would Like to Thank

I Would like to thank Laleh Chini for this next question That INSPIRED this post In the first place. Such a rockin’ question!

This Question on…

Laleh Chini’s Site

The Call of the Question Is

What is better than everything?

My Response Was…

I feel the fluid fluency of ImaginAction is more than everything, actionable imagination in ImaginAction as it takes death as the mother of memory to flow in and nourish future dreams in the Soul Garden of the perpetual present.

You see, I literally lost my creativity, and my imagination shortly followed suit 4 years ago. Both desiccated, died on the vine to slip back into some infinitely far place inside. It’s intense 3-year long trauma that did that. It’s is a common occurrence. PTSD literally scars one over like a psychic burn victim. I came to my senses one day, and left. After I exited the situation, it didn’t sit right with me at all that me, an Architect, Painter, Tarot Reader & Author, Astrologer, Poet, Writer, etc etc was no longer creative, no longer had an imagination or access to it. Problem-solving never left, though in the context of MIA creativity and imagination, that’s just permutations like Tetris, and finite

As I am want to do, I took the long way home so to speak. I discovered Brainspotting therapy, and for 3 years went bi-weekly/monthly. 18 months out from that, now, I’m certainly back, and I consider my creativity and imagination to be even stronger now, as boundaries were also developed so I could inflate to pressurize myself to look just like me.

So, it’s imagination, and ImaginAction to me that is more than everything. Imagination commands my inner and outer infinities with fluid fluency without being vague or nebulous. A bit Neptunian, yes, though not nebulous. 

So, it’s imagination and ImaginAction. They are certainly my “more than everything.”

Sidebar Takeaway to Juice & Amplify That?

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Death is the mother of memory, nourishes the future in dreams in and through action. Silence and not reacting, is as well an action, a complete sentence in itself.. ~ Jordan Hoggard

Do You Hear

the Call of the Question Laleh Presented?

What Is Better Than Everything?

If You Will…

Indulge Yourself for Just a Moment

For just a moment long enough to feel YOU

in Powerful Witness of Yourself…

What’s Your Response to?…

What is better than everything?

Please comment below and/or on Laleh Chini’s site. Thank You.

Both/And is solid! Please do!


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After II

Beautifully Enigmatic

…Yes, we are. Well put. When we are not ourselves, when we do not actionably put into place our dreams, there’s a hole in the Universe puzzle where we were supposed to be. No reason to be MIA from oneself in one’s own life. It’s impossible to hide from ourselves anyway as we know where we are. Though, strangely as it were, people ARE able to hide themselves away from themselves. Beautifully En Ig Mat Ic.

I Prefer

I prefer to reveal character and keep my boundaries on a workout regimen to both train people how to treat me, as well as enhance, reinforce, and strengthen them. Them, meaning my own character of identity, and them meaning other people as I feel we enhance and amplify one another as we stretch together experiencing one another’s perspective.

That In

That in itself is simply one tool I use to tune the clarity of my voice and vision through action as one would tune a piano. Not nebulous at all. A little Neptunian boundarylessness, though not vague. And, maybe not even a tool at all as more often than not it’s simply how I operate. Practice 10,000 kicks and cool, though so what? Practice one kick 10,000 times, and the mind forgets as the body remembers. Things focused on and immersed in or with integrate things naturally. That’s why it erodes people over time to stay in negative or toxic environments, regardless of how centered they are. Water conforms to its cup. You get shaped. Shit spatters, and that stuff gets in.

Water Conforms

Water confirms to its cup.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in ateapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. ~ Bruce Lee

Be fluid, though don’t blindly go with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow. Turn upstream to strengthen. Experience the water bringing the food downstream to you.

There Are

There are no dead end roads. When you get to the end of one, what’s the view? What’s the vantage point? What’s the advantage point? Pause. What’s the workability there you would have otherwise never experienced? Can there be any MORE questions in this paragraph?

Experience The Advantage Point before going, hmmmppph. Worth keeping the experience? Cool. New jewel of experience. Not Worth keeping? Just as cool, so don’t. Cut it. Drop it. Dissolve-evaporate-release it fully. No goodbyes, certainly no long goodbyes. Let go like deadheading pansies, and feel your energy no longer spent there further fuel what you do keep. Feel how deadheading keeps things fresh and viscerally vibrant.

As I

As I expressed in the Imagination Primer book portion of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum ( (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard, published by Schiffer Publications 2011), Forgetting is for getting. It makes more room for the good stuff. There are also no failures. Only OFLEs. OpportunitIes For Learning Experienced. I don’t look for the positive in negative situations. I look for the workability.

As soon as as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. ~ Morihei Ueshiba

Quoted from The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido. Translated by John Stevens, 2007, Shambhala

There is a way of survival which helps and strengthens you; there is a way of destruction, which pushes you into oblivion.

Quoted from The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Translated by Thomas Cleary. 2005, Shambhala

Embrace the creation and destruction and making and Death As the Master Gardener in the unforgivingly interrogating tensions of the creative act where edits are integrated and/or disappeared as effortlessly as chaff, from wheat, in the wind.

Just like Nature’ll kill ya in an instant high above treeline above 14,000 feet on a 14’er, allow YOUR Inner Nature to be as natural. Roll the weather in and out through the world of your creativity As Nature does in the world. No malice. No rage. No happy or sad or glad. 100%, pure, uncut identity. That’s intensity. Take the care of the Alchemist, though. Like 100% cranberry juice is toxic, has to be cut with apple juice or other, so it is with your deep well, your Inner Inhertiances and innate talents you’ve developed into abilities. Do you flow or crash? People conform to the cup and vessel of their world. What shape have you made your world into on the potter’s wheel of your life? How do YOU grow a Lotus out of the mud so to speak?

Quoted from After II right here by Jordan Hoggard. Today,

Heck, Even

Heck, even fear and stress are solid navigation tools when not allowed to be hijacked by anxiety which distorts it into being afraid. DUCK! Yep, glad I listened. Fear can be like radar, like a cone zone on the highway. No need to drive through the cones and off the portion of the bridge that’s out. Well, if you have a flying car… Otherwise, that’s on you.


And, Fear

And, FEAR, like the butterflies in the stomach before a speech kind of fear that’s really your body warming you up, your nerves reaching out, your nerves engaged in preparation for activity. Your anxiety will never tell you you are in danger, because anxiety is what will get you in danger in the 1st place. Fear doesn’t step in the pothole twice. The next time, fear will walk you around a different way never to engage that pothole again.

Before the Speech

Before the speech? Your Will will tell you it’s just warming up the car, preparation for activity nerves. Fear, is Radar Love. FEAR. Feeling Energized And Ready yet?

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I May Be Hated for This

I may be hated for this, though, I’ll say it without shame or recourse as it’s not something I need to explain. I Intend to simply express it.

Time is too valuable. Yours. Mine. Both/And. There’s no either/or on that.

2 Weeks

2 weeks prior to the shutdown, I opened back up my blog after a 5-year radio silence (another story).

There you go. That’s it. I am glad I gave myself the swift kick to jump start myself once I had done what I needed to over the 5 years plus-minus, and been free of the mess — another‘s, mine simply allowed it in. I will certainly own that — I needed to clean up. And, I did.

What did I do? 3+ years of bi-weekly.monthly Brainspotting sessions. As a Psychologist in the UK expressed, I’ll call her C… That’s hardcore. Yes, though hardcore was necessary. Frankly, hardcore was minimum. Had to be addressed, Had to be addressed robustly and fully.

The Strong Survive?

You see, I feel, yes, the strong survive… in all the times in between times like now. But, not now. Now, the strong may fall away like chaff from wheat in the wind. Now, in this-pandemic in-between epochal time, the adaptable thrive. Not to forsake anyone suffering, though I am not suffering. Quite the contrary. And, I know better than to put my life on hold until everyone else is better. I feel that’s just false empathy that is self-destructive behavior.

Up on the mountain, Mt Democrat near Breckinridge in October 1998 — ?, 1999?… cool that something this vivid has fired time. Now, I don’t really recall except to pin it at 2+ decades ago. I was above treeline, at 14.363+ feet. So, let’s generalize and switch the personage since it’s not trauma for me anymore. Let’s switch it not to You, though to the editorial you.

You’re on the ride. Nature’ll kill ya. Regardless of your experience level, Nature’ll kill ya.

You slip off the back cornice into the scree field. You slide. You slowly slide for 2,500 vertical feet the wrong way down. The front of the mountain to down is a story. The back side down has a 2+ second drop-off. That’s death. You maybe can, though I can’t survive a 2+ second fall onto craggy rocks. Well, I don’t know that, so I’ll mod the statement. It’s most likely that I can’t survive a 2+ second fall onto craggy rocks. Thousand 1, thousand 2, click.

So, you’re stuck. You accidentally made just THAT mistake, an honest one, though nonetheless made it, and Nature doesn’t discern forgiveness that way. At this altitude in these conditions, Nature’ll kill ya. Instantly, without hesitation.

You slipped at 2pm when you should be getting off the mountain the other way. 1 hour. 2 hours. The sun starts to set behind the rim of the bowl.

1 more hour, 2. It was 73 degrees F When you slipped. Now? It‘s 23 F going to 19 F. A storm comes in, you’re still day-dressed. Shorts and a T-shirt because you carried the heavy 2 cases of water up while someone else packed your fluffy ski coat in their pack..

What was 73 degrees F, after the sun dropped below the crescent of the bowl, is now in no less than 4 hours, 23. Then, after 6 hours? 19-degrees F. It’s late October. I reiterate the temp. 19. In shorts and a T-shirt, that’s butt-ass frickin cold.

You Skip

You skip the long, middle heart of the story here, because now you’re not there anymore, have received the message, have healed the shock, have told the story time and time again, and are now relatively tired of just the feat of the story. Now, you’re here. You’re here, now, again.

Though, the memory, now not charged anymore is indelible. You’re bleeding at the summit with no water. Blood and sand. You’re by yourself past midnight having made it back to the fateful back basalt cornice At the top. Nothing but yourself and just shy of 14,363 feet above sea level and 19 F. Actually, trauma soul-skins were shedded on the backside scree field. You are less than yourself. Stripped down to, Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen. You’ve disassociated the pain as simply a sensation as you don’t have time for entertaining your will crumbling to crippled.

And now? It’s dark. It’s 19 degrees F. Sand-Aid bandaids NOT by Curad. You pack the sanguine blood flows with sand. Face. Forehead. Left knee. Calves. Hands. You work hard with sand to keep your red life inside, not bleed out. I’m done. I want to get off this. No more. I can’t take anymore. You never have that thought. If you did, you could sit down. And die, as that’s a way off the mountain. But, you can’t. You’re alive, and that’s that.

Life’s Not a Ride

Life’s not a ride like that you can get off of. Neither is the pandemic.. At that time on the mountain, above treeline, in the dark, freezing, living ion blood and sand, you live, or you do not live. And, until you’re off the mountain, until December 2020 when it’s settled and safe… you’re not. You must take care. You must adapt. You must do this until you get back down. THere’s no deadline. There’s no hurry. There’s no rest.

Never hurry, never rest. ~ Goethe

Statements liKe that above just don’t mean anything in these times. We can’t complain or whine our way out. It’s not over until it’s over, and until then, you’re on the mountain. You can’t just intolerate the situation to make it better. It is what it is. Like now. Pandemic. One of those In-between times in between the other times.

Do you continually NOT resist the change and adapt? Do you continually more and more each day reveal the character of what you love and begin to see sunlight through the trees so to speak? Glimmers not of hope, but of thriving?

Up There

Up there, above treeline, in 19F, day-dressed, you can’t just say, I’m done I want off. I want to go home. Well, again, you can. You can sit down, not move for several hours in a row ion 19 degrees F and 45-50 mph winds, and freeze, and die. I don;t think your story will be penned as The Shining II, though.

So, you can’t. You can’t, because you’re alive. NO matter how dire or downtrodden or deflated or or or. You’re alive. And, the pain let’s you know that. You feel pain. It’s clear. You feel pain. And, that let’s you know you’re alive.

You can’t waste that kind of energy reserve up there, can’t even have the slightest inkling of thinking about it. You have to focus everything you have on what works By adapting. Otherwise… Nature. It’ll kill Ya! Your tears. You even consciously stop crying because you are squandering your water. Like your blood. Gotta keep the life inside, so more stuff can come from within Later.

So, you keep moving. And, you keep moving WITH Nature. It’ll still kill ya, though at least you have the companion of Nature until then. Pretty good one I might add. Especially, when it reveals YOUR Nature.

And, that’s my point. You see, I see the, only the strong survive statement As spin marketing false. That is dafuqin simply bullshit. No charge. No anger It just is. The strong survive in the in-between times? Yes. They certainly do, when it’s fuckin’ easy, and they can delegate or rather most times abrogate. Like now, though, are they gone when it matters? Or, attempting to lead a charge into… NOPE. STOP. Not comfortable with where I just asked myself to go. Pause. Just Pause. No leading the lemmings over the cliff ‘cause the government said I could go back to the office.

Mark Twain: “I am a patriot always, always supporting my country. I support the government only when it deserves it”

Isn’t That Like Now?

Isn’t that like now? Where, YOU decide what feeds your adaptation? Cool, you can legally go back to the office. BUT. Ethics Self Care question. SHould you?

Like now. The strong don’t survive these times. The adaptable ones do. And, the most adaptable ones THRIVE.

May I suggest for you to please blog your gig? Please blog your gigs of adaptation full of emotion (with solid boundaries of course). But, please DO? Will you seed community wisdom like that, a blog at a time? And, also, DON’T. BLog what you love! And, do it your way well!

We need that. At least I SAY we do. I find it of value To full-on dig the robust variety of people I follow and experience blogging. And, tenor and tune and tailor all of You perspectives to YOURS as we continually adapt towards community thrival. We ALL need community to survive. And, we ALL need the Inner Inheritances Community Of Your Inner Self. Not vampirism. I’m not asking for a bountiful harvest of people-beauty. I’m asking for…

Fully focusing on and into your creative work… Immersion births ablution. I feel you make the world a better place by doing so.


Personally, there’s only so far I can go without creative or adaptive influence before I starve. And, though I put in my vote at Mt Democrat at 14,363 ft up and down per the above truncated example, I’m not going to that experience again. Will you comment on your particular experiences of adapting? How you implemented workability for your own thrival? Heck. All similar, each unique. Ther are stupid questions, though their are not stupid experiences. Ok discount your 20s, then comment. 🙂

As Christina Schmidt expressed, If I read one more startup blog about COVID-19 I’m going to Hulk-out and start throwing things. I need the work of my fellows to keep me inspired. A-dafuqin-men!

I concur. I robustly and resonantly concur. If I do, I’ll effin HURL, too. You see? Right there. She Hulks-out. I Hurl. All similar, each unique. We’re all different, like everyone else.

Please Dial Into

Please dial into what you are feeling in that powerfully clear way you are feeling in that way you are particularly adapting. Can you comment from that place? I, for one will listen.

You, as only you cane be? That rocks! How do YOU do that? WithOUT Covid-19 Or 19 degrees F. Not denial. Not omission. Not avoidance.. LIFE! Life, NOW! How have YOU adapted? Not coped. That’s a to maintain mode that too easily backslides. How have you already adapted? Cool. You might naturally be doing things you aren’t aware of until you stare into them, shine light on…?

It’s Ok

It’s ok. after the shutdown, I did feel a little ashamed that I started shining 2 weeks before the shutdown, and almost felt to hold back. Almost. Then not. Then, NOPE. Fuck a bunch o’ that.. Why? Because I was shining. The a little ashamed part? That wasn’t until after the shutdown. I better keep it all quiet and stuff that I’m now having the time of my life. And, that’s when it hit me.

Pandemic? Yes. Serious as a heart attack? Yes. Has any bearing on my work? NONE. None at all. Well, other than it took a pandemic and my Dad’s massive heart attack last summer to take a week off, twice. That’s an issue. I get it.

Though, pandemic affect? Other than I have 2 more hours in the day for exercise, meditation, and creating as my commute sentence was commuted! Add, the mask, which ironically I had internal dropped. I stole back MY time. And, I’m not giving it back. I’m giving back, with creativity and imagination again. Shouldn’t have handed it over in the 1st place, though, hey, experience has value. And, I got my fair share of that value.

SaWEET! That felt gourmet good for my boundaries.

I Decided To Live Again

I decided to live again, then. And then, this hit. So, I… lived…DIFFERENTLY? NOPE. I dafuqin adapted, from a strong place of healthy, creative work I protected like family. Like a gardener mindful not to trample new sprouts, and adjust the path accordingly.

Day by day, what do I need to do differently? Day by day… new day by day rituals, mods, adjustments, shed skins not missed… etc, etc, ad infinitum ad nauseum. Just more INTENSELY now… for a while. Then, I decided to KEEP THAT. I decided to keep thriving on top of that new foundation. Even, amplify it. YES! Ok, I got this. What a NEW opportunity to refresh the discipline of my rituals! Heck. Jump in. Help out the change. Start shaking the tree. What ELSE can you shake out?

The only shame is it took a pandemic or my Dad’s heart attack last summer for me to take a week off, twice. That’s a problem. That’s on me. 🙂 + sunglasses.

Like chaff, from wheat, blown off in the wind. Like the snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed, I started adapting. In one step, I realized I was getting 3 weeks to the gallon of gas in the vehicle without the double commute. Then……


How do you thrive in these times? How are you wonderfully adapting?

How do YOU thrive in these times? How do you adapt?

I, for one will listen. WIll you comment yours?

I’ll Start to Pause

I’ll Start to pause for now with this.

Fear? Fear is GREAT! It alerts you to duck. To drive around the cone zone instead of off the bridge that’s out ahead. Fear s radar, actionable and informed intuition straight from your Nature, your instinct. It’s anxiety that’s the fucker. It’s anxiety, when it kidnaps the radar of your fear, torture-distorts it into being afraid, that’s the problem. That’s not a good problem to have. Fear is, though.

How do you use your healthy, radar fear, intuitive alert system to amend your soil and keep thriving?

You see, vulnerability is the birthplace of courage. ~ Brene Brown

You see, I expressed I was a little ashamed earlier. In doing so, I realized I was not. I was not ashamed. My fear, that Radar Love Fear i cherish as Inner Community Family. I had allowed myself to slip. I allowed myself to slip off the cornice of Mt Democrat. I allowed myself to slip off the cornice of the pandemic for just a second. I am not ashamed of that. I caught this one in time I allowed anxiety to hijack my cherished fear. For just a second. I allowed It, just for a second. And, just for a second is long enough to…

… long enough to start a slow leak towards deflation, which then feeds on itself to continue to diminish Self, and then to…

Depletion indicates mis-spent efforts. ~ Jordan Hoggard

I am Not

I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed, anymore that I was momentarily afraid. Not anymore. I felt the inner pressure gauges drop then. BAM, as clear as the temperature dropping on the mountain. Now. This time, my radar communicated to me, and I powerfully listened in powerful witness OF MYSELF. The inner pressure gauges just dropped out, like a psychological mini-stroke, just off-line suddenly and just as suddenly back on. What was that? I noticed. I was aware. I asked my Inner, what’s your message? That particular fear is no longer kidnapped. The message was, I do not dissolve, and I live in your heart. I no longer allow that grace to be held hostage.

How do you hold your grace hostage?

How can you Soul Retrieval retrieve being afraid from its incarceration, and bring it back to fear? How can you commute the anxiety commute to get fear back home in your heart?

One must have a chaos in the heart to birth a dancing star. ~ Friedrich Nietzche

And, by chaos, I discern Nietzche’s intent to be Nature. Though, I’ll not presume that, just resonate with how it strikes chords with me.

How can you thrive, regardless? How do you thrive? What can you do to thrive? What supports your thrival?

How Do You Hold Your Grace Hostage?

How Can You Mod to Your Current Now?


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Thank You Tuesday Tours 060220

TY Tuesday Serendipity Itineraries


Thank You Tuesday Serendipity Intineraries are about sharing my weekly blog field trips, my eExperiences, so that maybe you find some new people who you resonate with, enjoy and/or follow and/or simply experience. Explore the Serendipity Itineraries Below where I share the trailhead, stacked stone cairns of paths I’ve experienced over the past week from people I follow, new people and places I’ve found, and just because they came to mind and I put them in the menu.

If you have a blog or video or similar that you’ve produced that supports any comment you make here, or want to add in to the sandbox, you have my express permission to link to it in your comment. Please do. By all means self-promote. Add more to the Serendipity Itinerary and gift people more places to visit and experience!

… epic spirals of giving and receiving …

Some people say

Don’t toot your own horn. Seriously?! Shaking head.

Somebody’s gotta start the band. Uh 1 a 2 a 1 2 3…

Today’s Serendipity Itinerary

Philip Edwards Pmespeak’s Blog ~ Remember! Once warmth was without fire. Our antiquity is animated!

Jane Lurie Photography ~ powerful, evocative freeze-frames of architectural images that are definitely not secretly active. These images live out loud! They are as natural as they are refined, like an exquisitely cut emerald or sapphire or ruby refined. There’s nothing hidden in the rough here.

Charlotte Heather ~ Soprano. Charlotte and her partner are doing weekly balcony concerts in the UK!

Christina Schmidt, MA ~ Sassy Scorpion Tarot. Yes, the name says it all. And, it’s all true. Intense. On, not off. Sassy, Scorpionic depths to immerse yourself like in a Tarot hot spring. Go for the spring, stay for the spring in your step after.

Dr. Eric Perry ~ Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift. Wonderfully full and relevant and engaged Psychology articles with clarity of voice.

Holly Troy ~ Cosmic Holly. Perennial Gemini in bloom. Naturalized. Excellent garden with music, too!

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog ~ Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way.

Timothy Price ~ Off Center & Not Even. Is variety the spice of life? Go here and see!

Trini Lind ~ Paths of the Spirit. Create a path of Light with your Life

Charlescearl’s Weblog ~ Musings on fascinating things. Important and fascinating things well said.

Cristian Mihai ~ Professional Blogger. Sense & Sensibility meets the info age? He’s not afraid to say it, say whatever he says. No walking on eggshells here, well, unless he starts making compost for the garden.

Susi Bocks ~ I Write Her. You talk a good game, but can you box? Yes, Susi Bocks. Concision has never had so much consistent depth.

Karen Sealey ~ The Pure & Blessed Tarot. The Discarded Oracle is coming to life! And, other ramblings and musings with no pulled punches, and lots of exquisite surprises along the way.

Bonnie Hubly ~ Watercolors on Pinterest. Full. Robust. Full of feeling and fluid fluency and flow. Majestic. Hi Mom!

The Alchemist’s Studio ~ Raku, vessels, Alchemy in action. Pottery with heart and soul PLUS some PUNitive humor to boot. Don’t miss the Hens!

Laleh Chini ~ A Voice From Iran. Check and inspect your expectations at the door. The storytelling, short stories, fables, and folk tales will… well, you’ll see.

Have a Wonderful Week!


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Stress Is Not the Issue

I’ve seen a lot of articles on Eustress over the years, the positive form of stress. Don’t get me wrong. My intent is not to dismiss them out of hand, or at all. They provide some wonderful tools and perspectives, some brilliant. I haven’t linked any here. You can kneel to The Google Oracle for that. They’re mostly valid, some brilliant and ground-breaking, though for the most part, I don’t think they really get off the ground or dive deep to get past the surface. Again, no slam. Just me expressing that I think there’s a blind spot in regards to stress.

From my perspective stress is not a problem In the 1st place. It is simply an often over-used buzzword that now borders on crisis–mongering, attention-getting slang, instead of KEEP GOING. Keep rockin’ your gig. Oh Jordan! Stop being so specific. You and your semantics are just SOME ANTICS. Stress, stressful. What’s the diff?!

To which…

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, the lady and the ladybug. ~ Mark Twain

Stress Is

Stress is not the actual issue From my perspective. Stress is simply a force applied. It’s Strain that’s the driver as I see it. Strain can be deformation, cause something to be bent, make an indelible influence. I don’t believe you can have stress. It’s a potential influence, certainly real, though it’s IF stress affects or influences you that that I question. I don’t think you can have stress. If affected or influenced by stress, it is not stress anymore. It is strain.

Damage Versus Influence

I think you can experience stress or stresses. Though, if the force stresses you such that you don’t bounce back to form, then it’s not stress you have. It’s strain. I firmly feel you can have strain. That’s what I feel most people are referring to when speaking about stress. Most have the concept they experience right on the money, though just the wrong word to pair with it.

It can be difficult to sort out the signal from speedy, newsfeed noise and head-chatter-inducing static driven by the false sense of urgency of media and the amount of information we encounter even in a single minute. That in itself can put you in a heightened sense of trauma. And, then in that vulnerable state, you are fed highly repetitive, psych-slang of stress... among other misinformed things.

If you do not read the paper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed. ~ Mark Twain

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage. ~ Brene Brown

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

The arrows above indicate the stress or stresses, the force(s) applied.

Structural Psychology (my words to reflect Structural Engineering as I see it applicable to Psychology… not the Psych professions version)

I take a Structural Engineering view of psychological stress. Stress is simply a force applied. Strain is the gig worth exploring. ~ Jordan Hoggard

The thing stressed bends or moves or deflects, and when the stress is removed, it returns to its original form. Strain is when that stress pushes something past its elastic limits, past the memory limits of the material or identity. And, when the stress is removed, it doesn’t return to its original form. There, strain has occurred. Permanent deformation. Indelible, or poignantly present influence.

Influence is not inherently good or bad, though I feel it important to discern the what of what has occurred. The material or person that is bent or dented or marked or influenced in some permanent, indelible way — at least until replaced if a material, or as a person you psychologically address it — it’s your call whether by yourself or with a Psych Pro. I certainly don’t intend psychological advice. I’m not a licensed Psychologist. I’m a layman who has a noggin’, and I consider myself qualified for life with it.

Are You Qualified for Life

Openings, Forces Applied to Self

Eight forces sustain creation: Movement and stillness; Solidification and fluidity; Extension and contraction; Unification and division. ~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

As soon as as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. ~ Morihei Ueshiba

With Your Presence As Architecture, How Do You…?

How does a building stand on the ground?

How does it extend to the sides?

How does it open and close?

How does it reach for the sky?

~ Four existential questions about Architecture from Christian Norberg-Schultz. How can you apply them to yourself:

(Invisible, unseen, how stable is your foundation? How strongly are you rooted?)

How do you stand on the ground?

How do you extend to the sides?

How do you open and close?
How do you reach for the sky?

Perspective, Stability, Power

I see stress as being what you make of it, how it influences you, and/or how you do or do not allow it to influence you.. If your perspective is born of healthy boundaries and comfortability in your own skin, then trees with strong roots needn’t fear intense winds applies. or storms make oak trees take deeper roots.

With healthy boundaries, one is naturally aware of their strength and theirs strengths, and not prone to even flinch, but to experience, or DUCK! — like this Rock of Gibraltar Lighthouse is unmoved in the stormy ocean without any thought or will. It just is. Proudly, with no hubris. Simply is, itself grounded strongly in context. How do you design and develop and train yourself to be like this lighthouse regardless of the intensity of the forces present in your surroundings?

This lighthouse is simply stable, comfortable with itself in context. Stands there in powerful witness, might not even notice, just enjoy the intense foam and spray, like a welcomed massage session, or listening to music. I

I first suggest, especially with questions, to listen to others as if their voice is music. Do you want to immerse in it? Let it go to a wonderful and driving 11?! Do you want to change the channel, or click OFF? Take it from there. See if the technique is both natural and easy, and secondly whether it’s effective for you. Listen to people as music. Where does that go for you?


And, the lighthouse. Even during the most intense storms. It is a beacon to those out at sea, a beacon to help them navigate their storms, so they can wash up on the beach refreshed once the storm has broken rather than breaking them.

Sometimes I

Sometimes, people get their hackles up when asked a question. Expecting to be scolded — nascent trauma memory from childhood/the past being triggered? — or expecting to take a hit actually or metaphorically, and/or expected now to do something, maybe that they don’t want to do? So many possibilities and permutations there. Understand, though, every question/comment/request is urgent to the asker. I suggest to not assume urgency, or anything for that matter, especially if they don’t couple their ask with a timeframe. That’s asking you to do their scheduling. Simply put, inspect your expectations. Inspecting your expectations helps mitigate blind spots, assists to be able to listen more fully.

Duty in the World Community

I find it to be our duty to ourselves to be that tree in the wind, the Rock of Gibraltar Light House unmoved by a stormy and powerful ocean around it, simply listen Fully to questions asked to us, in powerful witness. Then, take YOUR time with your response or non-response. You are not the asker, so the ask may not even be something you would even entertain with your priorities intact. Stand there, and when the storm or high wind or potential influence passes, when the question is complete, is has/is. Take your time to feel into your response, especially if the asker is poke-prodding implying a false sense of urgency. Lack of planning on your part will in no way constitute an emergency on mine. I suggest you plan better.

Before you respond to a question, question the question to yourself so you acclimate to it. How did the question feel? Is the person delegating within reason. Are they abrogating, or in other words being lazy smoking the narcotic hope that someone will complete their responsibility? Are they asking for advise, perspective, wisdom. Mundane? Large? As many kinds of questions as there are people to ask them.

Sometimes II

Sometimes there’s not even any reason to respond to a question or a stress, except to discern whether it begs a potential priority to be established on your part, or a response. And, if so, what degree of urgency, if any, is it given? It’s like noticing the weather. This isn’t a harsh or cold and insular and disconnected way of interacting. It trains people how to treat you and trains how well you care to care for yourself. And, if it’s their stuff, to take care of it themselves with just two eyebrows up and pursed lips with no words in response. Always put the onus of responsibility on the asker to find out for themselves first, if they are able. Many people I know, though, are simply curious and asking a question. That’s an invitation to engage in conversation, which most times I full-on dig.


I would ask, instead of stress, how do you clearly experience the weather of Nature or weather of events or people around you? Initially, how are you influenced? Do you react out of hand, jump to respond startled and quickly? Do you powerfully whole-mindbodybeautiful listen completely until they have finished, and give the question Silence and a place to open up and expand between the two of you?

Sometimes people solve their issue right there in front of you while they are working the stress out as if it’s TO you. Sometimes in the asking of the question, the person is saying the thought out loud for the 1st time, and in so doing run the process through, and at the end of their question, their head pops up with a smile. Nevermind. Just got it. It brings a smile when I see someone do that, work out their question right there in front of you.

Interpersonal Connection

There’s a certain, sacred, Oracle quality to interpersonal connection from my perspective. And, sometimes only one person needs to speak. Like you go to the “Oracle” of a friend to ask a question. They are stable and quiet, and fully listen. They simply provide you a wonderful mirror, in safety, where Your words not mine smiles into play.

This Friendship Oracle, as I began to call it while penning this blog, also makes it unnecessary to discern whether there is potential danger of Psychological Projection or Projective Identification to watch out for. (Yes, I ended a sentence in a preposition… we have a response for that in Texas… re-end the sentence to some with an expletive). You’re not required to respond except by yourself.

In the case of PP or PI may I suggest the following response: (Do not respond, don’t become ensnared or entangled in the Tar Baby), or Your words not mine. I’m glad you can describe yourself so aptly. Good for you! (In a happy tone, no conflict engagement, though no taking it on, either). 

If you have a Narcissist or Sociopath on your hands, the best way I find to argue with them? Just don’t. Walking away is a complete sentence there, and a last sentence as you re-prioritize your placement to move yourself to safety. Nevermind their follow-up chatter in your wake where they spill the beans of PP and/or PI with shaming and vitriol. They just attempted manipulation, and your stable mirror of that Light House can reflect it all right back where it should be. In them.

After their feign, their sweetie-pie lie to lure you in, they out themselves to boot. You might even have an ablution cascade of tingles flow through your body full-on pleased and proud of yourself When you walk away, viscerally feeling how much you did the kind thing for yourself. No hubris. Just feels good.

Realistically, though, from my experience — and I’m sure there are PLENTY of exceptions — this type asks very few questions, if any at all. Questions imply interest, and that in itself speaks volumes about them, and how to maintain safe passage navigating away from them. I‘ve experienced them most often leading in with a psychological rib-spreader knife, just opening with some kind of shaming statement to try and appeal to some inner guilt. Not playing. They open with that play, and the play ends. Exeunt stage left to transform them… into Ex.

Another response I remember using, and of course I might as well have detonated a bomb… You’re a great Angler Fish, though not a very good fisherman. At least drop the hubris and pay your Inner Electric Bill to get the light thingee turned on for that dangly thingee. Your brightness is supposed to come from within, NOT gulp others’ to your within.

How Do You Experience?

How do you experience the weather of things you experience around you? Can you tune to your signal and discern more for what resonates with you from your perspective? I hope de-personalizing experience into weather can give you a better handle, and improve the strength of owning and healing places where you may hold your grace hostage. I hope you tune into You As Only You Can Be.

How Can You?…

How can you brighten yourself? How can you train your innate talents into developed abilities? How can you do this in ways that enhance your natural intensities to make yourself more of who you are? I suggest to dose yourself with something good about yourself. Meditate not about a problem. Try meditating fully immersed in something wonderful about yourself. See what happens.

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

If you stop to address every barking dog along the way, you’ll never get anywhere. ~ Winston Churchill. He was on quite a journey, huh?

What’s Your Weather Response?


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I Have A Love

I Love F1, though… I Confess…

I Love The Isle of Man TT More.

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    Don’t get too absorbed.

    Saturate Ablution Instead.

    Don’t get too absorbed in your emotions, stay self-aware and observe your emotions calmly.

    In a nodding and silent yes, I breathe-feel out a prayer, … and, while you are observing, while you dwell in your promontory of Self quietitude, breathing deeply as your awareness amplifies, …may you meet and congregate fully with your emotions, you as their leader, … nodding… no reason to allow your emotions to dictate how you feel… no reasons for your emotions to speak for you… as the emotions’ jobs of messaging Your feelings cascades to a fullness of how you hold yourself in high regard… And you speak for yourself after being informed by your Wise Inner Counsel, you yourself become your promontory as you simply gaze out, Nature incarnate

    IN and AS You yourself present.

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    Hauntingly Beautiful

    Hauntingly Beautiful.

    I am SO not disturbed by this. Instead. I have tingles and Yesses. Yes, Disturbed is simply a wonderful band name, And his bio sometimes alludes to it psychologically in so many words, and his voice is SO developed. SO many ins and outs of vocal techniques in seamless segues of execution. Especially, on this one. I am a huge Disturbed fan, though I was PLUSSED full-on when I 1st experienced this.

    This doesn’t feel like a cover, he made it his own. Though, nonetheless, it’s of course still a cover. An artful one in video, music, and the music of the voice In its entirety. Moving is a word. I use that one.



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    And/Or Both/And Feeling(s)?

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    Wanna See Your Brave?

    Watch? Spectate? Do?

    Yes. Both/And!

    Your life YOUR way?

    How Do You Listen?

    How Do You Brave?

    … in Powerful Witness, or waiting to talk?

    Isn’t there always a 3rd option when asked a choice question?… to make it YOURS? To transform the urgency of the asker into YOUR sanctuary of a question? To Re-set the stage of the questions to respond YOUR way?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a great place to place a flower.
    Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s refillable. What’s your point?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you not work with what you have?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Ok, geeezzzz, you got me. It’s neither…

    Is the glass half full or half empty? And, you’re not pouring, why?

    Etc, etc, ad infinitum and nauseum… though, in YOUR way…

    How Do You Brave?

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