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Stress Is Not the Issue

I’ve seen a lot of articles on Eustress over the years, the positive form of stress. Don’t get me wrong. My intent is not to dismiss them out of hand, or at all. They provide some wonderful tools and perspectives, some brilliant. I haven’t linked any here. You can kneel to The Google Oracle for that. They’re mostly valid, some brilliant and ground-breaking, though for the most part, I don’t think they really get off the ground or dive deep to get past the surface. Again, no slam. Just me expressing that I think there’s a blind spot in regards to stress.

From my perspective stress is not a problem In the 1st place. It is simply an often over-used buzzword that now borders on crisis–mongering, attention-getting slang, instead of KEEP GOING. Keep rockin’ your gig. Oh Jordan! Stop being so specific. You and your semantics are just SOME ANTICS. Stress, stressful. What’s the diff?!

To which…

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, the lady and the ladybug. ~ Mark Twain

Stress Is

Stress is not the actual issue From my perspective. Stress is simply a force applied. It’s Strain that’s the driver as I see it. Strain can be deformation, cause something to be bent, make an indelible influence. I don’t believe you can have stress. It’s a potential influence, certainly real, though it’s IF stress affects or influences you that that I question. I don’t think you can have stress. If affected or influenced by stress, it is not stress anymore. It is strain.

Damage Versus Influence

I think you can experience stress or stresses. Though, if the force stresses you such that you don’t bounce back to form, then it’s not stress you have. It’s strain. I firmly feel you can have strain. That’s what I feel most people are referring to when speaking about stress. Most have the concept they experience right on the money, though just the wrong word to pair with it.

It can be difficult to sort out the signal from speedy, newsfeed noise and head-chatter-inducing static driven by the false sense of urgency of media and the amount of information we encounter even in a single minute. That in itself can put you in a heightened sense of trauma. And, then in that vulnerable state, you are fed highly repetitive, psych-slang of stress... among other misinformed things.

If you do not read the paper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed. ~ Mark Twain

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

Vulnerability is the birthplace of courage. ~ Brene Brown

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

The arrows above indicate the stress or stresses, the force(s) applied.

Structural Psychology (my words to reflect Structural Engineering as I see it applicable to Psychology… not the Psych professions version)

I take a Structural Engineering view of psychological stress. Stress is simply a force applied. Strain is the gig worth exploring. ~ Jordan Hoggard

The thing stressed bends or moves or deflects, and when the stress is removed, it returns to its original form. Strain is when that stress pushes something past its elastic limits, past the memory limits of the material or identity. And, when the stress is removed, it doesn’t return to its original form. There, strain has occurred. Permanent deformation. Indelible, or poignantly present influence.

Influence is not inherently good or bad, though I feel it important to discern the what of what has occurred. The material or person that is bent or dented or marked or influenced in some permanent, indelible way — at least until replaced if a material, or as a person you psychologically address it — it’s your call whether by yourself or with a Psych Pro. I certainly don’t intend psychological advice. I’m not a licensed Psychologist. I’m a layman who has a noggin’, and I consider myself qualified for life with it.

Are You Qualified for Life

Openings, Forces Applied to Self

Eight forces sustain creation: Movement and stillness; Solidification and fluidity; Extension and contraction; Unification and division. ~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

As soon as as you concern yourself with the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. ~ Morihei Ueshiba

With Your Presence As Architecture, How Do You…?

How does a building stand on the ground?

How does it extend to the sides?

How does it open and close?

How does it reach for the sky?

~ Four existential questions about Architecture from Christian Norberg-Schultz. How can you apply them to yourself:

(Invisible, unseen, how stable is your foundation? How strongly are you rooted?)

How do you stand on the ground?

How do you extend to the sides?

How do you open and close?
How do you reach for the sky?

Perspective, Stability, Power

I see stress as being what you make of it, how it influences you, and/or how you do or do not allow it to influence you.. If your perspective is born of healthy boundaries and comfortability in your own skin, then trees with strong roots needn’t fear intense winds applies. or storms make oak trees take deeper roots.

With healthy boundaries, one is naturally aware of their strength and theirs strengths, and not prone to even flinch, but to experience, or DUCK! — like this Rock of Gibraltar Lighthouse is unmoved in the stormy ocean without any thought or will. It just is. Proudly, with no hubris. Simply is, itself grounded strongly in context. How do you design and develop and train yourself to be like this lighthouse regardless of the intensity of the forces present in your surroundings?

This lighthouse is simply stable, comfortable with itself in context. Stands there in powerful witness, might not even notice, just enjoy the intense foam and spray, like a welcomed massage session, or listening to music. I

I first suggest, especially with questions, to listen to others as if their voice is music. Do you want to immerse in it? Let it go to a wonderful and driving 11?! Do you want to change the channel, or click OFF? Take it from there. See if the technique is both natural and easy, and secondly whether it’s effective for you. Listen to people as music. Where does that go for you?


And, the lighthouse. Even during the most intense storms. It is a beacon to those out at sea, a beacon to help them navigate their storms, so they can wash up on the beach refreshed once the storm has broken rather than breaking them.

Sometimes I

Sometimes, people get their hackles up when asked a question. Expecting to be scolded — nascent trauma memory from childhood/the past being triggered? — or expecting to take a hit actually or metaphorically, and/or expected now to do something, maybe that they don’t want to do? So many possibilities and permutations there. Understand, though, every question/comment/request is urgent to the asker. I suggest to not assume urgency, or anything for that matter, especially if they don’t couple their ask with a timeframe. That’s asking you to do their scheduling. Simply put, inspect your expectations. Inspecting your expectations helps mitigate blind spots, assists to be able to listen more fully.

Duty in the World Community

I find it to be our duty to ourselves to be that tree in the wind, the Rock of Gibraltar Light House unmoved by a stormy and powerful ocean around it, simply listen Fully to questions asked to us, in powerful witness. Then, take YOUR time with your response or non-response. You are not the asker, so the ask may not even be something you would even entertain with your priorities intact. Stand there, and when the storm or high wind or potential influence passes, when the question is complete, is has/is. Take your time to feel into your response, especially if the asker is poke-prodding implying a false sense of urgency. Lack of planning on your part will in no way constitute an emergency on mine. I suggest you plan better.

Before you respond to a question, question the question to yourself so you acclimate to it. How did the question feel? Is the person delegating within reason. Are they abrogating, or in other words being lazy smoking the narcotic hope that someone will complete their responsibility? Are they asking for advise, perspective, wisdom. Mundane? Large? As many kinds of questions as there are people to ask them.

Sometimes II

Sometimes there’s not even any reason to respond to a question or a stress, except to discern whether it begs a potential priority to be established on your part, or a response. And, if so, what degree of urgency, if any, is it given? It’s like noticing the weather. This isn’t a harsh or cold and insular and disconnected way of interacting. It trains people how to treat you and trains how well you care to care for yourself. And, if it’s their stuff, to take care of it themselves with just two eyebrows up and pursed lips with no words in response. Always put the onus of responsibility on the asker to find out for themselves first, if they are able. Many people I know, though, are simply curious and asking a question. That’s an invitation to engage in conversation, which most times I full-on dig.


I would ask, instead of stress, how do you clearly experience the weather of Nature or weather of events or people around you? Initially, how are you influenced? Do you react out of hand, jump to respond startled and quickly? Do you powerfully whole-mindbodybeautiful listen completely until they have finished, and give the question Silence and a place to open up and expand between the two of you?

Sometimes people solve their issue right there in front of you while they are working the stress out as if it’s TO you. Sometimes in the asking of the question, the person is saying the thought out loud for the 1st time, and in so doing run the process through, and at the end of their question, their head pops up with a smile. Nevermind. Just got it. It brings a smile when I see someone do that, work out their question right there in front of you.

Interpersonal Connection

There’s a certain, sacred, Oracle quality to interpersonal connection from my perspective. And, sometimes only one person needs to speak. Like you go to the “Oracle” of a friend to ask a question. They are stable and quiet, and fully listen. They simply provide you a wonderful mirror, in safety, where Your words not mine smiles into play.

This Friendship Oracle, as I began to call it while penning this blog, also makes it unnecessary to discern whether there is potential danger of Psychological Projection or Projective Identification to watch out for. (Yes, I ended a sentence in a preposition… we have a response for that in Texas… re-end the sentence to some with an expletive). You’re not required to respond except by yourself.

In the case of PP or PI may I suggest the following response: (Do not respond, don’t become ensnared or entangled in the Tar Baby), or Your words not mine. I’m glad you can describe yourself so aptly. Good for you! (In a happy tone, no conflict engagement, though no taking it on, either). 

If you have a Narcissist or Sociopath on your hands, the best way I find to argue with them? Just don’t. Walking away is a complete sentence there, and a last sentence as you re-prioritize your placement to move yourself to safety. Nevermind their follow-up chatter in your wake where they spill the beans of PP and/or PI with shaming and vitriol. They just attempted manipulation, and your stable mirror of that Light House can reflect it all right back where it should be. In them.

After their feign, their sweetie-pie lie to lure you in, they out themselves to boot. You might even have an ablution cascade of tingles flow through your body full-on pleased and proud of yourself When you walk away, viscerally feeling how much you did the kind thing for yourself. No hubris. Just feels good.

Realistically, though, from my experience — and I’m sure there are PLENTY of exceptions — this type asks very few questions, if any at all. Questions imply interest, and that in itself speaks volumes about them, and how to maintain safe passage navigating away from them. I‘ve experienced them most often leading in with a psychological rib-spreader knife, just opening with some kind of shaming statement to try and appeal to some inner guilt. Not playing. They open with that play, and the play ends. Exeunt stage left to transform them… into Ex.

Another response I remember using, and of course I might as well have detonated a bomb… You’re a great Angler Fish, though not a very good fisherman. At least drop the hubris and pay your Inner Electric Bill to get the light thingee turned on for that dangly thingee. Your brightness is supposed to come from within, NOT gulp others’ to your within.

How Do You Experience?

How do you experience the weather of things you experience around you? Can you tune to your signal and discern more for what resonates with you from your perspective? I hope de-personalizing experience into weather can give you a better handle, and improve the strength of owning and healing places where you may hold your grace hostage. I hope you tune into You As Only You Can Be.

How Can You?…

How can you brighten yourself? How can you train your innate talents into developed abilities? How can you do this in ways that enhance your natural intensities to make yourself more of who you are? I suggest to dose yourself with something good about yourself. Meditate not about a problem. Try meditating fully immersed in something wonderful about yourself. See what happens.

emotional and intuitive harmony, discerning feelings clearly, hidden depths seen

If you stop to address every barking dog along the way, you’ll never get anywhere. ~ Winston Churchill. He was on quite a journey, huh?

What’s Your Weather Response?


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Cards are Alive! The Book is Phenomenal!

Mystereum described as, “The cards are alive! The book is phenomenal!

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All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot Message 11-11-11

A Tarot Message From The Number 11

Keeping it simple, a line of verse for each card whose given number can be 11:

11 Strength ~ Feeling the natural power of your own inner animal in your voice instinctively,

11 Page of Wands ~ Developing a playfully newly energetic presence,

11 Page of Cups ~ As You are fulfilled by emotions dancing with the music you love, music being what emotions sound like,

11 Page of Swords ~ As You playfully cut through to thiink and communicate clearly, resonantly from Your personal way,

11 Page of Pentacles ~ May You have a fertile ground that receives the naturalized messages born from your whole life up to this point

11 Justice ~ (And, if your Tarot sequencing places Justice at 11) may your heart weighed against a feather inspire everyone around You including Yourself to find Your own, personal, higher octave balance today!

. . . putting them all together . . .

Feeling the natural power of your own inner animal in your voice instinctively,

Developing a playfully newly energetic presence,

As You are fulfilled by emotions dancing with the music you love, music being what emotions sound like,

As You playfully cut through to thiink and communicate clearly, resonantly from Your personal way,

May You have a fertile ground that receives the naturalized messages born from your whole life up to this point

And beyond!

May your heart weighed against a feather inspire everyone around You including Yourself to find Your own, personal, higher octave balance today!


Blessings to All on an 11-cubed day, where 1,331 = 6 . . . a grand number of exchange, where adding in the 2000 prefix, may your 10 be wonderfully completed cycles felt throughout your every thought, feeling, and action!,



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Tarot Twos To Pair: Birth Cards

“Twos To Pair” Video Transcript:

Hi… Jordan Hoggard, author of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum here to explore pairings and contrasts with the family of the Twos . . .

… Numerically the Twos correspond with Judgment…Strength (or Justice if you run eleven that way in your use of Tarot card sequencing)…and The High Priestess of the Major Arcana.  You can explore the relationships of these numbers further in my blog . . .  So, let’s explore pairings and contrasts with the Twos. . .

With the Two of Pentacles: Sense the most crucial connections, the most vital yet potentially minute connective tissue present. . .and with this an ability to cascade verdantly throughout from subtlety to entirety, a Priority FedEx of influence. . .Visualize a direct connection between your feet and toes and your imagination and ideas.

With the Two of Cups: feel heartfelt cooperation, and with bright eyes smile as fresh ideas pulsing with life begin to play in your imagination.

With the Two of Wands: Discern and distinguish individual energies from one another.  Note how they interact.  As you do, mind overload and imbalance by not perceiving many little things as one big thing.  Respecting the energies you distinguish by naming them, as you focus each one by its name, identify and pair them with the aim of their influence.

With the Two of Swords: Gift yourself the ability to focus on familiar things to see them differently, in a new and polished light.   One of the vital lessons from the 2 of Swords. . .highlight object of your focus, Mind your focus to communicate content more clearly, rather than assuming and expecting. . . sense and communicate things anew, even familiar things, sense and communicate things more congruent with their identity.

So, a vital yet open-ended overall lesson from the Twos is about pairing and contrasting the whole family of Twos in your way to inform one another as they come up individually. . . you are better able to see familiar things differently..

Thank you for watching.  I look forward to further touring you through the families living in the Land of Mystereum.

 Birth Card Blog mentioned in video: “Twos — Birth-Placing Clarity”

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Tarot Aces Four Potential

Hi… Jordan Hoggard, author of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, here to explore potential with the family of the Aces . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… Numerically the Aces correspond with the Sun…the Wheel…and the Magician of the Major Arcana.  You can explore the relationships of these cards further in my Birth Card blogs . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, let’s explore potential with the Family of the Aces.

Visualize the Fool’s first step as an Ace.  Which one comes to mind when you think of the Fool? Play with that AS a two-card reading: Card One ~ The Fool; Card Two ~ the Ace that came to mind for you.  It’s called a Came to Mind Reading. I’ll cover that in another blog, though it is as simple as it sounds.  Ask your question and quickly write down the cards that come to mind.  Then, do your reading from those cards.

Visualize the first step after X The Wheel as a 2-step Ace.

Visualize the first step after XXI The World as a single quaternity of Aces in a step.

The Aces

With the Ace of Pentacles ~ Sense your Solid Inner Inheritances, the assets and seeds you were born with.

With the Ace of Cups ~ trust your heart, and with bright eyes your ideas may begin to pulse with life.

With the Ace of Wands ~ Direct your energies.  Place them where you feel best.  As you do, feel the magnetism of things that are wonderfully located.  Use your energies to magnetize yourself and inspire the energies around you.

With the Ace of Swords ~ Gift yourself the ability to cut to the chase.  listen to its vital lesson. . .listening, Mind that you stick to the point.

A Vital Lesson from the Aces and a Reading Technique

So, a vital lesson from the Aces is about letting the whole family of Aces inform the others when they come up individually. For example, when the Ace of Wands comes up and you need clarification, rather than pulling another card or cards right off the bat… visualize the other Aces.  Lay them out in the order they came to mind and ask each Ace, “What Wise Counsel do you have to express to the Ace of Wands?”   Do that for each card, and then go back to your Ace of Wands.  See if the Ace of Wands stands up strong for you with a clearer voice.  You can really do this for any of the cards.  For Minors, visualize the other suits of the same number.  For Majors visualize the corresponding Birth Cards that go with the Major you have selected. Call it the Collective Consciousness present within families of cards and all the cards in The Fool… that can be a fun concept to explore on your own.

Thanks for stopping by.

I look forward to further touring you through the families living in the Land of Mystereum.

Explore my YouTube Channel

Should the Inner State Highways show come back?

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard


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Tarot Special Mystereum Offer!

Ok COOL!  FREE 4-pack Spread Package with every order!  A fun way to extend and enhance your Tarot adventures!

With each signed copy of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum purchased at you receive a FREE 4-pack Spread Package of your choice.  Take a peek at to see which Spread Package set you want included!

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Once you receive the deck and 192-page Imagination Primer book, the fun REALLY begins.  Mystereum SPEAKS.  Mystereum speaks to YOU!  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is THE only deck where the cards are all characters speaking in their own uniquely original voices in the 1st person.  Mystereum talks, and YOU can have fun talking back, and POOF begin to further free up and discover your own unique Tarot voice!

Take your imagination to new heights and depths with Mystereum, Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Get yours today at !

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Tarot Shifts Focus

What comes to mind is an already-transitioned-completed Tower moment verging on The Star, where:

The Tower, rearranging, upheave-refreshing your Temple-Inside-Home . . . after all the smoke and rubble cleared, a small child walks up . . . bright eyes in the night like a benevolent animal.  The child starts asking you allsorts of questions which one by one in rapid-fire succession you answer until you have a conscious awareness amidst the benevolent barrage that you know all the answers and are seamlessly responding . . . at which point, the child sensing this, abruptly stops, and YOUR eyes begin to glow brighter and you ask the child, “Who are You?”  And, the child’s eyes light up, “I am You, only new,” as the child looks up fade-merging into you as you look up and see . . . The Star . . . Your Star . . . shining your refreshed sense of actionable and on-the-move eternal hope.

Best to You,


(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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Tarot Appearance vs. Reality in The Fool

So, I am a self-taught Tarot reader.  I learned Tarot by reading stories . . . the stories told visually by the cards.  That started when I was 4 1/2 — yes, four and a half.   So, I simply started reading Tarot before kindegarten.  It was natural.  It was a natural mode of the way I was born to see.  I now have a deep appreciation for that moment as a wonderfully proper resonance for a reader of any kind.   Books came much later for me.  They are a relatively recent phenomenon in my Tarot experience over the past 2 decades or so.  I learned Tarot by trusting my gut, my intellectually mindbodybeautiful connected-across-the-whole gut.  I feel we can learn not only in many ways, but that each of our ways, our personal modes of experience and expression come about by fully acting in ways only each of us can . . . by living our own, personal prescient remembrances.

The Fool

like appearance vs reality in literature

is not

about to jump

off of a cliff.

The jump as it were is a complete and encompassing thought in continual and innately trusted action.

The jump

of The Fool

is that when inherently trust-acting with the muse,

the ground terra-forms

under each and every

Fool’s step.

I have heard that going against the flow causes resistance and problems.

I know, though, that to fly, it is much easier to turn into the wind

and feel-full fill the sails of my wings.

Inherently trust-acting with your muse,

may the ground terra-form

under each and every

step you take.

May new ground terra-form under each and every step you take. . .

where the simple ground you walk on is as inspritational as the stars in your sky.

. . . may the ground terra-form under each and every Fool-step you take.

Risk is only risk until to take one.

After you take one, it is simply a step . . .

a step with the creation-make-it-happen qualities of bringing your dreams to bear.

Inherently trust-acting with your muse in YOUR way for YOUR highest good,

may The Fool bring ground to terra-form under each and every step you take.

May The Fool bring ground to form and support each and every new step you take.

May Imagin-Action support every step you take!

Imagin-Action to YOU!

Best to You,


(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

Check out shoes fit for A Fool!


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Tarot Reading For Yourself

Tarot Reading ~ Difficult To Read For Yourself?

Do you have more success reading Tarot for others?  Yet, sometimes do you find it difficult to read Tarot for yourself?  I think we all have experienced that at some time or another. You turn the cards over and POOF you get it, but in a eh-eh not-feeling-it-so-much way?  Sometimes it simply indicates it is more fitting to take a walk.  Or, you really feel you want to give yourself a reading.  And then, you know what the cards mean, but rather than divinations, your reading becomes more of a set of predictables, kinda falls flat?  Kinda doesn;t resonate so much with a “Well, I knew that and I would rather. . .well. . . that’s not what I wanted and I would rather have a good and in-depth reading.”  Ever feel this way?  Ever feel that your Tarot reading for yourself is over before it ever really got started?  And, you want to keep it in mind, but your reading didn’t open up new paths of discovery like the priceless feeling when you read for someone else?  I hear this a lot from readers, often regardless of their level of experience.

Would you like to feel more value out of readings you do for yourself?  Would you like to feel more value from your daily devotion of pulling a card?   How do you bring yourself more to your readings so you develop your valuable core?  I could say, “Grow from your core, not from your edges.”  I find that valuable as a good quote out of hand, but it might not affect directly building more value for yourself through Tarot. . .when you are reading for yourself. I could say to refer to yourself in the 3rd person, “Jordan, with this card it is indicated. . .”.  And, though that can sometimes be a decent tip, kind of like reading to yourself in the mirror, it can only go so far when you re-frame it back to the 1st person. . . and this may feel like a bit of goofy or awkward MPD (multiple personality disorder) to some.  Good for writing a bio, but maybe not so much to build value in a reading for yourself.

This comes up a great deal, the difficulty of reading for oneself.  I felt a need to address this.   Rather than taking the direction of outlining techniques, I felt there was a great value to be explored in this regard by creating spread packages that come from the heart,  Spread theme packages.  It felt that by creating themed spread packages, powerful and artful spread packages, the kind that even if you tweak a position, YOU tweak it, YOU tailor it to come more from a place within YOU in an even more honored way.  Respecting yourself in Your heartfelt way!

Creating themed spread packages, starting off in an element-y kind of way — Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles — felt to be a way to honor the need for a different approach to enhance the value of reading for yourself.   And, using these spreads, you can make them even more yours through your readings for yourself, like test-driving a new car or pair of shoes, and they may not need to be tweaked at all.  You can work to further enhance the value of the spreads as you tune your own resonances with them by reading for yourself with them.  And, you can further enhance the value of bringing YOU more fully to your readings for YOURSELF!

So, I set into this venture of creating spreads not to re-evaluate myself, or my reading style, but to open myself up to feeling better ABOUT readings for myself, and in doing so mine my discoveries as I go along for the bigger benefit of all . . . much as I did in mining my creative process imaginatively and actionably with the 192-page Imagination Primer in The Land of Mystereum where each card gifts you Imagination Tools.  I felt that more value needed to be built in this area of reading for yourself, and that it would serve to help others overcome their difficulty of reading . . . for themselves.   My ability to stand and deliver on the fly set me into this study of depth in spreads to help others re-VALUE readings for THEMSELVES.  To re-VALUE YOU reading for yourself!  I would call it FeBreze for Tarot spreads, but that’s pretty gimmicky, and quick fixes often have shallow roots.  So, I felt a great deal more value in creating sets of spread packages in themes that are great for working with clients, and at the same time can directly address the issue of reading for yourself.

I thought, “I am creating spreads that are so much more meaningful than just doing a self-reading for money or love!”  And, there it was!  Here are spreads to fully honor your self-exploration, to provide you tools to gift yourself more fruitful digging at the deeper stuff.  Here are spreads that support and catalyze discovery!  “There,” I thought, “that’s where we begin to understand ourselves and grow more.” Further, “Then, everything else follows suit in some way.  Things are nurtured and more fully developed powerfully.”  A reading for love or money can then take on a new life.  “Hmmm” you might think using one of these spreads. “Rather than a clarifying card, I think I will pull THAT whole spread part over there of another spread in these spread packages to more depthfully explore my ideas with THIS spread.  And, doing so I can fully bring these cards to give wise Counsel to my situation.  I can add clarifying. . . spread parts. . .add wise Counsel WITHIN and TO these spreads simply by customizing them to ME.”  Cut. Paste.  POOF.  And, then these spreads became valuable paths themselves to take on new ways to explore and bring forth new ways to build value . . . to bring forth value . . . when reading for yourself.

This way the spreads themselves can be nurtured to enhance your growth as you work with them like perennials in a garden.  This one goes here.  That one part goes CLIP into a vase on your altar with the card, or becomes a cutting to grown another reading.  Hmmm, this part goes CLIP into the altar of my reading itself.  It can become like Tarot spread flower arrangement!  Readings for yourself can enliven your surroundings.  Win-Win!

And, another gig came up.  I was curious if people were assuming that these were Land of Mystereum spreads?  Cool if yes, and cool if no?  Hmmm.  That they were made to work with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum?  I wondered about that possible perception.  I smile in that that was me exploring their language as Mystereum so wonderfully does, and that these spreads got me thinking in a wide array of valuable uses, especially towards the benefit of bulding the value further of reading for yourself.  And, a friend big-ole-smilingly quipped up to my query, “Maybe you don’t have to have Mystereum, Jordan, but why wouldn’t you want to?   I mean, that’s like cake without the icing, right?  You can certainly use these spreads with other decks, and I would recommend it, but I suggest more to enhance the experience and get both!”

Now, THAT of course smiled back at me to both having and not having The Land of Mystereum to work along with these spreads to enhance the experience of reading for yourself.  The Land of Mystereum IS all about the cards literally speaking to you, the Imagination Primer has each card literally enter like a stage play, character-developing a phenomenal novel of sorts as they each speak, literally talk to you and tell you about themselves. . .their history, their development. . . and each from their individual personality.  And, like these spreads smiling back even brighter, these things came to mind:

~ The spreads are valuable because they came from the heart, are powerful, and artfully rendered.

~ These spreads are valuable because they came from an honored place within to enhance your own of same.

~ These spreads are valuable because they strengthen the flow of peoples’ natural ways.  Maybe that’s even a priceless gift.

~ These spreads are valuable because more than honoring peoples’ heartfelt places, they play Marco Polo opening the hull after a valuable voyage of discovery, and do so for EACH card!

~ These spreads are valuable because they open up those honored places within each of us for wondrously exploration.

~ These spreads are valuable as they shiningly bring forth inner inheritances!  What are those?  No spoilers here.  That’s a job for Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

~ These spread PACKAGES are valuable as they really turn on and warm up the Imagination Primer in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

~ These spread packages are valuable because they work so well with the Imagination Tools the Land of Mystereum gifts you.  Hmmm, again no spoilers.

I LOVE that this came back around to The Land of Mystereum.  It is a place where you can establish harmonious relationships with your ideas and feelings, explore identity and personality, and guide your intuition and imagination.  We can celebrate our differences. “All similar, each unique” is Mystereum’s motto.  It is a motto to celebrate keeping our lives lively!  Depthfully!  Enjoyably!

So. . . back to the original topic: Difficult Reading For Yourself?

~ Do you find it difficult sometimes to read Tarot for yourself?  Is there value in opening up to release yourself from that pattern?

~ Do you want to value your readings for yourself in more vibrant and informative and vital ways that effectively work into your life?

~ Do you want to open up new paths of discovery that are wonderfully alive?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, I would like to suggest to give a 4-pack spread package a spin to more fully implement your Yes into your life.   Even test-drive them!  Each package has a FREE SAMPLE.  So far, they are still in the Intro Pricing phase and all still under 10 bucks for a 4-pack, and each is presented artfully.  In the near future the packages will reach full price as they are more than spread products.  They are powerful and artful packages of Do-It-Yourself self-discovery!   DIYSD?  Eh Eh. Do-It-Yourself Self Discovery Packages, and still under 10 bucks.  What can you get for 10 bucks?  Sandwich and a latte?  But, those are gone once you finish ’em.  They taste great, but what if you bought something that kept opening up more and more the more you worked with it?

I bet that you DO already know your readings are valuable.  Honor your readings further with a gift to them.  Honor your readings with a gift of a tool that can always gift greater value to you.  All the packages are sent electronically in convenient and easy to use jpegs.  Gift your readings a powerful and beautiful set of spreads today.  Gift yourself some more vigor in your reading value with some Do-It-Yourself Self-Discovery packs that are pre-made!  All you will need to do is do your throw, and read with these evocative and soul-searching questions.

Give these 4-pack spread packages a spin

for yourself to strike chords to resonate in and from deeply heartfelt places in your readings . . . eSpread packages for your readings . . .for yourself!

Check out the growing collection! Which ones resonate with you as a personal gift to yourself to enhance reading for yourself?

There are three 4-packs in the collection thus far to try for yourself.  Enjoy Your Choice and Juice Up the Value of Your Readings!

Life Elements Spread Package

Aces 4 Potential Spread Package

Twos To Pair Spread Package

And, here’s a great video to pair with your experience!

Check back periodically to grow your collection!

Spread packages for your readings.

Do-It-Yourself Self Discovery Package Gifts

to enhance and open up the value of reading Tarot for yourself!

Best To You,


(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved.


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Tarot Tarot on the Wall, Who is. . .Ace of Wands

Ideas & Imagination, Tarot & Mystereum

Ace of Wands: Idea + Energy = Imagin-Action!

Do you have new ideas and energies coming in?

Is there a Temperance-level interchange of energies

magically mixing for you to form

a new and energetic place?

The Ace of Wands from The Land of Mystereum.

Are you aware of the flow of your energetic ideas coming in?

Look down.  Do you already have the tools to draw out this new place?

Best To You,


 (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

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