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Persevere to Resurrection

Last night

Last night as I picked up the couple of cards I had on my altar that I had drawn several days earlier to steep in for several days. Page of Swords and King of Swords

It came to me as I tucked them back into the deck. Night cards Select two cards for sleep tonight. Instead of dailies, do nightlies. Set them up and say, ok, I’ll sleep on these. I wouldn’t put them under my pillow, They’d potentially get trashed. Not from some thrashing around. I don’t move much when I sleep, because that’s what I’m doing. Sleep. Crushed and crumpled and bent up, and not in the dog-eared from years of use good way. So, figuratively, sleep on them. Night Cards, or Nightly Cards… to wake up and take into the next day(s).

So, I drew two cards. Didn’t pick two cards. Drew them as I was going to do a reading. And, that reading was called sleep.

XX Judgment ~ XXI The World

I woke up this morning, thought, With all these Rx (Retrograde planets and bodies) and that Leo Quincunxes and and and… all energies parked and emanating all at once… can feel like an overwhelmingly loud room rather than a rockin concert…. With all these…. Persevere to Resurrection. The words in a mini Trubo Reading came: Persevere to Resurrection + (Silence, still in chrysalis how I take on the world). The chrysalis in not yet cracked open Mr Soul Gardener. Persevere to resurrection (+ Silence). Something bigger comes for your imagination’s and process’s play.

Best To

Best to your endurance and to wonderfully adapt in these times and all times as we move forward. Is it doable to actionably bring yourself to thrive instead of just survive?

Your Life, Your Way. The ImaginAction Way

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LIbrary of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley. Taschen Books, 2020

Trace the hidden history of Tarot in the first volume from TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica, a series documenting the creative ways we strive to connect to the divine. Artfully arranged according to the sequencing of the Major and Minor Arcana, this visual compendium gathers more than 500 cards and works of original art from around the world in the ultimate exploration of a centuries-old art form.

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A Horoscope Reading Suggestion


Here’s a suggestion on how to get more in the big picture out of horoscopes from Astrologers you subscribe to. Not the ones from the newspaper. Those often feel like they are written by Clairfraudulents. Do you Wake up tired in the morning. OMG I have this. Write this down! Or, something like: I see pain in your past. All right, wait. Hmmm, let me see… DUH! Please don’t respond to those vague and Angler Fish parlor tricks. Every field has frauds. I just see them as rocks in the river, and flow riggghhhhhtttt around them untouched. Oooooohhhh SHINY. GULP!

The Angler Fish. They are often up to 6’ long? Hmmm… the size of some people I know…looks just like ‘em, too, once you see it. One of those things you can’t unsee. ANd hey, they have their pain most likely causing that as well. Hopefully they’ll dial in to wrest it free. Until then, though, NOPE, not on the list. NEXT.

Or, read the horoscopes in The Onion If you simply need some silly to cut some daily bs that’s gone down. Breathing deeply is certainly not the only way to relieve stress. My fave Horoscope in The Onion was from back in 2006-2007 for Sag:

Dear Sag, If your are reading this, we really apologize for predicting your untimely death last week. Though, if you are reading this without arms, we have to say we told you so.

Horoscope Reading Suggestion

In regards to horoscopes, I read my Sun Sign of course, Sag. And further, I read my Moon’s sign, Cap for my Moon~ASC conjunction per a rockin’ suggestion years back from none other than my Mom. I also then read Virgo for my 8th House Pluto~Pallas~Uranus conjunction there. Then, Libra for my 7th House Jupiter, and Scorpio for my 10th House Mercury~Neptune conjunction. Funny, I don’t read Pisces for my 2nd House Chiron, or Aries for my 2nd House Saturn~Moira conjunction. Further, hmmm, I also don’t read Libra for my 9th House Juno~Venus conjunction in tandem with the 3rd Sacred Sister also in Libra, Ceres, their near neighbor in the 8th House. Hmmm. Hmmmmms… Glad I’m writing this post as I just noticed those GLARING omissions. Bet there’s some of the good stuff there.

And, Cycle Through

Afterwards, which group or groups or groupings resonate with you that day. I feel our magnetism is alive, and we are naturally geared to dial in to different parts of our Natal Chart daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Based on the orbs of influence of the relationships of the orbits of the celestial bodies — planets, asteroids, etc.

I Find

I find this technique gets me out of the Oh, that Sun sign horoscope fell flat. Bet it didn’t. Bet it was asleep or just has delegated by tooting its own horn to start the band, is just listening and groovin’ and kelping to the rhythms of the band as they play their tune from their section of the your Natal Charity stage and strike the chords that resonate with you from your Chart.

Also, Look At

Also, look at your Astro transits, transiting planets and asteroids. They often strike chords around your Chart that resonate. When you know to look for them, maybe They can inform how you dial through your Chart to know in advance the most resonant horoscope to read that day. Or, if one upsets you, by all means dial into that one. Bet there’s a gift waiting to burst out of its seed into your Soul Gardener’s tools.

Asteroid suggestions: Chiron, Moira, Juno, Ceres (with Venus you’ll have 3 Scared Sisters in your court), Pallas-Athena, Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith, Astraea. There are plenty more. Like with cooking. Use the herbs and spices differently for each meal. Cherry-pick which asteroids you’d like to hear from on a given day. I leave them all there, just dial in to focus on the message that most resonates… or, the one that upsets me or makes me uncomfortable. In that case I stop, drop, and roll right up to that one and face in to tack into the wind of its voice. That’s a no-brainer for me. That one’s digging shit out, and once the dirt stops flying my way… Oooooooohhhhh SHINY! Oh, right. Be mindful… and heartful.


Happy post-Bastille day yesterday. May this horoscope reading suggestion help you tip your cup to spill some beauty and tip your hourglass up to freshen your flow and clean out any places of stagnation for increased Self-awareness.

Our Cups

Our cups are continually being filled with beauty. There’s an art to learning techniques to tip your cup and spill beauty. Beauty, the mess you don’t need to clean up. And, in regards to things that are stuck, what techniques and habits can you develop to tip your hourglass back up? I mean, to get your flow to flow through stagnant places and wash them out. Here’s a poem I wrote in 1993 for Bastille Day that may lend an example to how you can tip the scales of your Natal Chart in your favor To get it flowing more and read the most resonant horoscope each day rather than only your Sun sign. Actually, I always read my Sun sign, and then whichever other group is orbiting closest in resonance with my feel and sense that day.

And remember, your Sun is always shining behind every dark cloud. That may be where those silver linings are coming from.



is to free the prisoners

when sand sleeps in the eternity of the tilted hourglass?

(C) 1993 Jordan Hoggard

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The 3rd Session

As If

I’ve lived my life as if my life depended on it, in the perpetual present. I value my experiences, regardless. They have all together brought me to where I am now. No regrets. No mistakes. All OFLs.

My mistakes are all OFLs. Especially the ONE bad-ass of the bad relationships I allowed myself to remain in for 2+ years. Now, as the song goes, Now you’re someone that I used to know.

OFLs. Every. Single. One. Especially that one. Each contributed to where I’ve arrived in my life today. But, that one? I have to thank her for that one… as … I decided to….

Feel Into Myself with…

3 Years of Brainspotting

Feeling into that last experience that led me to that, and forgetting it into action. As, forgetting is for getting. It makes more room for the good stuff. I feel to embrace, breathe, and share…

The greatest fear for success should not be failure. It should Be succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.

~ Francis Chan

That Relationship

That relationship didn’t matter with the constant, toxic drip of shaming behaviors. I mattered, though, and understood that even a Professional Psychologist could get to her. I’m not a Professional Psychologist. I woke up when, outside of my family, I lost the thing most personal thing. 1st my creativity went. Then, my imagination died on the vine, desiccated by the drip so slowly that right before my eyes that I hadn’t seen it happen… right under my nose.

Creativity and imagination going away are pretty much one of the most common symptoms of PTSD, and when a relationship is a prison camp of Steven’s Wright’s dog named Stay. And, for an Artist, an Architect, a Tarot Reader and Astologer and Author? Fear incarnate. Like Steven Wright naming his dog Stay.

Come here, Stay. Come here, Stay.

I had to do something about it. We went into couple’s therapy as my requirement for staying in the relationship. I’d never given an ultimatum before as I typically see them as a unilateral decision made by one, though hidden behind the fakery that the person being given the ultimatum even has a chance. I never saw the merit of an ultimatum except in extreme cases, and this was certainly that. Still, ultimatums root themselves in control, and that has a tendency to cause disconnection and are most likely manipulation born of being afraid in most cases?

You Give

You give an ultimatum? Well, you need to be comfortable with the infinite responses possible, not a finite set of them, and certainly nothing definite. Definite, that which takes the finite away and results in a decision.

Ultimatums are worse from my perspective than the attempt to count to infinity, except in extreme cases. So, I cocked my head and realized this was one of those, an intense extreme case. If I didn’t want to die on the vine in total, or worse, experience the creative catatonic of being forever miserable, then it would begin with this.

The 1st Session

Funny thing happened on the way to…. Funny thing happened. Every time the Psychologist asked her a question in the 1st session, she’d put it off on me.

I started seeing something I’d never seen before as I wasn’t engaging in argument. I was powerfully listening because no one was coming at me directly. He was simply asking her questions. What did I see? The Narcissistic Sociopath. Projective Identity way beyond Psychological Projection, and stresses that were not Eustress. I saw rage and hatred and no fear and plenty of being afraid. Such anxiety about anything coming from the outside world… as it wold most likely be dangerous or to harm her. At least, that’s the expectation I saw her not inspect.

While calmly, calmly but fully dafuqin surprised, I calmly listened as my historical friends Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche hopped up on each shoulder and settled in, settled in as I simply listened. Listened to the therapist turn her back to herself, which she would push right off over to me. And, he would calmly repeat.

I simply listened until the Psychologist turned to ask me something, and I felt into the question, attempted to open, attempted to feel-say, and say what I feLet. Rough. Raw, rugged geodes of statements where if he didn’t know what to hear for, the happy-mad-glad-sad hidden, I would have conveyed no feelings whatsoever. Though, he knew geodes better than me as a rock hound.

1st session, she leaves frustrated. I get it. This shit, this mud’s not easy. I leave with a hopeful though very furrowed brow. What dafuq just happened?

The 2nd Session

The 2nd session, I’m opening up, getting comfortable with things I was not comfortable with at all. He checkmates her. She still pushes it over. 3/4 of an hour and nothing but deflection. The therapist turns to me, and she, Wait! He’s the one with the problems. I don’t want to hear his bullshit. The therapist turns to me, Jordan, what do you think about that? I smiled one of those smiles where your temples flex. I feel she just described herself perfectly to a ‘T’. I don’t know that I have much to do with it. In fact it felt selfish to make it all about me. Her words not mine is what I got there. Her words for her to respond to.

Glad I brought a lighter. Guess that lit a show fuse.

The 3rd Session

3rd session. The therapist opens up with, Ok, Jordan is putting in an effort with an honesty that is based in vulnerability. You aren’t pulling your weight here. You are also a Psychologist. These sessions have started off wholly imbalanced, so I suggest we have two initial choices: we do them individually moving forward with each of you until both have made progress to come together in a session set; or, with him here we spend this Whole session on you in the interest of re-balancing.


Ohhhhh, was she incensed. And, I saw it, felt it whole-body. I saw the caged animal inside her lashing out through the bars. All her pain and what had been done to her — which, credit to her was quite a bit of beyond terrible And tragic things throughout her life. There’s a beauty in that gift of sight with someone when you see them warts and all, and then I came back from the experience on the other side… of the couch… into the room as she burst out in a rager of a Rantra at HIM… you know, the therapist, the one who couldn’t have done any of this to her? Yeah, that guy.

And, up and out of the session she flew.

We Had

We had come in from different parts of town, so different cars. His eyebrows go up calmly nodding to me. So, do you need to get up and go? I smiled. Ha! I saw what I was up against when she blamed you. She’s been doing that to me with every question she has ever asked after the 1st 2 months, for the last 2+ years. Your a profession in the Psych industry. With what I saw happen in these past 3 sessions, could YOU even ever get to her?

It doesn’t happen often, though most likely not.

Ok, I’m not a Psych professional, so the odds of me getting through? Less than zero to give myself at least some credit.

He smiled. I Continued.

She’s an Angler fish with her shiny questions and then GOBBLE, and you only then swim inside her shame. I saw that for the 1st Time today. There’s NO way YOU could be responsible for ANY of what she put on you tonight. She and I? That ended when the door closed behind her just now. It’s not the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was caused by the 1 million 435 thousand straws piled up on there unnoticed one by one until… I’m not Atlas.

So, nope, not leaving. We came in separate cars, she and I are through. I’ll handle that later. For my safety I may need to check into a hotel. Though, we still have 40 minutes, right?

Well then, yes we do. What would you like to focus on?

And the Long Road Home Began As…

I saw on your bio that you do Brainspotting. How does that work? Something is like a magnet inside me fascinated with that, and I know spare little about it.

He proceeded to give me the general overview in several minutes.

Well, COOL! Let’s get started. Let me stand up and shake that previous off, maybe an adrenaline dump like dogs and cats literally shaking it off and back into flow, and breathe deeply, then sit down…. Ok, how do we start?

And, We Did

I Took the Long Road Home

I took the long road home, ended the Internal Civil War between my own Parts, things I’ve called Inner Inheritances in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum and ImaginAction, and ImaginAction 2.0 that caused me to not only allow that kind of relationship, but to maybe even to expect it. Interesting to me that I wrote about things that I was doing naturally, though that wouldn’t reach the intensity to dive even deeper than I had in writing those books.

The Parts Now?

The Parts now? Now, I continue to work with and listen to them regardless of their intensity as they come up, or they choose to be allies in different ways not ready yet to dissolve in those ablution cascades of tingles in parts of the body when they do. And, some are heard, and I ask them their message. As I receive, they disappear into me, and I feel ablution tingles as they cascade disperse to re-home where they belong in my body.

I feel again now. I feel and do my creative work. I’m in love with my creativity and imagination again. I look forward to where that takes me from here.

After 3+ years of Brainspotting, Sovereign.

18 months ago I paused Brainspotting after 3+ years, looked up from my desk. Why was I even sitting there? Why had I been sitting there for the same hour every day for 2 weeks. I chuckled and smiled wide temples flexing eyes brightening and began writing as if I had never stopped… as out loud I said,

In Regards to Unresolved Trauma That Triggers You, Here’s a Bastille Day Poem I Wrote in 1993


Who Is to free the prisoners when sand sleeps in the eternity of the titled hourglass?

(C)) 1993 Jordan Hoggard

There is an art to learning your cup is always being filled with beauty, and learning how to tip it over to spill some out. Beauty spilled is a mess that doesn’t need to be cleaned up. Trauma, trauma stuck inside and driving you. May I suggest to learn ways to tilt the hourglass back up to wake up those sands of trauma so they can flow rather than fester?

Now, it’s time

Now it’s time to grow a Lotus out of this mud.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put the foundations under them.

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

And, I began writing again, differently now.

That All started

That all started 4 1/2 years ago.

I took the long road home, on purpose.

I cherish what I went through and have done and how I’ve grown into myself where my boundaries look like… well, they look just like me. In the last 18 months from It’s time to grow a Lotus out of this mud,, and from all the creative work I did before the poisonous drip and ooooohhhh SHINY of the Angler Fish‘s bait… they live here now. In me. Perennials waking after a long winter sleep to wake verdant and naturalize in my voice.

And, what’s that? What have I done. Naturalize my perennials? I’ve begun to naturalize the perennial of me in my wonderful Soul Garden. Soul Gardener… hmmm, I like that. Thank you M.Y. — you know who you are. That card you gave me at REI that day Sitting on the bench with coffee in Denver in 2006-2007. You wrote that to me. You referred to me as a Soul Gardener in your card. It was such an honor and went way over my head of the credit I was NOT giving myself back then to believe in my work fully. That stuck. And now, I’m unstuck. Thank you for that gift, for that card, for your astute and apt and heartfelt words, so I can now thank myself for my value, and be grateful… I can be grateful that I have a Soul Gardener to help me Naturalize further in my life, may way. Thank you, M.Y.

Quick fixes have shallow roots.

~ Unknown

Storms make the oaks take deeper roots.

~ George Herbert

A tree with deep roots laughs at storms.

~ Malay Proverb

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nin

Religion and Heaven are for people who do not want to go to Hell. Spirituality is for those of us who have already been there.

~ David Bowie
Reflections (c) 2006 Jordan Hoggard

My Soul Gardener Asks

What cornerstone in life do you brace against to grow a Lotus out of the mud in an area of your life… no matter how long it takes?

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I May Be Hated for This

I may be hated for this, though, I’ll say it without shame or recourse as it’s not something I need to explain. I Intend to simply express it.

Time is too valuable. Yours. Mine. Both/And. There’s no either/or on that.

2 Weeks

2 weeks prior to the shutdown, I opened back up my blog after a 5-year radio silence (another story).

There you go. That’s it. I am glad I gave myself the swift kick to jump start myself once I had done what I needed to over the 5 years plus-minus, and been free of the mess — another‘s, mine simply allowed it in. I will certainly own that — I needed to clean up. And, I did.

What did I do? 3+ years of bi-weekly.monthly Brainspotting sessions. As a Psychologist in the UK expressed, I’ll call her C… That’s hardcore. Yes, though hardcore was necessary. Frankly, hardcore was minimum. Had to be addressed, Had to be addressed robustly and fully.

The Strong Survive?

You see, I feel, yes, the strong survive… in all the times in between times like now. But, not now. Now, the strong may fall away like chaff from wheat in the wind. Now, in this-pandemic in-between epochal time, the adaptable thrive. Not to forsake anyone suffering, though I am not suffering. Quite the contrary. And, I know better than to put my life on hold until everyone else is better. I feel that’s just false empathy that is self-destructive behavior.

Up on the mountain, Mt Democrat near Breckinridge in October 1998 — ?, 1999?… cool that something this vivid has fired time. Now, I don’t really recall except to pin it at 2+ decades ago. I was above treeline, at 14.363+ feet. So, let’s generalize and switch the personage since it’s not trauma for me anymore. Let’s switch it not to You, though to the editorial you.

You’re on the ride. Nature’ll kill ya. Regardless of your experience level, Nature’ll kill ya.

You slip off the back cornice into the scree field. You slide. You slowly slide for 2,500 vertical feet the wrong way down. The front of the mountain to down is a story. The back side down has a 2+ second drop-off. That’s death. You maybe can, though I can’t survive a 2+ second fall onto craggy rocks. Well, I don’t know that, so I’ll mod the statement. It’s most likely that I can’t survive a 2+ second fall onto craggy rocks. Thousand 1, thousand 2, click.

So, you’re stuck. You accidentally made just THAT mistake, an honest one, though nonetheless made it, and Nature doesn’t discern forgiveness that way. At this altitude in these conditions, Nature’ll kill ya. Instantly, without hesitation.

You slipped at 2pm when you should be getting off the mountain the other way. 1 hour. 2 hours. The sun starts to set behind the rim of the bowl.

1 more hour, 2. It was 73 degrees F When you slipped. Now? It‘s 23 F going to 19 F. A storm comes in, you’re still day-dressed. Shorts and a T-shirt because you carried the heavy 2 cases of water up while someone else packed your fluffy ski coat in their pack..

What was 73 degrees F, after the sun dropped below the crescent of the bowl, is now in no less than 4 hours, 23. Then, after 6 hours? 19-degrees F. It’s late October. I reiterate the temp. 19. In shorts and a T-shirt, that’s butt-ass frickin cold.

You Skip

You skip the long, middle heart of the story here, because now you’re not there anymore, have received the message, have healed the shock, have told the story time and time again, and are now relatively tired of just the feat of the story. Now, you’re here. You’re here, now, again.

Though, the memory, now not charged anymore is indelible. You’re bleeding at the summit with no water. Blood and sand. You’re by yourself past midnight having made it back to the fateful back basalt cornice At the top. Nothing but yourself and just shy of 14,363 feet above sea level and 19 F. Actually, trauma soul-skins were shedded on the backside scree field. You are less than yourself. Stripped down to, Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen. You’ve disassociated the pain as simply a sensation as you don’t have time for entertaining your will crumbling to crippled.

And now? It’s dark. It’s 19 degrees F. Sand-Aid bandaids NOT by Curad. You pack the sanguine blood flows with sand. Face. Forehead. Left knee. Calves. Hands. You work hard with sand to keep your red life inside, not bleed out. I’m done. I want to get off this. No more. I can’t take anymore. You never have that thought. If you did, you could sit down. And die, as that’s a way off the mountain. But, you can’t. You’re alive, and that’s that.

Life’s Not a Ride

Life’s not a ride like that you can get off of. Neither is the pandemic.. At that time on the mountain, above treeline, in the dark, freezing, living ion blood and sand, you live, or you do not live. And, until you’re off the mountain, until December 2020 when it’s settled and safe… you’re not. You must take care. You must adapt. You must do this until you get back down. THere’s no deadline. There’s no hurry. There’s no rest.

Never hurry, never rest. ~ Goethe

Statements liKe that above just don’t mean anything in these times. We can’t complain or whine our way out. It’s not over until it’s over, and until then, you’re on the mountain. You can’t just intolerate the situation to make it better. It is what it is. Like now. Pandemic. One of those In-between times in between the other times.

Do you continually NOT resist the change and adapt? Do you continually more and more each day reveal the character of what you love and begin to see sunlight through the trees so to speak? Glimmers not of hope, but of thriving?

Up There

Up there, above treeline, in 19F, day-dressed, you can’t just say, I’m done I want off. I want to go home. Well, again, you can. You can sit down, not move for several hours in a row ion 19 degrees F and 45-50 mph winds, and freeze, and die. I don;t think your story will be penned as The Shining II, though.

So, you can’t. You can’t, because you’re alive. NO matter how dire or downtrodden or deflated or or or. You’re alive. And, the pain let’s you know that. You feel pain. It’s clear. You feel pain. And, that let’s you know you’re alive.

You can’t waste that kind of energy reserve up there, can’t even have the slightest inkling of thinking about it. You have to focus everything you have on what works By adapting. Otherwise… Nature. It’ll kill Ya! Your tears. You even consciously stop crying because you are squandering your water. Like your blood. Gotta keep the life inside, so more stuff can come from within Later.

So, you keep moving. And, you keep moving WITH Nature. It’ll still kill ya, though at least you have the companion of Nature until then. Pretty good one I might add. Especially, when it reveals YOUR Nature.

And, that’s my point. You see, I see the, only the strong survive statement As spin marketing false. That is dafuqin simply bullshit. No charge. No anger It just is. The strong survive in the in-between times? Yes. They certainly do, when it’s fuckin’ easy, and they can delegate or rather most times abrogate. Like now, though, are they gone when it matters? Or, attempting to lead a charge into… NOPE. STOP. Not comfortable with where I just asked myself to go. Pause. Just Pause. No leading the lemmings over the cliff ‘cause the government said I could go back to the office.

Mark Twain: “I am a patriot always, always supporting my country. I support the government only when it deserves it”

Isn’t That Like Now?

Isn’t that like now? Where, YOU decide what feeds your adaptation? Cool, you can legally go back to the office. BUT. Ethics Self Care question. SHould you?

Like now. The strong don’t survive these times. The adaptable ones do. And, the most adaptable ones THRIVE.

May I suggest for you to please blog your gig? Please blog your gigs of adaptation full of emotion (with solid boundaries of course). But, please DO? Will you seed community wisdom like that, a blog at a time? And, also, DON’T. BLog what you love! And, do it your way well!

We need that. At least I SAY we do. I find it of value To full-on dig the robust variety of people I follow and experience blogging. And, tenor and tune and tailor all of You perspectives to YOURS as we continually adapt towards community thrival. We ALL need community to survive. And, we ALL need the Inner Inheritances Community Of Your Inner Self. Not vampirism. I’m not asking for a bountiful harvest of people-beauty. I’m asking for…

Fully focusing on and into your creative work… Immersion births ablution. I feel you make the world a better place by doing so.


Personally, there’s only so far I can go without creative or adaptive influence before I starve. And, though I put in my vote at Mt Democrat at 14,363 ft up and down per the above truncated example, I’m not going to that experience again. Will you comment on your particular experiences of adapting? How you implemented workability for your own thrival? Heck. All similar, each unique. Ther are stupid questions, though their are not stupid experiences. Ok discount your 20s, then comment. 🙂

As Christina Schmidt expressed, If I read one more startup blog about COVID-19 I’m going to Hulk-out and start throwing things. I need the work of my fellows to keep me inspired. A-dafuqin-men!

I concur. I robustly and resonantly concur. If I do, I’ll effin HURL, too. You see? Right there. She Hulks-out. I Hurl. All similar, each unique. We’re all different, like everyone else.

Please Dial Into

Please dial into what you are feeling in that powerfully clear way you are feeling in that way you are particularly adapting. Can you comment from that place? I, for one will listen.

You, as only you cane be? That rocks! How do YOU do that? WithOUT Covid-19 Or 19 degrees F. Not denial. Not omission. Not avoidance.. LIFE! Life, NOW! How have YOU adapted? Not coped. That’s a to maintain mode that too easily backslides. How have you already adapted? Cool. You might naturally be doing things you aren’t aware of until you stare into them, shine light on…?

It’s Ok

It’s ok. after the shutdown, I did feel a little ashamed that I started shining 2 weeks before the shutdown, and almost felt to hold back. Almost. Then not. Then, NOPE. Fuck a bunch o’ that.. Why? Because I was shining. The a little ashamed part? That wasn’t until after the shutdown. I better keep it all quiet and stuff that I’m now having the time of my life. And, that’s when it hit me.

Pandemic? Yes. Serious as a heart attack? Yes. Has any bearing on my work? NONE. None at all. Well, other than it took a pandemic and my Dad’s massive heart attack last summer to take a week off, twice. That’s an issue. I get it.

Though, pandemic affect? Other than I have 2 more hours in the day for exercise, meditation, and creating as my commute sentence was commuted! Add, the mask, which ironically I had internal dropped. I stole back MY time. And, I’m not giving it back. I’m giving back, with creativity and imagination again. Shouldn’t have handed it over in the 1st place, though, hey, experience has value. And, I got my fair share of that value.

SaWEET! That felt gourmet good for my boundaries.

I Decided To Live Again

I decided to live again, then. And then, this hit. So, I… lived…DIFFERENTLY? NOPE. I dafuqin adapted, from a strong place of healthy, creative work I protected like family. Like a gardener mindful not to trample new sprouts, and adjust the path accordingly.

Day by day, what do I need to do differently? Day by day… new day by day rituals, mods, adjustments, shed skins not missed… etc, etc, ad infinitum ad nauseum. Just more INTENSELY now… for a while. Then, I decided to KEEP THAT. I decided to keep thriving on top of that new foundation. Even, amplify it. YES! Ok, I got this. What a NEW opportunity to refresh the discipline of my rituals! Heck. Jump in. Help out the change. Start shaking the tree. What ELSE can you shake out?

The only shame is it took a pandemic or my Dad’s heart attack last summer for me to take a week off, twice. That’s a problem. That’s on me. 🙂 + sunglasses.

Like chaff, from wheat, blown off in the wind. Like the snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed, I started adapting. In one step, I realized I was getting 3 weeks to the gallon of gas in the vehicle without the double commute. Then……


How do you thrive in these times? How are you wonderfully adapting?

How do YOU thrive in these times? How do you adapt?

I, for one will listen. WIll you comment yours?

I’ll Start to Pause

I’ll Start to pause for now with this.

Fear? Fear is GREAT! It alerts you to duck. To drive around the cone zone instead of off the bridge that’s out ahead. Fear s radar, actionable and informed intuition straight from your Nature, your instinct. It’s anxiety that’s the fucker. It’s anxiety, when it kidnaps the radar of your fear, torture-distorts it into being afraid, that’s the problem. That’s not a good problem to have. Fear is, though.

How do you use your healthy, radar fear, intuitive alert system to amend your soil and keep thriving?

You see, vulnerability is the birthplace of courage. ~ Brene Brown

You see, I expressed I was a little ashamed earlier. In doing so, I realized I was not. I was not ashamed. My fear, that Radar Love Fear i cherish as Inner Community Family. I had allowed myself to slip. I allowed myself to slip off the cornice of Mt Democrat. I allowed myself to slip off the cornice of the pandemic for just a second. I am not ashamed of that. I caught this one in time I allowed anxiety to hijack my cherished fear. For just a second. I allowed It, just for a second. And, just for a second is long enough to…

… long enough to start a slow leak towards deflation, which then feeds on itself to continue to diminish Self, and then to…

Depletion indicates mis-spent efforts. ~ Jordan Hoggard

I am Not

I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed, anymore that I was momentarily afraid. Not anymore. I felt the inner pressure gauges drop then. BAM, as clear as the temperature dropping on the mountain. Now. This time, my radar communicated to me, and I powerfully listened in powerful witness OF MYSELF. The inner pressure gauges just dropped out, like a psychological mini-stroke, just off-line suddenly and just as suddenly back on. What was that? I noticed. I was aware. I asked my Inner, what’s your message? That particular fear is no longer kidnapped. The message was, I do not dissolve, and I live in your heart. I no longer allow that grace to be held hostage.

How do you hold your grace hostage?

How can you Soul Retrieval retrieve being afraid from its incarceration, and bring it back to fear? How can you commute the anxiety commute to get fear back home in your heart?

One must have a chaos in the heart to birth a dancing star. ~ Friedrich Nietzche

And, by chaos, I discern Nietzche’s intent to be Nature. Though, I’ll not presume that, just resonate with how it strikes chords with me.

How can you thrive, regardless? How do you thrive? What can you do to thrive? What supports your thrival?

How Do You Hold Your Grace Hostage?

How Can You Mod to Your Current Now?


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and thrive more.

I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective, and how you value it…


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Creativity As Religion or Profession?

Creativity and/or Imagination

Religion and/or Profession?

Place of Creation and/or Soul Garden?

Aren’t They All Both/And?

Yup. Amen. Punching those damn keys is both religion and profession. Every stroke a step up the temple steps. Every stroke both expresses perspective and gives us perspective. Every stroke potentially causes us to fall and skin our knees, potentially becomes our ally. Though, every stroke, every stroke touches that place deep inside us which does not need to be touched, only needs to be expressed.

Yes, creating and painting and writing are both religion and profession, that thing that activates the I must, of implementing heartfelt passion. Especially maybe even when it goes in the trash bin, like chaff, blown off in the wind, from wheat. We are both our own Soul Garden and Soul Gardener.

Natalie Goldberg expressed, Writing Down the Bones. I say, amend/amen your soil. Bless it with your work and fresh nutrients. 1st year roots. 2nd year foliage. 3rd year flowers and fruit. Be your own Soul Gardener in The Place of Creation. The “year” in creativity is only your particular cycle in each iteration. It sometimes doesn’t take that long, sometimes take much longer. Could be seconds. Could be gestation across decades. That’s why I find it important to keep working. Why wait for a 17-year cicada cycle? You’d be creatively stale by then if you didn’t get off your butt and do something by then. Though, IT certainly won’t be when it wakes up. Keep working. Be strong enough to handle your own creations when you and they are both in the mood.

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Naturalize your perennial talents by developing your abilities? Well, yes. That’s just good sense, and that’s also simply gardening. Don’t tell your dahlias to hurry. If they valued writing and could speak, they might just laugh at you if you did. A garden laughing at you would not be such a good thing, unless you get that the joke’s on you.

Your dahlias won’t laugh, though, when you punch the damn keys. Then you can afford to water them, to tend them, to amend the soil and leave them the f*ck alone to wonderfully do their thing. Your creations in the garden of The Place of Creation know that’s the same thing as their underground, finger-tendril, groundgrabbers of their roots that nourish them.

And, religion or profession? Hmmm. What about belief? Hmmm. I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology. And, I also don’t believe in my Kitchen range, though I use it to cook relatively often.

How do you cook with your creativity, your religion, your profession?

How does your work and what you do nourish you and amend your soil?

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I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective.

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Here’s To Your Scorpio Full Moon

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For everyone out there, especially you Scorpios… Please chime in. Scorpios especially. You often have the apt Nature’ll Kill Ya guidance that’ll keep us alive on the scree field where we may not be supposed to be on the backside of the mountain.

Chthonic Numinosity: Self

I feel we can all learn from the earnest depths that are viscerally and clearly expressed by most Scorpios. It may be a bit simplistic, overgeneralized, to say that Scorpios naturally wield the deep and dark depths from the chthonic, in the light. A simple Scorpionic expression, probably in the day to day, may embrace a fullness of the Chthonic Numinosity that is Self itself incarnate.

Temple In Man

(c) 1992 Jordan Hoggard

Under, About, Within, With, and flowing moved by this Scorpio Full Moon, I feel we can all learn from the Scorpio’s natural way of intensely living honestly. Being pleasant is not valid here. Eff a bunch of that. The Moon, in general, can be about waves and cycles and intense knowings from Beyond. Genius. Poetry. Madness. And, your wonderfully beautiful Inner LunaTic, that when tempered is SUCH a force for your own good. And, frankly, everyone around you.

Your Inner LunaTic

One may find Scorpios affront at times, though, are they really? Are they simply expressing a truth that we care not to throughout our days throughout the rest of the year?, Expressed with the intensity of Nature itself? Isn’t that a snake-tooth of awakening kind of gesture in real-time, wise in time?

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This Scorpionic Full Moon, I am reminded of a tourist copping on local culture rather than empathizing into the When in Rome empathy that nourishes serendipitous experiences when traveling.

For those that like the birth and not the delivery and don’t want to read all this, I’ll give you this. Everyone’s good at something. This guy? He was really good at being a dick. Now, you go away as well, Shoo! I gave you what you wanted.

Well, you said give me the baby not the delivery. Why are you still here? Oh, I get it. Right, you’re sticking around? Well, stop that command of alleged conciseness you give to others. I’d advise to expect that many people are going to cross-check you into the Blue Line wall such that your helmet shatters the glass. I guess that you hold your nose when you go under water? I’ll show you how to get around that in another post. For now, I suggest, seat your rump in the Class 5 rapids raft. It’s on you if you get wiggly and pop out into the river:

036 CtC copy

You take issue with the God(s) or GAWD or Goddeseses in this our place? Hmmm…

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From my martial and meditative background what I love about Jesus’ ‘turn the other cheek” is [[not a common reference for me… I’m more of a Gandhi type where, I love your Christ, though i very much do not like your Christians… and as well, there are some very good ones. Every group has bad apples]] …

After the first hit (physical or metaphorical, etc) , I somehow naturally settle into a Silent calm, very loud in its Silence. I simply breathe in to a very simple mode of, “Ok, somebody wants to play. I’m game. (Look ‘em up and down and then, pause, and right in the eyes Braveheart style). BAM across my cheek. Oops. My bad. Let that happen. Ok, Nice contact. Not on the mark enough, though, ‘cause I’m still right here, a big problem for you, huh? Felt almost like a glancing blow. I mean, it hit hard. Don’t get me wrong, though it felt like you… how do I say? Got lucky? Didn’t mean it. Were smoking hope for the hit? I’m game. Please clarify. Ok, try again.”

“Ok. here you go. Now, this cheek. Balance is important doncha ya think?… You didn’t vet the situation in the first place for potential consequences did you? Though here you are, and now there are some. Oops, that you brought to the fore. I’m presenting you with this other cheek, the opportunity to repeat the same action and expect different results. (One of Einstein’s definitions of insanity). So, whatcha gonna do? It’s all your call from here. Are you even aware of your surroundings?”… ‘cause…

“You ready? You’re responsible for the 2nd time ya know? Go on. Get to it. Time’s a wastin’.” ….

there’s always SO much pause at that point, and of course if they repeat, one is full-on prepared like a re-run to slip the 2nd hit. And, then of course, I’ve heard the word ‘duck’ or hip chick-a-boom is in the dictionary. Well, maybe not the 2nd one.

Don’t really know why that dood and his witnessin’ preachin’ came to mind tonight, though I’ll play. “What would Jesus do?” Solid question. Turning over the money changer’s was not a wimpy gesture ya know? I, too, love helping people. And, like the character you describe, I love helping people like that to a helping of themselves. No-one needs to get hurt… unless they express they do when they miss and hit the wall or the ground… all still of their own accord.

I find it most important at those times not to be some ego-hero, though to provide a seriously solid and intense interference pattern that upsets their balance. And, not move. Scorpios? Anyone care to chime in, here?

Scorpio Moon? What’s your message?

No need to hit them. Most oftentimes, I’ve found it to be a cool chick-a-boom hip to their hip when they get in close after I haven’t moved and they’ve closed the distance expecting me to move, that sends them flying… for another chance to think about what they are doing.


Inspect what you inspect. ~ unknown

Scorpio Moon Mantra or Rantra?

Inspect Your Expectations. This goes into the actionable qualities behind the simple talent of awareness, talents being innate, and abilities being the same though conscientiously developed into abilities. Vast abilities. Innate talents aren’t worthless. They have value. Though, they are simply not useful treasure until developed into abilities.

Response vs Reaction

Some people rile up further at intensity. That’s typically acting out, unresolved traumas speaking. Parts talking. Psychological Projection or Projective Identity. Neither of those modes tend to level out and acclimate to intensities.

Is someone

under the spell of psychological projection, or projective identity? That may be a top-heavy hit to you. I’m not a Psychologist, though I’m qualified for life, qualified to speak, though I’m not a Psychology professional. Are you qualified for life?

Nature’s Natural Intensity Is Also Yours

Hmmm. That’s too bad either way that they don’t feel Nature, don’t feel themselves with an awareness conducive to…

It’s a Fucking Scorpio Full Moon

No ‘ ! ‘ needed, implied here.  Scorpios tend to live a live where the ‘ ! ‘ is the baseline, their normal.

Under the Scorpio Full Moon

NOW, is a time to Class 5 rapids run your own river and slip the rocks for a consummate survey of your flow, honestly. Honestly. Bye Bye shame and guilt. Scorpios don’t apologize for themselves. I feel that’s a wonderful quality that they don’t. Do you?


For the Scorpio, most likely, honesty is not an issue, and most often is simply matter of fact AND intense as well. They tend to have almost 100% uncut personlaities. 100% of anything is undiluted = naturally intense. You may have to dose, though full-on engagement is much mo’ betta metta. Can you be present with yourself so intensely accurately that… well, your intensities are YOUR normal, where your foundation is something strong to build on? Foundation like the Rock of Gibraltar unmoved by the stormy sea?

ImaginAction Asks

What cornerstone do you have in your life that you consistently brace against?

Baseball n More

And, well, from the previous dood, that’s what 3-strikes-and-you’re-out in baseball is about. Whole other story. Stay with me, here.

Track through the images below for a divination sketch problem of visual individuation experience to get into a meditation for Your Scorpio Full Moon Experience.

Feel free to not take yourself so seriously, and consequently release yourself to flow more intensely in your natural way. What can you discover about yourself watching the segues from The Tower through…

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An Awakening with new energies directly placed and emanating?

It’s not violence when you slip someone’s movement and they slam into a wall. It’s almost like they thought hitting the wall was a good idea. Heck, did they think I would think that them hitting me was anything other than a bonehead idea? Shaking head. No, I wouldn’t think that a good idea. Not then. Not now. Maybe they figured that out by now? That’s not a Scorpionic Full Moon Gig, though. This time is about YOUR intensities tuned up and amplified to sync you up into being comfortable with yourself… AT the level of your natural intensities.

Violence is never the answer. Though, when I smilingly slip to move out of the way at the last moment, then they slam at full speed into something other than me? That isn’t violence. That’s them not being a very good driver. Gotta shift-n-corner bay-be, and when they hit the turn in the wrong gear… OOPS. Oops is all I have to say when they careen into the wall. That’s all them. That’s all on them. Scorpio Full Moon point, here? Yes:

Do Not Allow Your Intensities To Be Interrupted. They Are Yours. Wield them Naturally. Yup, may take some practice, though aren’t they yours? Worth it? I suggest yes. I suggest, invest in yourself. I hear it lasts a lifetime. Especially Now, under the Scorpio Full Moon, invest in yourself. Invest in ownership of your intensities. They may be what most makes you, You.

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Well, I have one more thing to say.“If I went to your country, I would want to get to know the people better regardless of whether or not I agreed with their worship or them calling their deity by a different name than the one I believe in.” Please visit Jolie’s Attic for that. Frankly, it inspired this Rantra, inspired this. Thank you, Jolie.

… and Karen for Rantra!

Scorpionic Poetry

First off. Common! Isn’t Scorpionic Poetry redundant as Scorps are oftentimes naturally poetic by nature, like a Full Moon moves the ocean kind of naturally poetic? ‘Nuff said.

Your Nature Is Important

Poetry and accord of respect and empathy for other people in the face of a bully, and/or simply facing intensity… Are YOU you your most intense adversary, creating YOU own Civil War? There’s more than something in that. It’s more than common. Remember, that when behaviors are less than tolerable, they are not to be ignored… as both cheeks have already been turned… especially your own behaviors towards yourself.

I suggest

… for internal Civil Wars… I suggest to listen to The Civil Wars, as they had they’re own. You can feel it, and you can also feel the life in their lives lived through it.

Scorpio Full Moon Cast

Under this Scorpio Full Moon may I suggest you disarm yourself to yourself though no other for just a cycle?  Can you discern yourself and your own intensities and your presence with them more fully than you ever have? And, as they are yours, your natural Nature, how can you live them into your life in your most intense way for your own good?

Under The Scorpio Moon?

How Are You More Intensely You?

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Under This Scorpio Full Moon

May You Speak to Yourself This Intimately

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docxImaginAction

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