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Home Without a Home Is Still Home

Home Without a Home Is Still Home

Re-Homing While Never Having Felt So At Home

This post is also available as a podcast it you’d rather listen on the fly than read. Do note that a sense of humor is required. Anchor does a pretty solid job on automatic text to voice, though at the same time I recommend not to believe everything you hear or think.

Fall In Love

Fall in love with the masterpieces, and also with the paint on the(ir) floor.

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Is home where you hang your hat? Yup, and home is also where you WEAR your hat. I love the process of things. Love not wasting trouble. Love being the eye in my own storm, and when the shit hits the fan being even more calm and present. I also love making diamonds out of misfortune.

You see, I have good times, and not-wasting-trouble times. Sometimes a mix of both. And, I of course have troubles, though with my “always complete, never finished, lifelong” attitude… all that tends to simply enhance my decision making these days… fleshes out the Architecture of My Well-Being more. I don’t always agree with Walt Disney’s process of mining the Unconscious Playground, though his process is not mine to agree or disagree with. It was his process not mine. I don’t get any say in that. I do full-on resonate, though, with his, “Worry is a waste of imagination.” It is. It’s like diet avoidance. When you worry, you don’t even have to get around to the avoidance part. One just freezes. DAYum does that put the PRO in PROcrastinator. Un uh. Not for me. I’d rather experience it all. The good, the bad, the… all of it.

When one focuses too much on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in their fellows, they make an opening in the heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. The sacred sword, sharp and bright, allows no opening for maliciousness to enter, no place for it to roost.

~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido. From “The Art of Peace”

Yup, worry, along with general shame prior to anything having happened to be ashamed of are two of my fave top candidates for things in life that need to be made to walk the plank. Dun nuh. The sharks must be fed! Oh, add anxiety to that list. Things are good in threes, the 1st self-supporting structural shape, the 1st number of beauty. So, lets magnetize the bs iron filing chatter of anxiety into this grouping. I did this years ago. You know what, though. I’m glad I don’t get tired of the re-run. I take the moment or several if they arise, less and less these days, to dial in and raise the sword and WALK! Walk that plank. You know your job is to be shark food. Go on. Git now! Jumpy Jumpy Yummy Yummy. I bless the times when you 3 don’t exist. Amen.

… and, some recent images along this past chapter… as I move to Taos, and also Bobcat Pass above Red River. Love that sitting on my cabin couch in Bobcat Pass, the elevation is 9,900 on the dot. Love 9s.

‘Until’ is Non-Existent

I was standing in line waiting to order a Very Berry blueberry smoothie at CiCi’s before setting up my rig, and a woman leaned over and, “My My this LINE and WAIT is an exercise in patience.” I just turned and calmly looked at her, though most likely pursed my lips. I held the gaze. Finally, she repeated herself. I smiled and, “Oh, I heard you the 1st time, though I had to call an inner intermission before I spoke. You see, I don’t have patience, at all. I made it walk the plank along with shame. I’m allergic to boredom, so lines and waits like this just give me more time to work on what I was working on already as I walked around. You know? The walk and chew gum thing. This is much more focused.” She was evidently quizzed, and she surprised me. You saw her shoulders drop, and a relaxed feel cascade through her. Her husband leaned over her shoulder, “Honey, looks like he helped you finally get here to our vacation.” She beamed and her hand went up to his cheek as she looked at me and, “Thank you. What a wonderful attitude that is. I think I’ll try it.”

You can also utilize this attitude, this mode of being to protect yourself from having to be protected. No reason to have your Working Walks interrupted by some petty thief. Heck, carry a practical joke if you have pets. Example? Like this woman. Love this!

So, I walked

So, I received my Very Berry smoothie healthy hydration dose from CiCi’s and walked about 50 feet down to…

… set up my rig on the John Dunn Plaza Shops Plaza, with (proper) signage arriving late tomorrow. If you’re in Taos, and it’s not raining, I just might be there. Stop by and get a Tarot reading for the Architecture of Your Well-Being and/or chat. Gandhi and Daniel Cortes WOW-tasting ‘Bomb Street’ food cart is right across from me, as is also the Bent Street Cafe just across the way. They squeeze fresh juice each day when they are there — Tuesdays through Saturdays I think. I’m right in front of Op. Citi. Books, and the Seconds Eco Store is mid-plaza. I recommend all of them.

Manana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow

It’s Taos, though. And, it’s a New Mexico thing. Manana doesn’t mean tomorrow. It just means ‘not right now.’ 🙂 It’s a place of serendipities and synchronicities. Actually, that is not true. I’m simply resonant to listen now, and experience thongs, so that is true for me. You might bring your anxiety, and then find everything I said to be wholly untrue. And, you’d be right. You could prove to yourself that wallowing in self-created misery is the logical thing to do. Only except there’s no heart of the matter in that. Those two special Ss, serendipity and synchronicity, are always there when you have dialed out of the Class 5 Rapids chatter of any given news feed so you can be present. How do you take time to do that for yourself?

Example. Big Flash Flood Warning Storm in Bobcat Pass/ Red River today. Power blipped, never staying on for more than 2-3 minutes. Is what it is. I dropped off my devices and picked up a pen and opened my phone flashlight and pulled the candle near if I needed to light that. COOL! ‘Cause THEN the power really went out. The whole area. Hours. Before it got dark I went outside and flipped the main breaker Off, then back on. That way service would be restored whenever the transformer or whatever popped up or down the line was fixed was back in working condition.

No fridge noise. No Sat TV box hum. No hum of the lights. And, at 9,900 feet in a cabin? That’s even MORE bliss. Fortunately, I didn’t have Zoom appointments with clients, so I took the blissful opportunity, lied down on the couch, and enjoyed the silence. The Silence was so present, so full, so full of inspiration that was comfortable simply energizing me with no words whatsoever. Only the action of lying down in this Inner World mid-air refueling gas station. Hmmm, I might turn the power off once a week now to facilitate a meditation of communion with what my ancestors felt looking at the night sky 10,000 years ago, just looking at the night sky within. Or, lol, just head to Chaco Canyon at night.

Present. The Present. To Present.

What is the present anyway? How does it present?

Well, I call it The Perpetual Present, the confluence of past memories with future dreams all flowing together to create this living being within the heart of the matter of each of us called the present. Jung called it The Eternal Moment, though I didn’t discover him until 1991. My Perpetual Present dropped from me for me in 1988 or ‘89, so I’ll stick with mine. Plus, I’m a sucker for alliteration. Plus, what are YOUR gigs. No need to validate your original stuff with historical friends or Mentor/Tormentor parents, or anyone but yourself for that matter. Heck, validation is for parking. What’s YOUR present. How do YOU own your present and not waste trouble. What’s your solution-oriented way?

Heck, in regards to the chatter… over 100 years ago… Mark Twain, If you dont read the paper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed. Not much has changed, just an added density to the intensity of the experience of chaff in the wind. Personally, I can’t bake bread with chaff, Since it doesn’t nourish the heart of the matter and only fills the trash can, I don’t tend to allow it. The word “DUCK” can occur as many times as needed.

I Say, ‘Don’t believe. Have a Deep and Personal Knowing.’

To which I will add… Don’t believe everything you think. Who said that? 🙂 Go take a several-second field trip to kneel at the Google Oracle and find out. In so doing you might serendipitously stumble onto something YOU resonate with as well.

Several weeks ago, someone sat down and leaned in and blasted out, “I don’t believe in all this Tarot jumbo jumbo!” I smiled, “Why are you sitting in the real estate of my chair then. You can pay with cash or credit card through this little magical Square thingee.” “(????)” from them. No, you don’t get it! I don’t believe in this stuff. At all.” I smile, “Excellent. That makes two of us. I don’t believe in this stuff or Psychology any more than I believe in my range or fridge in my kitchen.” (???) “Well, then how do you have any integrity here?!” ….

“You’re funny all hopped up like that. Your face makes all these weird contortions. Are you aware of that? Looks uncomfortable. Though, to answer your question… I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology any more than I believe in Psychology or my range or fridge in my kitchen. BUT, I use them all every day to nourish myself. How do you daily nourish yourself?” … “How much you charge again?”

And, they are a client now, repeat. That’s one example of how you don’t waste trouble. You don’t waste trouble by either engaging it or by taking shelter. In this case, calm and interested engagement. It’s the action that counts. The intention is over-rated. It’s more important the way something comes across.

Blind Spots? They’re Not Invisible When You Inspect What You Expect. Weed Them, Too.

Regardless of your intention… when you inspect what you expect… How does your present come across?

From what I see… personally, when I set out on my journeys with my Bear and Turtle… Wowwwww. Look what landed right near my feet on the John Dunn Plaza 2 weeks ago. I won’t identify it as a Golden Eagle or Bald Eagle secondary wing feather as… “Illegal to own it? Right, Sir. Though, I don’t own this. I simply have it. It needs to stay in Nature out here and not in some dusty drawer.”

I’ll find a place in Taos, though for now, I’ve never felt so at home in my life anywhere. Love the 2 components of that. Home within more than ever, simply looking for a lease and keys about.

How can you not waste trouble, own, and bring things to resolution?

How does the present present to you?

“The Architecture of Well-Being” is a system trademarked by Jordan Hoggard (TM) 2020

Blog (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard


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Blog By Comment ~ IX The Hermit & Holly’s Resonance

Blog By Comment ~ IX The Hermit & Holly’s Resonance

Jordan Hoggard As inspired by Holly Troy’s Figuring Out the Flow on her Cosmic Holly site..

Ohhhhhh, the synchronicity. First off, I bow in reverence to your accolade. Thank you, Holly.

It’s relatively confirmed now that I had Covid in late January/early February. The fluid in the lungs, the lying on my stomach for 3 days to hang my lungs to be able to force gasps of air in. The 3rd day, where severely weakened I would try to half-plank up on my elbows, rest of body down the floor, and coordinate quick push-up drops to slam my lungs open to gulp a gasp of air. The 2 weeks after feeling sluggish like I had been hit by a truck, and 3 weeks later, not back to anywhere near 100%, it came to me that something wasn’t right. WIth my health. WIth my primary source of income. I scheduled a sizable battery of blood tests. Liver testing, heart, lungs, etc, etc. 22 vials of blood. I smiled just now going, DOOD, Tarot Blood Tests! Shaking head. What came out of that? My Lymes antibodies from 4 years ago were almost gone, and I had a B12 deficiency. So, I picked up B12, Rosemary Supreme, COQ10, and Oregano oil capsules. I opened out of a 5-year Tarot and Astrology radio silence. 30 days later, the 3/19 shutdown happened. I wonder if B12 Would help higher energy to run the tach up to downshift to your new fall pace?

ConGRATS on the Telecaster! SaWEET.

And, from what I hear and see and feel from especially this post and even moreso from your paintings you’ve shared… — Thank you by the way —. I see 8 Primary Eyes in them. Spider. Mother of the Universe energy? Empress, the Yoniverse from which all emanates. Your tone sounds Rx — Retrograde — and hearing the deep bassy chords of that voice resonate in the gut, it feels that like an Rx larger planet, you yourself resonate as Rx. Planted. Emanating. And, impatient as hell as you are driven, future-driven, and actionable.

What came to me recently is a similar “over the last year” quality of I cannot turn back, and further in March decided to protect the freshly born ImaginAction like a parent does a newborn. What came to me last month was, “maybe my life’s not about to fall apart in this mess I am experiencing. Maybe I am simply not used to it falling together so synchronously.” Adjustment and adaptability later inspecting my expectations rather than going with the tried and true of what I know…. I’ve almost live a year in the last 3 weeks. And, what a grand year.

Bob Place — The Alchemical Tarot — told me a great story about The Hermit at Readers Studio 2009 about his intent on The Hermit seeing his own footsteps in his Hermit card Image. I will expand that here into a meditation for you: Visualize The Hermit, in the darkness. He takes his 1st to steps over the threshold, initiating himself into this cycle. He stands there in the mud, feet side by side. He balances. He syncs. We steps forward into the unknown. Now, Rip Van Winkle sleep The Hermit’s cycle. He goes around the world. And, one night he comes to a place that feels like a place of Sacred Power. The sky is cloudy. The stars, eclipsed by the clouds, and there is no moon. Darkness. He feels what he feels, though, and listens, though fully blind. He sits. Sleeps. And, in the morning when he opens his eyes to the light he looks over wondering ‘what place of power could stop my cycle like that?’ He rolls over and up sitting to look in the direction he was going when he reverently stopped the night before. He looks down. Before him are two footprints. They are his from his start. Now, though, they are not squishy in mud. Their space has cured in the hardened earth. They are foot-shaped-negative space cornerstones PTO brace against. He steps into his own footsteps as if Shoes of the Earth gifted by his own Nature left to cure properly. His whole body cascades in ablution tingles As he steps into his own steps. His being vibrates in resonance as he steps out of them to stand in front of them. He protects and cherishes his past. Though, now? Now, he pauses as you have. He pauses to listen. ‘Certainly, this is the way. For things that cannot be certainly now are.”

You, Holly, are a Hermit with a Telecaster. From what I know of you, I’d say that’s like the Dalai Lama with a 20-piece Tama double-base kit. Or, Terri Bozzio in a pinch. 🙂

Kudos to your paintings making their way around the world. I hope you travel to places they haven’t, and they simply send you postcards from places they have. It sounds like you are walking and driving differently. Have adapted. Have grieved differently. Heck, we all grieve differently, and differently each time, though you… you sound like you’re listening clearly. It’s Fall, and the wind whispers as it nods in reverence, “go you. you hear us. go you, Holly. go you.”

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings

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Give the Kids the MBTI Early

To Give Children the MBTI or Not

Age restrictions on the MBTI? Ha! 

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. (and Women)

~ Frederick Douglass

And, I will add: Adults need therapy to inspect their expectations. Children simply need healthy formatives, of which the over-generalization and apt though at the same time vague MBTI can be a solid tool for self-awareness. Why wait until adulthood to Know Thyself. If one starts with that in childhood, the lifelong pursuit of Self-clarity Is an FICP — Functionally-Interrelated-Component-Part — one of many.

I find it relatively farcical to shield children from most anything. What of times of war or famine or plague or… penademic? Children oftentimes function with more curiosity and wonderment than the I’d-rather-not-see-that denial of many adults.

Frankly, hand them the MBTI with, “Hey, try this and let me know how it feels to you.” I gather children’s responses might expand and desiccate and condense the MBTI to be something more than an average of averages. Heck, they might even evolve it into the Both~And of its powerful potential rather than its current Either/Or that expresses its less than powerful limits.

The MBTI is Simply One of Many Tools

The MBTI is simply one of many tools. And, just because one has a hammer in hand does not mean to only go around looking for nails.

Oh, and by the way, Jung was not raptured into enlightenment by a demon. It was a Daemon. There’s a difference.

Children are not mature enough for the MBTI? Shaking head. Maybe the MBTI is not evolved enough for them to resonate as being a natural expression. When I uncloak that veiled statement, it sounds like people who are adverse to give children the MBTI are saying maturity is really simply admonishing children for being honest to supplant the learned mirages and blind spots of Adulthood.

Yellow Car Syndrome

I have a concept. It’s called Yellow Car Syndrome. In 2005 when I went to buy a brand new car I decided to let serendipity take the reins and I dispensed with all the education from Consumer Reports I had. It was time to let the mind forget as the body remembered. Time to dance so to speak. Now, you know what you need to. Go buy a car.

There were ZERO yellow cars on the road to the dealership. Not one. I would swear to that under oath. I walk in the showroom? There’s this bright, sunflower yellow Euro-trash looking car. I had wanted something bigger, though there it was. 3 steps in, “I’ll take it!” An hour later after paperwork, I drove it off the lot. There must have been 50 yellow cars on the road in the 20+ mile trek back home. Point being, until I saw the yellow car, I was incapable of seeing it. Same with MBTI. Give it to them early. They’ll play with it and basically evolve with their own, personal, yellow car syllabus. By adulthood their personality won;t be a limiting thing needing therapy. It may very well be… the next Carl Gustavo Jung, Julia Morgan, or William Blake or My Friend Fred (Nietzche). Or better. Anais Nin.

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin 

If knowledge is power, give them power early. Maybe by the time they are adults it won’t be a greed thing but a Self-Sovereignty thing where they are strong enough to be able to be gentle. You know, better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war.

In Closing

Water conforms to its cup. I see no reason not to give children healthy, Self-awareness tools early and often. Seems to me the unconscious is more powerful than to be bullied by the MBTI. Heck, it will simply become another yellow bucket and blue shovel for them to play with towards…

Know Thyself, and You Will Know the Universe.

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings coming soon…

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment: What You Are Comes to You

Blog By Comment

Blog By Comment is a blog technique I sometimes utilize when someone else’s blog post inspires me and/or strikes a chord to resonate, and my comment in itself is basically an unpublished blog if I notice and allow it to be. I find that to be an important allowing, the noticing of the value you share When you connect. And, with Blog By Comment, the post that inspired me, and that I embraced by sharing here, can potentially do the same for others. In one sense these Blog By Comment posts are postcards sent from my Serendipity Itinerary blog travels.

Today’s Blog By Comment Is Inspired by a quote on Theresa’s Soul Gatherings site

“What You Are Comes to You”

What you are comes to you.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really resonate with that, especially from a Brainspotting Therapy perspective. As you come into readiness to look into aspects of trauma with your Psychologist and/or yourself, and you center, and sync with the gravity/magnetism of what you are looking to address, that action of focus and sync feels to dial out a blip on your overall radar inside. Most often, if not in that same session the Part will present itself, walk right in, or peek around a corner, or….. It may be several sessions later (sometimes much much longer). When the Part that IS and has been living that fresh trauma inside you, when you focus with it to address it and zero-talk and over-listen whole-being style, it walks right in through the portal of your gaze from the perspective of the magnetic What you are comes to you. They gravitate back to you, and most often not like dino-killing asteroids in the Yucatan. More of yourself returns as each Part re-surfaces into the scene of your session.

I can view the whole Parts scene as the multi-facets of many personalities, one or several modes from each Part, though that would still be the Inner Child. There isn’t only one Inner Child from my perspective. They are often referred to as Basement Children in Brainspotting that are hidden or hid themselves away. There’s one, at least one, for each and every trauma that peeled them off to be hidden away unconsciously… OR that THEY peeled off from you at some point to relieve you pressure from overload. Those that peeled off? It feels like that’s the impetus of Shadow Work and Soul Retrieval work, though I shake my head No from my perspective to 2 of those. No Inner Child. No Soul Retrieval. ALL Shadow work, calling from the shadows. Brainspotting is all of that and more. And, when you get down to it, I almost didn’t believe it when the 1st several integrated. Done. I had been dosed with more Me. And, to make this particular paragraph even a little too much longer. Behaviorism? Behavior Modification? Pffsss. Not. B.F. Skinner can stick to torture techniques for the CIA where his true abilities lived. Behavior modification to me as a gardener is like taking a pair of scissors to weeds and stepping back to say, WOW, now THAT looks great. Sure. In a temporary relief way. In Brainspotting, that which was causing the behavior in the 1st place transforms into a message that it literally conveys to you before it dissolves to go back and live in you as more energy where it is naturally at home… probably from where it was kidnapped by the trauma in the 1st place. Maybe not in extreme or psychotic scenarios… though, I bet the jury is still out on that one until Psychiatry is made illegal because they medicate before they investigate. The Psychologist have it right. Work with what you have. And, I’ll personally say there’s a lotta goody hidden in the inner infinities of the Psyche.

You know, there really wasn;t a reason to break up the above paragraph. Sometime’s, Can I have a box for that? Leftovers anyone?

There Is A Whole Process

There is a whole process, sometimes instant, sometimes several or many sessions long. Not to embrace the Part, though for the Part to re-embrace you as you are now — it’s been incarcerated and/or living in the world of the trauma that created it, and you and the trauma that created it as a Part are all it knows. And, when that happens, that re-embrace, where You Now and the Part (from then) sync in reciprocality, the Part integrates, and/or begins to integrate. Most likely with no more words. None of that what do you think/feel/etc about that? Talk Therapy jumbo jumbo. There’s talk for sure, though that’s not the driver In Brainspotting. You are the driver, and meeting up with your traumas and Parts is the winding road. Sometimes the road is a flat-out foot-to-the-floor straightaway. Sometimes the road is a hair pin turn. Sometimes dead ends present themselves for you to discover other treasures. And, engaging trauma and integrating it seamlessly is the goal of Brainspotting — at least it was/is for me. Talk is often just more head chatter explosive flack being shot up in the air from the battleship of your EXPECTATIONS — Inspect what you expect. To engage and embrace your trauma. There is great stuff there when you face things.

Talk already occurred, or did not, during the session towards the invitation for the re-meeting of a Part and the trauma(s) that formed it, towards the reunion with the Part. And, as a Part integrates and the ablution cascade of tingles washes through a particular place in your body or your whole body, What you are now larger and more of yourself has come[-s] to you.

Thank you, Theresa. It was a solid experience to have that perspective strike a chord that resonated with Brainspotting from your post of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s What you are comes to you.

How Has What You Are Come To You?

“Reflections” (c) 2009 Jordan Hoggard

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To Sync With Heat

Blog By Comment Exercise

Inspired by Melting Conditions on Anita Dawes & Jane Marie ~ Authors site And having butterflies on the mind from Emerge on Michael Steven Wills Photography site over the recent days. Plus, there’s a corresponding foundation here in a quote that Theresa of Soul Gatherings posted with this quote:

Each day comes bearing its own gifts.
Untie the ribbons.

~ Ruth Ann Schabacker ~
Oil (c) 1995 Jordan Hoggard

Butterfly At Rest

When the temperatures rise so to speak, I envision, “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. ~ Malay Proverb,” and in Empathic Silence weather and adapt and adjust ever so slightly. And, when it gets TOO hot, like in weather temperature. I drink a cayenne-infused tea or eat a jalapeño. It jump-starts my body to sweat, and my natural cooling system with the evaporation of that gets a corresponding jump-start. So, heat with heat.

Rather than battling it, I sync up and join it. I don’t join it to make it go away. I join it to enhance and reinforce and strengthen me getting back to punching the keys and writing and living from a wholly new and experiential place. Nature can inform our mode this way, or of course can be ignored and instead drown in the intensities, or simply be miserable and sit there and Ghandi it out… or whine and moan and bitch so we feel like we’re at least dong something. Why always do something? What about rest AS doing something? The refuel and re-tune of rest, of meditation, of Mindfulness… of simply the experience immersed in and with long-form Master Violinist Bow Bindu Breaths. That is an action as well.

This mode of sync, to find and abduce or draw out or discover messages of workability, especially in intense situations/experiences, comes from my concept of, Don’t waste trouble. It certainly does suck intensely at times. Though, especially in times that try us to the brink, I find that when I take this route, the gifts of messages are felt and seen more clearly in very usable ways. Each experience births a discovery. As one unties the ribbons of each experience and opens, potential treasures, gifts rise up into and with and directly from the intensities. And,

Beautifully Both-And, 
the pulse 
of the beat 
of the heart of the matter 
becomes clearly evident 
Becomes as clearly evident intensely 
as intensely as a tiger eating, 
though more like a butterfly,
on a flower, 
at rest.

Amen/Awomen/Aeveryone-in-between. All, each, ourself.

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ImaginAction (c) 2008 – 2020 Jordan Hoggard

About ImaginAction

ImaginAction is pain free, effective Self help. The lazy student’s fast track to great results. No wordy waffle to wade through, just beautiful pools of colour to sink into… Portals into the greatest story ever told. No! Not that one! An even better one! Your story! A discovery of who you are, of who you can be when you claim your own power.

~ Eda Ryven

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