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What Cornerstone In Life Do You Brace Against?

As If

I’ve lived my life as if my life depended on it, in the perpetual present. I value my experiences, regardless. They have all together brought me to where I am now. No regrets. No mistakes. All OFLs.

My mistakes are all OFLs.

Every. Single. One. They each contributed to where I’ve arrived today.


The greatest fear for success should not be failure. It should Be succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.

~ Francis Chan

Proceed as if success is inevitable.

~ Unknown

My process of being naturally comfortable with the not-knowing while getting things done? Maybe it’s due to having almost died on the mountain once, twice, three times? Maybe, it’s also due to a life of welcoming experience over worry. I become more connected to Self and Others, and feel more strongly, feel more clearly the older I get.

And, not by a numbing where I just ignore intense gigs because my awareness or boundaries have eroded, or I’ve simply become accustomed to them Where the blush is off the rose. In fact I notice that I respond or don’t more now.  I can also thank taking the long road home with 3+ years of bi-weekly Brainspotting in my late 40s certainly didn’t hurt.

Someone Recently Asked

I love that someone recently asked me about my 5+ year radio silence. DOOD, what DID you do. you’re so clear now like you really love what you’re dong, AND we can all share in that as well. You were brilliant before, though at times hard to follow as you’d paint the WHOLE picture at once. Yup, YOU just saw it and felt it, though keeping up with your revs and where you were going was exhausting, and actually almost impossible. Your simple steps were leaps of faith for me, and I’m no Evil Knievel. Understood, you were thinking and feeling out loud, though now I’m resonating with what you’re doing, clearly! Glad to have you back! And, more so, glad you have a more aware clarity of what you are doing in a way you can express it to us! Thank you!

I’ve lived my life as if my life depended on it, as those 3 times it certainly did.

The 3rd One

On the 3rd one — a short time after, me still swimming in the experience still wet behind the ears so to speak from it  — i paused. I felt something stir deep within me that rose to the surface like Poseidon rising up through my Natal 10th House Neptune Mercury conjunction. My head popped up as if a long lost friend suddenly appeared as if to continue a conversation interrupted years ago.

Yes?, I asked. The message response coming back…

Yes. Yes, indeed, Jordan. Yes, keep that. It’s yours.

When? October 1999. Where? Mt Democrat, a 14er near Breckinridge, CO. I kept the triangular piece of basalt I found when sitting on the backside cornice over the scree field when Sand-aiding my cuts — like Bandaids, except with sand — kept it in my pocket daily for 5 years.

And, a Wonderful Person

And, a wonderful person heard the story, and the cloister experience of near death and opening to it to live that I had on the mountain. And, about my rock I carried in my pocket for 5 years, both Linus Blanket and sacred talisman. She asked, Will you entrust your memory rock to me for a while? No certainty of timeframe, open ended, simply entrust it to me for a while? I will of course take very good care of it. Your story inspired an idea, a grand one really. Will you send it to me to hold for you for a while? I feel it has inspired me to grow something for you in my Soul Garden.

My watercolor paintings put with what I received are from my Constructing the Center series from 1993-1995. I found my rock on the top of Mt Democrat in 1999. Sent my rock to her in early summer 2009. And, late summer 2009, a curious box arrived via UPS.Why does this feel so important? Hey, you’re on the covered porch in this turn-of-the-century bungalow house you live in. Though, come in fully. Come in out of the rain. It wasn’t raining. This intensely pivotal experience had started.

Return, Re-Surfacing

My rock had been returned as she expressed it would, though differently. Something else was re-surfacing. A card wonderfully penned, deckled edge card lay on top of red silk, Lilac-Carmine-touch of Carmenere red silk. On it, deceptively simply words…

Yes! This had not simply been a Nanny over the summer for my rock, or a field trip for it, or for me to release it to more fully open. I opened the box. No annoying packing peanuts. Packaging of sheer Carmenere-Lilac silk. on top of red silk, Lilac-Carmine-touch of Carmenere red silk. On Top of the silk lay a deckled edge 140-pound watercolor card. No envelope, pre-opened. Simply the card. Wonderfully penned with care and attention and flow were these words

Your story inspired an idea, a grand one really.

Enjoy the unfolding.


Lifting the folds open carefully, lovingly lifting, undulating in a slow kelping rhythm of unfolding sacred treasure. Unfolding, one discovery-strata of silk fold after another. Unfolding. Kelping, unfolding. And, revealing…

There it was!

My Eyebrows Lifted

My eyebrows lifted to give room to my brightening eyes’ amazement. I may have well knocked a portal through the ceiling in my office to provide room for what was happening. There It was. My rock. My equilateral triangle, basalt talisman rock. Though, it came home, RIDING it’s own home! It now lived as the centerpiece talisman on an amazing wand!

I have such gratitude for that moment. Such gratitude. I cherish that experience. I cherish the 2-way street of not-knowing and courage that led to it. I cherish what it means for someone to reach out like that. I cherish that my experience inspired another. I cherish my not-knowing And a courage to let go of the Linus Blanket of my basalt talisman… and send it, like sending it off to finishing school.

To Put It Lightly

To put it lightly, I’ll tell ya, I sent it after quite a bit of internal tug-o-war.

In letting go, the past transcended past what I typically consider being way beyond My levels of acceptable risk. They’re high in the 1st place, though I Fooled from start to finish, as did she. I trusted that the ground would rise up to support my every step in unknown territory, trusted her at her word and trusted the not-knowing.

The Internal Civil War Ended

The internal civil war ended when a thought-feeling washed over me. I wasn’t letting go of my basalt talisman. I wasn’t letting go of one of the most intense experiences of my life. The experience was finally integrating, and sending of my rock was an Initiation. I wasn’t letting go of my rock. I was sending it to a Master Soul Gardener, to naturalize it in its own Soul Garden of a wand.

Though, no

Though, no amount of wisdom or foresight or clarity of vision Or prescience or prescient remembrance would have ever prepared me for what was lovingly nestled in the soil folds inside that sacred, cardboard geode box.

What Happened?

What happened? Beyond my wildest dreams is what happened. Something happened that I neither expected nor could have fathomed. What happened I cherish to this day, gather I always will. What happened was beyond sending my rock. What happened was I received, fully. I received, and opened more than just that cardboard geode that arrived on my doorstep.

I lifted my rock, now fully alive and living on a wonderful and majestic and powerful wand from the geode seed of its box. I lifted it from the grand idea that had occurred prior to its creation, prior to its creation, prior to its making, prior to its growing its soul out of another’s Soul Garden. Now, it lived, embraced in my hands. Now, it was my turn to get on my way right there with my own Soul Garden Ally right there in my hands in my Soul Garden.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put the foundations under them.

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

What Cornerstone

What cornerstone in life do you brace against?

What cornerstone in life do you brace against to build and place the foundations up to support the castles of your dreams built way up there?

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Sacred. Numbers All Are

Inspired by Christina Schmidt, MA’s blog post:

I love that Wyrd brought up the triplets, especially here with Christina being a Four kinda person. Quarter note triplets in 2 versus 3 is a pretty beautiful cadence.

I Especially Love

I especially love that you brought it up, as the architect in me nodded at the 3 when I first saw this series, though it was as engaging as a prayerful breath, as I moved right along. I nodded as 3 is the 1st number associated with beauty. Once 3’s, then 2 is also beautiful as a paring or coupling, and 1 as identity.

3’s. III The Empress. XII The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is The Emperor’s son.

There’s a potential seed for rockin’ conversation about numbers and numerology here for 1 through 9 + 0. (As a concept rather than a number). I feel 9 is the most dynamic number, as it folds over itself, the only number to do so, and it is formed of 3-squared. 3 is then a seed of 9, dosing itself with more of itself as 3-square to POOF, become 9. 9 folds over itself? What are you saying, Jordan?

Let’s Look

Look at the 9’s multiplication table:
09:18:27:36:45::54:63:72:81:90. It’s a mirror, like 10 fingers sharing a pinky to fold over together in a namaste or prayer gesture: Also, the color for 9, the Nin kanji in Ninjitsu Shadow meditation, indicative of the Tao, is White. Community of all colors in harmony, the dynamic place to go of the One Point, or Hara… and then back to yellow at 1 with Chu Kanji.

  • Ace of Cups

The Four

And, the Four? Oh yeah from what I see that fits you, Christina. Four is the first number of place, of empire, of foundation, IV Emperor in Tarot, Four Corners, Four Winds. Foreplay to pun it. XIII Death as 13 is also a 4. Are your Tarot Birth Cards Death~Emperor? Or, High Priestess~Justice?

I resonate that the expressions of the meanings of numbers go on and on like pi… 3.1415629 etc etc etc. Pi. One of the EverReady Bunnies of numbers. 22/7 (or, is there another expression of Pi? … hmmmm)

Rather than going into my 1 through 9 as I’ve written about it almost too extensively to yet be concise, to have been concise, and somehow now I am again in the place of the repeating number ellipses NOT being able to be concise about numbers…

I’ll simply share these 4 videos as an Ode to Christina’s 4-Ness-ness. 3 videos mine + 1 Cristobal Vila… which I have to say is MO’ BETTA than mine. Not a judgment or personal slam on me from me. He simply WENT places with it that I full-on resonate with, full-on EXPRESSED it without words.

3’s: 0m 59sec

4’s: 0m 59sec

9’s: 1m 51sec

The Nature of Numbers: 3m 43sec

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Quite A Quotable Quaternity

Quite A Quotable Quaternity

Every so often I come across STUNNING and wondrous words and images and et al, and feel it’s my responsibility to share them to contribute my part in them reaching the expanses they deserve.

Today, as I was reading Philip Edward’s blog post, it happened again. 4 words. 4 shining and magically magnetic words. 4. That’s it. 4 words. And those 4 words just went places for me! That’s it. 4 words. I dig that ‘No’ or ‘Yes can each be a complete sentence. Though here, today, I have a 1st. A whole blog post comprised of four words:


Our antiquity is animated!

~ Philip Edwards


Where do Philip’s 4 words take you?

How far do they expand?

How far can they expand if shared?

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Don’t get too absorbed.

Saturate Ablution Instead.

Don’t get too absorbed in your emotions, stay self-aware and observe your emotions calmly.

In a nodding and silent yes, I breathe-feel out a prayer, … and, while you are observing, while you dwell in your promontory of Self quietitude, breathing deeply as your awareness amplifies, …may you meet and congregate fully with your emotions, you as their leader, … nodding… no reason to allow your emotions to dictate how you feel… no reasons for your emotions to speak for you… as the emotions’ jobs of messaging Your feelings cascades to a fullness of how you hold yourself in high regard… And you speak for yourself after being informed by your Wise Inner Counsel, you yourself become your promontory as you simply gaze out, Nature incarnate

IN and AS You yourself present.

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Hauntingly Beautiful

Hauntingly Beautiful.

I am SO not disturbed by this. Instead. I have tingles and Yesses. Yes, Disturbed is simply a wonderful band name, And his bio sometimes alludes to it psychologically in so many words, and his voice is SO developed. SO many ins and outs of vocal techniques in seamless segues of execution. Especially, on this one. I am a huge Disturbed fan, though I was PLUSSED full-on when I 1st experienced this.

This doesn’t feel like a cover, he made it his own. Though, nonetheless, it’s of course still a cover. An artful one in video, music, and the music of the voice In its entirety. Moving is a word. I use that one.



Your Word(s)

And/Or Both/And Feeling(s)?

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Wanna See Your Brave?

Watch? Spectate? Do?

Yes. Both/And!

Your life YOUR way?

How Do You Listen?

How Do You Brave?

… in Powerful Witness, or waiting to talk?

Isn’t there always a 3rd option when asked a choice question?… to make it YOURS? To transform the urgency of the asker into YOUR sanctuary of a question? To Re-set the stage of the questions to respond YOUR way?

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a great place to place a flower.
Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s refillable. What’s your point?

Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you not work with what you have?

Is the glass half full or half empty? Ok, geeezzzz, you got me. It’s neither…

Is the glass half full or half empty? And, you’re not pouring, why?

Etc, etc, ad infinitum and nauseum… though, in YOUR way…

How Do You Brave?

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I’ve Been Asked…

I’ve been asked recently…

Why the 5-year radio silence?

… to clean up the mess.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

from ImaginAction


The Yoniverse of The Empress,

that from which all else emanates

III The Empress

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of the Empress

The Presence of The Empress character in The Land of Mystereum

The Empress plays 3 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 3 very specifically different roles.  This came about from the amazing breadth and great deal of work I felt The Empress performs naturally in her role as the one who carries things to full term, the Yoniverse being that from which all emanates.  The Magician sparked inception which is formless, whereas The High Priestess form-gave conception giving form to the formless, and then The Empress carries this new life to full term.  She is like an archetypal, higher octave Queen of Pentacles.  It felt very natural to let the presence of the Empress naturalize herself throughout the 3 Major cards in The Land of Mystereum.

1. The Empress appearance.  The Empress of course appears first as herself.  As herself The Empress is the crazy-eyed crone formed by a canopy of trees.  She shows her age as her age tells stories. The High Priestess character, now in golden glow, is fully pregnant and will act as the Empress’ sacred vessel from which to emanate.  The High Priestess here midwife’s herself AS the portal of the Yoniverse, and this is no temporary function.

2. The Emperor appearance.  The Empress’ Trees gift out a special tree to the Emperor.  He is within his tree.  He is protected, hidden in plain sight in disguise much like King Lear checking in on his troops without disturbing them as to his presence.  How is this a special tree?  Why would he put down his sword and crown behind the tree from his troops?  The Emperor rode in on this tree.  Note the roots.  This tree is the Emperor’s horse which has lied down and transformed into a tree.  The Emperor rides in on the horse, and then goes inside the horse.  Not like Luke in Star Wars, though.  At a single gesture his horse will rise back up and take him where he needs to go.

3. The Hanged Man. We see The Empress here AS The Hanged Man’s Tree with him umbilicaled from a strong branch while activating his crown chakra.  This tree carries the knothole-birthmark of sacred depths ringed by the Uroburos as a reminder that transformations have come before, and will come again.

Oh, and Lest We Miss Subtlety

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

Detail appearances in The Empress

  • Notice the sacred lingham or omphallos intact and growing from the base of one of her World Trees.
  • Notice the knothole-fish in the other with light barkline hand as fish mouth.
  • Notice the Priestess’s “Drawing Down The Moon Hands” nourishinly reaching up through the bark.

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of the “Presence of” series

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!

Till Next Time.

Enjoy clarity through Tarot.

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The Inner State Highways show (Closed)

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Tarot. Don’t Smoke Hope

Goals and Dreams

“The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline.” ~Steve Smith  

Thanks Corrine Kenner for the above quote that must have slipped out!  And, to think I wasn’t planning on blogging today… go figure.

How to Make Dreams Come True

So… rather than sitting around smoking hope with your dreams.  Begin to build foundations under them by transforming them into goals.  Bring them through customs from the unconscious into reality by studying them, discerning their components, and setting deadlines accordingly.  Soon enough you’ll be giggin’ the smiles.  Carrying your dreams to full term and making them come true does come with a problem, though.  You then have to be inspired to create new ones!  Make sure to make room for them in both your air traffic control and piloting, and of course their home on your ground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Tarot voice and stories.  The place where cards literally speak to you.  Mystereum.  It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.  Always complete, never finished. Always complete, never finished.

“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

Remember, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the portal.

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