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13 May

A Theme in the Air

Tonight, moving through blogs I’ve subscribed to, I noticed a theme of my comments. Not just because of my tenor, and that the comments were consistent because they were mine. There felt to be a response theme flowing in the air. I felt it would be cool if they all were in one space, so here they are in one space as Blog By Comment. Let’s see if they stick out like they are out of context when I only post my comment portion of it, or If they compose a thought or an idea… or further, a theme.

Serendipitous Blog Field Trip Itinerary

It’s not meant to be a popularity contest. Some blogs move me, and I don’t comment for one reason or another. And, some blogs move me to comment and dive into the post. So in the vein of the thematic gig above, and feeling it would be cool to have the larger conversation with all of them in the same space, I’ll link the blogs here as well after my comment on them.

Maybe you’ll find someone new to resonate with, something or someone new that interests you, and/or provide a serendipitous blog field trip itinerary further beyond these. Let’s see what happens. It may be a crack idea. Then, as Mark Twain expressed, New ideas are always crack ideas, until they catch on. Not catching on is not a concern of mine. At all.

While I’m at it, I’ll put a Tarot card or other image between each one. They may not provide seamless segues, though at least they’ll provide points of interest or lookouts along the way. If you like ‘em, pull over and experience them for a while. If not, just keep on keepin’ on drivin’.


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Why move to A different room? Yup, I get it. One night not grow as much when they are in a pond that reveres them. Though, is talent is innate? Is ability simply the talents that you have developed?

How can you actionably use your, either talent or abilities developed from them, rather than just talking about it? Hey, ya talk a good game. But Can. You. Box>?

Is it time to sidestep the clutch at 4,500 rpm with your abilities, and go for it?

I’m 52. That continual fluid fluency of shift never stops in the creative process. One’s life is certainly not over at 20 or 30 or 40 or… You don’t have to reach your potential before x y or z age. We do it when we do. You reach your potential when you do. And, I gather we each go further from there!

Your response to it? Well, that’s yours. You can bitch about it, and sometimes that’s important, though when you do, that’s on you rather than the process. May I suggest to have faith, though don’t smoke hope. It’s about the process.

What’s yours, now? What’s your actionable process?

What’s your’s, now!

Faith is a good thing to have, so long as one doesn’t sit around smoking the narcotic of hope, so long as on that topic again, trusting in the process, it takes actions based on that to have heart in what you produce.

Those kinds of actions, though thoughtful and congruent with his thinking, also indicated he simply had a different level of acceptable risk that got him killed. It certainly doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Heck, Christopher Marlowe died soon after he swung a knife like a punch at someone in a pub, missed, and his arm came all the way back around and he stabbed himself in the head. One can bring all kinds of examples to bear, though rather it being the thought or intent that counts, it’s much more important (at least to me) how the idea comes across.

By smoking the narcotic of hope, I intended that it meant someone not just sitting on their bum getting their senses dulled by fantasyland, and instead energized and actionably doing something with their invigorated dreamland. ~ Gottfried – Banter Republic

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(Liked. Haven’t commented yet. Still letting this one steep. Bad-Ass writing prompt question there. DAYum level. Contrary to popular belief, GAWD’s last name’s not dammit level question/prompt) ~ Holly Troy – Cosmic Holly

v3_cover for blog

Vol. 3, Going Into Town

(Liked. sent me further, deeper, in my evening blog field trip) ~ Christina Schmidt, MA – ArmedWithCoffee

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Is it perception of not inspecting expectations and not getting what we want that makes us unhappy, or true and full bad-ass wrong situations? Either way, is perception the issue? Isn’t it our responsibility to have what we want, and if not, to adjust to have what we want? Blisscipline, anyone?!

Yes, definitely, and as well I don’t believe in control. I don’t feel anyone can control anything. It’s all Nature. One can be in control of themselves, they can guide themselves, navigate, drive life, take aim and build momentum with or to something, though I feel it’s all about experience, and what we make of it.

Amen, Freethinker. Amen.
A(wo)men, too. ~ The Freethinker

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[Cool 28 second prologue video] (Liked only currently, Comment awaiting moderation. Happens. Great lesson to teach people AWAY from a false sense of urgency. Comment moderation. I haven’t implemented that. Maybe I will if it becomes a thing if I get too many of THOSE types of  YouTubers who wander in with their vitriol. You know the ones. Not all, certainly, though DOOD does YouTube commenters who were just born with a Pre-Approved Darwin Award Application?

[[ FYI: Sailor’s mouth is JUST FINE by me here in my blog. Let ‘er rip. This isn’t an interview on the radio. No one here will get a 1st time offense fine of $500k for saying Fuck on NPR or 101 KLOL.) ]]

(Comment awaiting moderation. Copied this one just after sending just in case) I’ll take the 3rd option, the slippery slope up the muddle between the escalators, and get some extra exercise with a good run when I have slip security up top and gear in to leave them in the dust.

“Are you going to wait for things to get better, or are you going to hustle to make them better.” I have two allergies: boredom; starvation. I’m going to enhance, reinforce, and strengthen amending the soil in my creative garden, and NEVER EVER nada at all going to use “to maintain” in my priorities and mini-policies of infinitive statements. Use maintain, and many occurrences with take your gigs South of zero.

Then, with the reinforced, enhanced, and strengthened intact, I’ll “hustle” at whatever pace is effective in the situation to make things happen. Again, I don’t believe in control, it’s all just Nature and experiences And Powerful Witness. I do have a driver’s license though, so I will actively drive and navigate with actions to get things done. ~ Cristian Mihai


Yes, definitely on, “YOU are in control of your own success and happiness.” It’s bit of semantics on my part — which I call ‘some antics’ — though, I don’t believe in control. I don’t feel anyone can control anything. It’s all Nature. One can be in control of themselves, guide themselves, navigate, drive life, take aim and build momentum with or to something. Though, I feel it’s all about experience, and what we make of it. Intention is great, though can be over-rated in the context of how something comes across being more important (to me). And, mistakes are OFLs, Opportunities For Learning.

Intention is over-rated. It’s simply more important the way something presents itself and comes across.

I have the reverse of the “i can’t get out of bed issue.” I’m allergic to boredom, so one of my tools is to mind myself tp keep aware of when I need to rest or hang something up for the time being. ~thedihedral

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Yes! ~ The Alchemist’s Studio, Pottery

Mystereum Card Back

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Love the sentiment for people not simply adapting, though further, doing things they’ve never done, and bringing more value to their lives. ~ Cancer Killing Recipe


You’re very welcome, PPiP! ~ purplepeninportland

“My only advice to you is this: find something that challenges you and demands peak performance and then work really really hard towards it.”

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(checking in on a fellow blogger that used some of my words as a writing prompt. See what’s up) Checking back in on this one to see…

COOL.E.O! Zero comments!

9 solid Likes, though, and I guess people are out there not wasting trouble and getting stuff done using your prompt! That’s a great “9-zero,” as maybe those 9 (+3) are zero-ing in. There could be the other hand to the stat, though I won’t go there — not-things are best left in their not-land. Solid OFL For me either way — Opportunity For Learning. Good to know 9+3 are out there not wasting their trouble. Hopefully, they’re juicing up and fueling with it, and capitalizing on it, too.

Alternately, people may have set it up to steep on their own time with zero need for any false sense of urgency, as it’s THEIR time, ON their time. Thanks for posting this, Holly. 🙂

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(just found this blog tonight on my evening blog field trip) Love it! I love fear as a navigational tool, discerns gigs in my environment I would be best to notice, though I don’t allow anxiety to kidnap my fear and distort and torture my “informing fear” into being afraid.

You led the way through excellent storytelling. Excellent holds in the writing. Wonderfully expressed!      ~ The Beirnes

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And, right under the wire of going to press, literally 30 seconds until I click publish… I was featured LARGE! me, either. It’s in a rockin’ badass gig of community, tribe. Hell Yeah!


That. Is One. Cool. Substantial. Project! I’ll definitely be spending some time there! ~ Holly Troy’s Chakra Quote Project

Does Anyone See an Evening Theme?

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

Click the title to download ImaginAction at no charge

The pdf is 18MB. Depending on your connection, it may take a bit. Again, no charge. My intent is not that it’s free. No charge, so everyone can work with it, and YOU determine the value. Download for nada. Please tip at BuyMeACoffee and/or comment and/or Like the post AFTER you’ve had an opportunity to work with it.

And, on your own time. No fuss, no rush. You decide its value to you in your own good time, in your way. Money currency, the currency of liking, commenting, sharing, re-blogging. I simply ask that you value ImaginAction in your own way, even if that’s simply looking out the window and smiling from it if you do. That kind of thing, that kind of energy put out there makes to world a better place to be.


.;ll =DNo charge. Your comment/like/share/tip of value? Priceless.

I look forward to hearing what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective.

(c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard



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