What Is ImaginAction?

14 Aug

You asked, you shall receive

ImaginAction is a system for immersion in your chosen focus AND/OR also like a visual eSpa a place to simply get away for several moments or an hour+ and Be in the 78 eAblution Pools of inviting watercolors and welcoming questions. It’s all yours when you’re there as it is a 103-page pdf with 78 in full color.

There’s A

There’s a Creation Story. Of course there’s a How-To, though ImaginAction is pretty Mac-like plug-n-play. You might skip the instructions and go straight to the pools. I don’t suggest to, though I also don’t suggest not to. Heck, maybe I do suggest you skip the instructions first, go to the eAblution Pools, and see what happens. Then, when something happens and you steep in it, you can always go back to see how to tune that experience in as fuel for your actions in life:

in business
with Tarot or Oracles or Runes or all three... 
or of course YOUR fave go-to divination tools

My Favorite part

No cards at all other than you. What a Card you are, huh!!

You see, you don’t need to be into Tarot or divination. At all. Though, all of us have imaginations. What about people crippled with PTSD? Do they have imaginations? Yes, and I’ll tell you from 1st hand experience, they, and I, had/have imaginations that desiccated, died on the vine. 1st the creativity diminishes, took about 18 months of the poison drip person, then the subtle deflation missed it’s so incremental that it goes an you don;t come to the realization until after. And then, one day, you have this strange lack of feeling coupled with an overly-strong thought that, Oh shit. I am only a problem-solver now. That flow, those connections, that fluid fluency. It’s gone. As an Architect, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Painter… This felt like going blind. How am I going to do my work. And, I couldn’t. I can’t have this. I have to heal this. So, I took the long road home. Dropped Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. Only kept twitter for a visual beauty IV drip with no words while… 3+ years of Brainspotting. 2 years of writing after to get my bearings. And, Late February this year 2 weeks before the 3/19 shutdown over here (US) my nascence, my dormancy cracked open. And…

Here we are.

That was My Direct Experience of PTSD

Fortunately, I only experienced the environment that caused it for 3 years before I felt the above and the Inner Horror Movie Voice rang in as my savior… Get Outtttttt.

I took the long road home. 3+ years of bi-weekly-ish Brainspotting with a Licensed Psychologist. That’s another thing you’ll get from ImaginAction. Creating the kinds of experiences for people post-Brainspotting that I find valuable and healthy.

So, let me see. Let’s call that 73 – 80 1 1/2 hour intense sessions at $120 a pop. That’s 110 – 120 hours of intense therapy which shook out to approx just over $9k. It really doesn’t matter how long it took to bring it all together and format n stuff. That’s boring, right?

You just want the goods. Give me the baby not the delivery! I get it.

Ok, so I turned $9-grand into a self-filling eSpa full of 78 eAblution Pools for the price of a coffee. $3.90. Yup, from an R & D perspective, that sounds about right. You pay approx 3/10,000ths of what it took to get there. And, that $3.90 coffee investment in yourself, self-refills… and most have indicated it did them more than some good as well. Good stuff. I find it fulfilling when something I make moves someone in wonderful ways. I would also be remiss if I didn’t say that the $3.90/EA price tag in line with the price of a coffee for a 103-page pdf download that is complete with no strings attached… $3.90 also makes this accessible to most everyone. And, since you get to download 3 copies, that’s one two keep, and two to pay forward. And, with the 3 copies gig and paying forward… that makes it accessible to almost everyone.

So, I ask

Will you allow ImaginAction to begin to enhance and better the way you are your own guide today, or the way you want to be your own guide for $3.90 USD?


To Enhance, to Reinforce, to Strengthen

Your Life, Your Way

Will you allow ImaginAction to begin?

To begin to enhance & better Your way, your own way?

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