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27 Jul


Experience ImaginAction and ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions in action in your Mindfulness Meditation. Simply gaze into one of the 78 eSpa Ablution Pools and breathe. I’m honored at this heartfelt accolade. Esther S. expressed:

Dear Jordan,

it was almost instant. All the anxiety blew away as I gazed, immersed in the image. I forgot to pick up my cards. I even forgot the question on the page. It was the most wonderful meditation session I’ve had in quite a while. And, when I did get back to the question later, when I did pick up the cards, the flow of the reading was SO me I felt so washed. Yes to Ablution Pools! I truly did discover Inner Inheritances. Even some things I was uncomfortable with about myself began to present themselves as allies. Each patiently brought a treasured message of self-wisdom from their experience of being trunked in the pain of my trauma. I was almost in disbelief. What was at once uncomfortable, and that I sidestepped at every turn… it was released in minutes. Unbound! My whole life up to that point became my toolbox, completely, unapologetically, and without shame anymore. Oh YES I received the messages I already had within, and then the body tingles, and then they re-integrated. I’ve never had healing be so simple and fun just like a great swim. Thank you.Wholehearted thanks for creating ImaginAction. Now I use it for Mindfulness Meditation, Tarot, and sometimes just to clear the air of my troubles. So Simple. So refreshing. I’m being healed by beauty, growing exquisitely. And now there’s ImaginAction 2.0? The world is a better place for me now.

~ Esther S

P.S. I forgot to mention how blown away I was when I first opened the pdf downloadeds. Really Jordan. ImaginAction is 103 pages, and 2.0 is 98 pages. All for the price of a coffee? Just wow! And, I loved being able to download 3 copies of each, 1 for myself, 2 to share with friends. What a grand suggestion. That also sparked something new in me. I love coffee, so for the price of a coffee I took care of myself 1st. 1 on my phone, 1 on my tablet, 1 on my laptop. It’s like I have digital fluorite for calm clarity and persepctive in my pocket wherever I go now. Like I said, I love coffee, so I bought two sets. I have those 3 copies parked to pay forward to people when the moment strikes. I love this serendipity stuff of yours. It’s no pie in the sky. Get a fork! I may just keep buying a set here and there, so I’m always prepared, stocked with such a wonderful gift to brighten someone’s life. ImaginAction is such a feat. I don’t know how you came up with all those depthful sanctuaries of questions. But, you did, and here they are. 🙂 You’re the best. Thank you.

~ Esther S.

Also, use ImaginAction or ImaginAction 2.0

Also, use ImaginAction or ImaginAction 2.0 for Tarot & Divination like Karen Sealey at The Pure and Blessed Way ~ Riding the cusp between imagination and reality

See ImaginAction in Action!


ImaginAction is now wonderfully out there in the world. The foundations placed and built under that dream were accomplished with the help of 438 rockin’ people out there with the original ImaginAction! And, who knew? ImaginAction has a fraternal twin… ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions.

ImaginAction 2.0

~ The Unplugged Sessions ~

is Also Now Available!

Drive Your Inner Solar System With Mindfulness

Solar System & DNA

With ImaginAction 2.0

~ The Unplugged Sessions! ~

What’s different? Excellent question. The original ImaginAction throws you literally hundreds of bones for self-development and to actionably increase your effectiveness to implement your goals and dreams. Those bones are in the form of evocative questions asked in the context of lush immersion pools of artwork, sacred and alive places to nest your dreams, to grow them to fruition.

ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions is literally that. Unplugged, like a band doing a heart-tingling bad-ass acoustic version of one of their great songs. Not rough and raw and unrefined. Full-on heartfelt and gripping. Magnetic. ImaginAction 2.0 is ImaginAction stripped down to only the heart of the matter… Heck, an early McClaren was still a McClaren. Why have a dash when you can just put on a helmet and feel the high octane fun of the foot into the floor?

ImaginAction 2.0 is basically an eSpa all to yourself with ablution pools to dive into and immerse yourself, your ideas. Only 2 things are required. You, and the Immersion Pools eSpa of 66 full-color saturated places of inspiration that ImaginAction provides you. You wanna soak up some goodness?

There are no questions in v2.0, just pure eSpa pools + a fun Intro Adventure Story and some other percs on the way to the eSpa… well, there is 1 question… though only one… and then ALL 66 Constructing the Center immersive ablution pools to dial into and amplify your creativity and imagination and the effectiveness of YOU. Help yourself invest in your goals and dreams to build even more value as you bring them into the real.

ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions

Thank You

for Investing a Coffee in Yourself!,

$3.75 USD: ImaginAction 2.0. — 98-pg pdf. 66 in full color

$3.90 USD: ImaginAction — 103-pg pdf. 78 in full color


No Cards Required Other Than You

Excellent for:

Mindfulness Meditation

Tarot and Oracles and Divination

Anxiety Relief

Finding Your Perspective, Your Life Your Way

Invest in yourself. I hear it lasts a lifetime.

Warren Buffett

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