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Long After… Walden Then. Walden Now. Walden 200 Years From Now

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What a wonderful Walden Then, Walden Now, Walden 200 Years from Now post! Called Trajectory

How can we not waste trouble so this doesn’t CONTINUE to happen? That we do not continue to self-sabotage our world? Cummon! We heal ourselves to higher octave levels. I’m now wondering how I can transpose my current perspective into healing for the Earth itself. Nope, not selling the VW van I don’t have and all my worldly possessions. I‘M going to, personally, feel into the strats and logistics of this differently. How about you? Heck, mortgage paid off in 15 years? Cool. Nope, not cool. The Earth may yank THAT carpet out from under you when it urps up a bigger NOPE removing the very ground you walk on… So, keep your deed as a souvenir… if any of us are even still alive to revel in it around the campfire then, then you’ll have a sacred relic.

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I’m not pleading. Sovereign doesn’t grovel, it simply owns. I’ve almost died already 3 times Above treeline. I’m in Bonus Play, and I have no desire for a 4th. Like, respect for what you have and are building? Hmmm…

(Oh puhleeeeze scare tactics are for unreasonably superficial spam. Yup, that’s not this public service message)

Please take another step to secure the effective gigs you’ve built in your work to layer in the scale of all of us.

Thank You.

The greatest fear for success should not be failure. It should Be succeeding at something that doesn’t matter.

~ Francis Chan

Proceed as if success is inevitable.

~ Unknown

Can we take the long road home now? Can we Inspect our expectations to see the beauty that is here and not continue to murder it? Aren’t we each the heartbeats of beauty? I’ll step in with my, Yup. Maybe that should be an Uncle Walt Yawp!

5 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment


So, you’ve watched my 5 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment, all 1 min 06 seconds of it… don’t blink!, though you still have questions like, Well, that sure sounds nice Jordan, though however am I going to see past the trigger of the hurt and see what you’re saying in the video? I don’t even know what that means, That’s fair, except not really fair, because that would be cruel (Thanks Bare Naked Ladies).

What’s Really the Issue?

What’s really the issue with being actionable about that? It now doesn’t sound like rocket science to save our world. It. Is Simply. Continued. And. Sustained Action. Hear and feel the established inner light through the pain in the video? Well, if so…

Can we Kintsukuroi Our Broken World?

Here’s a gourmet poem for self-nourishment and word-nourishement, Kintsukuroi Me, by Christina Schmidt, MA… that can be transposed to the Self-Care and partnership relationship strengths of an ability to receive of the Earth itself.

What cornerstone of the world can we brace against that sends veins of gold throughout Gaia? What Mother Lode of a cornerstone can we brace against to sidestep the shallow roots of quick fixes, and instead use this Fucked Up Storm as the oak tree does to take deeper roots… to become… A strong tree that has no worry about storms? in support of its evident beauty? How can we together do that?

Self-created? Sure. And. As well also, Oh puhLEEZ!

Personally, I have ONE Principal in the Principal’s Office of My Life. Me. And, Sovereign,

I don’t keep office hours.

Instead, I Live.

Can we all simply own it? Frankly, we’re in for it in this epoch, so it’s not our fault. THOUGH, we have certainly put our foot to the floor in 6th gear running the tach high Into the redline to amplify it. Can we perform a diff shift-n-corner-BayBEE mode?

Can We

Can we forsake blame, lose the reverse gear of shaming, and simply work with, OK, we fucked up. What are we gong to do about it? There’s no apology in that other than the transformed effectiveness of a lifelong mode of being. No one’s going to be taken to the Principal’s Office. We’re ALL in trouble here without punitive anything. Survival? Thrival? I choose the latter. And, beauty is requisite for that, How about we come together and solve and resolve this shit! How about we amplify our world in lieu of deflation?!

How have you not wasted trouble, used your imagination to actionably dive in, and come out the other side with effective and living actions that served you better and increased the value of your work? Cool. How can we all use that to amplify this to the world scale and sustainably implement it?

How do you self-nourish?,

and how good are you at receiving from another, or others?

How good are you at receiving?

Can we find out how good the Earth is at receiving from US?!

We have a lot to live for. Can we?

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