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Make Shame Walk the Plank

Make Shame Walk the Plank

Hmmm, I’ve heard people say that shame is important. Nah, make it walk the plank. You might find anxiety and despair tied to its ankles and dragged over, too.

I squinch my nose in the neh way in regards to being attached to those superficial, interference patterns that sink in and invade the integrated armor that is health. No need for them. Feeding those sharks keeps the wolves at bay. Well, unless of course you have or have had a wonderful German Shepherd Wolf Mix Goddess Girrul in your life who aptly promotes Lilith to her stand-up comedian hobby to defy all her bs demonization.

Goddess Girrul, Lyra. Memoris as Blessings at 13.
First is the influence. Your responsibility is the wonderful response. Do you sensate or do something, or simply stand strong, uninfluenced? It’s possible to let things just pass by. Be careful, though. Life is what passes you by when you’re too busy making plans to account for the wave-smashes. For a rainy day? lol, buy a Kevlar umbrella. Or, get an 8’ diameter umbrella and set up your own table and chairs on the Plaza.

Shame is deadly. And, since life is fatal, I have no need of that in the mix. Plus, if I make myself feel bad, I will typically make poorer quality decisions. That isn’t a necessary feature. I can make plenty of great mistakes on my own that fuel the process with new perspectives rather than desicating the FICP — functionally inter-related component parts — with shame. I’ll go ahead and say it. I find shame to be psychological excrement. Pick your toilet paper rather than re-ingesting that stuff.

If being hard on yourself actually worked as constructive criticism, it would have worked by now. Right? No need for pros and cons or good or bad in a situation. Moreso, what’s workable? Where’s the workability?

(good = favoritism. bad = shaming behavior).

Your Life, Your Way

You are a Temple, inside and out. May you be and continue to become your own Temple inside and out as your life experiences place the steps. How do you Temple yourself? What part of your life builds foundations up under your dreams to reach them and support them and realize them and reinforce, enhance, and strengthen them once reached? Yup. that’s a long-form discipline of the ritual. It’s not a hassle or when will this end kind of thing. Always complete, never finished, lifelong.

When you focus on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you make an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. (Every time you act, you command the Universe. Mind that. Create with that. Act with that. Make with that.)

~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido. Translation by John Stevens in The Art of Peace

Pardon any typos or awkward language constructions. AutoCorrect often writes things on my behalf that I didn’t Nintendo.

Where’s the treasure in the trouble? Gold pan those nuggests and let the remaining alluvium wash back into the river. The snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed.

Personally, I find judgment to be farcical as it it generated from bias and expectations. Justice? Heart weighed against a feather? Nods. That’s not that your heart weighs a pound or so. Justice is a question of whether your heart is bouyant enough to dance with a feather.

Discernment, though? Cool to discernment. It has PLENTY of bias in it, though it typically originates from a place where one inspects one’s expectations to see through blind spots and evaporate their mirages like clouds. And, thinking back to a song in the ‘80s… I looked to the sky, and Ra increased the number of clouds by exactly one. Or something like that.

Never forget… inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses. They live in blind spots. Every once in a while I survey myself for neuroses and inhibitions. Maybe always complete, never finished, lifelong, though like the Master Gardener, I tend to them Sometimes I weed them. Sometimes, I delve into what is their message for me? Either way, the intensity of the naturalness of the identity of the garden, unthreatened, is the gig.

Strong enough to be Gentle.

Fierce enough to be compassionate.

Is vulnerability the birthplace of courage? Yup, if healthy boundaries are in place and living AS the heart of the matter in how you give, receive, and deeply listen.

When unthreatened, one does not take on another’s stuff, though is excellent with providing a vessel to pour their stuff out on the table… so they can see the contents from the an outside perspective, so they can take back in its message rather than the trappings of its traumatic or influence of origin. Chaff from wheat. The snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed.

How do you make shame walk the plank today?

(C) 2022 Jordan Hoggard

(C) 2022 The Architecture of Well Being

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Mystereum Majors Gallery

I’ve Posted About

I’ve posted about my Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer, Schiffer Publications 2011, in a lot of ways. I’ve done a Process of Sequencing Individuation Tarot Psychology synopsis. I’ve done a series of the Presence of the (insert Major card) series going through how in the Land of Mystereum each of the Majors visit and cameo in many of the Minors to bring lineage into the power of the Minors, give them higher octaves readily present without playing the implication game with things unseen. There’s been The Soul Seat Heartfelt Silverback Hierophant where instead of the Hierophant on a bad day, the stubborn and unbending traditionalist, the Hierophant is seated AS active wisdom born of life experience.

Though, This Morning

Though, this morning I smiled, dosed myself with my own medicine of share the Mystereum Majors Outright standalone as a gallery, Doodicus. What about share the Mystereum Majors as a gallery so WITHOUT the perspective and bents of your words, people can dive in and see for themselves? No tour guide theme. No intent, ahhh ESPECIALLY no intent — well, if it’s already there in the captions, that’s just fine.

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across. Can be the heartbeat pulsing actions to life, though the actions are going to speak louder than the intent words.

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across

~ Jordan Hoggard at a BBQ in 1993, Denver Colorado. Thanks Joe B. for writing the 1st sentence of the 1st part on your white board. Otherwise, this statement would have most likely been lost.

And, there is was. Cool. Enjoy the Mystereum Majors with my words like chaff shed off from wheat in the wind.

So, Sidestepping My Intent, How Do the Mystereum Major Arcana Come Across to You?

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum available on Amazon. Link in my Shop

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Mystereum Featured in Jessica Hundley’s The Library of Esoterica by Taschen Books

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Conflict & Empathy

Oh My Is She So Afraid

I love fireworks. I’m from Texas. I don’t love guns, though I intensely like them. Heck, I’ve had too much martial arts experience and training to keep one around. If it came to that… that’s another story. I love lightning, and storms. And, I love motorcycles. Harleys, 1000cc crotch rockets on the Isle of Man TT. If I need a boost, I simply go there on YouTube and gig it like I’m the one on the bike.

But, and this is a big but. Not like the song.

I have a German Shepherd. She’s part wolf. Can see it in the face and tail and pigeon-toed paws built for speed, and the glowing Goddess eyes when the light hits them just so.

I once watched her continue to accelerate across 3/4 of a mile on an NM mesa. Faster and faster, just closing the gap on a rabbit who ran out into the middle of a literally mile-wide open space. Stupid rabbit. Wrong way to go. Though, there’s Nature. It errs sometimes. Or, does it?

Closer and closer closing the distance, until on the other side of the almost-mile the rabbit disappeared under a big boulder. A Greyhound would have had nuthin’ on what I experienced there hanging out with my chainsaw paused watching her full-gate run across the mesa and DAYum did she go through the gears. DAYum did she go through the gears, faster and faster and faster. The longer she went, the faster she got.

Though, back to… loves and intense likes. I love fireworks. I intensely like guns. Motorcycles are da bom, especially Grand Prix types at The Isle of Man. And, lightning… though, so long as I’m in the city and not above treeline with the lightning going off in the snow electrifying the whole scene not just where it strikes… I love lightning, too.

My Girrul, though, Lyra. She isn’t afraid of much, as one would imagine. Big dogs are often strong enough to be gentle, especially of course when there’s a positive part of no bad dogs, only bad owners here. She rules. She rocks. She is sovereign.

I effin LOVE her intense gigs, even when they frustrate the hell out of me. And, during these 5 times she certainly does.

Though, my Sovereign Girrul has those afraid points, and I MIND them when they occur. I talk about legitimate fear versus being afraid and anxiety kidnapping fear to distort it into being afraid, though her legitimate fears ARE AFRAID. I respect that. She’s got some shit, from before I met her, and/or naturally, that talkin’ to it, won’t resolve. A dog’s diff than a partner. The comms together to work that shit out don’t apply. She is afraid of:



Certain Motorcycles. Harleys and certain tuned crotch rockets (feels like the over 200+ mph ones… the really cool ones)


Shuffling cardboard. Like when you move. (Shaking head sad)

She’ll be 12 next month, or so I think. She was a rescue, pulled from the streets. She was fully groomed, only wearing an $80 deerskin collar with no tags. Those gigs set off some alarm bells early on to let her story unfold, though that’s another story for another time. Suffice it to say… No. that’s a story for another time. You learn someone over time. That deserves its own post.

Afraid Points

These afraid points she has? Full-on. It’s almost Memorial Day. The lightning gig-goosed her yesterday. Tonight, the fireworks and motorcycles zipping around literally scared the piss out of her.

It’s not the mess I have to clean up, and Nature’s Miracle to remove The smell. It’s… DAYum is she afraid! She gets like Mark Hamill in Star Wars. If she could get any closer and had a light saber, she’d slice me open and crawl inside to get out of the frigid cold of her fear.

It’s intense. It’s important. If I don’t stop everything, she will nuzzle-push between my chair and side desk tipping anything there over, which also equates to a Malbec or Carmenere on the floor and bleeding through the papers, books, etc that were spilled.

Again, it’s not the mess that’s the conflict.

It’s… Nevermind what I love, like, or full-on dig. She is SO afraid. I stop EVERYTHING so she can get as close as possible and hear soothing me-sounds. All I can do is close the windows, turn on the air conditioner, and turn up the Sonos to Phantogram or the Civil Wars o Meg Ryan or BassNectar or 7th House Radio or Jame Horner’s epics so MAYBE, just maybe, she doesn’t hear the fireworks and motorcycles and lightning and guns so intensely, or at least so much… and console her.

She is an effin Cerberus when she goes at something, though I have to say she’s pretty reserved about parsing that out. Kids? Shaking head. Not a problem. 10-month old with yogurt on his face? Turn to get a paper towel, turn back, and one lick-tongue across her lips… clean face and a kid just bouncing beaming laughing. Phewww. When that happened early on, I got it. I got her character. Without Psychological Projection or Projective Identification or even literary personification… DAYum. THIS is certainly MY dog. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

I love her. My conflict frustrations and empathy considerations? Well, that’s an alchemy that will continue. When you can’t change or evolve or adapt something… well…

What cornerstone of what you can’t change in your life do you ultimately enjoy and HAVE to brace against?

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Your Life. Your Value. Your Call.


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The Wisdom of the Heartfelt Hierophant

I am resonant as I re-read something that struck chords in me 20 years ago. It stood and still stands as one of my faves, and of course it feels different this time. No longer an Initiate, I initiate myself, feel a new charge cascade in tingles throughout me like when you hear someone sing in just that way that wonderfully waterfalls an ablution inside you.

This time around, my Hermit-Devil character, assemblage of Magician on the Right, Priestess on the Left, this time with them married within me form is again made from the formless. The cairn on the path of this passage is not unconsciously passed by this time with sparkly eyes drunk on wonderment. To clarify, that was a good thing. To enter. To enter from a place inside where reasons are unreasonable. To enter fully, because my I Am must, I had to, and so I did. I had a choice, though I am My Am. I did not bow my sovereignty to Must then. I stepped into the unknown with it bringing in Tarot full force alongside Architecture,Art, Alchemy, Poetry, and Psychology. It may have been one of the most important and courageous things I’ve done. Fears then were simply signs to inform my awareness. Acceptable risk was even off to the side behind me, left somewhere in the dust. Being afraid was like anxiety and worry, a waste of energy. I had plenty of fear, though being afraid was not a quality of them. Being aware in a manner where fear was simply the wise Counsel of Nature, of what was, is, and potentially will be. I entered fully, without a net. I stepped past my own steps.

As I immerse in the fresh discovery of my previous, first footprints that began an important cycle back then, I pause in respectful Silence and cherish the wild intensity of my creativity then. I steep, aware and conscious of this milestone moment of a new cycle, passage into a new orbit. I feel like the serpent maybe does just before it bites its own tail. I live in the meditative moment where the world of the serpent experiences that quark of a millisecond AS it bites its tail, becomes the Uroburos, and disappears Forever to bleed itself out of the serpent, out of the tip of the lead into the circle.

New circles, such as the one I have just had the honor to experience, make all things go ‘round. Awake again, I step more fully into into my previous footsteps, their paired and alive, talismanic artifacts, and stand like a Temple on their unseen stylobate, their fecund made-of-earth foundation. We stand together as I breathe the joy of being refreshed. As we stand together, One, my heartbeat fuels the next evolution, the earth’s presence rises from my feet with their groundgrabber toes up and throughout me, and my future orbits begin to present themselves to come more into focus. I will not describe them now. That would be a disrespectful irritant of a grain of sand, an undue influence to their soft oyster newness. As a Creator, I am deftly familiar with the responsibility to be the rock under which freshly molted ideas hover under my watch as they acclimate to move and make form from the formless. No irritants allowed. No grain of sand. I’m not out to make a pearl. Here, in a new circle, the snake his skin shedded to artifact steps, the snake his skin not missed Moves forward.

Enough about me. Back to the book that transported me above to right here. As I immersed into this book this time, a particular line struck me as one of my favorite assemblies of words to date. It may stand as the most concise and clear statement about creativity and divination that hasn’t lost its heart to the analytical, hasn’t divorced beauty to forsake its heart for a mistress of structure. For sure it’s no skeleton in a biology class used with overt irony as fact to discuss living things. It’s skeleton, it’s structure, is embedded within it like a 4 of Pentacles hidden bridge, and it’s still possibly an invertebrate. I needn’t know that distinction. The snake, his skin not missed resonates throughout with the chords struck by what i will refer to as The Astral of Ancestral Divination, and Forensic Archeological Empathy. No old, desiccated Hermit sitting in a Hierophant throne here. This is the Hierophant, wisdom from experience immersed in the throne of the heartfelt. Enjoy this assembly of words, this quote from someone whose politics in life I firmly do without, whose work I respect and value to the utmost. If it whets your whistle, enjoy!:

Symbolic representation and imagistic writing are the pure hieratic forms of esoteric expression. Through symbolism, and through it alone can we read the thought of the Ancients. It is only through the symbolical that we will be able to coordinate the known elements of this great civilization and that the writing may take on its true meaning.    ~ R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz — The Temple In Manp. 19




May you wake to The Sun of who you are with actionable and clear purpose comfortable with the not-knowing.

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Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes: Hanged Man

Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes: Hanged Man

These Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes look into the depthful places that Major Arcana characters in The Land of Mystereum make cameo and appearances throughout the deck.  These Thursday Theatre Themes are a stage to express the in the coordination and living order that heartbeats throughout The Land of Mystereum.

These themed blogs couple with The Mystereum Presence Of series under the Card Cameos tab above as they both explore how Major Arcana characters make cameos and guest appearances throughout the deck to clearly bring their presence to the lineage in the worlds of many Mystereum Minor Arcana cards. I am using these two groups of blog articles to build a Land of Mystereum Encyclopedia.  As Mystereum isn’t a derivative deck, the encyclopedia will be like place for larger study and learning about Mystereum as an imaginative divination tool.  This encyclopedia will begin to outline a map, a roadmap to guide further exploration studies.  It’ll just be a lot more fun than a map, and you don’t have to figure out how to fold it back up.

Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes will explore the features and symbols and the way things cascade through the deck in multiple places to echo-resonate-locate further layers of visual story and meaning in the cards.  Look at them as primers or psychic triggers always welcoming how YOU see Mystereum in altogether your own personal and valuable way.

Today’s Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes subject

is the wonderfully illuminated and afloat in clarity character of The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man

makes his presence known as he cameo in 6 Land of Mystereum Tarot cards.  He is of course the star of The Hanged Man.  The Hanged Man also cameos in XV The Devil, XXI The World, the 4 of Pentacles, The Page of Cups, and The Page of Swords.

The Hanged Man Stars, Cameos, Makes Appearances In

XII The Hanged Man ~ His naturally umbilicalled connection of his Yoga Tree Pose posture is similar to his own tree’s posture.  Note the DNA interplay of their compositions.
XV The Devil ~ He plays the dood on the right, uses his Yoga Tree Pose to distract The Devil above with his crystal fire opal wand Cirque du Soleil’d on his foot.
XXI The World ~ The Hanged Man’s energy is the heartbeat of the cala Lily hands that suspend infinity in their touching embrace of it.
4 of Pentacles ~ from Hanged Man’s afloat in clarity . . . he offers you this: “May the ground you walk on be as inspirational as the stars in your sky . . . solid stars of the worlds of your dreams that you orbit-juggle in The Idea Solar System in the sky of your imagination.
Page of Cups ~ Upright, The Hanged man juggles infinity, infinitely fulfilling new connections into Your Royal Court. Mystereum’s notion of the Higher Self is personal.  The Higher Self is Your Royal Court.
Page of Swords ~ The Hanged Man suspends the level blade over and with his 3rd eye in front of his crown (chakra) above his strong Silence of voice (chakra).  He moves level ideas forward to you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this segment

where I am outlining the living characters throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s a fun encyclopedia to expand out into as I walk through The Land of Mystereum like a bird watcher looking for specific specimens to enjoy.

What strikes you about the resonance of The Hanged Man in your Land of Mystereum?

How are you illuminated?  How do you come to clarity?  What expresses when you are afloat in clarity and connected while you are illuminated?  What are your theosophic visions, your awakedreams, your remote views and remote viewing.  Aren’t your visions, even when they are snippets remote viewing?

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present to support and further inform coordination in your journey throughout The Land of Mystereum and throughout your life

Become your Natural Nature

as you discover your inner inheritances with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Many wonderfully surprising things begin to happen when you do.



All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

Groc the videos at

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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of Strength + Bonus Exercise

Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of Strength + Bonus Exercise

Throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Major Arcana cards make cameo appearances in other cards to help connect you with the Tarot story.

They cameo visually in many places throughout the deck, and add layers of exploration throughout the 192-page Imagination Primer companion book.  Major Arcana characters cameo in both other Majors and as well in Minors.  This Presence-of cameo feature integral to The Land of Mystereum’s Fabric is to lifefully add to and inform Tarot character development through the tools of visual story and allusion ~ allusion being a function of those coolio and quick criss-cross-applesauce connections that are made or you make that enhance the nature of relationships between things . . . make more friends and companions of things rather than pointing “over there” in regard to them, like the Narrator says by action, “you GOTTA meet so-n-so!”  I also felt that this multiple-cards-in-a-card visual allusion story technique furthers the Mystereum Tarot deck in a way so The Minors . . . though they can keep the integrity of their Everyday aspects . . . so that the Minors were not minimized.


that in Mystereum every Minor has at least one person or figure in it.  You beg to differ saying, “Oh but this card and that card only have a scene or even simply geometry. Jordan.”  Yes, they do, and they have you peering through the portal of the border.  Don’t you tend to step in through that portal, as it’s your reading, right? So, that makes 1.  Every card has at least one additional spectator or performer.  You!  Pretty good stuff in Mystereum.  Pretty good stuff like Harold or Milo or Alice or Harry but better. It’s better ’cause YOU’re there with a constant invitation, though.  A constant invitation to step in through the border and participate and / or watch and read the Tarot Mind Movie playing in your reading from your personal best seat!  How do you play with YOUR cards?  How do you watch your Tarot Mind Movies.  Are you a wallflower?  Are you a sunflower?  A bit of each depending?  Do you like to pause and research?  Do you like to sight-read the track at speed for time? Either way and neither other ways, Good for You!

This visual expression of the cards in Presence-of cameos

as cards themselves journey around through The Land of Mystereum is at the heart of the very structure of Mystereum, it’s Fabric.  We could call this opening up the epistemology of card divination, epistemology being philosophy of the study of how we know things.  We could call the card cameo appearances a Tarot etymology that expresses snapshots of the origins, the lineage of each card’s archetypal and divination personality in their ongoing and living births to be developed through their appearances in the Empress-style Yoniverse of your readings.  Interestingly enough, we can also simply say, . . .

Can You pick a face out of a crowd? Or, a hand?

“Cards in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum inform one another.”  Cards in the Land of Mystereum literally inform one another in the visual story of the cards where they appear.  They don’t start doing this after you learn them. They already do this,, and more-so start doing this after you meet them.  Be inquisitive.  Notice them in a “what’s that?” way, can pick their “face” out of a crowd so to speak, or a hand?  Takes a little doing of course, yet play it like a movie . . . “Who’s that? What is THAT thing or person doing here? Wait, is that so-n-so’s hand?”

Have some fun opening up and exploring this cameo appearance

Presence-Of feature in The Land of Mystereum.  It is there to assist you in card inter-relationships and to actively work with your intuition.  It is also present to further inform the Imagination Tools gifted by each character in the Imagination Primer book.  Pick a Major Arcana character in your Tarot in the Land of Mystereum deck.  Then, one by one, go through your deck.  See what full portions of the card and what out-takes or detail vignettes appear in other cards.  Once you have walked through your deck and pulled a card’s hangouts, the Presence-Of places of the card you have chosen, ask yourself . . .”How does this card contribute with its appearance in this other card?  What clue to this card’s identity does the guest appearance accentuate?  How does it flesh out the card’s story?  Are these cards the same yet simply at different scales?  Siblings?  Friends?  Tenuously connected?  Dreaming or imagining in hmmmmms?  For example in the Imagination Primer the 3 of Swords expresses that it has never seen a Tower though has heard that one is formed when lots of unresolved 3-of-Swords moments get together.  Something beyond its current grasp is formed when this occurs.

So, on to the Tarot Presence-Of Strength Cameos

Strength plays 10 visual storytelling parts in The Land of Mystereum , appears in 10 cards.  There is the Strength card of course as XI, and as well XV The Devil, XX Judgment, XXI The World, 4 of Wands, Page of Wands, 2 of Cups, 4 of Cups, and 6 of Cups.  It felt very natural for Strength to appear in this way as a perennial story-thread of card characters that further alludes to and contributes personality to the sense of place throughout these 9 cards in The Land of Mystereum.

Why doesn’t Strength appear more or less?

Well, maybe She + her He-Lion really does, and then again there are 9 appearances which 9’s mirror express more components of her natural fluency with her inner animal voice.  This Mystereum visual character dictionary of storied appearances reaches out to symbolically spice up the deck in many places, like this 9-charactered stage in Strength’s play.  Mystereum is not a deck of card soliloquies or monologues in a play, but expert skill in play IN a (theatrical) play.  The whole deck is inter-related both in visual and spoken story, and each card embraces their identity as well. The Land of Mystereum is really a land, a place of divination in community with itself within and about where “All Similar, Each Unique.”  Strength plays 9 gig, 9 sets in the 78 one-act Tarot plays in Mystereum.

9 Strength Cameos

1. XI Strength

Strength appears of course as Strength ~ indicates a natural fluency, not control, a natural fluency with one’s inner animal voice.  She is beyond taming the beast.  Her animal is integral to the personality of her voice.


2. XI Strength cameos in XV The Devil

  • anima and animus, she-and-he-inner-spirit appear to temper ego. She’s on the left offering grapes.  She is one of two in control here, wielding fluency.  The Devil is not in control.  She-and-He-spirits are.  They can be imps themselves and play with earthly desires.  They also embrace their passions fully.

3. XI Strength appearing in XX Judgment

  • as the woman with offering-up-receiving hands on the right.  Who is the guy on the left?  And, that kiddo or midget on the left?  Does that kiddo character appear in the 5 of Wands?  We’ll have to see sometime in another Presence-of cameo article.
  • appearing here, she can be representative of the power of a naturally conscious voice, the feminine receptivity to Judgment’s awakening or rebirth or resurrection or epiphany.
  • Refer to XV The Devil, and in XX Judgment she is on the right now uplifting newness, the resurrection of the perennial in a naturalized garden.

4. XI Strength cameos in XXI The World

  • Look closely up towards the top.  One of the hands gracing the infinity of The World is Strength’s.
  • This is a subtle cameo as she lends the natural voice of her living touch to The World.
  • Strength reaches in to focus the natural clarity of The World’s infinite and infinitely dancing relationships.

XI Strength cameos in the 4 of Wands

  • She peeks in from the (unconscious) left to freshen the established energies that are placed on the right as her energies pass into the presence of the magical Wand-orb centered at the base of the card.
  • A visual HeLLO bringing new surprises to enhance the already established energies.  She’s the one who brings those amazing pastries.

XI Strength cameos in the Page of Wands

  • She brings fresh energies to speak to Your Royal Court.
  • She’s up there at the tip of the Wand on the right.  Well, half in, half out like The Hierophant on the left.

XI Strength cameos in the 2 of Cups

  • She’s on the right ~ conscious.
  • Her inner-outer voice complete, playful in its natural fulfillment of giving and receiving at one and the same time.
  • Her outer, His inner.  She’s on the right ~ conscious.  He’s on the left ~ unconscious.

XI Strength cameos in the 4 of Cups

  • She presents the earthly treasure of room-for-another that emanates from the volcano, the volcano itself a Yoniverse of the earth.  WAIT!  Are there more than one?  Volcanoes? Yes.  Earthly Yoniverses emanating?  Would seem so.  What do you think?  The whole world feels to be a living and birthing thing.  Babies.  Geysers.  Volcanoes.  Chrysalis-Cracking them all, huh?
  • Emanate Wet. Flap. Dry. Fly. Evolve.  Repeat
  • Do your feelings fly as high as the depth from which they come?
  • Are the heights of your feelings rooted in your greatest depths?

XI Strength cameos in the 6 of Cups

  • to further expand established feelings heralded in the sky, you exchange with filling voices.  Welling.
  • Isn’t this YOUR Cup seen up close in the forefront?  Are you extending in a toast?

Best to your own alchemical team 

supporting your Self in Your Royal Court of Higher Self filling the seats of Your Court to cheer on your expert skill expressed in play!  Consider these characters to already have season tickets to cheer on your strong play.  There are no cheap-seats in your game of life.  Play well.  Play with the vibrant motions established by Strength and her 8 closest friends. Here is expressed quite a band of allies for your journeys within and about.  Play with the vibrant strength of their inner motion YOUR WAY!  Strength may also be a symbol of your inner light that both reflects and is also unmoved by outside influences . . . like the lion laying restfully near, and there’s your next Birth Card Pair, the 2’s Tarot Birth Cards ~ Twos To Pair. Want a little more in depth 2’s talk? Check out Twos: Birth-Placing Clarity.

Check out previous Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present to support and further inform your journey throughout The Land of Mystereum.

Thanks for visiting!

Best to this “Presence Of” series more fully elucidating one of the naturally hidden structures that are alive and well in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum to round out your inner team’s work.  Who knew?  Drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job, or is it?  And, the more you know, the more you enhance informing your intuition, the more you dance with coordination and the coordinated aspects in a scene.  If you’ve ever learned to drive a standard transmission car . . . and how are you with it now?  What about an automatic?  How are you with it now?  Similar to intuition I say, similar to Mystereum.  At first there are a lot of things to keep track of, and then you simply drive.  Strength’s energetic natural voice synchromeshing things, and Strength AS the core of confidence. They are both tangibly visual metaphors of the unseen and unmoved mover.

Explore your Talented Inner Inheritances With Strength

as you develop your natural voice into an ability.  Talents are innate, abilities developed.  They are also both whole worlds that can exist in the tiniest of things and the smallest of places . . . like the infinity inside you.  Find yours with Mystereum!  The world needs your voice in just the way it is natural for you to use it for your highest good.

Here’s Your BONUS Free Exercise

Need a vacation?  Wanna know how to make work into hooky at least until you can get one? Or, wanna spice up work and possibly even have the fall-out of more vibrant performance?

  • Pick two cards, any two cards.
  • Take them to work with you each day for a week, and keep the secret all your own.  No-one needs to know you brought your two giggling and irreverent friends from your morning coffee meetup with you.
  • Before you say anything that day, think what each card would say like they are speaking inner crib notes to you.  Then, say what YOU say.
  • You’ll create many pregnant pauses . . . and the uncomfortable ones around you might tend to just bluster-blow-up and frustratedly answer their own questions as they stomp off to their next dump-victim.
  • You may bring some vacay brightness to work that actually enhances your focus.
  • And, once you aren’t dealing with Bluster Bopy Gossip Girl above, this brightness may dance your interactions and presentations up another octave.
  • Give it a try.  It’s your responsibility, though.  I don’t blame Irma when I burn the pancakes. Forget indemnity.  Express YOUR inner inheritance talents of a natural fluency of your inner voice by developing it into an ability!

Till Next time!  Happy Thursday!

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Sixes: Birth-Placing Identity

Tarot Birth Identities: The Sixes

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to your identity.

I will layer in Birth Card Preludes to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short statement.  I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, are best stated as triggers to remind one how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of your Birth Card combo with you in a single voice.  Enjoy finding your own path with these, and I look forward to hearing your own, personal “trigger” Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of your experiences with them.  Have fun with ’em!

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like The Family of the Fours and Mystereum Tarot & the Twos on my YouTube channel — check out the links below as well. 6’s video to be released in the near future.

Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.  Also, again, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for the Aces through the Tens, and as well the Royal Court characters.  In Tarot in the Land of Mystereum the Courts are Your Royal Courts . . . so enjoy taking ownership of your Birth Cards YOUR way in regal and Royal fashion!

So, let’s get started with the Sixes Land of Mystereum-style, shall we?
XV ~ VI  ::  15 ~ 6
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 6, and thus correspond with the Sixes in general, and the Sixes Settle In video soon to be released on my YouTube Channel.

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6’s Birth Card Prelude:

With XV The Devil ~ VI The Lovers as your Birth Cards you may often experience vibrant and living and healthy and intense earthly desires.  See how this simple Prelude statement expresses the 2 character as facets of one personality?
~ With The Lovers ~ you may often experience vibrancy in life, or deflation
~ With The Devil ~ you may feel healthy and intense earthly desires, or addiction.
XVVI = in your skivvies?

If you feel higher octaves, though…

~ Are The Lovers vibrant joineries living together in your harmony?

~ Is The Devil your resonant of your natural, earthly desires?

010.1 CtC copy

~ Can you feel The Devil as letting go of the goat-ego that needs immediate hierarchy right upon eye contact, to be maled and femaled so to speak to integrate spirited desires unique to each of us, and develop them with our partner?

~ Is The Devil card representative of Anima or Animus living in each of us like yin and yang? And, with the whole yin-yang as a symbol of mindbodybeatiful (yes, one word) spiritual and bodied Soul Gardener?

~ Can you couple and integrate The Lovers, and express them in a single word?  A made-up word of course, a neologism.  A single word? Is that too tall a task? How ’bout mindbodybeautifulI would say that the black dot is more than a beauty mark on the yin-yang symbol. What do you think? What do you feel about that black dot?

With this Birth Card dynamic duo where The Devil card is a higher number, XV Death can represent your Outer Expression, you yourself, indicated a warranted and natural, elevated expression of yourself.

Your Outer Expression may be how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The Devil card is known for its ability to temper desire as it intensifies it, to make it more dense, more strong and ductile without venturing into being brittle, to build with pleasure.  With the Devil card representing your Outer Expression do you have the ability to make grand gestures while keeping in mind to direct their intensities? Know that your natural intensities are an asset. Does this attribute fit you without constriction?

Keep sight to fully steer and orchestrate your momentum as you continually tailor the intensity of your energy levels. The Devil as your Outer Expression may also present as joy experiencing earthly desires. It can flip itself to be a turtle on its back, though, and present as addiction. Desires building in to and up to pleasure are great! Desires skidding out of control off the track? Not so great. Flip your turtle back on its feet.

With The Devil as your Outer Expression I suggest to lend an ear to what you really like and love. I suggest to explore within yourself the earthly desires that actually please you. Not what your expected to like or do. What do YOU like? What floats your boat? Cool, and then that’s that, huh? Because, with the Lovers, they simply love what they love. They resonate together in fluid correspondence, coalesce fluidly, literally, in body, mind, and heart, never even near entertaining losing sight of developing each other’s identity, or numbing one another’s intensities which may have brought them together in the 1st place, together, and together with Self when in solitude, or just about and about doing stuff inside or out.

The Lovers learn not so much from empathy, but actionable resonance with an oh, THAT’s what makes you tick. Cool, let’s do more of that. TELL me about that. Show me. In a basic sense The Lovers are the mind in concert with the heart when positively flooded with dopamine, etc. The indelible memories created by the psychokinetic chemical wash they bring to the fore in one another simply posits grand memories of, remember to do that again. 

The Lovers are a higher octave, epic spiral of giving and receiving, the kind that lives in the seed within them that is the 6 of Pentacles, where a whole oak tree of potentiality lives in a single oak seed. The Lovers are always present, to themself, to their selves, to their alchemical union, to one another, to each other’s alone time temple, and to doing so, they together construct the larger Temple of relationship.

The Lovers only continually know each other as far as they have come to discover themselves, discover one another, and do so together even when apart or looking into themselves. They might not tell each other everything, might not even need to use words to do so, though they both know and feel that as an integral and viable and valuable part of the alchemy of what is wholly theirs, together.

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It‘s an is what it is kinda thing with the Death~The Lovers Birth Card pairing. They suggest to relish in, explore, develop, and cherish your natural desires. In fact, they promote their development as only they can, together supporting one another in reciprocality. They are yours. They are all of your own experiences, and now of your own consequence. That can be an amazing treasure when they are in action and you play with healthy boundaries as you interact. The things that have happened to you may not have been your fault, though they’re there. And now, they’re yours. As I am fond of saying, It’s ALL my fault. I’m just that powerful. Can you listen to and play with that responsibility notion instead of blinking, flinching, blaming, shaming, or gaming? It may be fueled more by workability than accountability.

I like to work with the concept of, Don’t waste trouble. If you have Parts you don’t like, can you speak with them? After you gain their trust and/or attention, can you ask them if they have a message for you? Feel into empathy, WITHOUT playing the bird with the broken wing. The things you most dislike about yourself may in fact be parts of yourself that are imprisoned in the trauma that created them. Maybe that’s why they trigger you so intensely so much. Richard Schwartz’s perspective in You are the One You’ve Been Looking for is poignant here. Trauma is always fresh.

Think about that. Trauma is always fresh. Feel into it. Of course it is. Is the only thing your traumas have known the infinite world created by the single moment of your trauma when they peeled out of you for your protection, so you didn’t overload into explosion?

That said, though, hasn’t your trauma lived in them since them? The intensity of the indentured imprisonment of your traumas only grows over time as their unresolved environments continue. What message do they have for you? Understand to respect their place. Happy, sad, glad, and/or mad, they may have grown to immense proportions. May I suggest to allow them to vent to come nearer your trust? May I suggest Powerful Self-Witness? Maybe, this is a quality of Soul Retrieval work? Or, your Soul Gardener weeding and amending the soil all the white reaping, occasionally having treasured moments, daily, in each moment?

I suggest to mind people that present as an Angler Fish person just waiting to consume you after dosing you with shame to lull you, as they are basically lazy and opportunistic loathing working through things… versus feeling into what simply strikes chords on the harp of your heart strings to resonate and gives you joy, and maybe the ablution cascade of tingles through you when that occurs?

Note that I do not disdain or otherwise pejoratively judge lazy people. Just being lazy doesn’t constitute an Angler Fish type of person — read in: narcissist, narcissistic sociopathy, Heck, Bill Gates framed lazy people in a whole ‘ nother light. I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. Give your most complex problems to a group of the laziest people on your team. Make a group out of them, and protect them from the go-getters. And, they will solve it in the simplest way.

The Lovers represents your Inner Expression.  This is a side of you that only your closest family and friends ‘see’.  Do The Lovers as your Inner Expression symbolize that you feel vibrant harmonies embedded in your innate joinery?  Do you have an innate ability to connect things together within life as you weave your experiences together?

Putting them back together again:  You may often experience vibrant and living and healthy and intense earthly desires.

I hope you have enjoyed this The Devil ~ The Lovers Birth Card Identity Blog, and find it useful in your process as you further explore and enhance and express your own, personal Tarot voice! Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is all about the life-long process of emancipating your Tarot voice in YOUR way.  If this article freed you up to be more you in any way, I am thankful.  ‘Till next time . . .

Jupiter’s Blessings from The Land of Mystereum,

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