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Sacred. Numbers All Are

Inspired by Christina Schmidt, MA’s blog post:

I love that Wyrd brought up the triplets, especially here with Christina being a Four kinda person. Quarter note triplets in 2 versus 3 is a pretty beautiful cadence.

I Especially Love

I especially love that you brought it up, as the architect in me nodded at the 3 when I first saw this series, though it was as engaging as a prayerful breath, as I moved right along. I nodded as 3 is the 1st number associated with beauty. Once 3’s, then 2 is also beautiful as a paring or coupling, and 1 as identity.

3’s. III The Empress. XII The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man is The Emperor’s son.

There’s a potential seed for rockin’ conversation about numbers and numerology here for 1 through 9 + 0. (As a concept rather than a number). I feel 9 is the most dynamic number, as it folds over itself, the only number to do so, and it is formed of 3-squared. 3 is then a seed of 9, dosing itself with more of itself as 3-square to POOF, become 9. 9 folds over itself? What are you saying, Jordan?

Let’s Look

Look at the 9’s multiplication table:
09:18:27:36:45::54:63:72:81:90. It’s a mirror, like 10 fingers sharing a pinky to fold over together in a namaste or prayer gesture: Also, the color for 9, the Nin kanji in Ninjitsu Shadow meditation, indicative of the Tao, is White. Community of all colors in harmony, the dynamic place to go of the One Point, or Hara… and then back to yellow at 1 with Chu Kanji.

  • Ace of Cups

The Four

And, the Four? Oh yeah from what I see that fits you, Christina. Four is the first number of place, of empire, of foundation, IV Emperor in Tarot, Four Corners, Four Winds. Foreplay to pun it. XIII Death as 13 is also a 4. Are your Tarot Birth Cards Death~Emperor? Or, High Priestess~Justice?

I resonate that the expressions of the meanings of numbers go on and on like pi… 3.1415629 etc etc etc. Pi. One of the EverReady Bunnies of numbers. 22/7 (or, is there another expression of Pi? … hmmmm)

Rather than going into my 1 through 9 as I’ve written about it almost too extensively to yet be concise, to have been concise, and somehow now I am again in the place of the repeating number ellipses NOT being able to be concise about numbers…

I’ll simply share these 4 videos as an Ode to Christina’s 4-Ness-ness. 3 videos mine + 1 Cristobal Vila… which I have to say is MO’ BETTA than mine. Not a judgment or personal slam on me from me. He simply WENT places with it that I full-on resonate with, full-on EXPRESSED it without words.

3’s: 0m 59sec

4’s: 0m 59sec

9’s: 1m 51sec

The Nature of Numbers: 3m 43sec

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9 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Welcome to your 9 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Here’s to your solid dynamism!

9 of Pentacles

overlaps, finery, naturalized, solidly dynamic

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Till next time… Are creating & manifesting the same? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks much.

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Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes: Presence of XXI The World

Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes: Presence of XXI The World

These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes look into the depthful places of other cards throughout the deck that Major Arcana characters in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum make cameo appearances.  These “Presence of” blog segments are to introduce you to people in the crowd so to speak.  Mystereum is young, yet oh how they grow so quickly.

These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes are a stage to express the coordination of living order that heartbeats throughout The Land of Mystereum.  The Mystereum Presence Of series can be found under the Card Cameos tab above for you to explore how Major Arcana characters make cameos and guest appearances throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  The intent of this series is to more clearly bring the presence of the Mystereum living family lineage to you.

Also As A Form-Giver

I am using these blog articles to build a Land of Mystereum Encyclopedia.  As Mystereum is not a derivative deck, or at least RWS or Thoth derivative — Mystereum is derivative of a 3 and 5-year stand-alone connection to the Tarot All that is divination — the encyclopedia will be like place for larger study and learning about Mystereum as an imaginative divination tool.  This encyclopedia will begin to outline a map, a roadmap to guide further exploration studies.  It’ll just be a lot more fun than a map, and you don’t have to figure out how to fold it back up.  It’s a process, so sitting the heads-up down, back to Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes.

Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes

will explore the features and symbols and the way things cascade through the Land of Mystereum Tarot deck in multiple places to echo-resonate-locate further layers of visual story and meaning in the cards.  Look at them as primers or psychic triggers always welcoming how YOU see Mystereum in altogether your own personal and valuable way.

Today’s Mystereum Tarot Thursday Theatre Themes subject

is the all-inclusive Atman-Wheel-cycle-at-a-larger-scale that is card XXI The World.

XXI The World

makes its presence known directly in only 2 Tarot in the Land of Mystereum cards.  Sometimes allusions that are so big and so there, like XXI The World, you cannot see them.  Sometimes things so big and so there also appear in freezeframe-flash vignettes.  Blink and you’ll miss ’em sometimes.  Maybe you can drive a stick shift?  Shift focus and redirect scale on the fly as you steer on a serendipitous road trip in life to get a better sense of your own XXI World.

The World Stars, Cameos, Makes Appearances In

XXI The World ~ Go figure, huh?! 🙂
The 9 of Pentacles ~ Notice the vignette out-take of the PotSS in the sky up on the left.  The moral? Solid dynamism’ll get you there.  Oh!  What is the PotSS, you ask?  Get your copy of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, and turn to page 71 of your 192-page Imagination Primer companion book that comes with the deck to see.  What’s the PotSS?  It’s pretty cool I can say . . . It’s a great and simply way to play with XXI The World, too.  Turn to page 71, and then feel The World again.  Let me know how it resonates for you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this waaaaayyyyyy short segment

glimpsing XXI The World.  And, here’s a short video for the 9 of Pentacles for Ya!  I suggest to watch it twice.  You might hop into the kitchen for something between watchings.  You . . . might. 😉

What strikes you about the resonance of The World in your Land of Mystereum?

  • How does Your World inform you?
  • How do you shift focus and redirect scale to orchestrate your momentum?
  • What expresses XXI The World to you in your everyday life?
  • When do you take time to explore Your World?
  • How does solid dynamism increase your effectiveness?

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Mystereum can support and further inform the coordination your create and make in your journey throughout your life.

Become your Natural Nature

as you discover your Inner Inheritances with The World and all the other cards in the families living in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Many wonderfully surprising things begin to happen when you do.



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