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Mystereum Majors Gallery

I’ve Posted About

I’ve posted about my Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer, Schiffer Publications 2011, in a lot of ways. I’ve done a Process of Sequencing Individuation Tarot Psychology synopsis. I’ve done a series of the Presence of the (insert Major card) series going through how in the Land of Mystereum each of the Majors visit and cameo in many of the Minors to bring lineage into the power of the Minors, give them higher octaves readily present without playing the implication game with things unseen. There’s been The Soul Seat Heartfelt Silverback Hierophant where instead of the Hierophant on a bad day, the stubborn and unbending traditionalist, the Hierophant is seated AS active wisdom born of life experience.

Though, This Morning

Though, this morning I smiled, dosed myself with my own medicine of share the Mystereum Majors Outright standalone as a gallery, Doodicus. What about share the Mystereum Majors as a gallery so WITHOUT the perspective and bents of your words, people can dive in and see for themselves? No tour guide theme. No intent, ahhh ESPECIALLY no intent — well, if it’s already there in the captions, that’s just fine.

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across. Can be the heartbeat pulsing actions to life, though the actions are going to speak louder than the intent words.

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across

~ Jordan Hoggard at a BBQ in 1993, Denver Colorado. Thanks Joe B. for writing the 1st sentence of the 1st part on your white board. Otherwise, this statement would have most likely been lost.

And, there is was. Cool. Enjoy the Mystereum Majors with my words like chaff shed off from wheat in the wind.

So, Sidestepping My Intent, How Do the Mystereum Major Arcana Come Across to You?

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum available on Amazon. Link in my Shop


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Quite A Quotable Quaternity

Quite A Quotable Quaternity

Every so often I come across STUNNING and wondrous words and images and et al, and feel it’s my responsibility to share them to contribute my part in them reaching the expanses they deserve.

Today, as I was reading Philip Edward’s blog post, it happened again. 4 words. 4 shining and magically magnetic words. 4. That’s it. 4 words. And those 4 words just went places for me! That’s it. 4 words. I dig that ‘No’ or ‘Yes can each be a complete sentence. Though here, today, I have a 1st. A whole blog post comprised of four words:


Our antiquity is animated!

~ Philip Edwards


Where do Philip’s 4 words take you?

How far do they expand?

How far can they expand if shared?

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I Have A Love

I Love F1, though… I Confess…

I Love The Isle of Man TT More.

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    Don’t get too absorbed.

    Saturate Ablution Instead.

    Don’t get too absorbed in your emotions, stay self-aware and observe your emotions calmly.

    In a nodding and silent yes, I breathe-feel out a prayer, … and, while you are observing, while you dwell in your promontory of Self quietitude, breathing deeply as your awareness amplifies, …may you meet and congregate fully with your emotions, you as their leader, … nodding… no reason to allow your emotions to dictate how you feel… no reasons for your emotions to speak for you… as the emotions’ jobs of messaging Your feelings cascades to a fullness of how you hold yourself in high regard… And you speak for yourself after being informed by your Wise Inner Counsel, you yourself become your promontory as you simply gaze out, Nature incarnate

    IN and AS You yourself present.

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    Hauntingly Beautiful

    Hauntingly Beautiful.

    I am SO not disturbed by this. Instead. I have tingles and Yesses. Yes, Disturbed is simply a wonderful band name, And his bio sometimes alludes to it psychologically in so many words, and his voice is SO developed. SO many ins and outs of vocal techniques in seamless segues of execution. Especially, on this one. I am a huge Disturbed fan, though I was PLUSSED full-on when I 1st experienced this.

    This doesn’t feel like a cover, he made it his own. Though, nonetheless, it’s of course still a cover. An artful one in video, music, and the music of the voice In its entirety. Moving is a word. I use that one.



    Your Word(s)

    And/Or Both/And Feeling(s)?

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    Wanna See Your Brave?

    Watch? Spectate? Do?

    Yes. Both/And!

    Your life YOUR way?

    How Do You Listen?

    How Do You Brave?

    … in Powerful Witness, or waiting to talk?

    Isn’t there always a 3rd option when asked a choice question?… to make it YOURS? To transform the urgency of the asker into YOUR sanctuary of a question? To Re-set the stage of the questions to respond YOUR way?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a great place to place a flower.
    Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s refillable. What’s your point?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Do you not work with what you have?

    Is the glass half full or half empty? Ok, geeezzzz, you got me. It’s neither…

    Is the glass half full or half empty? And, you’re not pouring, why?

    Etc, etc, ad infinitum and nauseum… though, in YOUR way…

    How Do You Brave?

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    I’ve Been Asked…

    I’ve been asked recently…

    Why the 5-year radio silence?

    … to clean up the mess.

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    The Wisdom of the Heartfelt Hierophant

    I am resonant as I re-read something that struck chords in me 20 years ago. It stood and still stands as one of my faves, and of course it feels different this time. No longer an Initiate, I initiate myself, feel a new charge cascade in tingles throughout me like when you hear someone sing in just that way that wonderfully waterfalls an ablution inside you.

    This time around, my Hermit-Devil character, assemblage of Magician on the Right, Priestess on the Left, this time with them married within me form is again made from the formless. The cairn on the path of this passage is not unconsciously passed by this time with sparkly eyes drunk on wonderment. To clarify, that was a good thing. To enter. To enter from a place inside where reasons are unreasonable. To enter fully, because my I Am must, I had to, and so I did. I had a choice, though I am My Am. I did not bow my sovereignty to Must then. I stepped into the unknown with it bringing in Tarot full force alongside Architecture,Art, Alchemy, Poetry, and Psychology. It may have been one of the most important and courageous things I’ve done. Fears then were simply signs to inform my awareness. Acceptable risk was even off to the side behind me, left somewhere in the dust. Being afraid was like anxiety and worry, a waste of energy. I had plenty of fear, though being afraid was not a quality of them. Being aware in a manner where fear was simply the wise Counsel of Nature, of what was, is, and potentially will be. I entered fully, without a net. I stepped past my own steps.

    As I immerse in the fresh discovery of my previous, first footprints that began an important cycle back then, I pause in respectful Silence and cherish the wild intensity of my creativity then. I steep, aware and conscious of this milestone moment of a new cycle, passage into a new orbit. I feel like the serpent maybe does just before it bites its own tail. I live in the meditative moment where the world of the serpent experiences that quark of a millisecond AS it bites its tail, becomes the Uroburos, and disappears Forever to bleed itself out of the serpent, out of the tip of the lead into the circle.

    New circles, such as the one I have just had the honor to experience, make all things go ‘round. Awake again, I step more fully into into my previous footsteps, their paired and alive, talismanic artifacts, and stand like a Temple on their unseen stylobate, their fecund made-of-earth foundation. We stand together as I breathe the joy of being refreshed. As we stand together, One, my heartbeat fuels the next evolution, the earth’s presence rises from my feet with their groundgrabber toes up and throughout me, and my future orbits begin to present themselves to come more into focus. I will not describe them now. That would be a disrespectful irritant of a grain of sand, an undue influence to their soft oyster newness. As a Creator, I am deftly familiar with the responsibility to be the rock under which freshly molted ideas hover under my watch as they acclimate to move and make form from the formless. No irritants allowed. No grain of sand. I’m not out to make a pearl. Here, in a new circle, the snake his skin shedded to artifact steps, the snake his skin not missed Moves forward.

    Enough about me. Back to the book that transported me above to right here. As I immersed into this book this time, a particular line struck me as one of my favorite assemblies of words to date. It may stand as the most concise and clear statement about creativity and divination that hasn’t lost its heart to the analytical, hasn’t divorced beauty to forsake its heart for a mistress of structure. For sure it’s no skeleton in a biology class used with overt irony as fact to discuss living things. It’s skeleton, it’s structure, is embedded within it like a 4 of Pentacles hidden bridge, and it’s still possibly an invertebrate. I needn’t know that distinction. The snake, his skin not missed resonates throughout with the chords struck by what i will refer to as The Astral of Ancestral Divination, and Forensic Archeological Empathy. No old, desiccated Hermit sitting in a Hierophant throne here. This is the Hierophant, wisdom from experience immersed in the throne of the heartfelt. Enjoy this assembly of words, this quote from someone whose politics in life I firmly do without, whose work I respect and value to the utmost. If it whets your whistle, enjoy!:

    Symbolic representation and imagistic writing are the pure hieratic forms of esoteric expression. Through symbolism, and through it alone can we read the thought of the Ancients. It is only through the symbolical that we will be able to coordinate the known elements of this great civilization and that the writing may take on its true meaning.    ~ R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz — The Temple In Manp. 19




    May you wake to The Sun of who you are with actionable and clear purpose comfortable with the not-knowing.

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    Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre: Theme Team Technique

    Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre: Theme Team Technique

    These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes look into the depthful places of other cards throughout the deck where Major Arcana characters make cameo appearances in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  These “Presence of” blog segments are to introduce you to people in the crowd so to speak.  Mystereum is young, yet oh how they grow so quickly.

    These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes are a stage to express the coordination of living order that heartbeats throughout The Land of Mystereum.  The Mystereum Presence Of series can be found under the Card Cameos tab above for you to explore how Major Arcana characters make cameos and guest appearances throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  The intent of this series is to more clearly bring the presence of the Mystereum living family lineage to you.

    Today’s Theme Is A Bit Different

    Rather than further elucidating cameo appearances throughout the deck today, today’s theme is one of the alchemies of Imagin-Action. It is a driving force in Mystereum’s “there is expert skill in play like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.”  Today’s technique only requires about 15 minutes, maybe less.

    Thursday Tarot Theme Team Technique

    • draw or select a Tarot (oracle) card or cards
    • be committed to work your problem or focus of your inquiry
    • assign 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to it.  Yes, mute the cell phone, cover your computer screen or TRAVESTY turn it off.  That’s asking too much, huh?  That’s cool, just don’t proceed any further.  Seriously.  It’s like that old adage by someone wicked cool (??) “Meditate 20 minutes each day.  If you don’t have time to meditate for 20 minutes, then you need to do it for an hour.”
    • assign 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to your exercise
    • Turbo Read your card or cards by making one or, tops, two sentences or short phrases that embrace the cards’ story as a whole.  Write your Turbo Reading to record it. mp3 it if you have a recorder.
    • And, here’s where the technique starts to enter the stage.  Grab your schedule planner and scan it.
    • Revisit your Turbo Reading bringing it in front of you next to your planner.
    • Simply let your reading and your planner be your focus for 3 minutes, no more, no less.
    • During this 3 minutes let your eyes wander over your cards, your Turbo Reading and your planner, let them open and close.  Simply do not interrupt the flow of what naturally happens for you. And, don’t take ANY notes mental or otherwise during this 3 minutes.  Oh cummon!  You’re not gonna miss your Great American Novel idea in 180 seconds . . . oh . . . wait.  180 did you say?  180 worlds of seconds occurring in 3 minutes. . . . all right all right land your magic carpet back in your chair.
    • During this 3 minutes let your eyes wander over your cards, your Turbo Reading and your planner, let them open and close.
    • As your 3 minutes of Silence (music going that you really really like all the while is wicked cool ok as music can be magical spirit and soul on the move concretely and often with fluid fluency. Yup, I distinguish between spirit and soul, yet that’s for another time. . .)
    • As your 3 minutes of Silence passes simply start writing what you are thinking in regards to turning your card reading into a daily lesson.  Keep up with yourself for 60 seconds, 1 minute.
    • Read over what you wrote without correcting or editing any of it.
    • What did you come to?
    • Work it a bit by rewriting slowly and neatly for 2 minutes working your problem with the goal to make a statement or expression as a daily lesson.  Great for you if something just clicks and you’re done.
    • Record your daily lesson in your planner, and leaving this process behind move into your day . . . or, leaving this process behind continue in your day.

    I’ve found this to be effective at the start of the day, at mid-afternoon coffee/ginger ale or whatever floats your boat — something with hutzpah is best from my perspective — and as I close my day to forget into dreaming and revisit in the morning . . . at which point it gels even more or is sometimes happily discarded to do a new exercise for the new day.

    Here’s An Example

    I’ll use what came to mind earlier this morning.  I was thinking about sequence, and smiled at the simplicity and power of The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor as they were the fourfold formgivers in Spring of 2005 as I began The Mystereum Tarot.

    “Why not do a check-in this far out with them.  What will they formgive for me today?”, I thought. So, I drew them out.  In 2005 it was something like “Magical formless first spark Magician, form given to formless by High Priestess as then The Empress carries to full term this new form, and four corners of a whole new world are fully located and ratified by The Emperor.

    I smile.  Cool to me still, but it is also wonderfully hanging out with feet grounded on the magic carpet of poetry-philosophy something kind of thing.  So, today, I  II  III  &  IV brought forth 2 statements:

    • Mag HP Empress n Emperor: Ibis-eye Isis-see full treasure birthing in depths clearly.
    • Work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless. Carry your process to full term. Implement by proper placement.

    There you go.  Notice that The Empress stepped back for me in the first of the 2 points above, and like a dance naturally stepped back in in the second to whiz-bang it!  I think it’s pretty dang whiz bang, ’cause I feel I can use that as a self-bossing mantra.  Every day a little more of that old boss goes away . . . as I realize more and more that I’m the old man now . . . in my firm at least.

    How Will You Use Your Imagination Actionably With Mystereum Today?

    Work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless.  How will you use Imagin-Action today?

    Thanks for visiting this Mystereum segment. Here’s the 1st video I ever did

    It’s only 51 seconds or some such.  Can’t get much from something so short, huh?  Bzrzrzrzzrzrzrz.  Try it and see for yourself.

    Turbo Reading, making a single sentence or two AS your whole reading can step up your Tarot driving skills over time so your longer readings can more comfortably explore and bring you more treasures for the valuable time you spend doing them.  And, quick “rest stops” of Turbo Readings within your longer readings can provide scenic overlooks to keep your reading fresh, and/or act like a GPS system that guides you to TURN RIGHT BECAUSE THAT TREE OVER THEE IS COOL!

    Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Mystereum can support and further inform the coordination your create and make in your journey throughout your life.

    Become your Natural Nature

    as you discover your Inner Inheritances with the families living in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Many wonderfully surprising things begin to happen when you do. Many. In Your Way.


    All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

    (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

    Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

    Groc the videos at

    Get e Free sample reading with Mystereum at 


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    Tarot Tarot How Will You Use Tarot in Your Land of Mystereum?

    Tarot Tarot How Will You Use Tarot in Your Land of Mystereum?

    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.  So, look in YOUR mirror.  How close are you to you?  How close are you to finding your own natural leadership that is present in your Inner Inheritances? How close are you to work with and effectively enliven your own interactions?  Explore the naturally Blissiplined Sandbox of Imagin-Action and The Land of Mystereum with these daily blogs.  Sound rigorous?  Sure is!  Sound hard?  Not a chance. Rigorous like breath maybe.

    Tarot in the Land of Mystereum can enhance the heartbeat and breath of your ideas to effectively play out and build foundation under your dreams.  Imagin-Action can help you make your dreams beyond real.  Imagin-Action can bring your realized dreams into play as natural features in your everyday personal, business, you-name-it course of life.

    How Will You Use Tarot in the Land of Mystereum?  Here’s how Karen S is!!   Isis is isIS, huh?

    Karen S in month 1 with Mystereum

    just after she received her signed copy she ordered direct

    I am getting some fantastic feedback using this deck …Hi Karen, Just wanted to say love the way you did the reading for me. Apart from the fact that it was so precise & relevant, I also loved the way you encouraged me to dig deeper which allowed me then to see my role in past & present circumstances. This then also allowed me to understand how I can take part in improving areas of my life that I want to. Many Thanks, Camara xx
    I find people like to really throw themselves in and love handling the cards — Karen S

    Karen S in month 3 with Mystereum

    THAT was quick!  Hi JJH – love your work. I use your deck for a lot of personal work – it has inspired me greatly and I have made and implemented some very creative changes to my life – so if that makes me a fluffy bunny – well kiss my tail !! I like the energy of your deck – it makes be laugh a lot and when I’m laughing… then that is when my ideas start flowing – so thank you x ~ Karen S

    Karen S in month 7 with Mystereum

    and AMAZING things are happening JUST HER WAY!!  Since purchasing this strange and oddly enchanting deck, that comes in a box with a satisfying magnetic click… That gives me 6 of Cups nostalgia to days when I stored my treasures of pebbles and old coins and autumn gathered conkers in a manly scented old king edward’s cigar box… Well I have to admit that I have become most proficient at handling the cunts that life throws at you every so often… Not only more speedily are they dealt with but also in wildly humorous ways and with effortlessly classy panache … So don’t ask yourself how much does this deck cost? Ask yourself how much will this save me… All those hours soon add up …And to free those up quickly and stylishly…to open up room in your life for what you do want…Priceless ...~ Karen S

    All Similar, Each Unique.  How Will YOU Use Mystereum?

    If you are on the fence about getting Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, pull a card for the Card Back above, and ask, “How will The Land of Mystereum Magicianly infuse into my life and enhance my World MY WAY?”

    Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  1.8 pounds of Tarot!  . . . in the box with the book of course. Noooo No No, the deck is not 1.8 pounds in your hands.  If it was, I’d have to offer Tarot Sit & Get Fit Videos. Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  1.8 pounds of Tarot!  How will you discover and infuse your Inner Inheritances to enhance Your World?

    If You want a X-Wheel pinwheel-n-Deal a Special for your world Your way, simply email me at .  Want a discount?  A payment plan?  Come to the Mystereum table and we’ll work it out.  The dealer always wins, huh?  Be your own dealer.  Pick a card for the Card Back above.

    How Will YOU Use Mystereum when yours arrives?

    How will each day bring your magic to light?

    Tune in, take the time to make laughter, and find the laughable in any situation

    It’ll provide fresh workability to discover the treasures in experience.



    This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say?  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Discipline in the sandbox is finding the natural way you flow and play with your ideas effectively.  It is about discovering their value that can take seconds, can take your whole life up to this point.  Each day, each play.  Make ’em count.  The value of a moment can be perennially catalyzing.  The value present in each moment can be infinite.

    Oh, and I checked the Cosmic Daytimer.  The future and the past seem to be all booked up.  No room in The Inn.  Now works, though.  There always seems to be an opening for you now.

    Take Mystereum for a FREE sample spin on!


    All images and text (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

    Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

    There are only four 1.5″ x 2.5″ copper Tarot Dog Tags left at

    Groc the videos at


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