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Tarot ~ Ostara ~ The Day of the Balanced Dance


Enjoy your Tarot BlogHop for Ostara.

You can hop back to Bonnie Fernandes’ blog or forward to Chloe for TABI’s blog.

Enjoy Your Ostara and every moment equal across the day!  Heck, maybe even allow Moira and your internal sense of time to play in through the spaces between your notes to help you select YOUR natural sense of timing today.

Hi!  Jordan Hoggard here.  A fun and sacred Ostara to You!  Join me along this segment of the Tarot BlogHop as I celebrate resurrection and rebirth in my way…as the one, Trinity Soul heartbeat making the Us in healthy relationships.  So, let’s get to danicin’ shall we?!!

The Day of the Balanced Dance

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
~ Rumi
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.
~ Anais Nin
Nature’s Dance Hall.  Archetypally perennial resurrection holding space for movement.
Queen of Pentacles
The Event Coordinator master gardening the scene.  A worldly Empress,
Higher octave Queen of Pentacles.  A Yoniverse carrying things to full term.
9 of Pentacles
The partnering of the dance of an equal day and night day = more clarity for the nuance of cleanly and purely being fully present and conscious and aware to take care with how you reveal and unfold your purity in the present in your life… best expressed by how you dance?   The number 9 expresses a sacred partnership within itself, a divine and continual unfolding AS both its dna AND its mode of being… one and the same.  9 dynamically and simply steps up to the plate fully present and heartfelt as it expresses itself with its internal dance partners:
The double-colon between the numbers ”  ::  ”  =’ing inner partners sacredly embraced naturally, and
09 09 18 27 36 45 :: 54 63 72 81 90
Notice how the partners express one another though are each their own as they dance together…
they do not mirror or project… they flow together like kelp and the ocean…
bring into being one Trinity Soul like the Trinity Soul Seat for the Mind of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers…
09 18 27 36 45
90 81 72 63 54
Always ask the mind to take a seat.  The heart and soul are healthier leaders.
The interstice, the space between and within the dancers.  still in Silence, the full inner activity of the Om 4 charactered voice of the Univers A U M (Silence all around and as the space between the sounds / notes)
The Devil
Sacred Masculine God ~ Goddess as the DJ.  Beyond the canned notions of addiction and inhibition for the Devil there is a field, a place of purity supporting life fully engaging the higher octaves of earthly desires. To live fully in love and in love with one’s betrothed is no chain, no ball and chain.  To live fully in love and in love with one’s betrothed enhances each other’s freedom as they pulse together into being the single heartbeat of the love-warmed Trinity Soul. Each couples’ Us that is entirely their own… and not subject to the notions of others.
So, in the liminal twilight space of Ostara in the dawn between equidistant Janus-to-and-from the dusk both between the night and the day each… while you decide how the above cascades in to resonate or be tossed… for Ostara… feel into this next mini-series of lines…
Reasons are unreasonable in love
Love is a socially acceptable insanity. (author = Amy. I don;t know who that is though I like it immensely)
Lovers love what they love, together… regardless…
Nature doesn’t have to convince me when it’s raining,
and fully the same as Nature,
my love, my dearest love does not have to convince me of her love…
her love as present as the rain,
as fully supportive as the ocean…

Twilight,the magical space of dusk and dawn, the magical spaces between night and day, between day and night.  Twilight dawn, twilight dusk, each day the magical twilight twice.

So, here is a gift of a poem for your Balanced Ostara Dance…

Our Us Is Our Prayer

There comes one
who I know like wind
like rain upon the ocean.
And, as wintertime comes,
and our memories freeze together,
together may we sleep and dream.
So, that come the springtime
as we embrace with open eyes,
may we melt
back together
in warm embrace…
in the Trinity Soul heartbeat
that is Us
in each others’ arms

So, put your mind away today.

Today, on Ostara, lead with your heart…

Shall we dance?

[[insert 3 of Cups]]

Enjoy your Tarot BlogHop for Ostara.

You can hop back to Bonnie Fernandes’ blog or forward to Chloe for TABI’s blog.

Enjoy Your Ostara and every moment equal across the day!  Heck, maybe even allow Moira and your internal sense of time to play in through the spaces between your notes to help you select YOUR natural sense of timing today.


(C) 2014 Jordan Hoggard

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Elevator Pitches & Smoking Hope WOOF

Elevator pitches are all the rage with some groups of people and speakers.  Remember there are 2 U’s in gUrU, though. Elevator pitches are important as a sketch problem to get to a concise place of vibrant and living clarity with your message . . . where you will train yourself to already have all the preparation you need at hand, in the palm of your hand so to speak to express your depth of above in your messaging.

Though, elevator pitches are most often like the smoking of hope by chasing every ground ball. If you stop along the way to address every barking dog, you’ll never do anything but address barking. It would seem there is a language barrier present there, huh? Or, do you speak Dog?

“To injure an opponent is to injure yourself. To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace.” ~Morihei Ueshiba

“Strong enough to be without fear is strong enough to be gentle. Mind your fear simply as preparation for activity. Like warming up the whole car slowly while on the way.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

“Forget your thoughts into every action.” ~ C.G. Jung

Mind Your Pitches

Mind your pitches or YOU will be the one always seen as barking. Crying Wolf equates to mental, eye rolls which are not a sushi option.  And besides, fart instead of making an elevator pitch. At least it will make a stronger impression.

Happy Tarot’ing everyone!

Don’t Lose Your Ego, sometime’s it tells you to DUCK! Ego IS your Inner Dragon protecting your Inner Sanctum from you, though. Sneak like a magical thief picking dragon locks of protection. They are like safety seals for your Inner Nourishment.

All Similar, Each Unique.

All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

“7 of Pentacles ‘the depth of above’ ” (c) The Tarot School

“6 of Swords ‘you have all the comms you need in the palm of your hand’ ” (c) Jordan Hoggard

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Cussing As A Soulfully Spiritual Tuning Fork

Cussing As a Soulfully Spiritual Tuning Fork

 It’s funny when you say F**K!  Is it charged? Or, is it simply an Uncle Walt Level Cosmic YAWP of an exhale?
Rather than raising a glass to some situations so to speak, I sometimes experience the converse of that celebratory gesture when I indefatigably have a Cosmic whatEV WTF moment of discernment when I simply raise my right eyebrow.  You see, if BOTH eyebrows raise with a glowingly glistening, sparkly-eyed smile, THAT’s somethin’ else, huh? That time when you say, “WOW, THAT’s somethin’ else!”, as you resonantly take in the experience like some of your best kitchen food-paintings making dinner for a lover or friends.


And I do say, “But,” . . . yeah yeah yeah “but’ is the new don’t-say-that-word-’cause-THEN-here-comes-the-lie. WhatEffinEv. Everything is scaled to how YOU utilize it, maybe even beyond your perceptions of it. Your mode of being can dis that or encourage it to hop in the hayride of life.  “But” is one of those conversational segues that can ensnare you in the anti-delight of . .. well . . . ensnaring yourself, only of course if you let it. “But” is simply a word.  Not just a word, though, right?  “Just and “Simply” are two other words like that. Though, haha-Rockin’ there’s another one, “though,” and they certainly can serve to bind you up outside of something experienced or some impending substance upcoming.

What Is A Yawp Of An Exhale?

What Is A Yawp Of An Exhale?  Well, it HAS to be colored with some Mark Twain or . . . here it comes, Uncle Walt Walt Whitman farcicality. Uncle Walt, Walt Whitman owned a newspaper. And, it’s not unethical to make damn sure your work is in print regardless really . . . Uncle Walt did THAT in spades!   . . . though Uncle Walt owned a newspaper which made the parse-the-whole-world’s-scales-out pretty Fu**ing easy.  So, I guess it is really the c and the k that get people. lol.
Personally, I am glad Uncle Walt’s work was worthy so I don’t have to solidly venture into the ethical questions of his actions, and I bet not simply just from my perspective.
You see, he would publish his own work, oftentimes under a pen name . . . and here’s the kicker.  Then, he would fabricate new employees to hire to give it stellar reviews. And, after the buzz got going, he would fabricate some f**ker to full-on scathingly review the work which stirred the pot.  Then, a couple of others playing the bird-with-a-broken-wing-come-to-the-rescue-of-the-initial-reviewers part to even the success-of-the-article keel. And, then POOF we’ve got a bestseller!  Uncle Walt certainly knew the power of building, of discussion, of priorities placed and then re-established-placed forward strongly just before a public denouement, and then ahhhhhhhh the Finale.

The Silence Between Inhaling and Exhaling

Inhaling is very yang, one takes in life. Exhaling is very yin, one’s shoulders drop and there is a relaxation. And, there is the twilight magic of the space between breaths inherently connected in a prescient remembrance backwards and forwards of them that . . . you needn’t probably couldn’t give a shit about either . . . except to note it or them . . .and effectively EFFECTIVELY move on YOUR WAY.
Top of breath Galactic Center scale apogee of our solar system . . . at the top of the breath.  Bottom of breath  . . . well,  . . . Galactic Center scale apogee of our solar system . . . at the bottom of the breath.  The magical twilight of dawn and dusk between night and day at one scale, at the scale of the whole Cosmos at another, and most pertinently all scales small and large and in between in one, simple cycle that is just one breath.

Breath Is Prayer

Breath is prayer. It is really all you need.  Do you get INSANELY FRUSTRATED at some people? Oh, take note of the tree I just timbered across your path. That is not always wholly your projection of your gigs. If it is, then maybe you are the ultimate narcissist, except be careful. They don;’t take much responsibility, and maybe they aren’t even able to do so always locked into the alleged dynamism of their emotional arithmetical multiplication tables.
And, when you take credit for EVERYTHING?  Well, if it’s your fault, try saying in jest . . . “Well, yes, it IS always my fault. I am just THAT powerful.”  See if ya don’t get a laugh that’s more than a hiccup heh of humor received.  See what happens when you lighten the load?  No, it is NOT always your fault, and the high road these days is where the rush hour spiritual gridlock goes when each of it has experienced a loss of soul.  Stand up for yourself. Yes, it’s really that simple. Oh, and don’t be afraid of being strong enough to be gentle. Anger doesn’t have to be expressed angrily. A little directness, like saying, “I don’t believe you,” and then understanding the ball’s not in your court anymore after saying that is often enough.

Cuss For Silence

Cuss without cussing. Blow off steam whether you do it verbally or to yourself as a preparatory measure.  It may not work for you, though I find it an awesome technique that hop-jimps even one’s air traffic control to the good stuff. . . . the good stuff being what comes next in the next batted ball in a tennis match rally that only minds the scale and speed of your pace. Don’t suck the exhaust pipe and exhale it. Let it go. The plants are there to lap it up. Aspirate! Exhaust! Though, do it every day like you are on a road trip. Simply mind when you need to top off the tank or fill ‘er up.

Cuss More For Yourself And By All Means Don’t Tell People About It. Get TO it!

Cuss more.  You may just find your soul returning to invigorate your spirit. I call it “Chthonic Numinosity: Self.” Maybe you can see that, maybe not. Either way. Let your soul be the foundation you brace against to emphasize your spirited actions. May the ground you walk on be as inspirational as the stars in your sky.  Do me a favor. Only miss the ground when you are either falling or on a magic carpet.  One person’s delusion and / or illusion is another’s magic carpet.
Have an anti-hysterical bias as you respond rather than feather’s ruffling react. My guess if you are reading this blog is that you are not a bird. Mind your figures of speech and metaphors. They may help you read your life.  Being quiet enough to hear, you may experience Silence . . . and you may as well hear what you are actually telling yourself.

Cuss As A Soulful Tuning Fork For Your Spirit

Cuss as a soulful tuning fork for your spirit.  Some of you may dismiss this as you are hmmphing your OWN raised right or left eyebrow.  That’s cool. I raise mine as well, and ask you to comment.  If you tell people the truth, make sure to make them laugh.  Otherwise, they will kill you.  I’ll put quotes on that statement when someone makes a good case for whether that was said by Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain . . . and further, from whom they stole it.  Know that the fork of your soul may bring gourmet things that are deliciously insane to spirit your palette.  Feel when you do. Or, DO.  I bet you may know what you like, your spiritual, dietary restrictions. F**K your restrictions. Let them be what solidifies a part of your identity.  Like, I could go all solid and tangible on Pentacles. Until I play them from a timing perspective.  THEN, . . . then, I may realize that a person’s presence or personality is very Pentacle-y as it makes an impression.
What impression do things make on you?  What place does ducking and moving forward strongly have?  How can you NOT duck when bad things are presented to you?  Can you simply just feel the “though” of saying . . . “I don’t believe you” ??  It may help your deadhead and prune WISE IN TIME at speed over time to naturalize the beautiful garden of yourself. When you work with your ‘good and better and best” and not explaining your “not this-or-that,” things might just tend to get better and better.  Just makes good sense. Of course listen to who you are listening to here. Listening to me is quite a risk.  Play with me, though listen to yourself.
Ciao For Now B****E*  Smiles to you envigorating your life YOUR way.  Be your own uniquely complete being.  That never means you have to sit in the corner. Quite the contrary. Unless of course you dig corners.  I much more dig corners as differently-scaled-and-placed chicanes.
Are you the kid interested at 1:20 in the video or the one picking his nose via his apathetic teeth?  Make sure you WANNA be there. You’re not that teeth-probing bored kid anymore . . . well, I hope.  The Lovers say . . . Love What You Love with a Queen of Swords no bs period at the end of . . . I Love What I Love.  Do You?  Do you express that?

Don’t Lose Your Ego, sometime’s it tells you to DUCK!  Sometimes you just say F**k! So what?

All Similar, Each Unique.

All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Groc the videos at for entertaining learning.

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Smoking Hope ~ Tarot . . . The DSM and . . . CUMMON!

Like I’m going to compare the Tarot and the DSM

Like I’m going to compare the Tarot and the DSM — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?  Oh, though OH but I AM, aren’t I?!  Please accept this giant grain if salt to take with you if you move forward. First off, let me be clear, the DSM is basically a giant Table of Contents for use as an insurance coding manual. It doesn’t flesh out distinctions. It doesn’t provide perspective in context. It’s one, long train. Be mindful when reading it, too. If you have a noggin’, it can often be like psyche-med commercials: ”Do you wake up tired in the morning? Oh my God. Write this down. I HAVE that.” ~ LazyBoy TV

I’m a layman, so basically, I can pretty much say anything even if it’s bullshit or infinitely inspirational, useful maybe even, mildly of interest, or All/And and/or either/or, and there is no E&O Errors and Omissions Insurance required. That’s for YOU to decide, though it’s also YOUR responsibility that if this affects you negatively to either duck, look the other way, or comment otherwise or not think you have a chance in hell to sue me for simply blogging my thoughts. McDonald’s coffee verdict may go against that, though. Coffee’s supposed to be hot. Evidently, her coffee actually was WAS too hot.

No Psych Advice Here

There’s no psychological advice or even any other advice here. it is simply for entertainment purposes according to some states’ laws? Yeah, whatev. I don’t make my living on the stage like Robin Williams, so the Psych Professionals who hmmph at this? Yeah, you know where you can go, though you can really only aim at the contingent of your colleagues who agree with me. Oh, though I should really follow through and should tell you where you can go. Please don’t go to Hell. Wm Blake, Shakespeare, James, . . . and Carl Jung and Fred, no not Flintstone, and Fred (Nietzche) are already holding a post for me. They tell me it’s warm, too. And, You’re not on the list. The bouncer will tell you that. Not to worry. I will appear and confirm it.


Oh, I made the link to the DSM a Wiki one as I wouldn’t want to promote that you actually buy the fucker.  Heck, the IBC (International Building Code) is usually around $249 dollars, though you get 5 volumes for twice the price of the single-volume DSM.  It, too, the IBC is to protect the public safety, health, and welfare. Frankly, that seems TOO damn similar.  Effin Building Codes. Fuckin’ Regulatory Agency Society. Oh, and don;t get me wrong. I actually geekily LOVE regs, especially the Special Regulatory Agency ones. You see, I wrote policy for a time as a Co-Chair of Community Form and Identity. Looks like the DSM and the IBC give me something to talk about, huh? One day I will have an original idea, maybe. (( {{ [[How many parentheses do I have to put the wink emoticon in at the end of the sentence, so you won’t see it? lol ]] }} ))

And, “to protect”??? Who ARE YOU?!! I wrote policy for YEARS!!!  And, THAT opening line is crystal effin clear.  Please diagnose your societal-level control issue prior to contacting me. With the Building Code . . . I can live my life by the Building Code. Structural integrity . . . of Self. Oh, and here’s a biggee. Are ya all stressed out most of the time? If you are, what’s the prob? Stress isn’t a problem. Stress is simply a force applied to something. Strain is the kicker.

Stress and Strain

Stress isn’t a problem. Stress is simply a force applied to something. Strain is the kicker, the stinker to watch for, watching for . . . outside load limits, which themselves are often set up with a 20% buffer. Strain occurs when something deforms, achieves permanent deformation when it is pushed past its elastic memory. Like bent steel.  That’s strain. It was caused by a stress or stresses, though only after the stresses went past a certain point on a graph. What is your Load Calculation Package For Life look like? How much stress till you balk? How much more till you break? I don’t propose to pass your own point of flexure. Like steel, you might not have any warning.

Take Care With Your Stresses

Take care with your stresses. Direct them. Resolve their forces all the way to the ground . . . or make sure they bring you together like in aircraft design. Look at how strain is pen up there, though. It “achieves” permanent deformation. I think materials must be crazy about going nutso, huh. lol They ACHIEVE deformation. Achieve is simply another great word for “reached” or “met.”  How do you reach or meet something WITHIN your load limits?  How do you stretch your elastic limits to renew their 100% at a new and stronger datum of a new 100% place?

Yep [[Are short headings hell on SEO? Or, just clear]]

Yep, when I play Architect, drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job. Not. And, then yes, drawing pretty pictures IS the smallest part of my job then. I have to be an attorney, though never come off as giving legal advice. I have to be a Counselor, as, well . . . most of my work has been residential or commercial . . . and dealing with couples or business partner groups is often relatively simil  . . . no, it’s the same . . . and not PRESENT myself as a Counselor.  I have to be an Accountant, yet do it silently and of course not present myself as one, and sometimes even have to hire one. Clients usually refer to that as “he’s a very efficient businessman.” The doctor thang?  No, they can bury their clients. I can only advise mine to plant some wickedly fast-growing vines. Please laugh now.  Though, on the doctor thang. I DO advise to live and work in healthy beautiful space. It’s important for your well-being. I used to have an Audi TT. When I felt off, I would simply go sit in it. The baseball leather seats were living thrones, the overall aesthetics at every scale? Balanced and beautiful. The beauty of its interior environment literally bled off whatever off or negative gig I was feeling. If it was really bad, I’d also turn on the stereo. 6 speakers per door is pretty surround sound surrounding.

Tarot helps like that, too, huh?

Oh, back to the DSM

Oh, back to the DSM. Specifically the DSM-IV.  Does the Psych Profession actually think I am going to hop on their Psych Building Code hype?  Fuck. The IBC is RE-ISSUED every 3 damn years. I have to allocate a 4-hour speed-read session every 3 years to groc my own sense of how the relationships have changed by the bits and functionally-inter-related-component-part modifications to make sure ANY given Building Department submittal is considered valid and goes through and is stamped APPROVED.

And, the DSM-IV. Really now?!  You REALLY want me to think that’s something to GO by when drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job?  Oh, maybe you didn’t get my irony there. You see, I KNOW the IBC like the back of my hand, all 5 volumes. Oh, and 3 or 9 additional other other IBC manuals that apply to the nature of the work I perform specific to particular projects.  But, do I MENTION them?  Heck no. That’s one of the reasons to HIRE an Architect. “Building your project” is what I am hired for, and all THAT? Well, that’s MY job . . . well, of course there is a multi-layer Consultant Coordination aspect that makes 3-layer chess look like . . . well, ya know, split up and . . . I’ll just say it . . . Gray’s Anatomy (the book and not the series) for . . . just 3 layers. Effin CAKES easily have 3 layers. Oh, kudos to you cake makers and the things that go on in YOUR background where your expertise . . . Oh, you get the pic.

So, I got to here finally

So, I got to here finally. I got to here finally with grammar that looks like a bad set of teeth. Can’t fucq with Dentists, though.

Why all that oompaloompaville rant above?  Well, I don’t like to footnote shit, mostly because I don’t need to. That pisses people off into omission of my work, plus the conversational nature of most of it making allegedly complex topics . . . uh hem . . . talkable.  That’s a PITA.  So . . . whatev on that.  Oh CUMMON. That’s not some bird-with-a-fucking-broken-wing statement.  I know my sales stats. Integers are SUPPOSED to be on THIS side of 3 per 6 months by MORE THAN a moved decimal point.  Honestly, I am really thankful that my work is outside the crowd. ‘Cause due to that I keep doing my work without customized requests and suggestions.  WOO HOO!  THANK YOU SCHIFFER!!  Seriously.  Seriously, they took a risk publishing something like Mystereum that has never been done before. That’s what Schiffer does. Quality. And, what better quality than to make you make another segment on your shelf WITHIN your existing ones for something special? . . . with a magnetic clasp even!

What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

What do they have to do with one another?  Well, it’s no strange stretch that operating with a natural language sense visually at 4 1/2 that I “went” into architecture, formally.  Well, I guess at this point, I am going to leave it to you with these 3 zingers:

~ Did you know that homosexuality was considered a Disorder until the DSM-IV? So, why ya letting them regulate you with that. They may be professionals, though OBVIOUSLY they are human.

~ The IBC is modified-updated ever 3 years. Hmmm. That feels about right. Why does the Psych Profession sit on its ass so?

~ Tarot. Oh boy! Here we go!  You see, the cards told me stories at 4 1/2. They told me stories. I would hop off of full-on diggin’ and being immersed in Grimm’s and hop onto the floor to spread out the cards, or, of course vice-versa contrariwise. I liked the cards’ stories MUCH mo betta, typically. I could TELL the stories lifefully rather than un-crack the metaphorical kernels . . . though of course with Tarot I was doing that all on the fly.

At about 25 while avidly trying to learn a particular Tarot gig, it came to me. A deep respect of the moment when I was 4 1/2 came to me. I AM A READER. Or, I WAS THEN!  Do THAT! So, I became a Reader at 25 after a 21-year retirement, and now I am 45 20 years later. How’d the time go by so . . . . . I LOVE it that no-one mobs me for my autograph. Introvert movie stars may want to listen to this. Seems helpful to avoid the paparazzi. Take a career-length break and then mimic it year-wise.

So, What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

So, The IBC is updated every 3 years. At least they AFFECT that they are doing something.  I’m pretty much wondering if the OMS (Over-Medication Syndrome) Psyche Professionals are systematically trying to medicate out our artists.  Maybe Psych Professionals would do well to issue inspirational picture posters . .  ’cause if that’s all it takes . . . like TRADITION . . . “Just because you;ve always done it that way does not mean it is not incredibly stupid.” (c) . I’ve gotta say . . . is a GREAT place to go to stop smoking hope. Or, for more technical people. . . . try Touched With Fire where Kay Redfield Jamison all but makes the point of “Are we medicating out or artists?”

You see, I can pack shit in and keep going like a horse. I don’t really get depressed. I get COMpressed. I can carry too much.  Lately, though, I’ve been learning to drop shit here and there at various base camps.  You would be AMAZED at how fast I took the 1.25 mile ride up a steep grade today when yesterday I felt I was losing the gas in my legs. Psych stuff is IM PO TANTAY!  Nunya business, though I had a relief of something today. DAYum I took that hill!

Did You Know?

Did you know that homosexuality was considered a Disorder until the DSM-IV?  So, why ya letting them regulate you with that DSM fucker?  I AM NOT telling you to go off your meds.  I am saying . . . They may be professionals, though OBVIOUSLY they are human, too. The IBC is updated every 3 years. The DSM? Uhhhh, well, Nope. And, I’m not telling you anything about homosexuality, either. Why would I go further for something that I feel is simply the pursuit of being a man . . . where I am not telling you about me one way or the other as neither would be wrong.  I picked it as a sore thumb that stuck out.  Like in the Building Code . . .

What are YOUR egress rules in Chapter 10? I would have said Section 10 to be proper, though it sounded too much like Section 8.

Happy Tarot’ing everyone!

Don’t Lose Your Ego, sometime’s it tells you to DUCK! 

Mystereum Spread Advert

All Similar, Each Unique.

All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Groc the videos on YouTube for entertaining learning.

Get e Free Mystereum Taster Spoon reading at 

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Christmas Present Prescient Presence

Welcome TarotBlogHoppers from Aislin’s blog! 

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “Christmas Present.”

Christmas Present Prescient Presence & Garlic

[[[ Devil ~ Lovers ~ Ugolin ~ Judgment ~ Priestess ]]]

La lepidus illecebra

A charming, witty, pleasant, and elegant enticement?

. . . such as a present opened from the mouth of a vampire?


There forever

they shall reside

under a small lake,

immeasurably deep,

lying high up in the mountains,

where is brewed the thunder,

and in fair weather the dragon sleeps.


Ours is not a lot to be feared.

The dragon is a necessary beast.



The older arrow flies broken,

til the hand’s firedance overrolls the lips

to lift the line.


Lifting the line

to further unwrap this cadeau,

the prescient presence of this present,

now, in the present . . .

There is Brahmana, your Priestess.

There is Brahmana, My Love

as she writhes as an empowering apocalypse,

as snow leopard sent as epiphany

to sleeping warrior.


You have your narcissists, though predatorial bliss is diff to a vampire,

is simply a pure life lived in each moment

forever resonant with ITS own way . . .

is sniffing the acrolid bodyair of this present writhing moment

opening another present across twilight,

through and into and across dusk re-awakening . . .

Predatorial bliss is knowing this small hourglass

knowing her own stopping power,

as She knows my dreaming life

better than I know my own eternity.


You see . . . I opened a moment centuries ago.

I’ll call the wrapping paper of this present in the present

a prescient cadeau of The Vampire’s Offspring . . . where . . .


The Vampire’s Offspring

juvenilis puerilis vanitas ostentatio jactatio

Feel your safety on your holy ground.


on the myth of your goodness

in those places you hold sacred,

while I suckle

on the rest of humanity.

We do not follow you to those places

as we cannot

do those things which are conquerable,

and simply cannot bear those places where you sing.


Those places do not protect you.

Enslaved gargoyles,

traitors to us lest their unknowing feet

entrained in those prison-shoes of stone you fashioned,

and an occasional bellringer stroking them

as they drone high above your path,

where the wind is stronger than the scent of your life,

keep us circling above,

intent on your storied portals,

those lists of the best tasting among you.


Angels.  You misname them.

They are simply prettier to you

than their gargoyle siblings

held down by those enslaving prisonshoes of stone

that you call cathedrals.


You should know,

there have been sly ones among you.

Those tricky Nassenes for instance,

knowing that in our vanity we will not touch our young,

as we, too, find them abominable,

stole away with nine of them,

worshipping them as they grew,

carrot-leading them:


You are perfect as you are . . .

Grow strong not beautiful . . .

Help keep us safe . . .


Up there you can see eternity. Live up there . . .

Turn to stone, it is strong . . .


Ignorant of their heritage,

of their eventual grace and stealth and eternity,

they were taught to perceive a strength and power

in your piles of stone conveniently shaped.


Behold Us!

We are strong and beautiful.


Can you resist us?

Gaze into our eyes and see inside your universe.

Touch our skin of winter,

and feel the heat of your passion

pulsing in the silence of our bodies.


Peeking through the wonder piquing,

can you resist us?,

knowing that all we want

is simply to open your entire life for just a moment?


Your silent guardians sometimes stir

inside their stony sleep

still unborn into a life

where they would eventually die into their own eternity.


They lie dormant far above you,

and nightly we circle.

Nightly the bellringer.

Nightly they stir far above you.

It is not fire or lightning

that occasionally rips the gargoyles from the towers of your cathedrals.


Keep eating your garlic.

We will help you stop sinning more quickly

if you are spiced up a bit.


Welcome to the opening of a new gift.

Welcome to your opening into a new epoch after solar system at orbital apogee with the Galactic Center.


The last glyph on the Mayan Calendar may actually translate as . . .

Time to re-order your Daytimer Baktunacus.

How do you open past this Grand & Epochal Apogee?

Presently, how will you open your own present of your Imagination Solar System across the magical twilight dusk-n-dawn at one and the same time both top and bottom of breath at one . . .

Exhaling, your shoulders dropping a bit to relax, the yin of breath.

Inhaling, the intake  of life, the yang of breath.

Hmmm, can you Yin-hale? Can you Yanga-style-exhale?

Ahhh, nevermind that.  Open this Grand & Epochal Apogee!

Nevermind recycling the paper.

Let the opening of your cadeau rip!

Open your prescient presence right now in the present as you open YOUR present of YOUR Imagination Solar System right now, presently!

Rip, J. blah blah Pritchard RIP!!

© 2012 Jordan Hoggard

All images © 2010 Jordan Hoggard

All similar, each unique.

Happy Mutha of all TGIFs today!!

Best to your Christmas Present!

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Samhain BlogHop ~ Savoring Shadow

Samhain BlogHop ~ Savoring Shadow

Welcome Samhain TarotBlogHoppers from Johnnie Twobrows Metaphysical Meanderings blog!  If you’ve just hopped in right here, make sure to drop back a blog and check it out.  

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop Samhain dance.  The theme across the TarotBlogHop during Samhain this year is: Rather than look to outside entities this Samhain, look inside of yourself. All of your Self. The dark pieces that you think you have left behind. The parts of your Shadow that you believe you have pushed deep, deep down into a dark well . . . I look forward to meeting you.”  

If you encounter a broken link alonig your TarotBlogHop, visit Amethyst Mahoney’s blog clicking here where there is a Master List.

Tarot ~ Samhain ~ Savoring Shadow

I savor my Shadow, always have as long as I can remember.  I remember watching the shadow of a butterfly, the butterfly flying near, its shadow on the ground flying near mine.  And, as it flew by over me, its shadow disappeared into mine, re-emerging on the other side . . . of my shadow . . . of my head.  I was 3.

Life as I thought I (k)new it with my big, bright eyes curious and intrepidly traveling was about to end . . . actually, one day, 3 miles down the highway to Funland it was soon to end, though didn’t.  Heck, I asked my Mom if we could go to Funland.  She expressed now wasn’t the time.  Sauntered over and asked my Dad . . . after picking up a volume of Faulkner and dropping it in the trash. “Dad. Funland?”  “Oh no, Jordy, go explore” as he motioned smilingly to the back yard which was pretty expansive. Heck, I had asked them if they wanted to go.  I really wasn’t asking them to drive me there.  I was just trying to be inclusive.  They were my parents, and that was the only polite thing to do, right?  So, I shrugged my shoulders, it was out the back door I went . . . and out the side gate, and down the street with a friend I happened to see, and was on my way stylin’ with no shirt on.  He was a year older from up the street, but I used my deep and lightly gruff voice to make sure I knew what I was doing and make sure he thought this was a pretty good idea, too.  It was ONLY 3+ miles down a highway, and there was only ONE highway . . . the highway just happened to be the majority of getting there.  Geez, there was a shoulder, and after all . . . I was this many (3). LOL

Life as I (k)new it with my big, bright eyes curious and intrepidly traveling was soon to end. Or, was my life’s shadow simply flying in to my head to seed my continual transformation? . . . that had already concretely begun?

Let’s take a step back from 3.  Yes, a step back from 3.  This is not a specific memory other than the car smashing against the driveway when I dropped it ( 😉 ) but I had had a hernia when I was 2.  My abdominal wall just flew open and my intestines POOF-bulged out.  It’s more common than you know for boys.  I don’t remember the pain as I evidently made quite the noises, though off to the hospital and Dr. Crump gently and masterfully pop-pressed my intestines back in with a masterful palm, and then sliced me open, and sewed me up good as new . . . or, so I thought.

You see, that hernia in the lower side of my abdomen. . . that’s the sacral region. A child of 2 won’t conceptualize the violation, only the no-pain-after.  Frankly, it’s very natural.  Sounds like blacking something out?  Nah, my experience was fully experiencing and moving on, not tieing myself to every little experiential knick-knack.  Didn’t really matter, though . . . Life as I thought I new it was about to end.

Age 4 1/2.  Off to Mayo Clinic for 2 weeks. Reconstructive surgery on a portion of my insides.  Evidently, I was still a bun in the oven, huh?  They gave the final, physical formation pushes a boost.  Oops, there was an overshadowing snag.  All of the surgery went brilliantly, though I started the sniffles after a 16 hour surgery began.  Came out with pneumonia — that happens if you go into a surgery with a cold — and lived 10 of the remaining 12 days in an oxygen tent.  OOPS.  oxygen tent.  PURE environment.  Can you say Initiation?  Can you say high octane air?  I’m betting those 10 days dosing me with that much oxygen activated some things a little early?  Seratonin?  HeLLO, How long till I get to be a man?  lol.  Balancing brain chemicals may have begun flowing as naturally as a child plays? . . . if they already weren’t.  Couple the surgery trauma with the purity of an oxygen environment . . . . prelude to Chthonic Numinosity?

Age 5 1/2.  Back to Mayo Clinic for Act II and doing the final touches inside after the rest of the surgery had had a year to take and get things going on their own.

Why am I going into this biography when the topic is about the Shadow?  Because somewhere between 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 my childhood ended.  Exile.  All I could feel was exile, and my big, bright-eyed smile at the same time.  Rumplestiltskin was my fave fave fave story. Heck!  What little boy wouldn’t find the Gold-spinning Queen guessing Rumplestiltskin’s name on the 3rd try “in his rage drove his right foot so far into the ground that it sank in up to his waist; then in a passion he seized the left foot with both hands and tore himself in two.”  THRILLING!  RIVETING!  Almost better than blowing things up.  Almost.  Yet, think of a boy learning his own name, opened up at 2.  Nope.  Not the name.  Opened up at 4 1/2.  Nope, Not the name again.  And, BAM at 5 1/2 BOOM.  “Close, suchre, and let all heal as he takes it easy for a while.  He’s a real trooper.

Scroll forward where we skip the summers in Central Mexico, divorce and consequent MULTIPLE CHRISTMASES AND BIRTHDAYS WHOO HOO! (Oh, don’t go there.  I was 6 then. Safe to say that’s as processed and cooked as ground beef).  Skip the discovery of Alan Watts and Eastern Philosophy and Architecture at 14. Skip the Black Belt at 17.  Skip a whole 5 years of individual death marches of projects through architecture school.  

Scroll forward to 1991, where the last day or two of thesis in college I had discovered Rainer Maria Rilke and Carl Jung and William Blake and Pablo Neruda almost simultaneously.  Ohhh, the duality present.  Oops, so I thought.  How did I have such an immediate handle on these figures’ works?  Yes yes, I resonated with them which certainly helps, though there was something of an almost direct memory quality to their work. Wasn’t some previous lifetime or concepts like that.  Felt like as easy as remembering a fave birthday present or time from years back.  Hmmm, I just graduated, and really had just begun my own education in earnest free of school. . . .

Please DO notice the archetypal sun in this card seen up close with deep space all around.  Your bright identity can nestle in your shadow to highlight your brightness.  Let it.  May I suggest you ask it for a dance?

Scroll-dial up one year now to 1992 and I defined Self as “Chthonic Numinosity.”  I painted “The Dive” and “Ichthusa” and “Chthonic Numinosity: Self” in the short span of several weeks after continuous Big Dreams each night, and POOF “Chthonic Numinosity: Self” was accepted into a show and featured in the front window of Alpha Gallery’s Art By Architects Show in Denver at 110 Broadway.  I found Jung in earnest and devoured 22 Bollingen series volumes in 6 months.  My painting “Ichthusa” disappeared when a woman said, “SO erotic” as she slipped a check in my hand, quietly took it off the wall as I watched, and walked out the door of a brewery’s gallery several months later.  After her car disappeared out of sight, I had fun being fakely low-key with, “Has anyone seen the painting I had in this spot?  Did one of you sell it?”  Thing is . . . how did she hide in plain sight so stealthily as she carried a 20″ x 90″ painting right out the front door?  One of the people I asked had actually helped her with the door.

She set the anima free back in the wild.  I could forget about consciously mining those Melusina depths in earnest. Earnestly forget mining them, and earnestly forget and move on.  Note to all you Girruls out there: Hell, if a guy ever even MENTIONS his anima to you, that faceless female onto which anything can project, RUN LIKE HELL.  It’s important to know about it, but geez, no, nope . . . talk to the hand . . . don’t bring that up catharting in public unless you have just as big of an ‘excuse me’ ready when you cathart in public.  

Think about that whole thing.  She took the painting.  It resonated, and I simply smile out from the depthful place and had a little fun as I saw the sun through the opening door. Cave metaphor? Yep. Long ‘parting is such sweet sorrow goodbyes?” Hell no. It was time.  My Shadow then opened me up with forgetting being for getting.  Forgetting, is for getting . . . for making more room for the good stuff with something I had made.

And, I had defined self as Chthonic Numinosity. ‘Nuff said as I loved yet forgot Carl Jung’s “Mysterium Coniunctionis: A Phenomenology of Self” into my own two words in that painting.  Forgetting is for getting.  Makes more room for YOUR OWN good stuff.  What happened to that painting?  I had THAT relationship in my early 30’s, and I let the Shadow lead one day.  SO glad I did.  I cut up and destroyed that painting after taking enough Glass Hook Venom from her to kill an elephant.  Call it the Shadow Initiating me by trial and by fire from naivete so I’d keep my refreshed freshness and sense of humor with depthful, almost scuba gear for the psyche . . . yet as well my Shadow led me to step out of there pretty immediately, and get the rest of the backstocked paintings to be adopted by a friend and his storage area PRONTO before they suffered the same fate as Chthonic Numinosity’s shamanic dismemberment mirroring my own in the “Das Panzer” relationship.  And, shadows stretch out long at certain times of the day.  It was one of those ultra-mundane Tarot readings of my shadow long on the highway shoulder of ground in traffic, in a car, that pointed me . . . reading the visual . . . to GET OUT OF HERE!  YOU ARE IN DANGER my Shadow felt to say when I traced its outline on the highway offramp. My Shadow literally pointed the way on the shoulder.  Hmmm, sound familiar?

And, The Dive, my natural way, soonafter disappeared as a gift to a friend.  You see, that exile I mentioned?  I had and still have a wonderful family.  Very very supportive. But, I was Rumplestitskin ripped open at 2, 4 1/2, and 5 1/2.  Duality came early, and soonafter felt very amatuer or bush-league.  Jung.  Alchemy. Antinomy.  Chthonic Numinosity is a statement of antinomy.  Not antimony, antinomy — integrated inner opposites that in a small way each work together AS each supporting side of every Psychic Synapse Bridge in the magical twilight of a thought. Antinomy became the higher octave of duality, an interesting identity with shadow rather than Jeckyl and Hyde.

My sense of exile while being IN a supportive family environment can only be penned as a natural, self-exile, and at one and the same time it needs no impetus or direction or reasoning.  That was simply how I began, the Capricorny sickly-ish child though mine presented physically in 1 2 3 and then off to the races across the next 20-year plateau.  Exile and a comfortability with wandering were one pair of my chief influencers — now it’s more a comfortability with the not-knowing while freshly getting projects done on time like pulling fresh bread out of the oven.  If I was bored then, I needed to go entertain myself.  When you’re out there alone, ya gotta make it for yourself or you’ll bore yourself to death. When Tom Hanks named his ball Wilson . . . YES!!!!  Deep   In    Self he was, and his Shadow-friend Wilson was the ideal companion . . . for the island.

Integrated inner opposites.  Antinomy.  Chthonic Numinosity.  Your shadow plays with you every day with an even more fluid fluency than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing together regardless of your motions.  Yes, that’s mundane shadow.  Though, is it?  Is it also the face of your depths evidently present? . . . .  Yet, remember my butterfly at 3.  It disappeared into my head, only to re-emerge, all the while before, during, and after as a shadow.  A shadow into my head, that was a shadow.  You can play some 3-level chess with that one . . . I’ll be over on the checkers board.

Have some fun in the sun and dance with your shadow.  Be like The Sophia Principle that Pallas-Athene always reminds me of: Aware enough to sense your shadow, yet smart enough to dance with it.  Notice that it is not phrased “to not fight with it.”  Notice it is not phrased with light and dark and yin and yang and this and that and vice-versa contrariwise.  It is phrased, “aware enough to sense your shadow, yet smart enough to dance with it.”  Aware, conscious. Sense, natural animal. Smart, sensate Swords thinking. Dance . . . well, dance is everything, huh. Rather than waiting for a shaman to ask when you stopped dancing.  I have been dancing with my shadow my whole life.  May I cut in and ask you to have a dance with yours in the sun.  Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s that first step to finding that little kid in The Tower . . . the little kid that is You, Only New.  But, you (k)new that, didn’t you?  Go dance with yourself in the sun.  I’m sure Billy Idol would approve.

How does YOUR Shadow enhance your sense of place cast from your body so you don’t float away, or at least you playfully know where your own ground is?  How is the spell of your shadow cast?  How do you cast the spell of your shadow?  

Are there other shadow characteristics that are effortless as well?  I suggest to just make sure you get used to leading when dancing with your Shadow.  The Shadow isn’t very helpful when leading, and as you can imagine I’ve never been terribly fascinated with Persona. Was that a non sequitur?  Well, I’ll be damned.  It wasn’t.  My Shadow made me do it, anyway, though. 🙂

TarotBlogHop in and dance!  Heck, I may have re-invented enough wheels in my life to be an honorary tire designer. Even so, I still rather my foot on the gas, steering wheel in hand. I almost want to credit that to my Shadow.  I’ll have to step up and accept the honor, though.  The lighting in here doesn’t cast her through the screen.

Life didn’t really end, huh?  In fact since age 2 it has just gotten intensely better and better.  Note the two Tarot card images.  The Sun, and The Tower.  Feel deeply the Sun’s bright identity nestled directly in its deep-space-all-around Shadow, and its dark and light characters working together below.  Note the After-Shadow of The Tower when all the smoke and rubble has cleared, and see the bright-eyed little child come up asking you all sorts of questions that you answer and answer and answer some more until you realize you are answering them ALL and POOF . . . poof . . . poof all quietens down, and that little child’s eyes beam, as you smilingly ask, “Who are you?”  The child smiles back, “I’m you, only new.”  DAYum, the Tower Kid is in the future from mentioning him before.  Quite a bright one that Tower Kid jumping forward like that . . . perfectly out of line.

Nestle in to your dance with your shadow this Samhain, even if only in play with candles and masks.  It helps keep you fresh, and is like Direct Priority Delivery from your unconscious.  What shadows do your masks cast within you?  How do you cast the spell of your own Shadow beautifully outward like The Sun card above?  How can your Shadow be like a cashmere sweater?  How do you dance with your Shadow?

May you lead your Shadow well in the dance . . . as you can’t help but wear it.

All similar, each unique.


Happy Tarot Samhain BlogHopping!

May your life be a place where masks are colorful and enlivening,

a place where masks fall away as naturally as autumnal leaves,

a place where you are always in the season.

May your life be as natural a place as the snake his skin shedded, the snake his skins not missed.

BOO!  Jordan . . . Happy Samhain!  

HEY!, Where’s my candy?!!!!  

OH funny . . . just realized my street address is 110 now in a different city 20 years later.

Go 110!

Best to your Shadow-Unmasking new life into your journey as you explore the Samhain series of TarotBlogHops!  Click here to magically shed the skin of this blog so it becomes another shadow and Carolyn Cushing’s Art Of Change Tarot is featured.



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Friday Mystereum Theatre: Tarot Theme Team Technique

Friday Mystereum Theatre: Tarot Theme Team Technique

These Mystereum Theatre Tarot Theme Team Techniques look into the depthful places of value for you that you can build with your cards.

Use these Mystereum Theatre Tarot Theme Team Techniques with your own cards to build an ongoing stage to orchestrate your momentum. It works with Tarot cards, Oracle cards, you name it. The Imagination Primer companion book that comes with Mystereum provides Imagination Tools for each card ~ helpful catalysts to work with your cards ~ and the cards tend to speak for themselves with or without the book.  A great dance they have going.

As your cards speak to you today, also check out The Mystereum Presence Of series to see an example of how cards literally visit, visually speak, cameo with, and work together with and IN other cards.  Day by day create your own Tarot lineage. Pedigree your readings with the vibrancy of YOUR history.  Allow your cards to evolve subtly as they do like seeing a friend time after time.  That just doesn’t get old.

Today’s Theme Plays With Yesterday’s For Good Practice

Check out yesterday’s Thursday Tarot Theme Team Technique to see how these cards below were used to build a theme for me to play throughout my day.  Check out yesterday’s explanation of this technique, ’cause it’s a Friday rip roarin’ n ready to go time! Happy Friday to Ya!  Hop on in, fasten your seatbelt, pull down the safety bar, and here we go! . . .

3 Cards To Build A Friday Mantra

10 of Wands         6 of Pentacles         4 of Cups

Theatre Theme Iteration 1

  • 10 of Wands ~ Strong, agile . . . balancing strong and agile twilight dawn and dusk energies, focused naturally as easily as Cirque du Soleil, showing my cockatiel headfeathers
  • 6 of Pentacles ~ an epic spiral of giving . . . an epic spiral of sharing and receiving
  • 4 of Cups ~ brings new treasures of the earth to me in sync with another, synchromeshing with another AS a gift AS a new gift appears, is manifested

Theatre Theme Iteration 2

  • 10 of Wands ~ strong and agile focus
  • 6 of Pentacles ~ in an epic spiral of sharing
  • 4 of Cups ~ and new treasures emerge.

Theatre Theme Becoming a Mantra for the Day

With my strong and agile focus in the epic spiral of sharing I will manifest a new treasure to emerge.

Theatre Theme Friday Mantra for Today

It’s Friday!  Beeboppin’ Friday!  Agility from laughter.

The fun of sharing with friends!  Enjoy the day being aware of sharing.

New treasures emerge from this daily recipe.

Theatre Theme Draft

Laughter is one of the most agile ways of sharing with friends.

It’s a recipe to churn up new treasures.

Theatre Theme Final

Laugh and share with friends today to nurture and discover natural new treasures.

Tuned the card energy. Subtly and sometimes boldy re-iterate a line little by little

Notice the way I tuned the energy across each iteration until it was just right.  Maybe it’s The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Technique.  This is a process of evolving and clearing to get to your true teammates provided by each card’s nucleus each day.  This is a process similar to “work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless.”  This is a process to work your cards to magically give form to the formless  Watch as yours change subtly even with the same card or cards day by day.  Simply iterate until they are just so, and VoiLA, you’ve made a mantra for yourself.  So easy, you can do it every day.  Thick enough to teach you with your own age-old wisdom naturally present in your emotions.

Here’s a Question for You

What would you like to see from Mystereum in future blogs?  Cards? Blurbs? Techniques?  What would you like to see from The Land of Mystereum presented in future blogs?

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the 6 of Pentacles video below!

How will you use YOUR Land of Mystereum today?

Discover natural new treasures as you laugh and share with friends today.

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Mystereum can support and further inform the coordination your create and make in your journey throughout your life.

Become your Natural Nature with Mystereum


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at + Dog Tags, Tarot Dog Tags

Groc the videos at

Get e Free sample reading with Mystereum at 


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Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre: Theme Team Technique

Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre: Theme Team Technique

These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes look into the depthful places of other cards throughout the deck where Major Arcana characters make cameo appearances in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  These “Presence of” blog segments are to introduce you to people in the crowd so to speak.  Mystereum is young, yet oh how they grow so quickly.

These Thursday Mystereum Tarot Theatre Themes are a stage to express the coordination of living order that heartbeats throughout The Land of Mystereum.  The Mystereum Presence Of series can be found under the Card Cameos tab above for you to explore how Major Arcana characters make cameos and guest appearances throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  The intent of this series is to more clearly bring the presence of the Mystereum living family lineage to you.

Today’s Theme Is A Bit Different

Rather than further elucidating cameo appearances throughout the deck today, today’s theme is one of the alchemies of Imagin-Action. It is a driving force in Mystereum’s “there is expert skill in play like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.”  Today’s technique only requires about 15 minutes, maybe less.

Thursday Tarot Theme Team Technique

  • draw or select a Tarot (oracle) card or cards
  • be committed to work your problem or focus of your inquiry
  • assign 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to it.  Yes, mute the cell phone, cover your computer screen or TRAVESTY turn it off.  That’s asking too much, huh?  That’s cool, just don’t proceed any further.  Seriously.  It’s like that old adage by someone wicked cool (??) “Meditate 20 minutes each day.  If you don’t have time to meditate for 20 minutes, then you need to do it for an hour.”
  • assign 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to your exercise
  • Turbo Read your card or cards by making one or, tops, two sentences or short phrases that embrace the cards’ story as a whole.  Write your Turbo Reading to record it. mp3 it if you have a recorder.
  • And, here’s where the technique starts to enter the stage.  Grab your schedule planner and scan it.
  • Revisit your Turbo Reading bringing it in front of you next to your planner.
  • Simply let your reading and your planner be your focus for 3 minutes, no more, no less.
  • During this 3 minutes let your eyes wander over your cards, your Turbo Reading and your planner, let them open and close.  Simply do not interrupt the flow of what naturally happens for you. And, don’t take ANY notes mental or otherwise during this 3 minutes.  Oh cummon!  You’re not gonna miss your Great American Novel idea in 180 seconds . . . oh . . . wait.  180 did you say?  180 worlds of seconds occurring in 3 minutes. . . . all right all right land your magic carpet back in your chair.
  • During this 3 minutes let your eyes wander over your cards, your Turbo Reading and your planner, let them open and close.
  • As your 3 minutes of Silence (music going that you really really like all the while is wicked cool ok as music can be magical spirit and soul on the move concretely and often with fluid fluency. Yup, I distinguish between spirit and soul, yet that’s for another time. . .)
  • As your 3 minutes of Silence passes simply start writing what you are thinking in regards to turning your card reading into a daily lesson.  Keep up with yourself for 60 seconds, 1 minute.
  • Read over what you wrote without correcting or editing any of it.
  • What did you come to?
  • Work it a bit by rewriting slowly and neatly for 2 minutes working your problem with the goal to make a statement or expression as a daily lesson.  Great for you if something just clicks and you’re done.
  • Record your daily lesson in your planner, and leaving this process behind move into your day . . . or, leaving this process behind continue in your day.

I’ve found this to be effective at the start of the day, at mid-afternoon coffee/ginger ale or whatever floats your boat — something with hutzpah is best from my perspective — and as I close my day to forget into dreaming and revisit in the morning . . . at which point it gels even more or is sometimes happily discarded to do a new exercise for the new day.

Here’s An Example

I’ll use what came to mind earlier this morning.  I was thinking about sequence, and smiled at the simplicity and power of The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, and The Emperor as they were the fourfold formgivers in Spring of 2005 as I began The Mystereum Tarot.

“Why not do a check-in this far out with them.  What will they formgive for me today?”, I thought. So, I drew them out.  In 2005 it was something like “Magical formless first spark Magician, form given to formless by High Priestess as then The Empress carries to full term this new form, and four corners of a whole new world are fully located and ratified by The Emperor.

I smile.  Cool to me still, but it is also wonderfully hanging out with feet grounded on the magic carpet of poetry-philosophy something kind of thing.  So, today, I  II  III  &  IV brought forth 2 statements:

  • Mag HP Empress n Emperor: Ibis-eye Isis-see full treasure birthing in depths clearly.
  • Work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless. Carry your process to full term. Implement by proper placement.

There you go.  Notice that The Empress stepped back for me in the first of the 2 points above, and like a dance naturally stepped back in in the second to whiz-bang it!  I think it’s pretty dang whiz bang, ’cause I feel I can use that as a self-bossing mantra.  Every day a little more of that old boss goes away . . . as I realize more and more that I’m the old man now . . . in my firm at least.

How Will You Use Your Imagination Actionably With Mystereum Today?

Work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless.  How will you use Imagin-Action today?

Thanks for visiting this Mystereum segment. Here’s the 1st video I ever did

It’s only 51 seconds or some such.  Can’t get much from something so short, huh?  Bzrzrzrzzrzrzrz.  Try it and see for yourself.

Turbo Reading, making a single sentence or two AS your whole reading can step up your Tarot driving skills over time so your longer readings can more comfortably explore and bring you more treasures for the valuable time you spend doing them.  And, quick “rest stops” of Turbo Readings within your longer readings can provide scenic overlooks to keep your reading fresh, and/or act like a GPS system that guides you to TURN RIGHT BECAUSE THAT TREE OVER THEE IS COOL!

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Mystereum can support and further inform the coordination your create and make in your journey throughout your life.

Become your Natural Nature

as you discover your Inner Inheritances with the families living in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Many wonderfully surprising things begin to happen when you do. Many. In Your Way.


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

Groc the videos at

Get e Free sample reading with Mystereum at 


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Tarot~Mabon~BlogHop~Mystereum Mead Made

Tarot~Mabon~BlogHop~Mystereum Mead Made

Welcome TarotBlogHoppers from Kerry Ardilla’s Neopagan Priestess blog! 

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “Mabon ~ The Power of Transformation.”

Tarot ~ Mabon ~ Mystereum Mead Made

Power your life’s firmament fermenting Tarot mead

What serves as your Tool of Transformation? What makes your grapes and honey turn to mead?
~ Turbo read the Majors card by card in verse as a “Mystereum Mabon Poem of Transformation Of How Dreams Actively Come Into Being”

Mead Making Topic: Is Marriage Like The Confluence of Getting A Ticket Together, Making Honey, and Then Fermenting Mead With It?

Try to read the entirety without seeing the card at the first part of each line . . .

Try to mead the following without seeing the first card speaking each line . . .

The Fool: On a whim I trusted myself without explanation, feeling that reasons were just damn unreasonable fluff
The Magician: and as I stepped into nothingness, new ground formed right under my feet
The High Priestess: as form was given to the formless
The Empress: a quizzled and wild-eyed smile coming to full term
The Emperor: as my vision spread out across such expansive beauty
The Hierophant: in the majestic and inspiring down-to-earth-spirit of painters’ sunlit skies thick with clouds
The Lovers: and I turned to pause. That whim was like another’s eyes brightening mine, and there she was
The Chariot: singin’ Doo Waa Ditty Diity Don’t Ditty Deet
Justice: yet, even the loud music pressing the foot further and was a balanced scale of a 
The Hermit: silent man in uniform with intense gaze
The Wheel: “Uh hem.  You’ll need to pay this by next Tuesday, or appear in court as it says.
Strength: We turn again, don’t we?, with the power of our natural voices to each other in the present. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WhatEV. You? Me? Should we pay the ticket or the toll man?
The Hanged Man: Neh, that would be a clear waste of time floating around with either of THEM.
Death: NEW ROAD! That tree’s cool. Turn left!
Temperance: Where are we really going? We’re in this wonderfully deeply . . .
The Devil: Oh YEAH! Let’s have sex behind every tree in the forest!
The Tower: And, our worlds exploding altered the very fabric of the forest as we crashed down heaving together
The Star: to look up at that single first night light making wishes never smoking hope and diggin’ our celestial groove so
The Moon: that only we each knew inside, smiling at each other with our newly formed secrets
The Sun: knowing that we were behind on our “every tree” deadline as the sun would come up soon enough and call time though it didn’t stop our conversation,
Judgment: only re-introduced us to the magic of twilight as we resurrected from our newly humidified forest to emerge with most of our clothes
The World: and conquer the world with tired and knowing smiles.  

The washer and dryer aren’t what steal that other sock are they?

Wands: Our energies developed
Cups: a nourishing fulfillment
Pentacles: that we began to solidly base things on
Swords: where all the elements came together to temper and quench us in masterful communication, and we cut off looking for the sock.


All similar, each unique.

How does YOUR Tarot make the honey-ambrosia of the mead of the fermenting fun of a road trip of a story?

Happy Tarot Mabon Meading where Merry Meet Mabon’s to Merry Mead!  Jordan

Best to you painting new life into your journey as you explore the Mabon series of TarotBlogHops!  Click here to  POOF yourself right to the next TarotBlogHop stop at Sungoddess Tarot’s blog.




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Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Funky Friday FreeForAll

Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Funky Friday FreeForAll

After blogging mostly daily for while, I’m all warmed up and ready to go!  It’s time!  I’m ready to shift focus and redirect scale here to turn up the heat, and orchestrate Mystereum’s momentum.  Now is the time to explore Imagin-Action with you in daily blogs.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.  So, look in YOUR mirror.  How close are you?  How close are you to finding your own natural leadership that is present to work with and effectively enliven your own interactions?  Explore the military sandbox of Imagin-Action with these daily blogs.  Sound rigorous?  Sure is!  Sound hard?  Not a chance.  Imagin-Action can enhance the heartbeat and breath of your ideas to effectively play out and build foundation under your dreams.  Imagin-Action can help you make your dreams beyond real.  Imagin-Action can bring your realized dreams into play as natural features in your everyday personal, business, you-name-it course of life.

It’s Friday, so I just pulled 3 cards without a spread. How do they work for you? Pull another to add to the mix.

Each day will bring a different Imagin-Action theme for to you to play with.

Today’s theme is Imagin-Action Freelance Friday.  Fridays are funky, and the cards above are for you to play with, to juggle.  Use them in the exercise that develops below if you want.

So, Fridays are funky.  You want to finish your work week on a high note, right?  You want to cut out early in the afternoon to meet friends and play, yes?  You’d rather be doing what it says you’d rather be doing on your bumper sticker, surely, like ALWAYS?  Sounds like Friday is a day whose all-over-the-map topics are seemingly on leading people to dial in to Presenteeism at work?  Friday feels to be a day custom made for the specialists in the Department of Redundancy Department.  Let’s let their wisdom get this day’s topic on topic so we can be on topic and express things on topic.  So. let’s consult the Department of Redundancy Department about WTH to do with these Fridays we so love and yet even in our enthusiasm seem to become multiple focus days even for some of the most intently focused people.

How’d they do that?!!

As soon as I hit the period at the end of that last sentence, the phone rang.  “This is Jordan,” I answer.  “Yes, Mr. Jordan, this is your Internal Department of Redundancy Department calling.  It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for one How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team?  It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for a single How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team to appear?

WOW!! Quick!  I thought they were lost in frenetic arabesque loops.  WTH?

All I have to do is look at that last paragraph, huh?

  • It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for one How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team?
  • It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for a single How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team to appear and provide their services?

WOW!  They even changed my 2nd, bullet point entry about them there!  WHOA!  WT Heck is going on here?!

Well, Fridays are pretty simple aren’t they?

Using the example of how I expressed what The Department of Redundancy Department is doing above, figuring out the best course to be actionable and effective is relatively simple.  When you are pulled multiple ways AND want to do them all, STOP!  It’s a lot like the WTH and hootin’ laughter years back when I imitated “Top Gun” with the kids in the car years back.  In my bright yellow car.  It was no speedster, but sunflower-bright-bees-would-fly-in-like-it-was-flower kinda bright it was, and I was feeling the WTHeck can I do.  They wanted me to race the tricked out sportster revving their engine as they had cat-called out the window.  Not rude, simply kids winderfully responding to “OMG THAT CAR MUSTA COST A MILLION!” kinda thing. And, of course I find that dangerous unless on the track.  Too many kiddos-chasing-a-ball-into-the-street variables.  But, it was Friday, and I wanted to play, too.

So, “I’ll race ’em!,” I said

And, here’s where the Friday, how-to-be-actionable-with-lotsa-things-in-the-mix idea comes full circle.  I nodded to the guy like we were gonna lay rubber GO!  Became completely focused through the front windshield at the road ahead and the red light above. Pressed my foot into the brake with the clutch in as I swung my brake-foot heel over to rev rev rev rev . . . and LOL glanced at my rearview mirror when the kids were all stirred up and wouldn’t notice in the background, and noticed a cop car two cars back behind me . . . tried to hold back my smile, and when the light turned green I bellowed out, “I’ll just hit the brake and they’ll fly right by!  That’s how you win, right?” . . . as the other car’s smokin’ tires jettisoned it across the intersection to quickly become smaller and smaller and WHOOSH the cop car flew right by.  See?  And, you thought I was dealing with the car beside me.

The kids were confused

The kids were confused . . . of course for only just a second in that wide-eyed-dropped-jaws slowly looking around kind of way, and then you saw their smiles start to form out of the mayhem as they started bobbin’ around fake-pushing each other around laughing.  “DOOD, did you see that? That cop just FLEW . . RIGHT . . .BY, justa yeah right by.  HEY!  Maverick said that in the movie last night!  You tricked us!!”  I smiled as they kept doing the I’m-turning-into-teenager masterful command of the obvious statements to keep cool present by acting like the world needs to stop and provide fanfare for whatever just happened . . . as I looked away from them in the mirror and proceeded normally across the intersection, they just hip-hop bobbed back in to, “Dood, Did you see that?”  “Oh Dudette, ya saw that, right, un huh?”  I may have never had so much fun just normally crossing the intersection like it was normal on a Friday having so much fun on a Friday.

Wait, The Department of Redundancy Department Team hijacked my sentence!

And, there’s the lesson to assist you to enhance the effectiveness of your Fridays.  STOP!

STOP~, When the light goes green.  STOP on Fridays, for just a little longer than normal, and let all the things in play fly right by so you can see them and focus on them ONE . .  AT . . . A . . . .TIME.  Don’t multi-task.  That’s a myth.  Yeah yeah, the studies say women can and men can’t.  BS on both.  They were looking for lines in that study, and they missed the orbits.  You don’t kill things when you look away.  Things may be out of sight and out of mind at times, but they don’t cease to exist when you look away.

Visualize each area of your day on it own pace as a juggling ball

Get all of these juggling balls going in their elliptical orbits in your mind.  Like juggling, only one thing at a time in your hand.  STOP!  Look at your hands.  Look at the ferris wheel of things above.  GO one frame.  STOP.  Next thing in your right hand?  Last thing now in your left hand?  GO one more frame. STOP. and another . . .wait . . .and another . . .wait . . .and another and another and let ’em get going back flow-orbit smoothly as you juggle them in your mind . . . and, here’s the lesson . . . don’t miss the subtle evolution that continues as it presents itself in the same sentence from one presentation to the next . . . WOW, the Department of Redundancy Department had it right up there . . . and here’s the lesson.

Take your hands off the task. Stop juggling by . . .

The juggling balls are smoothly and fluently negotiating their orbits smoothly as you subtly re-place them into orbit one at a time fluidly like WATTA.  Like BUTTA.  As you continue juggling all the juggling balls representing your areas of focus smoothly, as you continue juggling smoothly, allow them to continue in your mind as you slowly take your hands away.  Friday’s a car that’s already started.  Get your hands on the wheel and out of the engine.  Get your hands on the wheel and steer.  Get your hands on the wheel and GREEN LIGHT!  Whatta you do?

Get your hands on the wheel and out of the engine

There’s your Friday Imagin-Action thought.  In the summer of 2005 after being self-employed for several years, I started “taking Fridays off.”  I was one guy, a one guy sole prop architecture shop.  I had to complete weekly file management and administration and accounting for each and every project, do the overall accounting so Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable existed in the sole prop shop, make my Office Depot run, and all the other things too numerous to list.  Friday became a “STOP!  I’ll hit the brakes, and they’ll FLY RIGHT BY” day, and my business began to run like I had multiple employees . . . which then set the priority of “I DO want Fridays off, so I will make it a priority to be able to hire someone.”

So, on your Friday each week, get your hands on the wheel, eyes on YOUR road

Let the weekly cycles of your Fridays be the juggling balls above.  Even give them different colors and give each juggling ball in each Friday a different color in your mind.  Once you get the juggling cycle of what you focus on in YOUR Friday, slowly pull your hands away and really get a sense of how each one orbits.  5 RPMs? 500 RPMs?  5,000RPMs?  Get into the multiple-things-going-on-smoothly Hip Hop groove of the things in your Friday.  Hip Hop into a sense of fluent fluidity with all of them like a one person drum circle.  Work with this here and there each day throughout your week.  Next week we’ll cover Friday in another way so The Department of Redundancy Department can rehash this blog to show you how to use it with even further expertise.

Take the time for laughter. Take time to find the laughable in any situation

It sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.  Finding the laughable in no way disrespects even the grieving most difficult times.  It celebrates their goodness by bring you even MORE present when you are with them.

Subscribe and tune in to the Daily Disciplined Sandbox play of Mystereum

I’ll bet you won’t even feel like you worked, and you may start having more to show for your work across the board when you do this.  Gear into your synchromeshed juggling now, and let the clutch out.  Learn to drive the standard transmission of YOU!  Jackrabbit the gears here and there, and then soon you’ll be effective effectively.

Enjoy playing. There is potentially expert skill in your play.  Find Yours!

Magical laughter to you as you to prime your pumper and pump up the volume on your celestial groove with Imagin-Action!  Have a great weekend when Ya get to it!  ~ Jordan Hoggard


This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say?  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Discipline in the sandbox is finding the natural way you flow and play with your ideas effectively.  It is about discovering their value that can take seconds, can take your whole life up to this point.  Each day, each play.  Make ’em count.  The value of a moment can be perennially catalyzing.  The value present in each moment can be infinite.

Oh, and I checked the Cosmic Daytimer.  The future and the past seem to be all booked up.  No room in The Inn.  Now works, though.  There always seems to be an opening for you now.

Happy Friday, and tune in daily for Imagin-Action!  All similar, each unique.

Have a grand weekend!  And remember, “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.” ~ Victor Borge. Find the laughter that is the shortest distance between you and your ideas and effectively implement them with better and better success.

Here’s a side trip scenic overlook for Ya.  Take Mystereum for a FREE sample spin on!


All images and text (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is available signed by the author at

There are only four 1.5″ x 2.5″ copper Tarot Dog Tags left at

Groc the videos at

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