Always Complete, Never Finished, Lifelong

14 May
Always Complete, Never Finished, Lifelong

I don‘t find the Ego to be conscious. I find it to be a vessel, an energetic, psychological containment system that can be equated to boundaries. So, having a strong ego often indicates healthy boundaries where someone else’s words do not upset the architecture of your well-being within the vessel. The Ego is a necessary part of the psyche.

“Egomanaical” is different as it’s a love of power rather than a power of love. And, as such, a love of power is often only skin deep superficial, mostly about false senses of control in a consummate avoidance of what makes one themself uncomfortable… attempting to make others squirm because one will not own that they are squirming.

And, like a Kintsukuroi broken vessel brought back together with gold, silver, or platinum lacquer to highlight connections rather than motion-limiting scars… we are each better for having been broken. Those who can still be kind (to living beings and Nature) after going through hells are badasses with hearts of gold.

Copyright Potter who made this visual metaphor of the Kintsukuroi of Self For one’s ongoing Architecture of Well-Being called life. You are your own project, lifelong.

Experiences make for connections, traumas addressed and resolved making for connections rather than motion-limiting scars. Image here of a Kintsukuroi bowl being better for having been broken, for having experienced life. Always complete, never finished, lifelong. The journey of the ongoing project called Your Life is the destination, the confluence of memory and dream that we live in in the perpetual present. Or, more concisely said, The Now. Your Life, Your Way, Always.

Night Nautilus (in progress) (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard

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  1. kinge

    May 14, 2021 at 11:14 am

    Very insightful. There’s beauty in the broken-mended


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