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Creativity As Religion or Profession?

Creativity and/or Imagination

Religion and/or Profession?

Place of Creation and/or Soul Garden?

Aren’t They All Both/And?

Yup. Amen. Punching those damn keys is both religion and profession. Every stroke a step up the temple steps. Every stroke both expresses perspective and gives us perspective. Every stroke potentially causes us to fall and skin our knees, potentially becomes our ally. Though, every stroke, every stroke touches that place deep inside us which does not need to be touched, only needs to be expressed.

Yes, creating and painting and writing are both religion and profession, that thing that activates the I must, of implementing heartfelt passion. Especially maybe even when it goes in the trash bin, like chaff, blown off in the wind, from wheat. We are both our own Soul Garden and Soul Gardener.

Natalie Goldberg expressed, Writing Down the Bones. I say, amend/amen your soil. Bless it with your work and fresh nutrients. 1st year roots. 2nd year foliage. 3rd year flowers and fruit. Be your own Soul Gardener in The Place of Creation. The “year” in creativity is only your particular cycle in each iteration. It sometimes doesn’t take that long, sometimes take much longer. Could be seconds. Could be gestation across decades. That’s why I find it important to keep working. Why wait for a 17-year cicada cycle? You’d be creatively stale by then if you didn’t get off your butt and do something by then. Though, IT certainly won’t be when it wakes up. Keep working. Be strong enough to handle your own creations when you and they are both in the mood.

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Naturalize your perennial talents by developing your abilities? Well, yes. That’s just good sense, and that’s also simply gardening. Don’t tell your dahlias to hurry. If they valued writing and could speak, they might just laugh at you if you did. A garden laughing at you would not be such a good thing, unless you get that the joke’s on you.

Your dahlias won’t laugh, though, when you punch the damn keys. Then you can afford to water them, to tend them, to amend the soil and leave them the f*ck alone to wonderfully do their thing. Your creations in the garden of The Place of Creation know that’s the same thing as their underground, finger-tendril, groundgrabbers of their roots that nourish them.

And, religion or profession? Hmmm. What about belief? Hmmm. I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology. And, I also don’t believe in my Kitchen range, though I use it to cook relatively often.

How do you cook with your creativity, your religion, your profession?

How does your work and what you do nourish you and amend your soil?

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

Click the title to download ImaginAction at no charge

The pdf is 18MB. Depending on your connection, it may take a bit. Again, no charge. My intent is not that it’s free. No charge, and you determine the value. Download for nada. Please tip at BuyMeACoffee and/or comment and/or Like the post AFTER you’ve had an opportunity to work with it. And, on your own time. No fuss, no rush, no buy now gimmick false sense of urgency.

You decide its value to you in your own good time, in your own way. Money currency, the currency of liking, commenting, sharing, re-blogging. I simply ask that you value ImaginAction in your own way, even if that’s simply looking out the window and smiling at Nature, from the Nature inside you. That kind of thing, that kind of energy put out there, makes to world a better place to be.

Downloading? No charge. Your tip/comment/like? Priceless.

I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective.

(c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard


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TarotBlogHop ~ Imbolc ~ Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making


 Welcome along your BlogHop adventure from Karen Sealey’s Pure & Blessed Tarot blog

Welcome to the Imbolc TarotBlogHop

… where we have this great group of TarotBlogHoppers working with Tarot in their own, unique ways coupled with the theme, “Tarot Healing & Creativity”.  Enjoy the experience of the Tarot Imbolc gifts one and all that you receive on this TarotBlogHop!

Welcome now

The warm-up no longer part of the performance, and the curtain goes up, the mic goes love… ahhh, leave the typo. Love goes well with live.  Welcome to my performance of the TarotBlogHop Imbolc theme

~ “Tarot Healing & Creativity” ~ 

Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making 

 DAYum! Now, What cards go with what I am about to do?!

by Jordan Hoggard

Imbolc + Architecture + Tarot = Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making

… where Imbolc can = a Gaelic festival celebrating the Goddess Brighid marking the beginning of spring

… where Architecture can = its Greek roots of arche and techne where arche is the creating, the first-spark of an idea, the inception AND techne is the making, the putting together of that idea in form, the conception.

… where Tarot can = a perpetual well-Spring that naturalizes Self… We are not broken when there is no hole in our soul.  We are whole and complete and resonant relationships enhance our freedom… where rather than armor for protection there is healing born of integrated armor. Integrated armor is health.

So, it is simple, really, what cards go with this?   The Magician’s intense focus for Imbolc,… though isn’t focus somehow formless?  Well, yes, get to the damn blog! ,,, and The High Priestess’ giving form to that formlessness.  Oh, I see, first there must be that formless 1st-spark of full-on focused idea, and then there is the full-on giving of form to that formless.  Though, WHAT ABOUT effin results and fruition!?!  Everything’s process!  Well, everthing is ALL IS about process … Oh, I see, Ye Olde arche – techne game…. and, not to worry… the Empress coming to full term from her Yoniverse of which all else emanates will be there …  So, Imbolc. SpringaComingOn… Hop into your Magician~Priestess~Empress… not to worry.  The Emperor was out on Holiday.


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Tarot induces the Creating.  We are each the Making always in the making. All similar, each unique. Always complete, never finished… while continually driving consequences expressed in results… results that continually create, so we can make, so we can put things together.  We are Divine, and thus we divine. Tarot cards flash as shooting stars through the mind like…Star light, star bright…

Tarot light, Tarot bright. First Tarot card I see tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, divine the wish I have tonight.



With an image like Joanna Powell Colbert’s at the link… nuff said.


Tarot cards can be seen as cardboard Source Magnets.  With Tarot cards the Temple In (Wo)Man is nourished, washed in the ablution of wonderment given form in each turn of a card. With this nourishment from Source we continually heal AS each new cycle of our wholeness. We are each the Creating itself. We are each the Making. We are each the Creating and the Making in and as our Divinity.

May Tarot nourish the highest and lowest of your life-octaves.

May every card back remind you of Source, of potential, of innate talent present.  May every card turned over further assist you to develop your innate talents into effective abilities.

Always complete, Never finished. Each birth is brilliant in its age, in that which came before that is present to nourish and root the now… for flying as high as your roots go deep.  Allow the still waters in your cards running deep and silent flowing to heal your worry and direct your insight to be the heartbeat of every action. Dream while awake with your Tarot cards. Have that instant theosophic vision of the lapis of the card back that when turned over is a dream born and birthing psychic gold. Direct your dreams. Aim your insight outwardly to affect healthy and responsive results.  Water confirms to its cup they say.  Fill the cup around you with aimed insight. Discover a card anew each time you rediscover it by turning it over. Turn each card over and feel the health of 78 Card-Magnets of Source living in the the sanctuary that is you… and further nourishing you each time you do. This is especially helpful to nourish your readings for others. Water your empathy seeds with experience, fresh experience.

Your next stop is Morgan Drake Eckstein’s Gleamings from the Golden Dawn Tarot blog.



“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

“Even in a card with no people, there’s still always one…You, looking in through the portal.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All Mystereum Tarot images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

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