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“Something New Coming Soon” Gifted A Memory

Well, in posting, Something New Coming Soon, I have been deeply reminded of something I expressed on my Death As The Master Gardener post years back, in addition to something with more depth of feeling than philosophy:

Rest is a death of sorts, a rejuvenation time, especially utilizing the way of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Death is also outright. Finishes. Completions. Death is the mother of memory, and the fertilizer for dreams.

Here’s what I expressed then that gold-panned a nugget from my experience that goes hand in hand with a larger gift, one of those indelible Songs Of Experience that arrive throughout life simply when we do:

Death is the mother of memory, and the fertilizer of dreams.  Yes!, to that. And, it continued:

Death is the mother of memory.

Death creates our individual Songs of Experience, together,

amends the soil of our Soul Garden,

actively and actionably nourishes and makes our dreams real.

So, Something New Coming Soon? 

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Yes. And, now sooner than before.

Stay tuned this week.

Also, I received a wonderfully touching gold nugget gift of a surprise that was no diamond in the rough that was abduced from my memory revisiting this painting’s cyclical journey. It watered, nourished with the first three comments on my last post, Coming Soon, Something Is Waking Up.

What was the gift? In a way it serves up a preamble dish for what is coming soon, as I was influenced to remember something I cherished. I remembered death, and a poignant and meaningful memory resurrected. A portal of emancipation of robust value arose to light my way. In a way it was The Hermit seeing, acknowledging, zen-taking the steps to step back into the old shoes of the first footprints of the cycle just completed. I see those steps. I feel them in memory. I resonate with them in the journey from there to here. As I step into my own footprints anew, the first footprints embossed into the birth of a previous cycle, I step into my own footprints differently. Because, well, its now. Songs of Experience message the soles of my feet, touch my groundgrabber toes, message straight up into my imagination.

May the road rise up to meet you.

~ Traditional Irish Blessing

May the ground rise up to support your every step, especially ground that wasn’t there before as you began the step.

~ The Fool in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

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Karen Sealey of Pure & Blessed Tarot, The Pure and Blessed Way chimed in, I smell something beautiful in the air. My smile was priceless, the squinchy-nose goofy kind you hope makes it to posterity.

Holly Troy of Cosmic Holly watered the portal of the memory of this painting’s history without knowing anyThing about it, Love the painting! That perfect, unconscious safe-cracker timing removed a cover stone, flushed out a wonderful reminiscence, and then emancipation as the history resurfaced. As know I could hold it.

And then, after I expressed this painting’s story, Bonnie expressed, What a touching story. Resonant icing on the cake, a tall glass of water to go with the water of tears that flowed from this experience. Gotta fill those tanks back up ya know? She did that for me.

I find reasons to be unreasonable most times, especially here in this experience. Actions are simply infused with them. At most they are impetus, much like, to bring surety brings ruinLike Mystereum’sBe comfortable with the not-knowing. It’s the fade of forgetting that makes for getting, makes more room for the good stuff. Like, Know thyself, one of the three Delphic Maxims from the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

So, no more preamble, here’s the good stuff of where I’m going with this post, just in advance of the creative venture that just went into labor and is on its way to birth, Coming Soon. The gold nugget good stuff here, the just-before-what’s-on-its way is a gold nugget of memory that was gold-panned out of a simple comment: I love this painting!What a catalyst to induce! What a simple key to unlock a re-surfacing at just the right time. Beautiful, deceptive simplicity. As simple as a key. Hmmm, what do keys do? So, I am going to hold the space for this gift I was given of my own cherished memory re-surfacing robust and full and fresh. No edits below, like you wouldn’t edit a mother in labor before a birth — those who say it cannot be done are better served to stop interrupting the person doing it ~ Chinese Proverb — and simply post my response in italics below.

With gratitude.

In inception, conception, birth, and soon to naming.

Thanks for visiting and being here now, especially right now as this upcoming creative seed unfurls from its Place of Creation Womb fully formed. Nope, not an abomination. No Dune references (regardless of which version you dig).

A New Living Memory Gold Nugget Gift

Thank You! And, thank you for the accolade.

I chose #16 from my ‘Constructing the Center” series as it just felt to be right. Little did I know, that upon your compliment, the wonderful and sad and full reverence of this painting’s story would re-surface. I express my heartfelt thanks for that.

My experience and history with this painting passes through occasionally to re-posit a perspective of the importance of now, though it has been years since I felt it from this painting fully. You certainly don’t need to read the rest if it comes to being TMI about what this painting did after it graduated from my brush. Suffice it to say I am proud of it, and proud of what its nature did for another vibrant person.

This is one of my personal faves in the series, The compositional white space feels to do as much as the paint to dance the image into life, circles completed by the unpainted white space. It was #16 in the ‘Constructing the Center’ series of 66 mandala-like watercolors. At the gallery opening where it was 1st presented, a woman smiled and reached out to me and the gallery owner across the room. We both felt it. Turned. As she smiled and turned back to the painting to continue her finger trance-dance across the glass of the Uni-Frame.

We came over. She was just beaming. “Constructing the Center #16 you call it Mr. Hoggard? Hmmm, CtC #16. Hmmm. Nope. I say, Sweet 16. Besides the color sense I love, so joyous, and JUST FUN, it just has everything, and half of that is comprised of nothing Mr. Hoggard. Jordan! You IMPLIED half of this!. I LOVE that laziness that probably took more planning than the contrary, or (looking me up and down) maybe you didn’t plan anything, just painted? Oh, I love the balance. The feel. The colors. What’s there. What’s not there in connected complement. Oh, hmmm. Oh Lordy. Where will I put it? Ah, that’s the 50% not there. I don’t need to know that right now. May have to reshuffle a bit. Don’t need that reason buzzkill right now, cloud my decision. Yes. Yes, I must have it.” Instant red dot on the label from the gallery owner. And, I’m there beaming, too, wondering where my words went. I know now. I didn’t need any. It was the feeling of knowing that something I did enhanced another’s life.

I stood there enamored in her resonance with the image, honored, and love that I was also taken aback, a bit confused at 25 years old. She was so astute with her emotional resonance as to why she loved ‘Sweet 16.’ Heck, I didn’t even take issue with her re-titling it. Heck, she adopted it after it graduated. She gets to name it, and it’s not moving back home. It’s started to make its way. And, that I had created something that someone valued that deeply? At the time, all I said was, “Thank You,” as we both stood there swimming. I, in something that graduated from me provided to another that enhanced their life, her simply basking, more wondering where in her house did it need to find home… like it was already there.

I felt something in that experience I will never forget. Honesty and emotional truth in what you find beautiful, in what moves you. Yes, it was my creation, though hoopy to the vanity of that. That SOMETHING I created moved someone that way, that intensely, calmly, honestly, in the moment? She taught me a great lesson that day about what are yess-es and what are no-s.

Thanks for striking the nerve in me, the ancient chords on this one. I hadn’t resurfaced that memory when I posted it. It just felt right. Your resonance was plenty enough, though, fulfilling to feel what she taught me again, fresh again now this painting and her speaking to me fully again now liberated from their treasure chest to be worn..

And, I hope this was not too much. Your compliment dropped a smile on the portal they were in to open it for me. Thank you for that.

Not to be cagey, though if you read down this far, the short story is more important. One day, in 2002 a package arrived. It strangely looked like something I was used to shipping out. No return address, actually my address as the return address. ??? I opened it, unwrapped the contents, and there was Sweet 16, and a card fell out. I was stunned. “What is happening here?!!???!!!! I opened the card.

Dear Jordan,
I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic. It’s one of those that even I IN MY lyrical way can’t sidestep to flip the poisonous turtle limits back. It’s quite a menace. That said, I do not give up. I live. I love living, love experience. Though, this Sweet 16 that you made has given me so much joy every time I pass it. Will it EVER stop dancing in your 50% laziness of execution? I handed Sweet 16 with this card off to my son in my will. So, if you are receiving this, know I cherished Sweet 16 and your spirit. Thank you. Heck, what else can I say? Thank you.

(My name’s moving on.Please keep yours fit, and take care of Sweet 16 for me)

I love that I’ve been brought to tears here. Waterfall. Thank you. This experience is a gift I cherish.

Thank you, Holly. I gather as well the original owner thanks you as well from somewhere beyond. SHe was an effin lyrical firecracker, quick on the draw, and most everyone around her glad for it.

2 Seeds of What’s Coming Soon.

What Are They About to Open Into?


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Your 10 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Welcome to your 10 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

1 min 1 sec to strike chords to resonate with your solid completions, to nurture your Soul Gardener.

The 10 of Pentacles

It’s like a Wheel card on your ground.

It’s like a Wheel card for your ground.

It’s like a Wheel card in your ground.

It’s like a Wheel card AS your ground.

Note the solidity of your movements now, post-completion. How does that enhance your connections, your sense of connection?

Thanks much for visiting!

What wonderful solid completions have you accomplished of late? Have you built a solid sense of self with healthy boundaries in one area or another that further enhances, reinforces, and supports your well-being? Have you made deadline and knocked it out of the park recently in stellar style on something that you solidly value? Recently, or long ago of which you’re proud? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your perspective.

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6 of Pentacles    7 of Pentacles    8 of Pentacles    9 of Pentacles


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9 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Welcome to your 9 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Here’s to your solid dynamism!

9 of Pentacles

overlaps, finery, naturalized, solidly dynamic

Thanks much for visiting!

Till next time… Are creating & manifesting the same? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks much.

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Ace of Pentacles     2 of Pentacles    3 of Pentacles    4 of Pentacles    5 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles    7 of Pentacles    8 of Pentacles


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7 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment

Your 7 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment!

I don’t believe in chaos, as Nature does not know chaos. I asked it. It grimaced with a chuckle. I gather it, consequently, doesn’t have order, either. It wouldn’t answer my question on that, though, the wind just gusted me to embrace that for myself. So, I feel Nature just is, it is just full-on is full-on itself in every way at every moment. That, I dig a lot. Not infinitely, just a lot. Nature’s a good role model in ways. At least I feel so, mostly. Not all, though certainly mostly. WIth the 7 of Pentacles I feel to describe it as Depths Beyond.

Wald Amberstone of The Tarot School in NYC (Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone) penned Depth(s) of Above for This card which I firmly buy and that’s firmly (c) Wald Amberstone, especially with the mental gymnastic pun-flip of putting above ABOVE depth. I full-on resonate with that, and he gets full credit for that, though I call the 7 of Pents The Soul Gardener. The Soul Gardener with Depths from Beyond [(c) me] fertilized right into the earth as they amend their soil as they tend their bounty. I simply prefer Depth of Beyond,

Nature has weather, though I don’t personify the weather. The wind can be static-y and raise the hairs on the back of your neck and get you a bit stirred up, though the stirrer isn’t stirred up. It’s most likely just dry and blustery outside. Not such an admirable quality in people, though with wind, not much to judge or discern. Heck, if it’s raining, bring an umbrella. If sunny, bring a friend. Or, if you’re more like me, stand in the rain happy and hold your head and hands HIGH and feel it, and if with a friend, so much the better. I see people running in the rain, and it always perplexes me. I walk slower in the rain. I stop. I hold out or hold up my hands and look up into it. Ablution? Sometimes. I’m already soaked, so what’s the worry? It’s not like I can get MORE soaked. Plus, I’m made of mostly water anyway, and frantically running might cause me to slip and fall. I don’t care about the ‘getting hurt’ part of that. If I slip and fall, I’ll most likely stop enjoying the rain while I recover. I choose that I enjoy it, and protect that by embracing the enjoyment.

It’s common, though, that 5 and 7 are often associated with chaos. I get it. I take no issue with it. I simply don’t buy it. I simply feel 5 & 7 to be Nature’s numbers, where the center is not necessarily in the middle. 1 is not chaos, it is Identity. 3 is not chaos, it is the 1st number of beauty, the 1st number of structure in the self-supporting triangle. Nine is certainly NOT a chaos number. No way. Not at all. 9 is dynamic and fluid and overlapping. 9 is the Nin, the 9th meditative hand gesture kanji of Ninjitsu whose color is White, whose concept is the Tao itself with a hand gesture of thumbs and index fingers held up to the night sky together to form a circular, framed view to focus the Moon into oneself, to experience infinity in the infinitely natural patterns in Nature as a known and felt fact. Especially at night.

Oh, was that supposed to be a secret? Pardon if I don’t step that back. I pick up lotsa rocks to see what hides under them and bring Shadow to light, or just provide the unseen as a complement to the seen, the unknown to the known, in respect of the Shadow. And, I often continue the disciplines I discover there for decades. Hey, I’m a polymath. “Jack of all trades, master of none,” you say? Nope, you see, that’s not the whole quote. That’s a convenient sound byte often utilized to dismiss people when they are multi-talented and have developed those talents into abilities and someone wants clear and concise and… boringly only bottom line simple. Not much value in that from where I sit. The full quote? “Jack of all trades, master of none, is often a more effective ally than a master of one.” Or, some such similar gig.

Oh, and if I’m talking about Nature and numbers and shapes (please click. There is a stunning and beautiful and inspiring video by Cristobal Villa!… always soundS like Crystal Ball Villa/House when I say it. Cool name either way. Almost as cool as his videos),

Ok, numbers and shapes and this and that. I really ought to go ahead and say it. I really ought to being the earth to bear in a 7 of Pentacles way from a solid Pentacles depth beyond. Ok. I’ll say it. The earth is round. No, really. Am I trying to be deceptively simple? Nope. That comes from a solid depth beyond. How do I substantiate that? Hmmm, which example shall I choose? OH! This one!: If the earth were flat, the cats would have already knocked everything off of it by now. Right?!

Enjoy the 7 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment.

May you reap your ripe ideas actionably!

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Thanks much for visiting!

If you’ve come down this far, a blast from the Mystereum past surprise is in the 6 of Pents link below. Enjoy.

Ace of Pentacles     2 of Pentacles    3 of Pentacles    4 of Pentacles    5 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

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FREE Tarot Spread and Video

FREE Tarot Spread Below!

1-Minute Mystereum Tarot Moment

6 of Pentacles:

FREE Tarot Spread

from The Land of Mystereum 4-Packs!


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Tarot Aces Four Potential

Hi… Jordan Hoggard, author of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, here to explore potential with the family of the Aces . . .

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… Numerically the Aces correspond with the Sun…the Wheel…and the Magician of the Major Arcana.  You can explore the relationships of these cards further in my Birth Card blogs . . .

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So, let’s explore potential with the Family of the Aces.

Visualize the Fool’s first step as an Ace.  Which one comes to mind when you think of the Fool? Play with that AS a two-card reading: Card One ~ The Fool; Card Two ~ the Ace that came to mind for you.  It’s called a Came to Mind Reading. I’ll cover that in another blog, though it is as simple as it sounds.  Ask your question and quickly write down the cards that come to mind.  Then, do your reading from those cards.

Visualize the first step after X The Wheel as a 2-step Ace.

Visualize the first step after XXI The World as a single quaternity of Aces in a step.

The Aces

With the Ace of Pentacles ~ Sense your Solid Inner Inheritances, the assets and seeds you were born with.

With the Ace of Cups ~ trust your heart, and with bright eyes your ideas may begin to pulse with life.

With the Ace of Wands ~ Direct your energies.  Place them where you feel best.  As you do, feel the magnetism of things that are wonderfully located.  Use your energies to magnetize yourself and inspire the energies around you.

With the Ace of Swords ~ Gift yourself the ability to cut to the chase.  listen to its vital lesson. . .listening, Mind that you stick to the point.

A Vital Lesson from the Aces and a Reading Technique

So, a vital lesson from the Aces is about letting the whole family of Aces inform the others when they come up individually. For example, when the Ace of Wands comes up and you need clarification, rather than pulling another card or cards right off the bat… visualize the other Aces.  Lay them out in the order they came to mind and ask each Ace, “What Wise Counsel do you have to express to the Ace of Wands?”   Do that for each card, and then go back to your Ace of Wands.  See if the Ace of Wands stands up strong for you with a clearer voice.  You can really do this for any of the cards.  For Minors, visualize the other suits of the same number.  For Majors visualize the corresponding Birth Cards that go with the Major you have selected. Call it the Collective Consciousness present within families of cards and all the cards in The Fool… that can be a fun concept to explore on your own.

Thanks for stopping by.

I look forward to further touring you through the families living in the Land of Mystereum.

Explore my YouTube Channel

Should the Inner State Highways show come back?

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All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard


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Tarot Special Mystereum Offer!

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Once you receive the deck and 192-page Imagination Primer book, the fun REALLY begins.  Mystereum SPEAKS.  Mystereum speaks to YOU!  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is THE only deck where the cards are all characters speaking in their own uniquely original voices in the 1st person.  Mystereum talks, and YOU can have fun talking back, and POOF begin to further free up and discover your own unique Tarot voice!

Take your imagination to new heights and depths with Mystereum, Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Get yours today at !

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Tarot Reading For Yourself

Tarot Reading ~ Difficult To Read For Yourself?

Do you have more success reading Tarot for others?  Yet, sometimes do you find it difficult to read Tarot for yourself?  I think we all have experienced that at some time or another. You turn the cards over and POOF you get it, but in a eh-eh not-feeling-it-so-much way?  Sometimes it simply indicates it is more fitting to take a walk.  Or, you really feel you want to give yourself a reading.  And then, you know what the cards mean, but rather than divinations, your reading becomes more of a set of predictables, kinda falls flat?  Kinda doesn;t resonate so much with a “Well, I knew that and I would rather. . .well. . . that’s not what I wanted and I would rather have a good and in-depth reading.”  Ever feel this way?  Ever feel that your Tarot reading for yourself is over before it ever really got started?  And, you want to keep it in mind, but your reading didn’t open up new paths of discovery like the priceless feeling when you read for someone else?  I hear this a lot from readers, often regardless of their level of experience.

Would you like to feel more value out of readings you do for yourself?  Would you like to feel more value from your daily devotion of pulling a card?   How do you bring yourself more to your readings so you develop your valuable core?  I could say, “Grow from your core, not from your edges.”  I find that valuable as a good quote out of hand, but it might not affect directly building more value for yourself through Tarot. . .when you are reading for yourself. I could say to refer to yourself in the 3rd person, “Jordan, with this card it is indicated. . .”.  And, though that can sometimes be a decent tip, kind of like reading to yourself in the mirror, it can only go so far when you re-frame it back to the 1st person. . . and this may feel like a bit of goofy or awkward MPD (multiple personality disorder) to some.  Good for writing a bio, but maybe not so much to build value in a reading for yourself.

This comes up a great deal, the difficulty of reading for oneself.  I felt a need to address this.   Rather than taking the direction of outlining techniques, I felt there was a great value to be explored in this regard by creating spread packages that come from the heart,  Spread theme packages.  It felt that by creating themed spread packages, powerful and artful spread packages, the kind that even if you tweak a position, YOU tweak it, YOU tailor it to come more from a place within YOU in an even more honored way.  Respecting yourself in Your heartfelt way!

Creating themed spread packages, starting off in an element-y kind of way — Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles — felt to be a way to honor the need for a different approach to enhance the value of reading for yourself.   And, using these spreads, you can make them even more yours through your readings for yourself, like test-driving a new car or pair of shoes, and they may not need to be tweaked at all.  You can work to further enhance the value of the spreads as you tune your own resonances with them by reading for yourself with them.  And, you can further enhance the value of bringing YOU more fully to your readings for YOURSELF!

So, I set into this venture of creating spreads not to re-evaluate myself, or my reading style, but to open myself up to feeling better ABOUT readings for myself, and in doing so mine my discoveries as I go along for the bigger benefit of all . . . much as I did in mining my creative process imaginatively and actionably with the 192-page Imagination Primer in The Land of Mystereum where each card gifts you Imagination Tools.  I felt that more value needed to be built in this area of reading for yourself, and that it would serve to help others overcome their difficulty of reading . . . for themselves.   My ability to stand and deliver on the fly set me into this study of depth in spreads to help others re-VALUE readings for THEMSELVES.  To re-VALUE YOU reading for yourself!  I would call it FeBreze for Tarot spreads, but that’s pretty gimmicky, and quick fixes often have shallow roots.  So, I felt a great deal more value in creating sets of spread packages in themes that are great for working with clients, and at the same time can directly address the issue of reading for yourself.

I thought, “I am creating spreads that are so much more meaningful than just doing a self-reading for money or love!”  And, there it was!  Here are spreads to fully honor your self-exploration, to provide you tools to gift yourself more fruitful digging at the deeper stuff.  Here are spreads that support and catalyze discovery!  “There,” I thought, “that’s where we begin to understand ourselves and grow more.” Further, “Then, everything else follows suit in some way.  Things are nurtured and more fully developed powerfully.”  A reading for love or money can then take on a new life.  “Hmmm” you might think using one of these spreads. “Rather than a clarifying card, I think I will pull THAT whole spread part over there of another spread in these spread packages to more depthfully explore my ideas with THIS spread.  And, doing so I can fully bring these cards to give wise Counsel to my situation.  I can add clarifying. . . spread parts. . .add wise Counsel WITHIN and TO these spreads simply by customizing them to ME.”  Cut. Paste.  POOF.  And, then these spreads became valuable paths themselves to take on new ways to explore and bring forth new ways to build value . . . to bring forth value . . . when reading for yourself.

This way the spreads themselves can be nurtured to enhance your growth as you work with them like perennials in a garden.  This one goes here.  That one part goes CLIP into a vase on your altar with the card, or becomes a cutting to grown another reading.  Hmmm, this part goes CLIP into the altar of my reading itself.  It can become like Tarot spread flower arrangement!  Readings for yourself can enliven your surroundings.  Win-Win!

And, another gig came up.  I was curious if people were assuming that these were Land of Mystereum spreads?  Cool if yes, and cool if no?  Hmmm.  That they were made to work with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum?  I wondered about that possible perception.  I smile in that that was me exploring their language as Mystereum so wonderfully does, and that these spreads got me thinking in a wide array of valuable uses, especially towards the benefit of bulding the value further of reading for yourself.  And, a friend big-ole-smilingly quipped up to my query, “Maybe you don’t have to have Mystereum, Jordan, but why wouldn’t you want to?   I mean, that’s like cake without the icing, right?  You can certainly use these spreads with other decks, and I would recommend it, but I suggest more to enhance the experience and get both!”

Now, THAT of course smiled back at me to both having and not having The Land of Mystereum to work along with these spreads to enhance the experience of reading for yourself.  The Land of Mystereum IS all about the cards literally speaking to you, the Imagination Primer has each card literally enter like a stage play, character-developing a phenomenal novel of sorts as they each speak, literally talk to you and tell you about themselves. . .their history, their development. . . and each from their individual personality.  And, like these spreads smiling back even brighter, these things came to mind:

~ The spreads are valuable because they came from the heart, are powerful, and artfully rendered.

~ These spreads are valuable because they came from an honored place within to enhance your own of same.

~ These spreads are valuable because they strengthen the flow of peoples’ natural ways.  Maybe that’s even a priceless gift.

~ These spreads are valuable because more than honoring peoples’ heartfelt places, they play Marco Polo opening the hull after a valuable voyage of discovery, and do so for EACH card!

~ These spreads are valuable because they open up those honored places within each of us for wondrously exploration.

~ These spreads are valuable as they shiningly bring forth inner inheritances!  What are those?  No spoilers here.  That’s a job for Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

~ These spread PACKAGES are valuable as they really turn on and warm up the Imagination Primer in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

~ These spread packages are valuable because they work so well with the Imagination Tools the Land of Mystereum gifts you.  Hmmm, again no spoilers.

I LOVE that this came back around to The Land of Mystereum.  It is a place where you can establish harmonious relationships with your ideas and feelings, explore identity and personality, and guide your intuition and imagination.  We can celebrate our differences. “All similar, each unique” is Mystereum’s motto.  It is a motto to celebrate keeping our lives lively!  Depthfully!  Enjoyably!

So. . . back to the original topic: Difficult Reading For Yourself?

~ Do you find it difficult sometimes to read Tarot for yourself?  Is there value in opening up to release yourself from that pattern?

~ Do you want to value your readings for yourself in more vibrant and informative and vital ways that effectively work into your life?

~ Do you want to open up new paths of discovery that are wonderfully alive?

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Best To You,


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Tarot Tarot on the Wall, Who is. . .Ace of Wands

Ideas & Imagination, Tarot & Mystereum

Ace of Wands: Idea + Energy = Imagin-Action!

Do you have new ideas and energies coming in?

Is there a Temperance-level interchange of energies

magically mixing for you to form

a new and energetic place?

The Ace of Wands from The Land of Mystereum.

Are you aware of the flow of your energetic ideas coming in?

Look down.  Do you already have the tools to draw out this new place?

Best To You,


 (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

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Tarot Forming Archetype ~ Judgment

The Queen of Pentacles’ throne’s left flank,
in the right side of her card.

Form was given to the formlessness
of her grounded station airy ness
by The High Priestess.

Hands naturalized in out of body and earthenly rooted
at one and the same time as she permeated all,
She took the station airy ness,
to stationary ness of a Queen’s throne,
A Nessy unknown now known as throne.
As Queens’ settled regal wing-feathers
solidly folded themselves in purple and gold
to sit regally naturalized in her garden.

The High Priestess, looking all directions always,
looked over,
looked over to The Queen of Pentacles to feel all directions.

While looking to her right. . .
The High Priestess formed the formless Q of P’s thought:

*Splay regal purple and psychic gold wing-feathered throne!


*Regally splay-spread your wing-feathers to stretch through twilight*

*At dawn and dusk regally herald a resounding voice to say


*WAKE UP throne!*



*You are now no longer throne!*

*You are now called Judgment!

*Open EACH IDEA as they burst forth unseen!*

*Open each from their bulb- box!*

*Tis the SEASON!*

*Phoenix-Resurrect your throne-bulbs Judgment!*

*Open your perennial regalNESS in your bulbs!*

*Look at ALL that green out there!*

*Open the perennial bulbs of your ideas to the SUN

each when in their season!*

~ The End




Card Resonances:
Land of Mystereum’s Queen of Pentacles throne left flank, right side
Land of Mystereum’s High Priestess giving form to the station airy ness
Land of Mystereum’s Judgment’s horn-voice heralding regal wing.

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard. All Rights Reserved.


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