Beltane Tarot ~ The Fire That Tends To All

01 May

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The Tarot Fire Tends To All

Beltane and Tarot. For this Beltane TarotBlogHop segment the idea of playing with fire like a simple and important dance through Tarot lit me up. Wands are a fire that require no fuel. Well, maybe they require perception and experience, the tree in the forest thing, so having them actively speak to you as a gift to enhance your Beltane experience felt to strike chords to resonate with this middle place, or cross-quarter time, between Ostara and Midsummer in The Wheel of the Year.  The warmth of action in middle times along the way feels important to nurture like doing a simple dance around a campfire.  It feels more important to dance without reason, even simply, than to not dance at all, and the Wands stepped up.  To paraphrase Osho, the person who can laugh without reason has gone either gone completely mad or has found their path to enlightenment. With the Wands, dance feels to be like laughter in this regard.  So, dance for no reason . . . and run like hell if you see a pair of doods in white coats approaching. 😉  Dance isn’t crazy. It’s crazy not to, especially around a Beltane fire.

Dance feels to be one of those things like imagination that can expansively tend to all in a single step like laughter, like the inspiration present in a single, imaginative idea.  Feel like having a Wand-thought?  As we dance we share the flow of the energy of our inner fire with the community fire.  Wandy dancing is a beautiful, shared gift, a reflective and meditative, lifeful gift.  Dance with Wands’ eternal fire.  That dance enhancing the energy in the world feels to tend to all.

So, today I commissioned some Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Wands cards to express the dance of their energetic voices, to warmly speak to you in celebration of your fire.   Dance around the Beltane fire as you please as they fill the air with energy and voice.  May their voices fully welcome you to this Beltane, TarotBlogHop, scenic overlook.  May their voices play for your dance, your fire that tends to all with the rockin’ value of you, effortlessly.  Imagine your life, your way.  The cards are there for you.

Tarot Wands.  Fires that one by one tend to all.  So, let the cards play the instruments of their voices as your Beltane dance begins.

The Wheel ~

Welcome to The Wheel!  Welcome to Your Wheel! Hop on. Find a Ferris Wheel or a merry-go-round, or a sacred fire to dance around! They are together here. Settle in and enjoy the ride. Notice the scenery as we all slowly go round and round, our energy emanating for the community fire to breathe. As you go around, notice what you saw before in a new way each time you see it again. Things may change a little or a lot each round.  Simply notice them and be considerate of their life force. The things you experience are yours to feel.  Develop them as you see fit. Let them tend to time.

Ace of Wands ~

I love new life.  I taught priests and master builders of old how to set their sacred staff to locate the place of a building or meeting space. They used the sacred staff called the omphallos to set and seed the making of a place.  I feel that place-making is important. I love to locate a building. I love to locate a space. I get excited when I locate a place to play! My favorite thing is to make a place for a set of ideas! Yesterday, in preparation for Beltane, I made a sacred wand and let it gift and make a place, a sacred place on the earth to give today’s fire a welcoming home.

10 of Wands ~

I love the energetic balance that you show in your courage along your journey! I love the energy of your agility.  I love your strong balance with all you carry! I love that you are able to balance your energies so well that you learn how to tow everything with the simple grace of your own body!  Nothing more. Nothing less. May you play with weighty things as easily as planets orbiting the sun. May you play with weighty things as easily as fire lights up the Idea Solar System in your eyes.

King of Wands ~

I am the King of Wands. Charismatic leadership is within you and flows from you. Your flow has great influence. Feel that.  I love that now is often the best time to get done what needs to be done.  I love that what needs to get done will get done! I love that once complete, everyone will be enthusiastic about the results.  On this Beltane and every Beltane I gift you complete energies to be able to act in the moment and dance to build vibrant life throughout your kingdom and the Your Royal Court of You. Your charisma is a fire-gift, an energy from which all can benefit.

Fire-starter Quotes

to sprinkle magic from Your Magician on the fire of your imagination:

Grab your fave Mag card partner to dance with as you read them . . .

Friendship is a fire that requires no fuel. ~ Japanese proverb

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. ~ Japanese proverb

Light today with tomorrow. ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. ~ Coco Chanel

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for. ~ John A. Shed

Strength makes it more natural to be gentle, positive confidence, to be open. ~ Jordan Hoggard

Best to you having enjoyed this scenic overlook along your TarotBlogHop.  Your next Hopstop to enjoy is the Rose Red Tarot blog, Rose Red’s Tarot Home!

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  1. Zanna Starr

    May 1, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Love this, Jordan! Love the Wands cards you shared and your interpretations, the quotations, etc. You’re on Fire! (um… figuratively of course)

  2. Arwen

    May 1, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    Fun, clever and entertaining. Thanks. 😀 (post was good too. HA!)

  3. Claire-Marie Le Normand

    May 2, 2012 at 1:17 am

    Wandy Dancing. I love how that sounds.


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