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Daily Arrangements ~ The Art of the Bouquet

Daily Arrangements ~ The Art of the Bouquet

Deep Digs for Treasure? Sometimes Treasure Hides In Plain Sight

Digging deep in my files looking for something else, I find a week’s work from 2014. Daily flower arrangements from the land on a semi-arid mesa in New Mexico 20+ miles outside of Santa Fe. Someone made the comment, There is only brown and green and rocks and briars here. My eyebrows went up as I, Hold on. I’ll be back in 30 minutes to an hour. Please take…. hmmm, THAT vertical glass vase, and fill it up to half-ish with water. And, hiking boots zipped back up, I went out on the 50 acres, through the flats, down into the 2 Arroyos, up the steeps 600 feet or so higher, as I eyeball, discern, pick, compose, surrender to goallessness simply enjoying the walk with purpose.

45 minutes to an hour later I walk back up off the land onto the deck and to the back door with my ingredients behind my back. I poke my head in the door. Where’s the vase? They point to it. Ok, all y’all out the front door. Scat. I’ll call you back in in a few. As I park my bounty on the butcher block Kitchen island, I feel a cascade of ablution tingles wash through me. Nice way to start art I’d say. I proceed to pick and push and snip and place and smile and NAH NO WAY interrogating tensions and relish and cherish this assemblage moment. Then, my head bounces back just like when I finish a painting. It’s a moment easily missed, and I you miss it, all you say later after you effed it up is, Ahhh, you had to touch it, didn’t you. Just haddddd to touch it.

A heart in love with beauty never grows old.

~ Turkish Proverb

But, That Day, At That TIme

But, that Day, at that time, I listened, felt the visceral CLICK like the last tumbler of a safe as it makes the invitation to welcome sound… click. I step back. I turn it around. It doesn’t have a Janus-face front and back. Doesn’t have a good side. Works in all 360 degrees, simply has a different gesture, different identity, different tenor of perspective in the chords the bouquet strikes to resonate. And, I place it off center on the dining table, say, Yup, the center is not necessarily in the middle. The center is simply where you place your energy in focus.

A Little Loki-Impish Happy

Laughing, a little Loki-impish happy, I walk over and knock on the front door from the inside. Anyone home out there? They open the door a little quizzled. Why are you knocking from the inside. Anyone home out here? What are you up to? Cupped hands raised up, Oh. I thought you guys might want to be liberated from your freedom out there on the front porch. Come on in from that home to this one and follow your wonderment. See what you find on your own.

Empathic Silences

One back-side-step over, I held the door open as one by one, we all experienced one of these together. Now, I honestly cannot remember which was the 1st. It was a week of circles that found themselves alive, those tidy points in sync where the rooster tail of the Architect’s compass lead swings around to Ouroburos tail-bite lap over its start point with a seamless segue in the fluid fluency of a caterpillar of an arc as it transforms into its unsquared circle butterfly identity re-incarnated as more infinite beauty in potentiality accessible only by action and silences, Empathic Silences.

This was the day

This was the day I discovered wild bean flowers that grew along the banks of the Arroyos. I had not seen them before. Maybe like O’keefe would say of my beans discovery, You look, though do you see? That day I did. Their seeds, several stuck between rocks that had not re-touched the earth at the ground, dark and hard and shiny purple-black. Their flowers, whites and pinks and deeper fucsha’d pinks all from the same tribe, each one’s petal gesture receptive like the cup of a hand.

From : To : ~ : To : From

From hard to soft. From dark to light, and from all places within and around and in between, the 4th-character voice of the A U M, the 4th character Empathic Silences of all the spaces within and between and all around. The spaces between the notes, the Psychic Synapses of seamless segues in the fluid fluency of heartfelt connection and laughter that day were open. I now have an experiential awareness of the origin of the magic beans story, another in the community that sing clear the guts of the process where dark lead transforms through action into Psychic Gold, a place where glasses are never half full or half empty. Everyone’s is refillable. Everyone refills to the brim so they can spill a little beauty here and there.

Beauty is the spill you don’t have to clean up.

How can you spill a little beauty today?

Laughter is the shortest distance between people.

~ Victor Borge

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No Negativity? I Guess I Missed It. What Was That Again?

This Is Another Stick-Up, Inner Sanctum. Get Used To It.

Hands Up Where I Can See ‘Em!

Surrender … and skip to the exercise below for the baby and not the delivery

Surrender.  Give Up. Forget Ego.  Forget Self.  Forget yourself so you can show unconditional love.  What?!  W.T.F????  Did I hear that correctly?  Wait a second.  Does that mean YOU’RE picking up lunch?  Oh wait. Now, I remember.  I see the smoke and mirrors without the experience behind it, that half-baked stuff missing its up-front Loki.  Isn’t that type of thinking like someone only doling out only half of a koan?  At least make it half a scone.
If I remember correctly… yeah yeah tappity tap on the keyboard… No thanks, my memory isn’t stored on the Google Oracle or Wiki-this-or-that… and, if I can;t remember something, maybe that means it is a natural indication that it is falling together in a new way…

So, if I Remember in My Now-Correct Evolution of it Correctly

So, if I remember correctly, it was or would become… Hold on a sec as I first read this when I was 7 as my mom brilliantly made me into the first interactive audio book for what she was reading when we were on road trips… It was Zen Flesh, Zen Bones… Cool book!  Thought that then, and I remember at least that part of it, and the word Centering. what koan was that, the ONE that jumped out at me resonantly that day?…. That was a good drive.  When I went silent gazing out the window, she asked if all was ok as I had just stopped, one of those Silences that goes to 11.  “You stopped reading out loud.  Are you ok?”  (gazing bright-eyed yet calmer than ever…) “Yes, fine. I just already do this next one.”

Before I recount the memory… put the card captions together in order as a mini-story or short poem.  Of course you can change the order of the captions.  Heck, change the captions!  What would yours be for this card sequence?  Of course you can replace the cards, too, though please go sit at the small table — hint: it’s a lot more fun over there… like the Little Bus with food.

Koan number…

Oh, I have no clue what the koan I read actually said… I do recollect as I re-collect the experience that it was something like “84. Centering.”  I’ll go to the library to refresh it later this afternoon, and see what treasured takeaway it blesses me with currently. Though, in the interim it went something like… “When encountering another, forget Self. Hear and see as if through their eyes, rippling the pond only from their expression. No Self.  Center. The pond’s calm returns.  Remember Self.  Respond.”  Something like that
That’s GOTTA be the worst memory I’ve paraphrased EVER!  Oh, what’s that Mr. Mark Twain?  You say horseshit, that that’s a fine recollection as I re-collected the idea in my Idea Solar System?  Oh that’s RIGHT, you DID say “You cannot depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.”  Thanks historical friend dood.  Imaginative memory?  Oh, not revisionist memory or irony or lies.  It is re-collecting rather than recollecting.  It’s sculpture made from rich Inner Booty Inner Earth clay.  Thanks for the glasses, Mark!  As a novelist I know often says  when asked whether something was true or not. “Oh, it’s certainly true the way it happened.  It’s just a lot more true the way I tell it.”

I Guess I missed It.  What Was It Again?

Oh, I guess I didn’t really get it… what to do when something goes wrong.  Somehow I missed the reason for blaming ourselves for things beyond our control with the directive-suggestion to “Change your negative thinking.”  I must have skipped class that day.  Really?  Like it’s all in my power to visualize better and better and then if something goes wrong I must have been doing it wrong, and it’s the fault… of my negative thinking?  Wait! They’re right!  It IS my fault.  It is ALWAYS my fault. I am just THAT powerful!!  lol  Then again, we each are that powerful with no lol after, and even more so when we lol while having fun together.

Change your negative thinking?

Change your negative thinking” to me is simply more Modern Renaissance High Church Self-Affirmation-then-hair-shirt-beat-yourself-up Bullpoopy from my perspective. Is it simply crowd control delegated to get people to nip at their own ankles, to hold their own grace hostage?

I suggest NOT to try and change your negative thinking.  Changing your negative thinking feels to be about as effective as trying to clean sewage into a good soup.  Where’s the exhaust pipe?  Step on it bayBEE!  Ahhh Inner Sanctum… Put your hands up where I can see ’em!  You better start getting used to it.  This is a stick-up!  Gotta empty your cup before it can be filled, huh?

But, WAIT! There’s More!

No, really. All that up there I just wrote is simply ground to support this simple figure of an exercise to take for a spin.

  • Before you fire an idea or a person or or or.  
  • Before you go into the societal erosion mode we are pretty much unconsciously supported by and trained to embrace.  
  • Try this… Plus something.  Plus it. What’s “plussing”? It is ONLY saying constructive things. It is seeing THROUGH the chaff to get the wheat… without mentioning the chaff.  
  • The FIRST thing you think about something… ESPECIALLY if it pisses you off might best be… “What treasure is hidden among these swine, and what part am I playing in… Ahhh, I see… SCREW THAT MIRROR… in fact I will BREAK that mirror into … not 7 years bad luck.  I will break the mirror into its multiple perspectives as they waft away like smoke revealing… the treasure takeaway!”  
  • Do that doggedly and selfishly in the first thing you THINK about something that gets your goat, causes you to WANT head butt… THEN 
  • With that as the selfish first thing you do which minds you of your own self-respecting boundaries… you may become strong enough to be gentle, and like a Silverback… forget yourself as…
  • …with the above as the first thing you THINK… the first thing you SAY can be expressed to embrace the priceless treasure you found inside… about someone else’s idea or expression. And, this is not speed chest with that slap-the-clock stuff. Find the rhythm of the expression. Express it.
  • Plus something. Plus it with plussing as a descriptive verb. In fact, pull the stonewalling invisi-ropes on your inner design team’s M.O. or your design team at work… watch how power flows then. Watch as the elegant smoke and mirrors, the houses of cards fall to…
  • Surprise yourself and try this. No negative comments. It’ll make the most practiced know-it-all a French mime mute… or concise if they can play that way.  You may also find the treasures people are protecting that enhance THEIR role… the treasures they are protecting from themselves so they can continue to miss themselves AS the key to freeing themselves from holding their grace hostage and shining more fruitfully THEIR way.

Try It

Try it. I dare you to explore only expressing potential benefits, positive qualities, and effective aspects of any idea presented in a group setting. And, there can be no punishment… because no exceptions to expressing an enhancement of or benefit to what is presented… no exceptions are allowed.

Try it. I dare you.

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Mystereum Tarot Aces To Your Friday!

Aces to your Friday from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum!  Today I felt to gift you rockin’ Friday SALUTATIONS from the Aces like Charlotte from her World Weaving Web, and also a spread to raise your Cup to.

Salutations From The 4 Aces.  No, not the 4 Tenors.  The 4 Aces!

Your Ace of Cups raises its glass toasting, “Float!  Release!  Gift Your Awesomeness!

Your Ace of Wands chimes in, “Place small and Place WELL your awesomeness!”

Your Ace of Swords draws and points the way with,”LIFE-POLISH PEOPLE!  LIFE-POLISH!  You are both container and contained as you are both the polisher and the polished of your life.  LIFE-POLISH!  Here’s to LIFE-POLISH!  Keep those awesome, well-placed gifts ready to present!”

Your Ace of Pentacles steps forth embracing them all, giving everyone a place to stand in a big ole toasting circle, all raising, with, “May you nurture the natural treasure of your gifts!  Bone up!  Stand up!  Raise your glasses high to . . . Bone up and stand up and DELIVER your gifts!!

Experience The Ace of Swords’

in its full frontal telling of its creation story.


Happy Friday to Ya!!


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot Aces Four Potential

Hi… Jordan Hoggard, author of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, here to explore potential with the family of the Aces . . .

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… Numerically the Aces correspond with the Sun…the Wheel…and the Magician of the Major Arcana.  You can explore the relationships of these cards further in my Birth Card blogs . . .

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So, let’s explore potential with the Family of the Aces.

Visualize the Fool’s first step as an Ace.  Which one comes to mind when you think of the Fool? Play with that AS a two-card reading: Card One ~ The Fool; Card Two ~ the Ace that came to mind for you.  It’s called a Came to Mind Reading. I’ll cover that in another blog, though it is as simple as it sounds.  Ask your question and quickly write down the cards that come to mind.  Then, do your reading from those cards.

Visualize the first step after X The Wheel as a 2-step Ace.

Visualize the first step after XXI The World as a single quaternity of Aces in a step.

The Aces

With the Ace of Pentacles ~ Sense your Solid Inner Inheritances, the assets and seeds you were born with.

With the Ace of Cups ~ trust your heart, and with bright eyes your ideas may begin to pulse with life.

With the Ace of Wands ~ Direct your energies.  Place them where you feel best.  As you do, feel the magnetism of things that are wonderfully located.  Use your energies to magnetize yourself and inspire the energies around you.

With the Ace of Swords ~ Gift yourself the ability to cut to the chase.  listen to its vital lesson. . .listening, Mind that you stick to the point.

A Vital Lesson from the Aces and a Reading Technique

So, a vital lesson from the Aces is about letting the whole family of Aces inform the others when they come up individually. For example, when the Ace of Wands comes up and you need clarification, rather than pulling another card or cards right off the bat… visualize the other Aces.  Lay them out in the order they came to mind and ask each Ace, “What Wise Counsel do you have to express to the Ace of Wands?”   Do that for each card, and then go back to your Ace of Wands.  See if the Ace of Wands stands up strong for you with a clearer voice.  You can really do this for any of the cards.  For Minors, visualize the other suits of the same number.  For Majors visualize the corresponding Birth Cards that go with the Major you have selected. Call it the Collective Consciousness present within families of cards and all the cards in The Fool… that can be a fun concept to explore on your own.

Thanks for stopping by.

I look forward to further touring you through the families living in the Land of Mystereum.

Explore my YouTube Channel

Should the Inner State Highways show come back?

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard


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The 5th Ace: Death & My Greatest Crux

I found at the crux of the greatest challenge of my life . . .
I haven’t spoken of this story in years, and I carried the equilateral, triangular piece of basalt that I found back at the top, that had personality, would stand up on one side, in my pocket daily for 5 years. . .
I was waiting for the rest of the group to come back down off of the summit, and slipped backwards off of a cornice rock ledge into the scree field on the backside of a 14’r (14,000 foot mountain) in October of 2000 years back on a hiking trip and slid standing perfectly upright about 100 feet down, no resistance, just gliding with feet under the sand, submerged feet-surfing mostly.  Then I breathed and that movement made for another 100 feet, and another 100 feet, and then down over the 1st pitch from the top out of the view of my climbing buddies as I yelled “DON’T FOLLOW ME, ONLY ONE OF US WILL DIE, AND I CAN’T TAKE CARE OF YOU HERE, GO NOTIFY. . .”  . . .and eventually almost 2,000 vertical feet later at a 45-50 degree pitch found solace on a boulder bigger than my car that moved when I touched it, sand sliding out from in front of it.  I flowingly climbed on to it thinking that if it went I’d feel no pain. . .and might as well go out on a sports car of a fast-accelerating boulder ya know?!   Then after an hour of wonderful end-game tears and no way out at 4p in the afternoon when you were supposed to be off the pile of rocks by 2p. . .the temp dropped from 65 to 25 as the sun dropped below the rim of the summit, and I was day-dressed, long shorts and one sweatshirt.  Then, after smiling that “well, if I’m gonna go, I’m going out in my style. . .kickin’-and screamin’ in a long-form cosmic YAWP!”  Turning to look back up the steep pitch towards the top I couldn’t see, “And, if I’m going to go, I am going THAT way!!” I recited a poem I had written in 1991 on the hood of my car by headlights moving to Denver in 1991 in the middle of a blizzard snowstorm:

A Prayer

There comes one,

whom we know like wind,

like rain upon the water.

And, as winter comes

and our memories freeze together,

together may we sleep and dream.

So, that come the springtime,

as we embrace with open eyes,

may we melt

back together

in each others’ arms.

And, I slid-flowed off of the boulder as more sand made its way down to the 2+ second drop-off, thousand one thousand two, CLICK the rock I tossed over sounded. Can’t survive a 2+ second fall that I had by the grace of all higher powers defiantly stopped short of. . .and I knew search and rescue couldn’t help with a helicopter until morning ’cause the storms were coming in, and even then the turbulence from the blades would avalanche the dry and frozen sands I was standing on in the scree field and they consequently wouldn’t try. . .I began slowly churning my feet chanting a word at each step “discipline   of   the  ritual     discipline    of    the    ritual” as I aimed up toward the next larger-than-my-car boulders knowing two things. . .1 the sand would be subtly more stable for upward movement, and 2 that if they went, again I would feel no pain. . . for 6 hours straight veering towards and then off from one to the next as the sand mini-avalanche cascaded up towards them in that flow of undermining the hill on its way uphill to the boulder . . .until at 10pm in the pitch black of night I was back at some snow patches near that 1st top pitch.  Except I remembered from the daylight when I slowly slid past them that the snow patches had tons of pink in them as I passed them earlier.  Ghiardia?, Pseudomollus?.  Not so good to touch or ingest. Can be fatal, and I had enough of that entree on my plate already.
So, I churned sideways traversing around them, and at midnight I was back at the summit.  Dead tired, looked up at the stars. . . BEAUTIFUL.  EXQUISITE.  And, dragged my right hand through the scree field at my feet to get a sand band-aid to stop bleeding that came from??, and something felt to stay in my hand.  I lifted my hand flat-palm up as a sand tea ceremony into the light of the stars and the sand cascaded off to reveal a stone, a triangular piece of basalt.  It would be my memory of this trip, and now, ALL I had to do was downclimb a mountain I had been on for the first time that day, in the dark, with sharp-edged rocks that would end up slicing through the thick soles of my hiking boots by the time I got down to near the top trailhead, and a 500 foot drop-off somewhere off over to the left, somewhere, somewhere over to the left. . . somewhere, too dark to tell. . . just don’t go left, I muttered as my lips cracked. More sand, at least some relief to keep focused as much as I could.  Clamping the triangle talisman memory-rock in my hand. . .moving down and to the right, at least right-ish.
At 3 am I, dragging my left leg as my left knee was totally blown and banged up and bloody as was my right temple from a rock somewhere, who knows where, sand probably too foot-trafficked dirty here to use, and the water had been in someone else’s pack ’cause I carried it up the climb, I saw campfires. . .base camps.
 I tried to shout and nothin’ but more cracking lips, the aphasia of dehydration anesthetizing my voice. No voice, no sound.  I kept creature-from-the-black-lagoonin’ limp-dragging my leg, the thought of which had kept a subtle grin but not so big as to crack my lips more through the last half of the down-climb — my Norwegian defiance of a joke on my lips kinda thing.  A woman walking at the edge of their campfire light shouts from way over “HEY EVERYONE. . .LOOK!!!”  and , runs towards me.  Search and rescue and my buddies had spread the word around the campsites. . .”Jordan? Are you, Jordan?” she said with her hand on my shoulder. . .and when I heard my name, I looked at her and my legs disappeared, collapsed. Unconscious k.o. by mountain.  Woke at after 4am to paramedics laughing that “Man, his vitals are VITAL!, 120 over 80 the whole time, and he’s waking up.”  I looked to my buddies and chuckling, lips salved or something, weird taste, said “Who’s gonna punch me, 1st?!!!”   One of my good friends shook his head and said “I’ve never been SO pissed off in my life!” ???  “HOW were we gonna tell your parents that you were the only one who didn’t do shrooms, and DIED?  We didn’t offer ’em to you ’cause you’re so damn vivid anyway we knew you’d laugh a no thanks.”  And, then put a gallon of water and a cold burger and fries in front of me they had gone into town to get for me waayyy earlier when they got to base camp.
I still love that story . . .NOW!  😉
BIG OLE :-)’s from here!  BIG OLE :-)’s  It was Mt. Democrat near Breckenridge, Colorado.  Guess I put in MY vote, huh.  😉

There comes one,

whom we know like wind,

like rain upon the water.

And, as winter comes

and our memories freeze together,

together may we sleep and dream.

So, that come the springtime,

as we embrace with open eyes,

may we melt

back together

in each others’ arms.


That was the best burger and fries I have ever had.  Thank You Mike Allison.

Jupiter’s Blessings,
All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard. Please be responsible and simply not an ass. When you utilize any of this information, cite your source.  Thanks in advance. When you do, expect a rockin’ smile.  If you don’t, watch out for trebuchets, the adult wrist rocket.

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