I Don’t Believe in Bad Cards. None. Notta One! 5 of Pents, 1min 06secs

11 Apr

It can take a while, be quite a process, to get to 1 minute 06 seconds. Brevity’s not the soul of wit on this one. The 5 of Pents can be quite a journey, quite a mountain to climb. C’est la vie 🙂

I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology, a neighbor recently expressed.  Hmmm. GOOD! I don’t, either!

WHAT?!! What do you mean you don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology?! You’re a TAROT READER. You’re a TAROT AUTHOR. You’re an ASTROLOGER for cryin’ out loud! Don’t you make your living with that stuff?!

[[ (:) Laughing to myself. Thinking, glad they had good grammar with the ‘an’ before the ‘a.’ In Astrologer(:) ]]

I don’t believe in my range or fridge, either. (Credit shout shout to Shawn Nicole, James Wells) I use them often to provide nourishment, though. They got it. They saw my perspective, and sorta started seeing their own in a different way. Inspect what you expect, I said (Unknown author, and I’m currently for some beautifully unreasonable reason not trusting the mixed message attributions given for the quote when kneeling to the Google Oracle.)

My Personal Pentacle

Natal Astrology Chart as Personal Pentacle on my fave leather deck box

I don’t believe in Tarot. I don’t believe in my range. I don’t believe in bad cards in the Tarot, either. Further, though, I feel bad cards don’t exist in the Tarot. Like dogs and cats and children and people. No bad cards, only bad owners — all the adults out there, yes, that’s you. Aren’t we each responsible to adult in the ways that only each of us can own as we’re now the parent of ourself? Hmmm, yes, no, maybe. Though, I presumptuously and pedantically digress. Doncha hate it when that happens? No, wait, that’s process. Ok, NOW the digression’s over. Geez. I’m getting tugged on this one. Love it. So many dodges, parries, and slips to keep to what I originally wanted to express. No bad cards.

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A matter of perspective, life experience, and the proper wits and will to utilize one’s life experiences tend to tenor and cascade through the flow of a reading.

I’ll say it again. Inspect what you inspect. Especially, from yourself before, during, and after readings.

Inspect what you inspect, and be fluid. Don’t go with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow.

You see, I have a secret. It’s a public secret if you know me. Though, nonetheless it seems to resurface enough times like some kind of public Alzheimer’s is present so that it continually reverts to presenting itself as a secret. I could take a different path by simply denying it next time, and it might not ever come up again. WhatsUp with the forgetfulness? I mean. I’ve only been radio silent for 7+ years. Confusing? Maybe it is a naive denial on my part. Oh, WAIT! Nope, its the secret part that hides in plain sight.

My secret? I have a mantra. It’s simple to me. It may not set right for others. Though, after almost dying on the mountain (+ 2 additional other times, both on a mountain) I began to full-on understand the relationship of blood and rocks and sand and Nature itself, and my responsibility to my creativity and imagination. They desiccated and disappeared for 8 years (from May 2008 when they started going — that’s another blog) to 3+ years ago when I started Brainspotting with a Psychologist knowing my normal prolific creating had been gone too long to ignore. It was approx 17 years after the mountain in 1999. Mt Democrat. To close that out, I certainly put in my vote there.

It’s a very common symptom of intense PTSD. Very common to lose creativity, then have your imagination follow suit. It’s often gradual enough that you acclimate at each step to disappearing little by little. Now? Year 12 after May of 2008 (the financial crash), and year 21 after the experience, here I am. I climbed a different mountain in the background across these 17 – 21 Cicada Years.

So, maybe it’s just that I’ve stared death in the face and reached out a hand to call the bluff. Then again, death mighta just yanked. So, that wasn’t it. Plus, that would be hubris just askin’ for it. Hubris, Easy to taunt, easy to fool. ~ The 300.  I’ll call it Nature, and Nature’ll kill ya, and/or like you very much inside with fortitude beyond your imagination. I didn’t beat Nature. I didn’t win. I found my own Nature inside that day, and I lived. It only took me 21 years to come into my own with it. So, my mantra settles right in with me. What is it, you ask? DAYum this is a long prelude. Ok, no more teasing. Here it is:

Don’t waste trouble.

That is one of my breaths. It has its bindu back-and-forths deceptively long and short. don’t waste trouble plays its part in the breath of my path, In fact, it reigns In my sovereignty like an expert violinist carrying one note for just about ever as if it’s only one note and one motion. There’s something hiding in plain sight. It’s not only one note in one, continuous motion. That’s the poetry of their expertise at play. it’s kelpingly fluid seamless segues of moments in motion continually in movement. It’s also much like freehanding a perfect circle where you are always in a constant tangential change of direction. One must dispense with analysis and order to flow with their own way to abduce and draw out a circle. Drawing a circle with a big Sumi brush is beyond meditation. It’s like a personal ET abduction where one abducts themself in finding their true way. Then, the calligraphy starts. And, you thought the circle was difficult! LOL

Train until the mind forgets and the body remembers. ~ Ip Man (Yip Man)

I guess that bindu breath violin bow action and drawing a circle are like heartbeats over a lifetime.

Don’t  waste trouble. Sovereign. Will you say it out loud?

I am Sovereign. Don’t waste trouble.

Don’t. Waste. Trouble. Am I sovereign? I Am sovereign. Can you explore that question in yourself? Can you shed those words to explore it further?

The 5 of Pents card often provides trouble for people VERY OFTEN. I’ve heard it called a bad card more times than I can count. And, I’ve heard it called much worse as well. Maybe Urban Dictionary will document those new expletives.

It’s wonderfully evident why people consider the 5 of Pents a bad card for a whole host of reasons which I won’t go into here. Though, I don’t see it that way. Neither, do I see the 5 as a chaos number, nor the 7. I see 5 as a, maybe even THE, number of Nature — though I would fight myself over that to promote the 9, the Nin, the Tao of a certain Japanese martial and meditation system. 5 and 7 operate like the weather, not like emotion. There are certainly plenty of attributions one can aptly dance back and forth, though from my perspective 5 is a number that just does as if without thought or will. Like Nature. 5’s mind has forgotten, and 5’s body remembers is the way I see it.

So, we got past the false summits of the climb up to over 14K feet above sea level on a 14’er blog post. So, now we experience the expansive view. Here’s an example of one of my Don’t Waste Trouble mantra-breath-violin-bow-bindu thoughts in regards to a bad card.

I gift the upcoming 5 of Pentacles Mystereum Tarot Moment video to amplify anyone’s Inner Snake Tooth to direct itself to poke and lacerate and liberate and emancipate themself from the Snake-Egg Valence Shells and Loki Onion Skins borne mostly of trauma, and begin to further become the fresh serpent so to speak, his/her skin shedded, his/her skin not missed. Was that a long enough sentence forming a whole paragraph? Climb a mountain and have trouble, and that was a blip. Ya gotta say Fuck blog and SEO guidelines on the mountain. It is what is is, and Nature’ll kill ya if you aren’t natural there. No malice, no motive. Nature’ll kill ya on the mountain if you don’t listen to fear as a trusted guide and ally and allow anxiety to hijack it into it’s being afraid mold.

My gig is knowing this process lasted a lifetime, though not to tire through what seemed exhaustingly infinite Loki Onion Skins and Egg Tooth Valence Shells. I remember Mt Democrat. That was exhaustion. I literally almost saved myself to death that day and through the night. This is not that. This is your subtle, daily goings on, and frankly that may be much more intense over time than almost dying on a mountain. Take care of the little things, and you will be given much. ~Bible — as it alludes to keeping your filter clean, not letting things build up, and getting shit done actionably. Like with a sword, ya gotta work clean to live and die and make it back down to base camp on the mountain of life without cutting off your own leg.

Moving forward, when the 5 of Pentacles comes up, I suggest, how can you not waste trouble?

Here’s one of my odes to No Bad Cards, the 5 of Pents Mystereum Tarot Moment. Here’s to you living life your way!

From Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

What has has always been.
What is has always been.
What will be has always been.
~ Louis I. Kahn

Past, present, and/or future trouble?

Please don’t live in it. Immerse WITH it and MEET it.

Undisguise some blessings from inside today.


How can YOU not waste trouble today?

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16 responses to “I Don’t Believe in Bad Cards. None. Notta One! 5 of Pents, 1min 06secs

  1. naimahealer

    April 11, 2020 at 9:57 am

    Cool perspective.

  2. Holly Troy

    April 14, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    oh yes! “Don’t waste trouble.” Chiron return and turn that shit into gold!

    I’m gonna shake that Snake-Egg Tooth and shimmy it up my spine. A little cat cow and fast breath, followed by a dance on guitar string.

    Grateful you broke your creative silence, cracked the egg, found life under the surface.

    • Jordan Hoggard

      April 14, 2020 at 7:42 pm

      Thank you! Glad to be back. ANd now? Chiron Return is waning, as I step out of its long-form catalyst pulling me out of cicada-level sleep. Heck, I’m my own Ace of Pents again. 🙂

      Full-on dig your kundalini yoga move to serpent-shimmy that good stuff up your spine and weave it. I am diggin’ that expression of it. Thinking I will open up my back a bit more as well, give it more home, more room to roam and settle in expansively.

    • Jordan Hoggard

      April 14, 2020 at 10:05 pm

      And, YOURS! Kudos and great YOU into and through your Chiron Return. My experience from doing readings, and personally (though not yet lol), is that the Saturn Return is more actionably and positively staged and set up for more success when the Chiron Return (which can be more difficult as a Saturn precursor, and Chiron is the Centaur Son of Saturn/Chronos/Kronos) is embraced. 7 years from the Chiron Return comes the often ill-fated Saturn Return. Like “no bad cards” with a sense of perspective, I don;t buy into the Saturn Return being a curse.

      Kudos to you being aware of your Chiron Return, Many aren’t, AND aware and present in it! Chiron is so much more than the immortally wounded healer. Heck, that’s a metaphor for life, for OF COURE it’s not perfect. My old joke in my 20s to a philosophy prof was, “Perfection’s gotta be boring. I mean, GEEZUS. GAWD. Perfect? What the hellyagonnado once that happens? Quit? Fuck a bunch of that.” I don’t know if he has still not stopped laughing. He brought that one back up for years. I laugh now that I may have made a man crazy just that day with that one statement. 🙂 Seriously. Seriously to that, and seriously as well to your Chiron Return. It resonates that you are 1–aware of it, and 2–aware of it so that you can own and acclimate and absorb and meet it 1st hand wise in time while it’s happening.


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