I See a Trend…

03 Feb

“I see a trend that incorporates more Jungian Depth Psychology and properly placed rites of passage throughout life. Then, people flow right into The Architecture of Well-Being (R) with themself at their own pace. Individuals begin to understand that… ‘If being hard on yourself’ actually worked, it would have already worked by now. And, there must be another way.

And, looking at progressions and progress as the norm with regressions and setbacks simply being for discovery of more Inner Inheritance lost treasure to mine from within as a cycling moon in the psyche for amplifying and accentuating experience with subtlety and nuance where embracing and gold-panning trouble, all trouble, is a natural tool. Where Nature knows no emotion, simply knows and lives weather.

I see a trend where each person becomes as facile and capable with their inner and outer responses as Nature is with the weather. Talents are one thing, like intent. How do you develop your talents into actionable abilities? That’s a wonderful thing where You As Only You Can Be jumps out of survival to found itself and nest in and emanate from Thrival.

Stress Is Not the Issue.”

(C) 2022 Jordan Hoggard. Excerpt from “The Architecture of Well-Being”

Always complete. Never Finished. Lifelong.

How can you make shame walk the plank today?

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Blog and image (c) 2022 Jordan Hoggard

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