Birth-Placing Identity ~ The Nines

15 Apr

Tarot Birth Identities: The Nines + a Birth Card Finale!

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise and hopefully invigorating walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to your identity.  Also, I will layer in my concept of Birth Card Preludes to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short statement.

I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, are best stated as catalysts, as triggers to remind one how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of each Birth Card combo into a single, incorporated and integrated voice.  Enjoy finding your own path with my Prelude versions of Birth Card Groupings.

I look forward to hearing your own, personal catalyst and trigger Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of them.  Have fun with ’em!  Whether you post yours here or not when you craft your own, as they can be great tools for you, personally, and no-one else, my wish is that this blog series promotes you in your own way to shine in the way only you do . . . like The Sun.

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like the upcoming Nines Invigorate video on my YouTube channel.  9’s video to be released in the near future. Please enjoy the other videos in the interim, and full-on share them if you dig ’em. Thanks Mucho when you do!  Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.

Also, again, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for your Tarot Birth Cards, the Aces through the Tens, and as well the Royal Court characters to enhance, reinforce, and strengthen your own Birth-Placing Identity set.  In The Land of Mystereum the Courts present themselves as Your Royal Courts . . . so, enjoy taking ownership of your Tarot Birth Cards in YOUR own way as a great step to further establish your Inner Royal Sovereignty!  I hope this blog series can provide a vital step for you in that way!

So, let’s get started with the Nines in from a Land of Mystereum perspective, shall we?

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XVIII ~ IX  ::  18 ~ 9
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 9, and thus correspond with the Nines in general, and the upcoming Nines Invigorate video on my YouTube Channel.
9’s Birth Card Prelude: With The Moon ~ The Hermit as your Birth Cards you may often experience a naturally aware and awakened inner and outer reflection connecting you to unseen places.

How does this simple Prelude statement express the 2 characters as facets of one in your personality?
The Hermit ~ Do you often experience a naturally aware and awakened inner and outer?
The Moon ~ Do you reflect to connect yourself to unseen places. (like the moon reflecting the unseen [identity of the] sun  . . . which of course beautifully comes next in the Majors.

~ Notice the cross-over overlappage in the mixed order of the single, integrated Prelude statement that can be gifted by the 2 cards working together.  Integration in these kinds of Prelude statements may very well indicate that things are rarely simply put in line like dominoes disconnected, working together(?), and as well also set to fall.  Maybe not linear.  Then again. . . In the Prelude The Hermit gifts his portion to the 1st part of the statement asThe Moon chimes in to reflect the 2nd part.

With integration of concepts imaginatively, things are incorporated, integrated, like a well-made 3-day rue is folded into and simmered into a gumbo.  Certainly not two things once served up.  The 2 portions mix and blend and contribute inter-locking strengths to enhance and bring about the creation of something different than the two separate characters.  Something new made by teaming things up this way.  Maybe as well that is how metaphor is made . . . like the French Surrealists of Paul Eluard or Andre Breton expressing, The world is blue, like an orange — attribution conflicted, so, if you know differently, pease chime in in the comment.  Two things put together in an integrated way that in short-form tell a new story that is expansive.

Sidebar questions for your Inner LunaTic to ponder with your Hermit: Does The Fool live on The Moon? Sure looks that way. Or, does The Fool just jaunt there to get a more robust perspective in support of unknown, sacred ground rising up to support every footstep on new paths? Is The Moon The Fool’s trailhead cairn?

With The Moon ~ The Hermit, I suggest to ask the question, “What new quality is revealed in my personality each time things team up and are incorporated this way?”  Visualize making a souflle.  The eggs whites are folded in in 2 stages.  They are incorporated across the process.  I suggest to think about this in just that way.  Hungry yet?  I certainly am. What about this?  Portabella Polenta Souflle with Mediterranean rice and a bruschetta? . . . that oughta do it, and maybe leave one of the 3 as ‘WOW, I am full . .n rockin’ leftovers tomorrow.  Do Birth-Placing Identities of Preludes work that way? Let me know in the comments.

Back in to these cards, specifically.  YOUR cards if these are Your Birth Card paring.

~ The Moon indicates a natural reflection, the inner industry of identity of la luna, The Moon, your Inner LunaTic, unlit as hiding in plain sight always there . . . to influence constant reflection?  To reflect in Your own way, like the moon does the sun? How does this inter-relationship work for you!

~ The Hermit is a light insightfully reflected forward while at one and the same time peering into and illuninating and utilizing the chthonic darkness, maybe living in both at one and the same time like a Chthonic Numinosity =’ing Self? In the moment he steps into the steps he first embossed into the ground at each cycle?

The Fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea might just be this.  Or, Jung’s expression of the ichthios, the glowing-eyed fish yanked from the deep.  Something tells me that Harold in Harold and the Purple Crayon is a Moon ~ Hermit character unfettered by any reason other than to live and act wisely with his own vibrance in time, cycles of experience integrated whether they have been experienced or not.

Doesn’t that indicate imagination at its heart?  Inner inheritances as expressed in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum brings to mind, From the mouth of babes.  And, I am not talking about the annual Sports Illustrated issue or Maxim or insert your own rockin’ visual rag issue cover. Though, thinking about that that was harsh. Include those, too. Your call.

The Moon card can represent your Outer Expression.  This is how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The Moon card is known for its ability to reflect light from unseen sources as it influences your feelings constantly like the moon.  Get past the barrage to what YOU resonate with?  With The Moon card representing your Outer Expression experience the filters with which you influence your world. These are of primary importance.  Know that your cycles may move in a faster gear like the moon’s direct movement through and to and continually across the astrological signs of the zodiac.

Keep sight of shifting with your cycles as you do being conscientious with the not-knowing wise in time.  Your sense of meaning may poignantly and effectively occur simply in your each and every act, in your direct and actionable expressions not so much in need of explanation.  You may naturally cycle through the personalities of your ideas on a daily basis, even shifting your mode idea to idea with as much versatility as the moon influences each astrological sign as it continually moves through them.  Self-influencing itself where it is via its reflections?

Rather than reasons being unreasonable with The Moon, you may simply, naturally act in the living of your life.  You may naturally act wise in time as directly as the moon continues its orbit.  Shift and corner and enhance and reinforce and strengthen the quality of your versatile ability to perform.  May I suggest to look into keeping track of the Void Of Course cycles of the moon?  To start things with a distinct sense of them?  You may be as agile in your moods as you are in your motion, especially when they tango together.

It is pretty Mercurial to be as agile in your moods as your motion. Where’s Mercury in your Natal Chart  Visualize the substance of Mercury.  The alchemists did.  It is metal . . . that flows . . . at room temperature of course. And, is poisonous at uncut levels. Does that depend on the room, the People In The Room Astrology of your chart with continually modifying transits?

I would not advise touching mercury in any way, though, other than visualizing it or empathising with its qualities.  You probably already knew that, though Mercury in your chart can be bountiful. What does is conjunct, oppose, quincunxes, square trine, sextillion? And, just where is it, initially, in your Natal Chart? That in itself may nourish your Tarot Birth Cards.

The Hermit can represent your Inner Expression.  This is a side of you that only your closest family and friends may ‘see’. The Hermit as your Inner Expression can symbolize that you have an active and reflective inner light that leads your way.  You have a natural and thoughtful ability to illuminate mysteries as you mind and develop yourself, literally aware in minding yourself.  In some cards The Hermit sees his/her footsteps, aware and noticing the current placement in a familiar place.

And, this awareness of both completed cycles AND an integration with current cycles, sometimes quite a Tower set of interrogations tensions is set up internally, and replacement that I will call integrative experience, may well be a chief feature of The Hermit’s ability to see familiar things in a new light.  To see and utilize familiar things differently, each time in a refreshing way that promotes vitality like dead-heading flowers in a garden.  With The Hermit your illumination emanates from your experiences as your continual mastery and awareness of placement leads you to further discoveries.

“Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer” provides Imagination Tools to re-focus the emotional refraction of anxiety, to enhance and reinforce and strengthen your activities in just YOUR way!  Try it and see. Take a look.

And, back to the order of this blog, your The Moon ~ The Hermit Birth Cards, and Birth-Placing your identity.

To put The Moon and The Hermit back together again into an Exalted Prelude or an Evolved Prelude = minus card names: You may often experience a naturally aware and awakened inner and outer reflection connecting you to unseen places.  Note that the cards are intentionally not mentioned in this second Prelude statement which I call an Exalted or Evolved Prelude. They are not really missing, though.  Are they simply and vitally present in the statement like the color of your eyes relative to you?

Are they embedded and contributory features? Or, is an Exalted Prelude, an Evolved Prelude what you come up with when you utilize the cards as counsel, and then make your own decision about how they work together?  . . . like in a reading! . . . where it becomes not a “they told me. . . ,” but a statement of your own that you supports you?  Your client? I feel an Exalted/Evolved Prelude has cut the strings, has unlocked the docking clamps like on Star Trek.

You can feel the float, or, hear your inner Jean Luc Picard with a confident finger uplifted to direct, say, “enGAGE!”  Exalt yourself  Evolve yourself!  This is a place where arrogance is often seen as ancillary and relatively useless.  Smiles are rockin’!  I often wonder if confidence without even a whiff of arrogance . . . is that another way to say someone is clearly having fun?  Hmmm . . . and maybe like a lion or tiger . . . expert skill can be naturally masked in play?

I hope you have enjoyed this The Moon ~ The Hermit Birth Card Identity Blog, and find it useful in your process as you further explore and enhance and express your own, personal Tarot voice!  “Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer” is all about your life-long process to continually emancipate your Tarot voice in YOUR way.  Teachers are rockin’, gurus not so much, at least from my point of view.  I remember in a meeting someone telling me there was no “I” in team. They were simply frustrated in general so I smiled silently thinking, *maybe their lunch burrito wasn’t sitting so well?  Problems at home? Elsewhere?*  I had to laugh, though, when then I chimed in right after, “Yup and there’s no U, either.” There is certainly U in gurU, though, YOU kinda “U”.  Oops. 9s are dynamic and fluid and keep going and going. So, the EverReady Bunny says keep going…

With your naturally aware and awakened Hermit ~ Moon Inner and Outer Expressions connecting you to unseen places . . . you may well know how much we are each created in the image of . . .  and consequently each HAVE the face of . . . and further that you are your only ruler in the face of . . . YOU!

Hmmm, ever heard of the book “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews?  Great book!  I highly recommend it to layer in another facet to your daily life and as well to flesh out the experience of animals you come across.  I encourage you to experience them as totems, as living Oracle cards as they cross your path, as they enter and populate and pass through your experience . . . like the inner inheritance your were born with of your Birth Cards!  May animals enter your experience as companions, simply for a while, or just wonderfully passing through and saying, “Hi”, as they lend their personality, their story, to your story.  May your Birth Cards enter your experience.

But, thinking about “Animal Speak” and your natural inner and outer reflection that connects you to unseen places . . .that just gave me an idea!  With your Moon ~ Hermit dynamic duo . . . Are you your own living totem or are you unseen to yourself?  Do you exalt yourself without arrogance for your highest good?  Do you smile in darkness?  What happens when you securely place your natural Moon ~ Hermit to live as your own totem?  Does it accentuate you to activate your highest good?  If so, what do you do with that?  What would then occur when there is a You-sighting?  What would you like to happen when there is a You-sighting?

Thanks for your valuable time.  Much appreciated.  If this article freed you up to be more YOU in ways that only you can be like The Sun, I am thankful.

And, towards closing again of this Tarot in the Land of Mystereum style exploration of your Tarot Birth Cards, to discover and experience through the process of Birth-Placing your identity, I would like to extend a precis, a synopsis of these 9 Birth-Placing Identity with Preludes blogs for you.  Here is a Prelude section for Birth Card personalities, for Birth-Placing your identity.  I call these Preludes the integrated, individual personality of each Birth Card set as I feel they provide a bearing, an informed direction, to simply synopsize and provide triggers for Birth Card Groupings as personalities.

In each form they are placed in their respective locations throughout this blog series as whole Birth Card expressions, but I place the Birth Card Preludes here again, afterwards, as I feel they provide stronger triggers once you know the more fleshed out expressions above.  Enjoy grouping them in any way that you feel that they strike chords that best resonate with you, with you in your naturally enjoyable voice, in whatever place you are.  And, I encourage you to craft your own Birth-Placing Birth Card Preludes from what resonates from Mystereum and / or your fave deck!

THE Preludes of the personality of your Birth Card Set: some subtly different than presented before, as their adjectives and movement mod & fluctuate like the tides here and there as they live and move . . . like the versatile You?! Hmmmm… The Versatile Tarot. Is that. New dec to be created?

The Moon ~ The Hermit as your Birth Cards you may often experience a naturally aware and awakened inner and outer reflection connecting you to unseen places.
If this blog strikes chords that resonate with you, I encourage you to pass it along and spread the word. Share at will~  &, Jean Luc responds from Data’s research foray . . . ,”Engage SHARE!”  Thanks mucho for your support!

Jupiter’s Blessings,

~ Jordan & The Land of Mystereum

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