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6 of Pents Mystereum Tarot Moment

MTM 6 of Pentacles

Is the epic spiral of giving and receiving important to you?

So long as rockin’ boundaries are present, it is to me.

Love to know the gig of your thoughts/feelings.

SO, on the topic of the epic spiral of giving and receiving…

before we get to the 57 second video… I have a request.

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Enjoy the 6 of Pents Mystereum Tarot Moment video.

What’s your take on this video, this card?

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What’s YOUR take on the 6 of Pentacles?

Please comment with your resonance or dissonance below.

I full-on dig perspective. Yours, as only yours can be.

Again, please tip the artists/musicians/poets in your life. Their gigs, their living, is gone right now. They might just LOVE a Venmo or PayPal cup o’ Jo.

Thanks much for visiting!

Ace of Pentacles     2 of Pentacles    3 of Pentacles    4 of Pentacles    5 of Pentacles

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TarotBlogHop ~ Imbolc ~ Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making


 Welcome along your BlogHop adventure from Karen Sealey’s Pure & Blessed Tarot blog

Welcome to the Imbolc TarotBlogHop

… where we have this great group of TarotBlogHoppers working with Tarot in their own, unique ways coupled with the theme, “Tarot Healing & Creativity”.  Enjoy the experience of the Tarot Imbolc gifts one and all that you receive on this TarotBlogHop!

Welcome now

The warm-up no longer part of the performance, and the curtain goes up, the mic goes love… ahhh, leave the typo. Love goes well with live.  Welcome to my performance of the TarotBlogHop Imbolc theme

~ “Tarot Healing & Creativity” ~ 

Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making 

 DAYum! Now, What cards go with what I am about to do?!

by Jordan Hoggard

Imbolc + Architecture + Tarot = Sanctuary of Self: Creating the Making

… where Imbolc can = a Gaelic festival celebrating the Goddess Brighid marking the beginning of spring

… where Architecture can = its Greek roots of arche and techne where arche is the creating, the first-spark of an idea, the inception AND techne is the making, the putting together of that idea in form, the conception.

… where Tarot can = a perpetual well-Spring that naturalizes Self… We are not broken when there is no hole in our soul.  We are whole and complete and resonant relationships enhance our freedom… where rather than armor for protection there is healing born of integrated armor. Integrated armor is health.

So, it is simple, really, what cards go with this?   The Magician’s intense focus for Imbolc,… though isn’t focus somehow formless?  Well, yes, get to the damn blog! ,,, and The High Priestess’ giving form to that formlessness.  Oh, I see, first there must be that formless 1st-spark of full-on focused idea, and then there is the full-on giving of form to that formless.  Though, WHAT ABOUT effin results and fruition!?!  Everything’s process!  Well, everthing is ALL IS about process … Oh, I see, Ye Olde arche – techne game…. and, not to worry… the Empress coming to full term from her Yoniverse of which all else emanates will be there …  So, Imbolc. SpringaComingOn… Hop into your Magician~Priestess~Empress… not to worry.  The Emperor was out on Holiday.


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Tarot induces the Creating.  We are each the Making always in the making. All similar, each unique. Always complete, never finished… while continually driving consequences expressed in results… results that continually create, so we can make, so we can put things together.  We are Divine, and thus we divine. Tarot cards flash as shooting stars through the mind like…Star light, star bright…

Tarot light, Tarot bright. First Tarot card I see tonight.  I wish I may, I wish I might, divine the wish I have tonight.



With an image like Joanna Powell Colbert’s at the link… nuff said.


Tarot cards can be seen as cardboard Source Magnets.  With Tarot cards the Temple In (Wo)Man is nourished, washed in the ablution of wonderment given form in each turn of a card. With this nourishment from Source we continually heal AS each new cycle of our wholeness. We are each the Creating itself. We are each the Making. We are each the Creating and the Making in and as our Divinity.

May Tarot nourish the highest and lowest of your life-octaves.

May every card back remind you of Source, of potential, of innate talent present.  May every card turned over further assist you to develop your innate talents into effective abilities.

Always complete, Never finished. Each birth is brilliant in its age, in that which came before that is present to nourish and root the now… for flying as high as your roots go deep.  Allow the still waters in your cards running deep and silent flowing to heal your worry and direct your insight to be the heartbeat of every action. Dream while awake with your Tarot cards. Have that instant theosophic vision of the lapis of the card back that when turned over is a dream born and birthing psychic gold. Direct your dreams. Aim your insight outwardly to affect healthy and responsive results.  Water confirms to its cup they say.  Fill the cup around you with aimed insight. Discover a card anew each time you rediscover it by turning it over. Turn each card over and feel the health of 78 Card-Magnets of Source living in the the sanctuary that is you… and further nourishing you each time you do. This is especially helpful to nourish your readings for others. Water your empathy seeds with experience, fresh experience.

Your next stop is Morgan Drake Eckstein’s Gleamings from the Golden Dawn Tarot blog.



“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

“Even in a card with no people, there’s still always one…You, looking in through the portal.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All Mystereum Tarot images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

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TarotBlogHop ~ Yule ~ The Black Crucible of the Magician


Welcome to the Yule TarotBlogHop

… where we have this great group of TarotBlogHoppers working with, playing, interpreting, and / or dancing the the topic of Tarot in their own, unique ways coupled with the theme, “TURNING DARKNESS INTO LIGHT”.  Enjoy the experience of the Tarot Yule gifts one and all that you receive on this TarotBlogHop. They are Yule gifts one and all!

Welcome now

as the chaff of the warm-up sloughs off from the wheat of the intro in the BlogHop wind… and, like in theatre, the warm-up is no longer part of the Yule performance… Welcome to my iteration-gift of the TarotBlogHop Yule theme:


The Black Crucible of the Magician

by Jordan Hoggard

The Black Crucible of The Magician!  WHAT?!  What is THAT?  What is the Black Crucible of The Magician? Well…

[[[ Do a slideshow video speaking the meditation ]]] 

Close your eyes. Visualize the big bowl of your night sky as a huge, black crucible you look up into. Visualize your huge night sky with stars as an immense forming-vessel, as a …Black Crucible gifted by The Magician and his first-sparks of ideas.  Then, visualize your own shooting star to strike across and square your circle of this big, black bowl of your night sky.  Remember this shooting star as a 1st spark of inspiration. Allow this 1st spark of inspiration to brighten you as it disappears into the darkness.  

Remember the 1st-spark shooting star.  Visualize that shooting star AS the 1st spark of ALL ideas.  Remember the shooting star cascading across your night sky. As you remember that shooting star, slow its instantaneous coming and going down. Slow that shooting star down as you watch it slowly cross your night sky like Inner State Highways TV.  Watch it and smile.  Watch it and imagine. Now… imagine it starting across the  sky, the Black Crucible again.  Bring your shooting star to mind and focus on it.  Like candle gazing, bring your shooting star to mind and see it up close.  Get wonderfully lost in its infinity of tinyness and distance as you cascade yourself to it up close.  

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Now, with it slowed down so you fully experience it, engage yourself to flex your temples smiling into it again… this time flexing your temples to imagine it in up close like a candle flame. As you begin to imagine it again, slow down your big bowl of night sky that is around it.  Watch the whole scene as the shooting star appears and slowly, slowly moves across your big bowl of night sky.  Slowly. Slowly.  Slowly.  And, it is gone again. Bring it back to mind again up close like a candle’s flame. Go through its magical cycle of life, its magical cycle as it dives into you through your imagination.  Experience the full cascade of energies of a shooting star seen up close frame by frame.  Run slowly through the star’s cascade across your sky again as you count to 9 across its path.  

Settle your shooting star into your imagination in its own orbit. Recall it when you need a shot of inspiration. Remember the shooting star each time as it plays slowly in long-form each time you have an idea.  Remember this slow-form of your idea to gear into ITS mode of cycles before you jump in and write it down. Feel its presence on its terms. Feel its presence on your terms.  Adjust to the pace and rhythm of each idea you have this way.  Slowly gear into each idea as that shooting star across your sky and up close. Shift focus and redirect scale as you feel to or simply do… as you steer yourself to jot down the remembrance of its own particular ways, of its own particular ways enhancing your own, particular ways. What are its identifying qualities? Does it have a name to remember it by?

Now, identify and think of something you struggle with or a challenge you enjoy AS this shooting star. No need to stay Tarot related now at this point in the meditation. You have almost gone all night in these brief moments. Visualize the morning twilight. Visualize the Psych Synapse invisi-bridge of night to day in the twilight dawn. Raise your hands up stretching like the sun stretches across the twilight horizon to birth the day. Take 4 deep breaths. 1   2   3   4. And, in your 5th breath, your chaos-central air-traffic control breath, feel all of these things come together in seamlessly synchromeshed orbits. Think about opening your eyes. Simply think about opening your eyes as the sun thinks about the day right before it comes over the event horizon of the twilight dawn.  Now slowly. Slowly. Slowly open your eyes as you inhale through your nose. As you are open your eyes, jot down an idea that comes to you right now, any idea.  

Ask yourself: “How can I actively utilize this idea to really begin to express the particular core of this idea? How is this idea  a primary connective tissue throughout all of my actions and influence. What is ts essence? What one noun comes to mind?  Write that noun down.

Now, write it down again with the word “to” in front of it to make an infinitive, a baby policy, an expression of the form-giving dna of one of your priorities. If your word was “dream,” then wrote down “to dream.” If your word was clarity, write down “to clarity.” Make your noun into a verb as you awaken inhaling through your nose flexing your temples to the new light in the day of this meditation.

Now, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that you have an idea.  The bad news is now you’ve gotta actively breathe life into it and build foundations under its dream.

Take a few moments to say nothing. Simply look around your space right at your fingertips and a little further and as far as you can see.  Write down the three close, near, and far away things that catch your eye first.  Allow these three things to tell you of an action you can take to bring your idea to life.

Smile. Breathe. Flex your temples. You are through the dark night. Now, work your idea through the day.

Cheers to your successes always. All the Best to You. You are your own Royal Court. May the Black Crucible of the Magician always show you how best to get the rubber to meet the road with your ideas from start to finish.  Start to finish. Always complete, never finished… Now, start… to finish. Start to Finish.

Even in a card with no people, there’s still always one…You, looking in through the portal. ~ Jordan Hoggard


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“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen [[I think he ripped this from Aristotle, who probably ripped it from the Egyptians, who… the Moors or Ancient Aliens? How far do quotes and their concepts go back?]] I’m glad to have discovered that James Lane Allen said it. I buy into the lineage.

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TarotBlogHop ~ Lammas ~ Tender’s Wisdom


The previous stop on this Lammas BlogHop adventure is Stella T’arot’s US Games’ blog

The next stop on this Lammas BlogHop adventure is Joanna Ash’s bright SunGoddess Tarot blog.

Welcome to the Lammas TarotBlogHop

… where we have this great group of TarotBlogHoppers working, playing, interpreting, and / or dancing the the topic of Tarot coupled with the question, “What can I share from my table to enrich my community?”

First Off, One Expression of Lammas is…

The remembrance of place in the protection of the barn as a symbol of abundant storage with a sacred loaf baked with care and attention from the first harvest, and broken into four with each quarter gifted to each of the barn’s four corners. I tend to play with shapes, so I might need to do that, though sneak-bake another loaf or two to sacredly quarter and gift to the additional corners… Please don’t think Zodiac Barn.  ;-)…. errr, and so I don’t allegedly modernize your Lammas rituals or skew the good history of Lammas… well, not right off the bat at least…

Here’s a Bit Of General Lammas info for You from Wikipedia: (that I will so graciously edit in blue in parentheses in context as making bread is a process and needs to be minded.  And, though I feel the patient awareness of kneading the dough is wonderful now, it also gives me a chuckle to think back to my Dad’s “breadmaking” when I was young and bring it into now… as I tend to edit the cookbook of life so to speak with how I work though the DAYum discipline of the ritual is fortunately ALWAYS there… where the warm-up is absolutely necessary and as well not part of the baked golden performance of bread when the curtain of the oven opens.  [paragraph] Heck, in my book nothing is sacred that you can’t laugh with.  There may be Silence in ritual, though ritual is no shhhhh of a library in my house… uh hem… delegating the kneading of the 1st batch of bread to the kiddo. SOMEbody other than me was certainly laughing.  Back then the task was SO lost on me… though I certainly had no idle hands. Thankful for that now, the kneading, the incessant kneading which seemed to outlast Sisyphus though somehow served to burn out incessant needing.  All alone in the kitchen kneading that first batch my mind would wander while remaining in an intensely focused kneading autopilot.  Not too fast.  Not too slow.  And, we always kneaded together on the second and third batches. On Holidays my Dad made about 25 loaves.  Rockin’ Moroccan Anise Bread!  Hearty and tasty stuff!  I guess the real selflessness was that ANY of it actually left the house.  Though, he would drive around with 8 or so loaves each afternoon making rounds over several days with each fresh batch. He would make rounds and socialize gifting fresh, rockin’ Moroccan Anise bread.  It’s like the bread went to the four corners of the city… and also to a farm or two beyond the city limits.)

“In some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, August 1 is Lammas Day (Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, “loaf-mass”), the festival of the wheat harvest, and is the first harvest festival of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church (I’ll substitute “sacred place of gathering”) a loaf made from the new crop, (remove comma and keep kneading) which began to be harvested at Lammastide. The loaf was blessed, and in Anglo-Saxon England it might be employed afterwards to work magic. (Uhh, awkward transition that at first begs for a new paragraph and then… “Keep kneading kid, it’s good for you. Oh, and think about magic and discipline while you are kneading the dough, and how you can best switch gears and extend your thought with paragraphs to enhance their flow.  But, mostly only think about kneading the dough. If you stop, it won’t rise right.  We’ll be back shortly and we’ll check your progress. Gotta go out and get some more yeast. You washed your hands, right?”  Hmmm, I always wondered why they didn’t fully prepare with enough ingredients beforehand?  I smile now at their date-afternoon yeast errands.) A book of Anglo-Saxon charms directed that the lammas bread be broken into four bits, (remove comma… dang my hands are getting tired. WHEN are they going to be back??!)) which were to be placed at the four corners of the barn, (comma, kneading kneading. What do I do when my nose itches?) to protect the garnered grain. (uhhh, left field grinding gears.  Use the clutch next time.  Don’t knead too fast.) In many parts of England, (no comma after prepositional phrase required. I hope they get back soon as I’ll develop Superman grip if I do this much longer. OH, STRONG HANDS!!!, I am making BREAD OF THE GODS!… uh hem… they’re not back yet.  Focus.  Knead.  Keep kneading) tenants were bound to present freshly harvested wheat to their landlords on or before the first day of August. In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, where it is referred to regularly, it is called “the feast of first fruits”. The blessing of first fruits was performed annually in both the Eastern and Western Churches on the first or the sixth of August.”

Welcome now as the chaff of the warm-up and kneading comes off from the wheat of the process in the wind.

Welcome now as the Lammas kneading warm-up leaves, leaves toward loaves, where the warm-up is not part of the performance, and where warm and fresh is just amazing.


Let’s break some sacred bread together for the corners,

each friend themself a corner.


to my iteration of the TarotBlogHop Lammas theme:

Our theme is: ~ “What can I share from my table to enrich my community?” ~ 

established, down-to-earth spirit, wisdom, new spirit, activation

established, down-to-earth spirit, wisdom, new spirit, activation


I Offer from My Table

I offer a poem from The Hierophant in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum (Schiffer, 2010) as the eye of a storm and center of the 5’s to express the natural and developed tool on my table that is my anti-hysterical bias, the beautiful curse born of grace under pressure kneaded and risen and baked into my soul from way too many deadlines over decades.  Heck, a bomb might go off and amidst the chaos, and I’ll most probably respond with, “DANG! I forgot my lunch today.”, and then calmly and directly address air traffic control from the eye of the storm as I pilot amidst the chaos to another completion… pilot knowing that the center doesn’t actually always occur in the middle.

I Offer from my table a poem I wrote this year for Lammas

As I thought about the Hierophant as a Silverback, I composed a poem for Lammas as my enriching gift to you and yours from my table to spread as you will.  May this bread gifted below be baked golden and quartered and gifted to your friends to protect the four barn corners of your life.  As I think of the Silverback as The Hierophant, I wonder, I knead the idea.  And, as I wonder… wondering, kneading… I wonder wondering if the tender topics in life are the most natural like dough. I wonder wondering if the tender topics are best kept tender where they feel to touch Nature itself in their naturally tender way where their adversity never builds their character… where their adversity reveals it… And, tender topics may simply knead their lives as a beautifully personal oven continually revealing their character.

A gift of a poem for you for Lammas.  

Here is the sustenance of “Tender’s Wisdom”, a poem from my table gifted to you to quarter and protect your corners.  The Silverback Hierophant’s got your back, so DIG IN AND ENJOY with you and yours!  … I have errands to go do, rounds to make.

Tender’s Wisdom

Wisdom expressed is best
with its soft curls and wisps
never cut too short or made to be brittle
by giving in to the reactionary arachnid
of conversation and reaction that bleeds things empty.
Naturally expressed wisdom,
talents honed and developed into secure abilities,
embraces wisdom in life itself wise in time in the moment
as it dispenses with futile searches for Truth.
Naturally expressed wisdom
embraces one’s own fluid fluency
fully becoming aware that Truth is not to be trusted to philosophers,
fully becoming aware that we are all similar and each unique,
and that the full Songs of Experience of Life and Love are Truth,
as Truth is born of a full life mixed up and kneaded over years
to rise up to continually be baked golden.
There feels to be a fluid fluency in the Truth of tender things,
a fluid fluency as much as coral zips back into its shell for protection,
at the same time as much the integrated armor
of a cute, ole, 600-pound tiger napping on its back
strong enough to be able to be gentle.
The Hierophant on a bad day may be the stubborn, unbending traditionalist,
though The Hierophant as Silverback has a welcoming, down-to-earth spirit
having brought spirit down to the earth long ago,
has a natural tenderness present
coupled with the strength of unflinching wits to support you.
The Hierophant,
continually baked golden and repeatedly kneaded and risen by decades under fire,
is present in those you know who live in continually evolving awareness
of their own Truth as they compassionately protect all four corners.
The Hierophant,
is present in those you know to be unflinchingly tender
while strong enough to be gentle without bluster.
The Hierophant,
continually baked golden by decades under fire,
bearing the naturally integrated armor of coral as his wits,
is strong enough to be gentle,
strong enough to be gentle.


The previous stop on this Lammas BlogHop adventure is Stella T’arot’s US Games’ blog

The next stop on this Lammas BlogHop adventure is Joanna Ash’s bright SunGoddess Tarot blog.


“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

“Even in a card with no people, there’s still always one…You look in through the portal.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2013 Jordan Hoggard

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot Bargain of the Century!


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Tarot And The Spider

Tarot . . . And The Spider Is The Mother Of The Universe

Couple The Mother of the Universe of the spider with The Empress and Mama Gaia, that from which all emanates, and maybe it’s The Yoniverse.

Spider energy is much about the predominant expressions of magic:

  • magic and energy of creation
  • assertiveness of the force of creation
  • spiral energy linking past and future in the present

Credit and (c)1993-2008 for the 3 points above goes to Ted Andrews in his Animal Speak book published by Llewellyn.  May he R.I.P.

3 Predominant Expressions Of Magic?

I would call the spiral energy the perpetual present with its own inner customs agent of the horizon all around linking it to past and future.  Is past memory? Is future dream?  If we remove the hinge pins of time from the equation, memories and dreams can orbit with one another weightlessly in mind, and are of the same family.  They are not the same, though very very similar.  They are an integral feature of our Idea Solar System as put forth in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

I feel that the assertiveness of the force of creation and the magic of energy and creation, though potentially distinct, are as well facets of Nature’s personality, the personality of any Place Of Creation.  It is not that I take issue with Ted’s presentation of the 3, I simply feel they work so well together that I would bullet-point them as a single expression.  And, I would add:

  • making decisions as doing so directs and orchestrates the momentum of things which tends to magnetize them to their aim, or intent or intention to manifest something.
  • clarity of focus as it tends to open up portals of vision, and clarity of vision is pretty dang magical.

Magic is a lot like Psychic Synapses Between And Around Your Cards

Yesterday I presented a technique about how to get living connective tissue to bridge between cards and connect them more lucidly in your Idea Solar System when reading Tarot cards.  Today I will let the technique flow outwardly to gift you another technique: The Blooming Card Technique.  I am a gardener, so I’m a geek for this kind of stuff, just love it! — click for the free 13-card Death As The Master Gardener Tarot Spread in a Powerpoint. Hint, it’s waaaaayyyyy at the end of the article.

So, today I will show you my Blooming Card Technique.  I find it to be a rockin’ ally in those readings where a card is really standing out in ways that aren’t making me so sure I trust my reading of it.  I came up with the technique because just like us, sometimes cards really transcend and stand for a soliloquy in ways that spread their magic across the garden like a blooming flower.

The Blooming Card Technique

When you receive a card that shines in wholly new ways, and you are both surprised AND want to hear it out AND to not want to minimize the gift it is shining to you . . . try this . . .

Give the card a little breathing room as you meditate on its wonderfully new message in all its glory AND unfold the petals of its past and future.  Visualize or literally pull the card that comes before it in the deck, and the card that comes after.  So, if you get the 3 of Swords, for example, unfurl its past petal of the 2 of Swords and its future petal of the 4 of Swords.  This will rarely minimize the effect the card is having.  Remember, I’m a geek for gardening.  Rather, it will serve to give further strength to the card’s newfound message by amending the soil around it, give it clearer context to spread its bloom.

Blooming A Tarot Card In Action

So, I’ll pull a card.  I pulled The Queen of Pentacles.  Perfect for this is acceptable. lol The cards do that, huh?

So, let’s say I am SO resonantly astounded by what this card has to say in a reading that I want to Bloom it. I will visualize the card before it in the deck, and the card after it.  Easy on this one.  I will unfurl the card-petal of The Knight of Pentacles coming right before it, and The King of Pentacles coming right after it.

If you are working with an Ace of any suit, take a bit of time to order the suits from your most preferred to least preferred, or if you are like me, I like ’em all for different reasons.  I am very Wand-y, and for example, I order them Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords as I am very Wand-y, sometimes windy, and I feel it takes all the other elements to make a Sword.  So, order your suits, and then you can know which King will come before your Ace, and as well which Ace will come after a King.  Though, if you are working with a card in your 1st suit, you might drop back from the Ace to The World in the Majors, and to The Fool if you have a King that is from your last suit.  Ok, ok, where’s the damn picture of the card Bloomed with its card-petals either side?  Here ’tis. Here’s an example.

If you are working with the Majors, you can go from The World forward to The Fool, or back from The Fool to The World OR make a choice using your suit orders.  Go back from The Fool into your 4th suit, and forward from The World into your 1st suit.  And, both if that suits you.

I also like to look at the card you are focused on as my hands embracing in Namaste in the garden with my hands together as a flower bud, and as I unfurl my flower-petal-hands to open palms up the before and after cards appear in my hands and the focus card is the flower’s center.

Best to The Blooming Card Technique unfurling a new bloom in your Tarot Garden reading repertoire.  Have fun, there’s often expert skill in it!

Best to this Blooming Card exercise doing some bright blooming of your card(s) for you to enhance the Inner State Highway of your readings.  What do YOU see and feel when you bloom a Tarot card or cards?

Oh! There are only 4

Empress side of Hanged Man~Empress talisman

Mystereum Tarot copper Birth Card talisman pendants left at .  The 4 left are SOLD OUT.

  • Hanged Man ~ Empress
  • Death ~ Emperor
  • Tower ~ Chariot
  • Fool ~ Wheel .  This one’s of course not a Birth Card pair, was simply a cool meditative combo when I made them.

Once they’re gone, their magic is on its journey elsewhere.  Get yours while you can. UPDATE. SOLD OUT.

And, here is the featured Mystereum Tarot Moment video.  The Empress felt right for the Spider and the Yoniverse.  And, since she’s a 3, here’s an article on Form-Giving Identity with the Tarot 3’s Birth Cards.  Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.

Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous, and Tarot is more fun, anyway. 😉

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot Spaces Between Your Notes

Tarot Spaces Between Your Notes. Notes As Your Cards

There is the 4-charactered voice of the Universe.  A  U  M,  and then the Silence between them and all around and within them.  You will also see this as a whole world of an one identity of the All as OM.

There is also what I find to be a 4-charactered voice of Imagination.  Idea  Creativity  Intuition, and then the bridges of Psychic Synapse spaces between them that bring them into relationship with one another, and as well serve to emphasize each of their identities.  To enhance, to reinforce, to strengthen these identities, let’s look at the spaces between them.

Psychic Synapses Between Your Cards

Let’s pull 3 cards and look at the spaces between them.  This may enhance the way you merge cards together into the creative traffic in your Idea Solar System?  Wait!  What’s an Idea Solar System?  It is a concept in the Land of Mystereum dealing with the natural orbits of your ideas, how they weightlessly move in mind and into and as your work.   Look at each card as a snapshot of a whole world in motion.  Simply, look at each card as a verb and itself a whole place of creation, a sanctuary of Inner State Highways speaking from the relationships born of the spaces between the cards.

What do you discover to enhance your Tarot reading style with the spaces between the cards? How does this enhance and reinforce and strengthen your Idea Solar System? 

I have been doing what I call Turbo Readings for some time now.  It’s a great way to get a landscape level overview of your reading, and it is great to see others coming up with and playing with it on their own in Make A Sentence From The Cards exercises abounding recently.  I came up with the idea on my own, as I gather many others have as well when they begin to see the cards more immediately.  Be mindful of deceptive simplicity.  Simply because a reading is quick does not mean it does not have depth.  Some of the best readings are as clear as speaking with a friend, and Tarot is certainly a friend of mine.

Turbo Reading The Spaces Between Your Tarot Cards

I drew these 3 cards to step on the gas with this Space Between Exercise: 3 of Swords ~ 5 of Pentacles ~ 6 of Swords

First off, I will Turbo Read the cards themselves, then Turbo Read the spaces between them.  Look at the spaces between as bridges, as living and silent connective tissues.  The space between can also be a metaphor for your influence and presence going well beyond your spoken words.

Turbo Reading 3 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles, 6 of Swords.

Your emotional refraction/distortion is playing with your brightness that is missed yet in plain sight.  You have everything you need.  No need to reach for more.  Clearly communicate your emotions mindfully TO solidly lord over any trouble TO find the mindfulness present in the tools of your touch.  Is there simply something outside of you that you reach for that is really extraneous to what you need to see in your situation?

I will go so far as to put these 3 cards in an alchemical crucible with some rosemary and lavendar.  Heating them up together, the card they feel to indicate is a hesitant Devil XV card, an excess in the form of inhibitions.  Remember, inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses.  Are inhibitions really an excess themselves, and excess of worry precluding action?

Turbo Reading the living, connective tissues of the spaces between (the cards)

Put a card’s width of space between the cards as you begin this part of the exercise.  Literally, make an invisi-card that IS the space between them.

3 of Swords TO 5 of Pentacles: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “Focus your thoughts to solidly see through pity or sorrow and see the established inner light of an idea, of yourself, in a situation.”

5 of Pentacles TO 6 of Swords: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “See through to the established brightness present to feel the sharp thoughts present in your touch.”

And then round the troops.  Marshall your forces with 6 of Swords TO 3 of Swords: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “Utilizing the sharp ideas in your grasp do you see where the irritating psychic splinter is to simply pull it out?  Pull it out like a bent twig in the water . . . that clears the water and of course is not really bent.”

Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous. 😉

The Middle of the Inner State Highway Of These Cards Is

the 5 of Pentacles.  Enjoy a quick Mystereum Tarot Moment video for this card.

Best to this exercise and video doing a little whizbang windshield cleaning for you to enhance the focus of your view on the Inner State Highway of these cards.  What do YOU see and feel between these 3 cards?

And, for a little squirrelyness

The Birth Cards for this 3-card reading might = 3 + 5 + 6 = 14 = Temperance = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 = Hierophant.  So, here’s the Birth Card Blog for your 5’s of 14 and 5, Temperance ~ Hierophant.  Yesterday had the video for the Family of the 3’s, so that’s rather tidy.  Here’s the 3’s Birth Card Blog, too.

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard



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Driving Inner State Highways. Tarot Traffic

You know when you are driving

You know your driving personality pretty well, huh?  What is your Tarot reading personality?

There are 2 U’s in gUrU.  Do you kneel to the On-High when you drive?  Or, are you at a minimum twice as much U with no gurus anywhere in sight?  You’re not alone in that, however you responded.  Is there a clue to your Tarot reading style there?

How do y0u merge into other traffic when you are driving?  Well, you know how you merge.  I know how I merge.  And, I try my best not to disparage other drivers, though despite my best efforts there is more than occasionally still a “Drive like you mean it!” that slips out of my mouth . . . well, more like a verbal RPG really.  I think I keep it around 7 or 8 now, though, rather than the GOES TO 11 of years past.  Driving can be a people-watching experience like a moving zoo, though the Geico Gecko and your wallet might thank you more for some awareness as you are both spectator and actor.

On the same token

What’s up with talking about traffic and how any of us merges into traffic when Tarot is the order of the day on this blog?  Well, does how you merge in traffic provide you with useful clues to your Tarot reading personality?  Does how you merge into traffic reveal helpful resonances into how your imagination works?  I am thinking your driving style at speed in traffic in real time provides more than a simple glimpse of your Tarot reading personality.  Does your driving style actually paint a world-size picture of your Tarot reading personality?

How do you merge into the creative traffic in your Idea Solar System?  Wait!  What’s an Idea Solar System?  It is a concept in the Land of Mystereum dealing with the natural orbits of your ideas, how they weightlessly move in mind and into and as your work.  How do you merge into the creative traffic of your Tarot reading style?  Is each spread you work with a snapshot of cards that are really all verbs?  Is each spread a place of creation, a sanctuary of Inner State Highways speaking?  Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous. 😉

I am going to pull a card about driving style clueing us in to our Tarot reading personality.   I drew XXI, The World card.

Is your Tarot reading style expansive and infinite?  When you master things does that mean you have no more to learn from them?  Does your mastery lead to further discovery?  What’s the style of your Inner State Highways when you drive Tarot in your readings?  What’s your driving style?  Take a little drive somewhere and see.  Is your driving style wonderfully similar to your Tarot reading personality?

The Tarot GPS with the sexy Aussie voice that distracts me when I am driving repeatedly with “recalculating route” will finally say, “You have arrived.”  I rather like that part.  I also rather like the new things I discover while she is recalculating my route.  What do you discover in your driving style about Tarot and the Inner State Highways of your Idea Solar System?

Enjoy your driving World!  And, X + X + I = 3, have fun driving around with the 3’s and . . .

The 3’s Birth Cards as Inner State Highway GPS

Here’s the 3’s Birth Card Blog, too.
Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard


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Tarot & Two U’s in gUrU

You know the old saying

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ ”  You can always respond to that with a smile, “You’re right.  There’s no ‘U’ in this “team.”

On the same token

Think about this, though: There are 2 ‘U’s’ in “gUrU.”  Think twice before giving up the powerfully and uniquely complete being and voice that is U and Yours.

Take a look at

Your 2’s Birth Cards

What do you think about YOU as your everyday gUrU?  Is your simple breath a priceless prayer?  Maybe play with the Strength (XI, VIII) and Justice (VIII, XI) Tarot Tennis Game to explore further — racket and balls not provided.  Are Strength and Justice two unique sides of the same U coin?  Like the centaur Chiron and Sagittarius.  Half-person + half-horse makes for a uniquely complete being. . .and even Chiron was set apart from his kind further in his own, unique way.

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot: Continental Divide & Quicksand Questions

Tarot: Continental Divide & Quicksand Questions

“The pit crew doesn’t drive the race car.” ~ Jordan Hoggard

So, let’s say I perform like nobody’s business when I am racing in the rain like Ayrton Senna.  That’s a big statement if you are into F1 (Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing).  Roll with me here, though.  It’s raining enough to be just shy of a caution flag, and the race though is still going strong.  I fly into the pits, and the Pit Chief leans in and:

~ Pit Chief: “You might want to step it down out there a bit. You’ve lapped everyone at least once.”

~ Me: (I simply flex my left eyebrow face forward): “Did you drop the tire pressure like I asked out there . . . a bit?”

~ Pit Chief: “Yes-sir.”

~ Me: “Good.” (left hand palm forward up)  (car drops back down, look in right mirror, and foot to the floor VROOM, and roar back out on the track.)

What happened there?

Did I ignore my wise advisor, my Counsel, my trusted Pit Chief?  Did I miss an opportunity?  No, and no.  What I did was listen to what I was already planning.  Listened to the job I had delegated from the track for him to perform correctly as he felt fit.  There is trust in that millisecond of focused silence between a raised left eyebrow and my response.  In that millisecond my momentum was still filled up and effective.  Plans were being implemented at speed in real time, not generated for the first time.  Any longer, and we might as well have pulled out some Tiddlywinks, and had a game on the back wing. Heck, best two out of three?

Life can be like this kind of question interchange sometimes.  You can be on a teleconference, somebody you respect asks you a question, and you stop everything, and a discussion ensues.  Not simply to be polite.  Thing is, you’re on a teleconference, not talking or thinking to yourself, and you do.  Other thing is, as soon as you are off the teleconference, the teleconference was in a sense that millisecond of silent and focused listening.  Between your raised, left eyebrow and your response, the person you are speaking with may have informed you, may have simply been curious, may have enhanced your direction.  Then again, expressing, “I see quicksand”, to their question may be funny, might be rude,  . . . is probably going to be funny.  It’s your right foot about to go forward.  How does your steering tune and tailor where that foot is going to take you when you step it down?

The Hierophant.

A down-to-earth spirit?  A continual spirit coming down to the earth via a strong and established and stable, seated one?  What does that mean?  Can it mean how you handle questions?  Do you drop everything as if you HAVE to answer the question directly?  Are you simply thankful for their interest, though your response continues to drive differently your way?  Does their question, which implies interest . . .most all questions imply interest . . . stop you and give you a wonderfully pregnant pause to add to what you are doing?

The Page of Pentacles.

His Pentacle is integrating itself playfully as a delt tattoo.  The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot are in his focus, filling the left eyebrow raised millisecond silence so to speak.  How do you step into Your Royal Court?  You’re a Page with The Hierophant who’s got your back supporting you who also centers up in the sky between The Mag and The Chariot.  Quite a pit crew I’d say.  But, you’re in the race, you’ve paused for a pit stop.  Quick, in a millisecond of temple-flexed eyebrow up receptivity and openness from the awareness of your momentum . . . aware of what’s good for you . . . quick, your right foot begins to move . . .

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

What’s the second?  Quick, don’t judge yourself.  Quick, being honest with yourself.  You can always “ignore it” like I did the Pit Chief earlier. Or, did I?  Are You Your Own Boss Of You!  What’s that second thing that came to mind?

Ask: Is the question like The Continental Divide or Quicksand? Either? Neither?

A Continental Divide question can be traversed, addressed in a variety of ways.  Omission is one way.  Discussion, another.  A Quicksand question can be avoided . . . if you mind your feet AND your momentum, and HOW and WHEN you respond to influences.

Feeling Your Focused Silence, Your Powerful MindBodyBeautiful Listening . . .

Filling yourself back up into your momentum with ~~ The Hierophant, The Page of Pentacles ~~ What comes together in these two cards for you?   Quick . . . and of course YOU define what fills your powerful silence.  You define”quick.”  Don’t be pushed around, forward or back or any which way.  The pit crew of your life, your support and Counsel and experience, doesn’t drive the car of your life.  And, like your gas tank, don’t let your pit crew hit “Empty.”  What comes together in these two cards for you?  Have you already instructed them from the track?  If so, how do they fit in to inform your performance?

A powerfully focused silence needn’t always last a long, meditative time.  How does your foot and that clarity in an eyebrowed millisecond help you Hierophant~Page-of-Pentacles (verb) back out onto the track of your life? . . . each time?

Jupiter’s Blessings, Jordan

Deepest Blessings and R.I.P. to You, Ayrton Senna.  Since watching you race at the 1986 Montreal Grand Prix, from the pits and from the bleachers, you have been an inspiration.  I always wondered when it was raining if you simply told people, “Keeps the tires clean . . . FASTER!” Thanks to my Uncle Chuck for THAT 3 day high school graduation present!




(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved.


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Tarot Cards Repeating?

When Tarot Cards Repeat Reading After Reading . . .

When a card or cards come up multiple times when reading for myself, reading after reading, to me it feels like successive laps on the track continuously voicing their time-message, their presence, each time differently, to inform me from different perspectives, as a chorus of a card voicing its multiply informing messages.  Meaning, it is my job to resonate more with its/their iterations, as if the card is pulse-cycling to gift me a fuller meaning before I slingshot out of a curve back onto the straightaway powered by it and the other card(s). Meaning, “I am trying to message you!,” the cards seem to say.

Allow the 3 of Wands to simply be here.  If it resonates to add anything . . . how so from your perspective?

4 of Swords ~ Queen of Wands have come up together repeatedly recently:

~ balanced ideas resonating ~ to intuitively lead the way naturally, higher energy octaves in need of direct feelingsense?

~ cycling points in motion ~ informing a court quadrangle with very specific energies?

~ a gift of resonant thought, ideas, as if on an initial plateau, an expansive foothills plateau to play on to embrace as a precursor to me expanding forward ~ without explanation or reason other than staying energetically on track in a (natural inner leader) Queen of Wands way?

~ less primrosed pathed 4 of Swords ~ Queen of Wands interps such as note the energetic foundation present very simply and clearly?

~ another LESS primrosed path?  Is that really less primrosed, or simply fear/expectation/blind-spots presenting to stifle the verdant vibrancy of forward movement?  Expectations presenting as being stuck, or wrestle-breaking out of chains inspirationally.  And, I ask you not to do that simply because I asked.  Eff respect for what I say.  Maybe what I say has zippo bearing on your reading-sense.

The resonance of the same card repeating for me becomes a motivating metronome, a strobing of multiple meanings divining towards a message of tuning the idea or concept I am working on where identity is pulsing itself to clarity through working it . . . expresses a centering device to embrace it more deeply at speed, and in motion in real-time.  A warming up through action with the card(s) rather than to pause and contemplate.  One of the repetitive card messages is to cycle up across the board kaleidoscopically without confusion, experience the vibrancy, through my actions rather than digressing to pause and take notes.

Repeating cards feel to be a call to interpret things in motion, in a way expressing, “Come hither, Heathcliff / Heather.”

“Digressing” to taking notes is cool by me when coming in for a pitstop so to speak.  And as well, when cards come up multiple times in a row, they seem to be signaling me to be informed of the successive heartbeats IN and OF my actions to inform and tune and tailor my further actions. They seem to be a hint that a vein of gold has been struck, and to explore it actively.

What are your thoughts on repeating cards?

Blessings, Jordan and The Land of Mystereum

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard



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