Tarot Cards Repeating?

29 Jan

When Tarot Cards Repeat Reading After Reading . . .

When a card or cards come up multiple times when reading for myself, reading after reading, to me it feels like successive laps on the track continuously voicing their time-message, their presence, each time differently, to inform me from different perspectives, as a chorus of a card voicing its multiply informing messages.  Meaning, it is my job to resonate more with its/their iterations, as if the card is pulse-cycling to gift me a fuller meaning before I slingshot out of a curve back onto the straightaway powered by it and the other card(s). Meaning, “I am trying to message you!,” the cards seem to say.

Allow the 3 of Wands to simply be here.  If it resonates to add anything . . . how so from your perspective?

4 of Swords ~ Queen of Wands have come up together repeatedly recently:

~ balanced ideas resonating ~ to intuitively lead the way naturally, higher energy octaves in need of direct feelingsense?

~ cycling points in motion ~ informing a court quadrangle with very specific energies?

~ a gift of resonant thought, ideas, as if on an initial plateau, an expansive foothills plateau to play on to embrace as a precursor to me expanding forward ~ without explanation or reason other than staying energetically on track in a (natural inner leader) Queen of Wands way?

~ less primrosed pathed 4 of Swords ~ Queen of Wands interps such as note the energetic foundation present very simply and clearly?

~ another LESS primrosed path?  Is that really less primrosed, or simply fear/expectation/blind-spots presenting to stifle the verdant vibrancy of forward movement?  Expectations presenting as being stuck, or wrestle-breaking out of chains inspirationally.  And, I ask you not to do that simply because I asked.  Eff respect for what I say.  Maybe what I say has zippo bearing on your reading-sense.

The resonance of the same card repeating for me becomes a motivating metronome, a strobing of multiple meanings divining towards a message of tuning the idea or concept I am working on where identity is pulsing itself to clarity through working it . . . expresses a centering device to embrace it more deeply at speed, and in motion in real-time.  A warming up through action with the card(s) rather than to pause and contemplate.  One of the repetitive card messages is to cycle up across the board kaleidoscopically without confusion, experience the vibrancy, through my actions rather than digressing to pause and take notes.

Repeating cards feel to be a call to interpret things in motion, in a way expressing, “Come hither, Heathcliff / Heather.”

“Digressing” to taking notes is cool by me when coming in for a pitstop so to speak.  And as well, when cards come up multiple times in a row, they seem to be signaling me to be informed of the successive heartbeats IN and OF my actions to inform and tune and tailor my further actions. They seem to be a hint that a vein of gold has been struck, and to explore it actively.

What are your thoughts on repeating cards?

Blessings, Jordan and The Land of Mystereum

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard



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7 responses to “Tarot Cards Repeating?

  1. Lisa

    January 29, 2012 at 7:37 am

    I hear you about different perspectives, Jordan. Each card has many voices. Repeating cards is something I’m thinking about a lot lately. In the solar return reading I did for myself on my birthday earlier in January, Temperance showed up three times! “How is this even possible?” I hear you asking. I did a 12 Houses spread and used three cards from three different decks to give a fuller picture of the energy of each house. In my reading, the Temperance card first shows up in the central theme position in the 1st House. In the 3rd House it shows up as the ‘shadow’ and in the 4th House it shows up in the spiritual guidance position. Talk about food for thought! This is one of the reasons I love doing multiple deck readings – Allowing for repetition this way provides the Universe to ‘flag’ development themes and makes dig deeper for meaning.

    • mystereum

      February 2, 2012 at 12:59 am

      Food for thought, Lisa? You just now gave me a whole buffet! Thx Mucho!

  2. Bonnie Cehovet

    January 29, 2012 at 7:43 am

    Jordan –

    This happens often enough to pay attention to! 🙂 It gives weight to the Seeker’s question, but the reader needs to also look at what place the card(s) have in their life.


    • mystereum

      February 2, 2012 at 12:58 am

      Thanks, Bonnie! Nice to feel valued! Blessings, Jordan

    • mystereum

      February 6, 2012 at 5:33 pm

      and as well, I really resonate with your “look at what place the card(s) have in their life.” Questions that come to mind are:
      ~ Describe the movement of the card into and through different areas of your life?
      ~ Do the cards live in that area for now? Do they cycle around? . . . like the moon and sun to the earth?
      ~ How are the cards or card included? Welcomed? Difficult?

      Looking at this alone directly, at the repeating card(s) placement(s), can bring a clarifying perspective to the focus of the tenor of the identity of the reading for self or clients.
      . . . enough prepositions just there. Felt like I was Family-Tree diagramming the sentence . . . microscoping closer and closer . . . EverReady Bunny sentence? Ode to Ellipses Expressed. 😉


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