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What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

From my Astro perspective eclipses are Faded Events. What are Faded Events? There is somewhat of a strobe light quality where time feels to speed up, though nothing, or very little, is missed in the interstice, those little voids of the spaces between. Interestingly, time feels to speed up in Faded Events, though in actuality I see it as slowing down. Slowing down to sync with the everything of what is happening such that one actually experiences the synapses, too, the space between the notes. And, I see the interstice, the space between the notes, or better the Psychic Synapse as 50% of each neural act. The neuron loads, fires leap-of-faith-style across the synapse. The unseen in the void is 50% of the heart of the matter, and may very well BE the heart of the matter. Then, the neural leap lands on the next neuron, and a connection is made. Then, the unseen heart of the matter from the Unconscious, from the synapse AS the heart of the matter is one-third of the whole deal.

Back to the Eclipse

Back to the Eclipse. With the Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus the status quo opens up, may even tectonically explode with Uranus being the Shaker-Upper. The gloves may be on, though the mask or persona is off. The natural Nature, whatever it is, emerges. Period. You may be surprised. Maybe even terrified at the newness, may even feel blind-sided by it. Though, almost for certain, you will birth something new within that has a Must Urge to be brought into your external reality.

There are lots of butterfly-emerging-from-the-chrysalis indications. Lots of birth metaphors are present in the Eclipse in Taurus. The High Priestess, herself the temple AND that which is within the temple, may be a wondrous ally. Think and feel Pallas~Athena, aka Minerva nestling into your life under Astraea. They are the ultimate strategists. They tend to make Mars’ warring tendencies look like he is playing Tiddly Winks or checkers to their 3-level chess. Use this to make your actions more robust. Use this to discern value by making sure that whatever the heart of the matter is for you is rolled in as the driver for the actions you choose to take, or that occur to you. Being present and unthreatened without explanation are keys here.

Humpty Dumpty comes to mind. And, what will you do with what emerges after any given fall? And, more importantly, how will you facilitate the birth, the post-fall discovery? Humpy Dumpty fell from the wall, though isn’t that where the story really begins? What happens afterwards? What do you make happen? And/or, what simply happens?

Take Care with Uranus Present in the Mix

Take care with creative births in your life today and tomorrow and through the coming week. Odds are, they will stick around to be drivers in the next several years of your life and work. If you work with them like a gardener adjusts the walking path for special, new sprouts from naturalized perennials, you may very well reap wonders in your life in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

There is a naturalized perennial quality to this Uranian Eclipse in Taurus.

Back to the Births of the Eclipse

~ Do you see the head of your creation crowning? Excellent! Proceed. Don’t waste trouble, and complete the newnesses into being.

~ Is the placenta wrapped around the neck of your new birth? Well, take care to untangle that thing with zeal and haste, though sync with just the right speed as you do. Play well in the sandbox with Uranus to induce the Water Bearer Magician of Aquarius. Nod in your magic as you literally pull the water out of thin air. Literally, be The Magician who pulls water out of thin air. Aquarius is the Water Bearer, though astrologically, it is an Air sign. Dial into the Both~And of that Aquarius quality with Air and Water. Nourish both the breath of life and water of life. Also, take care not to get overwhelmed by FICP. Functionally-Interrelated-Component-Part. There is complexity present. Though, navigate as you mind all the parts as they are interdependent. A change in one will affect a change in another. I suggest to take a nod to this thought: when you move, when you act, inside or out, be aware that when you shift focus you might also change scale. Roll with that.

~ Is your birth breach? Well, stay in there. It’s not birthed until it’s birthed. And, it’s most likely important to complete the birth process. Allow expectations to unfold and reconfigure your priorities. Stay in there and work to bring this new birth into life. The Operating Room may be messy, though your creative birth may thank you both soon and also long from now.

So, What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

With the Eclipse, all in all be your own OB-GYN for your creativity, for your life. And/or be your own Birth Doula to stay in there and assure your births nourish Your Life, Your Way. Respect new ways to develop your growth as newly influenced by what comes into being. You may not know what it is until it’s born. Can you simply, with the Uranian concept of reasons being unreasonable, birth whatever is, and then nurture it into its own robust Nature to inform you differently?

Here’s a Double-Image, Visual Eclipse Story

Here are two images I find resonant with this Eclipse and being comfortable with the beautiful Uranian not-knowing. How do these two visual stories play along in the truth of your birth(s) beyond expectation(s)? How can you incorporate the space between the notes and synapses?

Uranus Breaking Through, Robustly Hatching, from Under Saturn’s Throne,

The Volcano Teaches About This Eclipse

The Volcano.

Its head in the clouds,

continually making new lands when it does,

its feet firmly planted in the abyss.

(paraphrased from The Life of Fire documentary [seen on Amazon Prime rather than PBS])

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

Solar System & DNA

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Daily Arrangements ~ The Art of the Bouquet

Daily Arrangements ~ The Art of the Bouquet

Deep Digs for Treasure? Sometimes Treasure Hides In Plain Sight

Digging deep in my files looking for something else, I find a week’s work from 2014. Daily flower arrangements from the land on a semi-arid mesa in New Mexico 20+ miles outside of Santa Fe. Someone made the comment, There is only brown and green and rocks and briars here. My eyebrows went up as I, Hold on. I’ll be back in 30 minutes to an hour. Please take…. hmmm, THAT vertical glass vase, and fill it up to half-ish with water. And, hiking boots zipped back up, I went out on the 50 acres, through the flats, down into the 2 Arroyos, up the steeps 600 feet or so higher, as I eyeball, discern, pick, compose, surrender to goallessness simply enjoying the walk with purpose.

45 minutes to an hour later I walk back up off the land onto the deck and to the back door with my ingredients behind my back. I poke my head in the door. Where’s the vase? They point to it. Ok, all y’all out the front door. Scat. I’ll call you back in in a few. As I park my bounty on the butcher block Kitchen island, I feel a cascade of ablution tingles wash through me. Nice way to start art I’d say. I proceed to pick and push and snip and place and smile and NAH NO WAY interrogating tensions and relish and cherish this assemblage moment. Then, my head bounces back just like when I finish a painting. It’s a moment easily missed, and I you miss it, all you say later after you effed it up is, Ahhh, you had to touch it, didn’t you. Just haddddd to touch it.

A heart in love with beauty never grows old.

~ Turkish Proverb

But, That Day, At That TIme

But, that Day, at that time, I listened, felt the visceral CLICK like the last tumbler of a safe as it makes the invitation to welcome sound… click. I step back. I turn it around. It doesn’t have a Janus-face front and back. Doesn’t have a good side. Works in all 360 degrees, simply has a different gesture, different identity, different tenor of perspective in the chords the bouquet strikes to resonate. And, I place it off center on the dining table, say, Yup, the center is not necessarily in the middle. The center is simply where you place your energy in focus.

A Little Loki-Impish Happy

Laughing, a little Loki-impish happy, I walk over and knock on the front door from the inside. Anyone home out there? They open the door a little quizzled. Why are you knocking from the inside. Anyone home out here? What are you up to? Cupped hands raised up, Oh. I thought you guys might want to be liberated from your freedom out there on the front porch. Come on in from that home to this one and follow your wonderment. See what you find on your own.

Empathic Silences

One back-side-step over, I held the door open as one by one, we all experienced one of these together. Now, I honestly cannot remember which was the 1st. It was a week of circles that found themselves alive, those tidy points in sync where the rooster tail of the Architect’s compass lead swings around to Ouroburos tail-bite lap over its start point with a seamless segue in the fluid fluency of a caterpillar of an arc as it transforms into its unsquared circle butterfly identity re-incarnated as more infinite beauty in potentiality accessible only by action and silences, Empathic Silences.

This was the day

This was the day I discovered wild bean flowers that grew along the banks of the Arroyos. I had not seen them before. Maybe like O’keefe would say of my beans discovery, You look, though do you see? That day I did. Their seeds, several stuck between rocks that had not re-touched the earth at the ground, dark and hard and shiny purple-black. Their flowers, whites and pinks and deeper fucsha’d pinks all from the same tribe, each one’s petal gesture receptive like the cup of a hand.

From : To : ~ : To : From

From hard to soft. From dark to light, and from all places within and around and in between, the 4th-character voice of the A U M, the 4th character Empathic Silences of all the spaces within and between and all around. The spaces between the notes, the Psychic Synapses of seamless segues in the fluid fluency of heartfelt connection and laughter that day were open. I now have an experiential awareness of the origin of the magic beans story, another in the community that sing clear the guts of the process where dark lead transforms through action into Psychic Gold, a place where glasses are never half full or half empty. Everyone’s is refillable. Everyone refills to the brim so they can spill a little beauty here and there.

Beauty is the spill you don’t have to clean up.

How can you spill a little beauty today?

Laughter is the shortest distance between people.

~ Victor Borge

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Tarot ~ Ostara ~ The Day of the Balanced Dance


Enjoy your Tarot BlogHop for Ostara.

You can hop back to Bonnie Fernandes’ blog or forward to Chloe for TABI’s blog.

Enjoy Your Ostara and every moment equal across the day!  Heck, maybe even allow Moira and your internal sense of time to play in through the spaces between your notes to help you select YOUR natural sense of timing today.

Hi!  Jordan Hoggard here.  A fun and sacred Ostara to You!  Join me along this segment of the Tarot BlogHop as I celebrate resurrection and rebirth in my way…as the one, Trinity Soul heartbeat making the Us in healthy relationships.  So, let’s get to danicin’ shall we?!!

The Day of the Balanced Dance

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
~ Rumi
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to blossom.
~ Anais Nin
Nature’s Dance Hall.  Archetypally perennial resurrection holding space for movement.
Queen of Pentacles
The Event Coordinator master gardening the scene.  A worldly Empress,
Higher octave Queen of Pentacles.  A Yoniverse carrying things to full term.
9 of Pentacles
The partnering of the dance of an equal day and night day = more clarity for the nuance of cleanly and purely being fully present and conscious and aware to take care with how you reveal and unfold your purity in the present in your life… best expressed by how you dance?   The number 9 expresses a sacred partnership within itself, a divine and continual unfolding AS both its dna AND its mode of being… one and the same.  9 dynamically and simply steps up to the plate fully present and heartfelt as it expresses itself with its internal dance partners:
The double-colon between the numbers ”  ::  ”  =’ing inner partners sacredly embraced naturally, and
09 09 18 27 36 45 :: 54 63 72 81 90
Notice how the partners express one another though are each their own as they dance together…
they do not mirror or project… they flow together like kelp and the ocean…
bring into being one Trinity Soul like the Trinity Soul Seat for the Mind of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers…
09 18 27 36 45
90 81 72 63 54
Always ask the mind to take a seat.  The heart and soul are healthier leaders.
The interstice, the space between and within the dancers.  still in Silence, the full inner activity of the Om 4 charactered voice of the Univers A U M (Silence all around and as the space between the sounds / notes)
The Devil
Sacred Masculine God ~ Goddess as the DJ.  Beyond the canned notions of addiction and inhibition for the Devil there is a field, a place of purity supporting life fully engaging the higher octaves of earthly desires. To live fully in love and in love with one’s betrothed is no chain, no ball and chain.  To live fully in love and in love with one’s betrothed enhances each other’s freedom as they pulse together into being the single heartbeat of the love-warmed Trinity Soul. Each couples’ Us that is entirely their own… and not subject to the notions of others.
So, in the liminal twilight space of Ostara in the dawn between equidistant Janus-to-and-from the dusk both between the night and the day each… while you decide how the above cascades in to resonate or be tossed… for Ostara… feel into this next mini-series of lines…
Reasons are unreasonable in love
Love is a socially acceptable insanity. (author = Amy. I don;t know who that is though I like it immensely)
Lovers love what they love, together… regardless…
Nature doesn’t have to convince me when it’s raining,
and fully the same as Nature,
my love, my dearest love does not have to convince me of her love…
her love as present as the rain,
as fully supportive as the ocean…

Twilight,the magical space of dusk and dawn, the magical spaces between night and day, between day and night.  Twilight dawn, twilight dusk, each day the magical twilight twice.

So, here is a gift of a poem for your Balanced Ostara Dance…

Our Us Is Our Prayer

There comes one
who I know like wind
like rain upon the ocean.
And, as wintertime comes,
and our memories freeze together,
together may we sleep and dream.
So, that come the springtime
as we embrace with open eyes,
may we melt
back together
in warm embrace…
in the Trinity Soul heartbeat
that is Us
in each others’ arms

So, put your mind away today.

Today, on Ostara, lead with your heart…

Shall we dance?

[[insert 3 of Cups]]

Enjoy your Tarot BlogHop for Ostara.

You can hop back to Bonnie Fernandes’ blog or forward to Chloe for TABI’s blog.

Enjoy Your Ostara and every moment equal across the day!  Heck, maybe even allow Moira and your internal sense of time to play in through the spaces between your notes to help you select YOUR natural sense of timing today.


(C) 2014 Jordan Hoggard

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No Negative Thinking? Oh Cummon. PuhhLEEZ. ;-)

No Negative Thinking? Oh Cummon. PuhhLEEZ. ;-)

And, yes I DO capitalize my prepositions and articles in title. Call it the Jordan Hoggard Style Manual. I don’t live in Chicago.  So, . . . when dangling, watch your participles.

Rather Than Worrying

Rather than worrying about changing your negative thinking, look for your workablity and chaff off the rest without a thought. Find the wheat of your situations, and knead some dough, bake some healthy bread experiences.

Psychic Synapse present as the mode of being of the brain? Oh,

that wonderfully magical twilight dusk-n-dawn bridge of the space between where a comfortability with the not knowing, even for a shooting star of the jump moment, refreshingly bridges each moment into the next. Heck, go step by step like IV The Emperor, and you realign the pace and direction of the whole system in a single step. Trains don’t turn on a dime, though IV The Emperor is not a train is he, huh? Step tap TURN bayBEE! Why? ‘Cause that Emperor’s horse lying down and turning into a tree while taking him inside like a horsey submarine plane thingee is COOL! Scenic overlook not in a mile, it’s HERE! Turn!  Oh darn! What’s this? This isn’t about the title of this blog. LOL

No Negative Thinking?

Oh cummon trying to stop the weather washing through. Cummon always bannering “No negative thinking.” Like you can stop the weather. It’s not that it’s not good, or that it is bad. Never fear, there is always psychic weather and things and triggers and this and that that are beyond any control anyone has that will wash that Psychic Gray right back INto your hair. Can you learn to raise a single eyebrow and not be upset? . . . as the weather . . . washes through. It always washes through. It’s like living in Psychic Traffic.  Sometimes dodging and weaving is advisable. And, the occasional DUCK!  When synchonicity starts to become more the norm, though, not wasting the problem can begin to make you Psychicly Responsible?

Personally, I Look For Workability

Personally, I simply look for workability.  Regardless, I look for workability.  And, by “looking for” that may simply mean I begin to resonate with something, even a tiny facet . . . which if microscope-telescoped . . . there is a whole world in that facet. If there’s none, I let the weather wash through. My view on workability is similar to my technique of Essencing A Tarot Card. Take XVI The Tower for instance. Strike the power-adjectives of good and bad from your Reading at first, and rather than, “DAYum, not THAT card!,” XVI The Tower can simply become “world altering.” That’s not good or bad, and it could essence-resonate with you as some other thing than “world altering.” All similar, each unique ya know?

Once The Drip-Dropped Food Coloring . . . recycles, is trashed, or influences

Once the drip-dropped food coloring drop of world altering (or, insert your essenced essence of the card . . . which may cycle through various essences in different readings) cascades throughout your already-personalized Psychic Water . . . and yes, that “already-personalized Psychic Water” may full well indicate that searching for truth is a timesink of a philosophical narcissism kind of distraction.

Finding Waldo

Finding Waldo is about as far as one need stretch to realize that effectiveness and creativity may in fact reside in the muscles, in each cell, and that by working in a discipline of a ritual, or simply regularly, amazing things tend to drop out like you in your process are your own Psych Postperson delivering to your various process-point mailboxes.  Ok, to finish the 1st sentence of this paragraph: Once the drip-dropped food coloring drop of world altering cascades throughout your already-personalized Psychic Water . . . dare I say, cascades through . . . drum roll . . . YOU . . . How are you influenced? Or, are you even influenced at all? Can you only recycle the #1 and #2 Psychic HDPE’s? What’s trash or illusion? What’s treasure?

Oh, THERE He Is!

One person’s illusion can certainly be another’s magic carpet.
Have a day!  And, make it great if you want to cascade that through your essence.

Rolling My Eyes At As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below?  My rumpus!  Knock over your microscope and telescope crutches and simply shift focus and redirect scale from your Inner-State Highways. Friggin SEE how YOU were rockin’ly born to see. Do something about it. The world wants to hear. Well, at least I do!  Why am I rolling my eyes at “As Above, So Below”? ‘Cause is bush league dualism, a strangely deceptive way (to many) to describe the multiplicity of states of a single thing.  I’d rather say “antinomy” with its integrated opposites that make syzigy look like a 2 of Pents tennis ball in a rally in one tennis match.

Oh, that means As Above, So Below isn’t bs, huh? I feel there is an educated symmetry going on, though, rather than being synonyms. What is educated symmetry? Educated symmetry is something I coined years back in architecture to express the relationship of two non-identical things placed in an exact mirror of a position to one another across an axis. Now I’m thinking it makes a great datum-diagram to spin off of for interpersonal relationships. Oh, I included that here . . . ’cause it’s not negative. Non sequiturs make the world go ’round.

What cards come to mind for you, here?

Rather Than Worrying

Rather than worrying about changing your negative thinking, look for your workablity and chaff off the rest without a thought. Find the wheat of your situations, and knead some dough, bake some healthy bread experiences.

I wonder

I wonder how I will further develop this area of thought over time.

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Tarot. Lammas. Pentacles. A Magnetic Fruit


to this Tarothoppin’ segment from Tarot by Arwen’s blog along your Lammas TarotBlogHop dance of Pentacles: The Fruits of Harvest.

And, thinking about Pentacles and the fruits of harvest . . . a magnetic fruit came to me . . .

A Solid Big Fruit

As I sit here in my desert Oasis in New Mexico, USA thinking about Lammas and harvest, the fruits of harvest, Pentacles, Pentacles: The Fruits of the Harvest, I forget my oasis on my deck above my courtyard where I am shaded under my apple tree. . .
Yes, the tree is heavy with fruit, as is the pear tree near,
yet another idea wants to come through, a different kind of clear idea,
a different Pentacle, a differerent kind of fruits of the harvest . . .
and my mind wanders off into the imagined desert outside the city-oasis, as the apple tree shades me,
and I look up at all the apples.

I imagine

that the desert may be the ultimate reaper, always reaping, though I also imagine a field of harvesters harvesting in the bean fields that used to be right here, and a feast afterwards, and that is when I felt it, a different fruit of the harvest, a magnetic one!
This fruit danced its way into being as the heart of a solid idea, solidly birthing its qualities, and moreso renewing an awareness, a primary awareness of thanks for the harvest . . . and of something larger.

You see,

a whole apple tree of potentiality lives in the apple seed. In a field of barley the ancient Egyptians felt living sustenance, which by the way feeds in to their hieroglyph for “Fabric”.  The “fabric” hieroglyph is 4 pairs of barley stalks, 4 pairs of barley stalks leaning together in pairs all on common ground. . .like the 4-pillared golden symbol below this Knight . . .

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

And, therein is the solidly magnetic idea that renews my awareness, that draws me in another direction of fruit harvested.  The magical twilight of the space between each of us that bring any two or more of us into relationship . . . is MAGNETIZED BY THE HARVEST to bring together and enhance and strengthen the magnetic and solid fruits of the harvest that are us in . . . COMMUNITY!!!


is solidly magnetized by the harvest to be present and visible, resonating fully during the harvest.  Like the visual story of meaning living in any hieroglyph like the whole apple tree present in the inner infinity of potentiality of the seed . . . Like the visual story of meaning living in the hieroglyph for “fabric” is magnetized by the harvest to gather together community . . . Communities are Pentacles-level solid fruits magnetized together by the harvest.
A community and the harvest inner-outer mirror one another.  Inner-outer mirroring?  Inner-outer mirroring and the always ripe number 9, and 9 of Pentacles come to mind for a coming harvest feast’s sweet dessert.
So, as you hop through fruits of the harvest with Pentacles in mind, enjoy this video about literal inner-outer mirroring with the 9 of Pentacles.
Enjoy the solid magnet-mirror living within the 9 of Pentacles.  Best to it folding over into the solid fruits of your harvest in your community of self, with others, with Nature!

Hop back by any time you have a Tarot appetite and want an impromptu feast.  TarotBlogHop along next to Joanna Ong’s TarotBlogHop blog!
Here is a Master List link in case you encounter a broken link along your TarotBlogHop.  Click it if you find a broken link, and you will be able to hop right back on the TarotBlogHop track and keep going.

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard




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Tarot~Ostara~The TarOstara Twilight Bridge

Welcome TarotBlogHoppers from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd’s Tarotize site! 

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “Ostara: Painting the journey with new life.”

Tarot ~ Ostara: The TarOstara Twilight Bridge

Paint Your Journey With New Life

Chill here a little, and experience . . . Tarot and Ostara AS The TarOstara Twilight Bridge.

Twilight, the magical space of dusk and dawn, the magical spaces between night and day, between day and night.  Twilight dawn, twilight dusk, each day the magical twilight twice.

Yet on one day each year, on the TarOstara Twilight Bridge, there is magical twilight thrice. Dawn and Dusk, and the Psychic Synapse in between.  On Ostara visualize Ostara itself as a whole day of a Big Twilight Dawn as Winter’s night wakes from sleep into this Spring day. Visualize a dream still real and pulsing, morning-stretching, orbiting into memory. Visualize the awake-dream of Spring, longer daylight no longer a dream-time rumination, as a day is born partnered in a common communion dance with one night. Neither leads, neither follows. They are equal, night outstretching its arms of dreams as perennial noses poke-paint into the receptive hands of the day.

On Ostara from winter dream, from night-time intuition, Spring wakes across the magical twilight thrice across the TarOstara Twilight Bridge. Was winter a dream? Spring a present in night’s dream come true?

Just on the other side of this Ostara bridge of a single day, just on the other side of this Ostara place between, where the Twin Stars of the day and night dance-partners pause, pause leading, pause following to breathe across this bridge . . . they dance across the Psychic Synapse as the life-breath of this bridge where day and night are in balance, each a bridge support.

Day and Night Paint

Paint in the day and night as equal times, presently prescient remembrances equal in span.

Paint in the day and night as equal times, presciently present remembrances equal in span.

Breathe as you cross this annual bridge-time, the place of Nature’s Psychic Synapse.  Breathe across the magical TarOstara Twilight Bridge, as only today on Ostara does this bridge appear.  This magical TarOstara Twilight Bridge has quite a welcoming crew for you. As Winter stirs its depthful sleep to paint perennial Spring, to paint in the magical twilight dusk toward night, the magical twilight dawn toward day . . . turn and dance-paint with magical twilight all day on Ostara as you journey, as you magically move across the time of the TarOstara Twilight Bridge.

Noses Poke Up

Noses poke up in the garden canvas of Mama Gaia. They paint strokes as they subtly crown through their earth, as they, too, cross the time of the TarOstara Twilight Bridge. Flower noses paint a garden one by one as they cascade forward past to paint the life-journey with new life straight from Mama Gaia’s Garden.

~ Move from meditating the focus in your night to contemplating it in the day. Take a few aspirating breaths to shine some light on your focus.

Just near the middle of this day’s journey, we can realize the TarOstara Twilight Bridge is a drawbridge of sorts, a drawbridge seen always open in the middle when down, and only appears one day each year.  It has this place in the middle much like the neural Fool-step of a synapse, much like our own, inner space-between synapses that bid greeting one living nerve to another, painting the journey with new life, one . . . little . . . magical . . .neural . . .twilight bridge at a time.

Nature’s 10th House?

Maybe this bridge is like Nature’s astrological 10th House public face.  Populating its welcoming crew . . . note that Neptune supports the depth of the night side on the left. And, in its own unique place 1 degree away all the way across, Mercury encompasses all very mercurially to bring the day forth agile in both mood and motion. There are also signs that look like cards.  Well, they ARE cards.  The High Priestess stands at the door from night looking IN to you as center.  The Hierophant sits IN the center at the door to day looking OUT to send you forth. Feeling-sense listen closely as you cascade through these cards. Feelingsense hear their harmonizing voice as they sing together across the Psychic Synapse, the place between.  Do they sing, “Nature is Psychic” across this synapse?  The High Priestess embrace-forms Neptune to herald the faraway night-sky sun of The Star.  The Hierophant is further braced to move forward with The Sun playfully peeking through Mercury.  And, the signposts in the middle, like French Surrealist aphorism signposts all dressed up but with no supports . . . this is the magical suspension of the space between of the Psychic Synapse.

The TarOstara Twilight Bridge and Psychic Synapse  (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

The TarOstara Twilight Bridge and Psychic Synapse
(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

The Psychic Synapse

First, we see the small one, the shooting star of inception that is The Magician.  Then, unfocusing to share Self with the Universe, the larger, The Lovers.  And, THEN what is so big and SO there we can’t see it comes into focus. The Moon!  Seeing a New Moon Full?  That’s ridiculous!  Well, not here it isn’t.  It’s a bit of the Psychic Synapse magic at work.  Across this magical TarOstara Twilight Bridge we can shine forward with one another painting our journey with new life.  Neptune stands with The Star deep in the night sky silences.  Mercury stands with The Sun brightly peeking through it to illuminate and communicate the coming longer light scenes.  And, the Psychic Synapse begs one to Fool-look up . . .  to Fool-look up and magically fire across it like the living impulse nerve to nerve to feel what is so big and so there you can’t see it. . . until you do of course.  It is The MOON so big and so there all the time, New OR Full.  And, here is Ostara!  Here is the TarOstara Twilight Bridge!  Meditate the night body of the moon with no light of its own, a dark body in the night of space, as it fully reflects the sun’s light.  Does a Full Moon present our sun a reference to a night-sky Twin Star sibling in the image of The Star?  Something magical about that thought today on this Ostara Day of the Psychic Synapse between the length of the night and the day.  I’ll simply enjoy my hmmmmmm on the TarOstara Twilight Bridge and leave it at that.  What magical thoughts Psychic Synapse to you today?

So, in closing . . .

All similar, each unique.

Day and night are equal today, and still day and night, similar and unique . . . And today, we can magically journey over the Psychic Synapse of the TarOstara Twilight Bridge.

May we perennially poke-paint our noses on the canvas of Mama Gaia’s Garden.

Today, may we each be balanced pairs always whole and complete, always never finished painting our journey with new life.

Happy TarOstara Psychic Synapsing!,  Jordan

Best to you painting new life into your journey as you explore the Ostara series of TarotBlogHops!  Click here to Psychic Synapse POOF yourself right to the next TarotBlogHop stop at  Zanna Star’s Tarot Notes Major and Minor blog.




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