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What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

From my Astro perspective eclipses are Faded Events. What are Faded Events? There is somewhat of a strobe light quality where time feels to speed up, though nothing, or very little, is missed in the interstice, those little voids of the spaces between. Interestingly, time feels to speed up in Faded Events, though in actuality I see it as slowing down. Slowing down to sync with the everything of what is happening such that one actually experiences the synapses, too, the space between the notes. And, I see the interstice, the space between the notes, or better the Psychic Synapse as 50% of each neural act. The neuron loads, fires leap-of-faith-style across the synapse. The unseen in the void is 50% of the heart of the matter, and may very well BE the heart of the matter. Then, the neural leap lands on the next neuron, and a connection is made. Then, the unseen heart of the matter from the Unconscious, from the synapse AS the heart of the matter is one-third of the whole deal.

Back to the Eclipse

Back to the Eclipse. With the Eclipse conjunct Uranus in Taurus the status quo opens up, may even tectonically explode with Uranus being the Shaker-Upper. The gloves may be on, though the mask or persona is off. The natural Nature, whatever it is, emerges. Period. You may be surprised. Maybe even terrified at the newness, may even feel blind-sided by it. Though, almost for certain, you will birth something new within that has a Must Urge to be brought into your external reality.

There are lots of butterfly-emerging-from-the-chrysalis indications. Lots of birth metaphors are present in the Eclipse in Taurus. The High Priestess, herself the temple AND that which is within the temple, may be a wondrous ally. Think and feel Pallas~Athena, aka Minerva nestling into your life under Astraea. They are the ultimate strategists. They tend to make Mars’ warring tendencies look like he is playing Tiddly Winks or checkers to their 3-level chess. Use this to make your actions more robust. Use this to discern value by making sure that whatever the heart of the matter is for you is rolled in as the driver for the actions you choose to take, or that occur to you. Being present and unthreatened without explanation are keys here.

Humpty Dumpty comes to mind. And, what will you do with what emerges after any given fall? And, more importantly, how will you facilitate the birth, the post-fall discovery? Humpy Dumpty fell from the wall, though isn’t that where the story really begins? What happens afterwards? What do you make happen? And/or, what simply happens?

Take Care with Uranus Present in the Mix

Take care with creative births in your life today and tomorrow and through the coming week. Odds are, they will stick around to be drivers in the next several years of your life and work. If you work with them like a gardener adjusts the walking path for special, new sprouts from naturalized perennials, you may very well reap wonders in your life in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

There is a naturalized perennial quality to this Uranian Eclipse in Taurus.

Back to the Births of the Eclipse

~ Do you see the head of your creation crowning? Excellent! Proceed. Don’t waste trouble, and complete the newnesses into being.

~ Is the placenta wrapped around the neck of your new birth? Well, take care to untangle that thing with zeal and haste, though sync with just the right speed as you do. Play well in the sandbox with Uranus to induce the Water Bearer Magician of Aquarius. Nod in your magic as you literally pull the water out of thin air. Literally, be The Magician who pulls water out of thin air. Aquarius is the Water Bearer, though astrologically, it is an Air sign. Dial into the Both~And of that Aquarius quality with Air and Water. Nourish both the breath of life and water of life. Also, take care not to get overwhelmed by FICP. Functionally-Interrelated-Component-Part. There is complexity present. Though, navigate as you mind all the parts as they are interdependent. A change in one will affect a change in another. I suggest to take a nod to this thought: when you move, when you act, inside or out, be aware that when you shift focus you might also change scale. Roll with that.

~ Is your birth breach? Well, stay in there. It’s not birthed until it’s birthed. And, it’s most likely important to complete the birth process. Allow expectations to unfold and reconfigure your priorities. Stay in there and work to bring this new birth into life. The Operating Room may be messy, though your creative birth may thank you both soon and also long from now.

So, What’s Going to Happen with the Eclipse?

With the Eclipse, all in all be your own OB-GYN for your creativity, for your life. And/or be your own Birth Doula to stay in there and assure your births nourish Your Life, Your Way. Respect new ways to develop your growth as newly influenced by what comes into being. You may not know what it is until it’s born. Can you simply, with the Uranian concept of reasons being unreasonable, birth whatever is, and then nurture it into its own robust Nature to inform you differently?

Here’s a Double-Image, Visual Eclipse Story

Here are two images I find resonant with this Eclipse and being comfortable with the beautiful Uranian not-knowing. How do these two visual stories play along in the truth of your birth(s) beyond expectation(s)? How can you incorporate the space between the notes and synapses?

Uranus Breaking Through, Robustly Hatching, from Under Saturn’s Throne,

The Volcano Teaches About This Eclipse

The Volcano.

Its head in the clouds,

continually making new lands when it does,

its feet firmly planted in the abyss.

(paraphrased from The Life of Fire documentary [seen on Amazon Prime rather than PBS])

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

Solar System & DNA

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(C) 2022 Jordan Hoggard

(C) 2022 The Architecture of Well Being

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Inner Insight Glimpsing Into Eternal Insight: The Full Central Lunar Eclipse

How much more can you close your eyes to experience VISION?  What of when the night sky closes its eyes to the moon in a full central lunar eclipse?

How exciting!  Well, I think.  We are in for the 1st of 2 total lunar eclipses on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.  The second will occur on December 10th. The moon will be in Sagittarius on June 15th, and the earth is projected to cast its shadow on the moon making the full lunar eclipse last for some 100 minutes.  It is also an extremely rare central eclipse where the moon will pass through the centerline of the earth’s shadow.  The next central lunar eclipse will be on July 27, 2018. (ref. Wikipedia link)

I say, “I think”, as I feel there is merit in Bonnie Cehovet’s statement that, “. . . but that has to be disruptive in some way.”  From my perspective, and I have heard many conflicting ideas on eclipses as of late from my astrology buddies, lunar and solar, yet with this one being a rare central eclipse, I felt them reaching somehow in statements that sounded all too reasonable, and too. . .too, “that makes too much sense to believe.”  The statement, “reasons are often unreasonable” came to mind, and I smiled feeling a lot more comfortable eclipsing all that chatter and feeling into it myself, divining it.

So, why not work that out right here in a blog in one take kinda thing?  That’s how I do most things anyway, them not taking an hour or two, but more so taking my whole life up to that point with a “let ‘er rip n build something” where the meaning occurs in the act, with the meaning AS the act.  Heck, I don’t really know if I layered that wisdom into the stories told in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum or if building it, Mystereum taught me.  I can say that mastery, one way or the other, led to discovery.  Maybe no matter if I AM Marco Polo’s hull after a voyage, or the starry-eyed-in-anticipation person standing on the dock as the hull reveals and unfolds it treasures at my feet.  Maybe both. Maybe neither.  Certainly not nether.

Let’s start with 4 features: the 4 big ole archetypal Tarot ideas for the eclipse of The Sun, The Moon, and Temperance — as the moon will be in Saggie, and Temperance is ruled by Sag.  The Sun and the Moon are kinda necessary for this lunar eclipse gig to happen. They intermix in this central lunar eclipse as an alchemical rue due to a more mundane gig, though. . .Earth.  Respecting that, it feels to be fitting to bring in another, The Empress as Momma Gaia to represent earth.  Then another, The World, as the universe of an alchemist’s crucible wherein all 4 intermix.  So, that’s 5. The Sun.  The Moon.  Temperance.  The Empress.  The World.  Before this gets ad infinitum out of hand, before the roller coaster dynamic of a multi-layer chess tennis match between them all unfolds on Wednesday, and I ask you to smile and fasten your seat belts. . . it seems prudent, WOW I actually used that word for once. . .It seems prudent to pose a centerline or nucleus of some questions first.  Pose them not for what we will see, but for more expansive focus toward further opening up vision.  Vision, the kind where you don’t say, “the sky’s the limit,” as that is limiting.  Simply look up.  Point to it.  It’s right there.  The sky is then equivalent to sight, what we see or want to see.  Thinking bigger than that, that seems to be what I am calling vision here.  Seeing the powerful limit beyond the sky that is given by vision.  Maybe the questions coming up are my own boxes of the blind-spots of expectation, of sight rather than vision.  That’ll have to be up to you.

So. . . . . . .

How much more unconscious and depthfully intuitive can we be made as we simply gaze right out at the not-there-in-the-sky-hiding-in-plain-sight central lunar eclipse moon?  Do we see further in when looking at, into, its darkness in the darkness of the night?

Maybe the experience is like a natal astro chart of someone I know with Neptune and Mercury 4 degrees from one another in Scorpio?  Basically, someone being born with a foot on both sides, where even taking a walk takes that person multiple places at once where those places are all mostly always integrated together in a single experience that seems normal to them?  Hmmmm. . .  Someone who sees psychic contents as easily as looking at art in a museum?  A place where the autonomic, everyday devotion of breath is the prayer, the ongoing meditation?    Seat belts, please. 😀   Here we go. . . .

Hmmm. . .dark in dark.  Is this an anomaly of an antinomy, the totality of inner opposites. . .yet an antinomy of a totality of inner sameness, the moon and our intuition going into the dark of our own earthly shadow?  Pictures!  How?  What’s there to see with vision?  I have another question also coming to mind that I should preface before I blotto-transcend it.  With the yin-yang symbol, the black spot being more than a beauty mark in the white field, is the spot really a psychic wormhole?  A psychic wormhole where you go so far into the light as to become dark, and wormhole through the spot POOF to the dark field. . .and then the other way you go so far into the dark that POOF you come to the light dot bright-spot and POOF you wormhole again to. . . . I rather like that activation of the symbol.  But, enough of the question-preface of that scenario as it seems small now.  I sense a larger question:

What happens when the dark goes into the dark?

Does intuition get deeper, where the Moon, the bright eye of intuition in the night sky. . .goes dark?  Deeper intuition?  A huge sense of a loss of bearing?  Vast expansiveness afloat in total clarity in total darkness, a Hanged Man moment you cannot see?  Do you experience glimpses of eternity from your known depths of the realms of your creativity and imagination and experience?  Total dissolution of self, or is it more not an annihilation of self but more fully a self-realization of the far reaches of one’s infinite inner divinity plunging further into the night so to speak?

The Penumbra Missing That Is A New Experience.  Alternate title?  No, I think I have said what I want to about the coming eclipse. . .there’s a title of a poem rattling around in that alternate title. . .the now-subject of this blog dedicated to the full lunar eclipse on Wednesday.  I’ll run that, too, since I am warmed up.   If you cannot see the eclipse in your area, maybe so much the better.  Look at the moon and close your eyes with your own Momma-Gaia earth-shadow eyelids.  Fully eclipse the moon yourself passing dark into dark, a void between stars, an odd, “hmmm, of a dark spot the size of the moon.”  It may be a blank darkness in the night.  It may be another imaginative wormhole to take you places and dissolve false connections.  Again, that’s for you to decide and/or feel / experience.  I will be curious what the core resonance of dark passing into dark is for everyone.  Until then, I better write that poem while IT seems to still be warm. . .

The Missing Penumbral Light. A New Experience

Shadow shadow in the night,

I do not see you though I dance without fright.

Stop rhyming you say,

and I say,


Your Pallas-Athena gift that formed and set up in my mind

between Uranus the Shaker-Upper

and Pluto The Transformer

seems a gift that extends a gift,

extending the gift of the dark passing into the dark,

further into night,

night passing back a different glimpse of eternity from its own deeper night,

eternity’s own shadowed moon seen not-there.

Your gift.

Your Pallas-Athena gift saturates an old dusty idea in my mind.

The Sophia Principle if I remember correctly,

where may I be lucid enough to sense my shadow,

but smart enough to dance with it,

and now, smarter falls away to more. . .

Acceptant and receiving

I will dance

in the dark

with my shadow,

with and IN my earthly shadow

in Gaia-cast night-level shadow,


Gaia cast up to right not-there the moon,

now right not-there in the night sky,

where my symbols of intuition and depth disappear into experience,

where on this night

dark passes into dark.

Where on this night an infinite dark passes into my night.

What happens inside when the dark goes into the dark outside?

What happens when the dark goes into the dark?

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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