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09 Jun

The Hierophant

Yessssssss, the Hierophant on a bad day is often considered to be the stubborn, unbending Traditionalist. Though, I don’t feel him/her that way. Those people aren’t Hierophants. They are patriarchal and afraid and confused with an inner fabric of unresolved Trauma issues where they are consequently dyslexically obsequious sycophants, regardless of gender — binary, mixed, or otherwise. Maybe even Solipsistic Transcendentalists. Though, I’ll belay the last for another day.

I’ll play my naive card for a second to back up on my previous statement and not be so mean as the song goes. I feel everyone is good at something. Everyone. And, those people? Yes, they are good at something, too, and deserve my support for their goodness. So, I support their goodness. They are certainly good at something. They are really good at being dicks.

You See

I feel that it’s important to be genuinely comfortable and confident with one’s intensities. The natural ones. The ones developed over a lifetime. They’re attuned because they are integrated, they are ablution as they in their highest form come from total immersion over time.

In the animal kingdom, preying on the old and the weak and the young = breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. When people do that? It’s without question weak and mean and cruel.

Have we seen that recently in the literal and weak bully pulpit of recent sex crimes exposed in the religious (uh hem… alleged Hierophantic) community?

And, with racism. Lewis Hamilton, who is fast approaching being one of the most accomplished F1 drivers in history, put it well when asked if he felt racism was getting worse. ’No, Will Smith expressed it best. Racism isn;t getting worse. Now, it’s simply being filmed.

Did you notice? I mentioned nothing about Lewis’ race? Why would I? Yes, he’s black. Dafuq a bunch o’ that. He’s simply one of THE greats in F1… EVER! ‘Nuff said. Why in the hell would that even need that adjective portion to expressing him? Have you seen him drive?! Ayrton Senna is Most likely up there in Heaven for the weather and in Hell for the company BEAMING with the likes of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde and Carl Jung And Julia Morgan cheering Hamilton on… I gather.

I hear they’re serving red today. Carmenere and Malbec…

Maybe some Priorat, too. Quite an international crowd.

And, George Floyd? That was a modern day lynching. Un… Un-dafuqin-acceptable! Period. Something must be done. What are we going to do with all this future we have With things like this… NOW!

Who’s Julia Morgan? Well, let’s just say she expressed, when asked why she wasn’t as famously quotable as often as Frank Lloyd Wright, her contemporary… Because I have too much work to do, and he needs the work. That’s him running out (of work) and marketing when he’s broke. Ever heard of Casa Grande, the William Randolph Hearst mansion? Yes, she was the Architect. Julia out-enamors me more than FLW.


Got to the Primary Point of This Blog

The Hierophant Is Instead

I feel the Hierophant to be made of the spiritual crown that sits on the Inner Throne of heartfelt perspectives born of integrated experience. Otherwise, known as wise, or The Sophia Principle.

The Hierophant is a Song That opens you up to be inspired by how they intensely and almost instantly untangle you from your own inner briar patches. We all have them, I have them.

We certainly cannot hire that man. Not a chance.

Why Mr. Churchill?

Because he said he has no vices. Either, he’s a liar in denial, or he really is THAT boring. Either way that’s a bust. ~ Winston Churchill

quote… please kneel to the Google Oracle and search. You might find some other gems.. 🙂

The Hierophant is/are… Songs of Experience.

I Feel

I used to be an Architect, maybe I still am. I simply build differently now that I found myself. And yes, May 5th, 2008 put a cannonball through my stomach to hardscrabble scratch and claw until in 2014 when I closed my own firm after 12 years… well… kinda.

I stood up and said, Enough! The snake his skin shedded, the snake his skin not missed… like chaff, from the wheat, in the wind. I wisened. I turned. I shed. I am thankful for the moment I did. Restart? Already did. Differently. Questions are important. Ask me again on that tomorrow so to speak.

And, Here’s the Real F1 Drive of This Post

Sanctuary Questions I

I feel there are sanctuaries built in great questions, sacred places of inner reverence that are not egomaniacal, that provide the opportunity for the ablution of immersion. And, I feel that helps self-center Self where you can HEAR your own voice and resonance and personal and resonant chords WHEN they are struck. Sometimes, even wise in time IN the moment.

Sanctuary Questions II

Questions, like two of my own…

Are you strong enough and comfortable enough in your intensities to be comfortably gentle? You know, like a tiger with a tiger? Effin comfy, and MAJESTIC Presence As Architecture there.

What sacred cornerstone in your life do you brace against?

I Would Like to Thank

I Would like to thank Laleh Chini for this next question That INSPIRED this post In the first place. Such a rockin’ question!

This Question on…

Laleh Chini’s Site

The Call of the Question Is

What is better than everything?

My Response Was…

I feel the fluid fluency of ImaginAction is more than everything, actionable imagination in ImaginAction as it takes death as the mother of memory to flow in and nourish future dreams in the Soul Garden of the perpetual present.

You see, I literally lost my creativity, and my imagination shortly followed suit 4 years ago. Both desiccated, died on the vine to slip back into some infinitely far place inside. It’s intense 3-year long trauma that did that. It’s is a common occurrence. PTSD literally scars one over like a psychic burn victim. I came to my senses one day, and left. After I exited the situation, it didn’t sit right with me at all that me, an Architect, Painter, Tarot Reader & Author, Astrologer, Poet, Writer, etc etc was no longer creative, no longer had an imagination or access to it. Problem-solving never left, though in the context of MIA creativity and imagination, that’s just permutations like Tetris, and finite

As I am want to do, I took the long way home so to speak. I discovered Brainspotting therapy, and for 3 years went bi-weekly/monthly. 18 months out from that, now, I’m certainly back, and I consider my creativity and imagination to be even stronger now, as boundaries were also developed so I could inflate to pressurize myself to look just like me.

So, it’s imagination, and ImaginAction to me that is more than everything. Imagination commands my inner and outer infinities with fluid fluency without being vague or nebulous. A bit Neptunian, yes, though not nebulous. 

So, it’s imagination and ImaginAction. They are certainly my “more than everything.”

Sidebar Takeaway to Juice & Amplify That?

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

Death is the mother of memory, nourishes the future in dreams in and through action. Silence and not reacting, is as well an action, a complete sentence in itself.. ~ Jordan Hoggard

Do You Hear

the Call of the Question Laleh Presented?

What Is Better Than Everything?

If You Will…

Indulge Yourself for Just a Moment

For just a moment long enough to feel YOU

in Powerful Witness of Yourself…

What’s Your Response to?…

What is better than everything?

Please comment below and/or on Laleh Chini’s site. Thank You.

Both/And is solid! Please do!


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