Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Funky Friday FreeForAll

21 Sep
Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Funky Friday FreeForAll

After blogging mostly daily for while, I’m all warmed up and ready to go!  It’s time!  I’m ready to shift focus and redirect scale here to turn up the heat, and orchestrate Mystereum’s momentum.  Now is the time to explore Imagin-Action with you in daily blogs.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.  So, look in YOUR mirror.  How close are you?  How close are you to finding your own natural leadership that is present to work with and effectively enliven your own interactions?  Explore the military sandbox of Imagin-Action with these daily blogs.  Sound rigorous?  Sure is!  Sound hard?  Not a chance.  Imagin-Action can enhance the heartbeat and breath of your ideas to effectively play out and build foundation under your dreams.  Imagin-Action can help you make your dreams beyond real.  Imagin-Action can bring your realized dreams into play as natural features in your everyday personal, business, you-name-it course of life.

It’s Friday, so I just pulled 3 cards without a spread. How do they work for you? Pull another to add to the mix.

Each day will bring a different Imagin-Action theme for to you to play with.

Today’s theme is Imagin-Action Freelance Friday.  Fridays are funky, and the cards above are for you to play with, to juggle.  Use them in the exercise that develops below if you want.

So, Fridays are funky.  You want to finish your work week on a high note, right?  You want to cut out early in the afternoon to meet friends and play, yes?  You’d rather be doing what it says you’d rather be doing on your bumper sticker, surely, like ALWAYS?  Sounds like Friday is a day whose all-over-the-map topics are seemingly on leading people to dial in to Presenteeism at work?  Friday feels to be a day custom made for the specialists in the Department of Redundancy Department.  Let’s let their wisdom get this day’s topic on topic so we can be on topic and express things on topic.  So. let’s consult the Department of Redundancy Department about WTH to do with these Fridays we so love and yet even in our enthusiasm seem to become multiple focus days even for some of the most intently focused people.

How’d they do that?!!

As soon as I hit the period at the end of that last sentence, the phone rang.  “This is Jordan,” I answer.  “Yes, Mr. Jordan, this is your Internal Department of Redundancy Department calling.  It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for one How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team?  It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for a single How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team to appear?

WOW!! Quick!  I thought they were lost in frenetic arabesque loops.  WTH?

All I have to do is look at that last paragraph, huh?

  • It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for one How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team?
  • It seems you have put in a Requisition Order for a single How To Make Friday Actionable Consult Team to appear and provide their services?

WOW!  They even changed my 2nd, bullet point entry about them there!  WHOA!  WT Heck is going on here?!

Well, Fridays are pretty simple aren’t they?

Using the example of how I expressed what The Department of Redundancy Department is doing above, figuring out the best course to be actionable and effective is relatively simple.  When you are pulled multiple ways AND want to do them all, STOP!  It’s a lot like the WTH and hootin’ laughter years back when I imitated “Top Gun” with the kids in the car years back.  In my bright yellow car.  It was no speedster, but sunflower-bright-bees-would-fly-in-like-it-was-flower kinda bright it was, and I was feeling the WTHeck can I do.  They wanted me to race the tricked out sportster revving their engine as they had cat-called out the window.  Not rude, simply kids winderfully responding to “OMG THAT CAR MUSTA COST A MILLION!” kinda thing. And, of course I find that dangerous unless on the track.  Too many kiddos-chasing-a-ball-into-the-street variables.  But, it was Friday, and I wanted to play, too.

So, “I’ll race ’em!,” I said

And, here’s where the Friday, how-to-be-actionable-with-lotsa-things-in-the-mix idea comes full circle.  I nodded to the guy like we were gonna lay rubber GO!  Became completely focused through the front windshield at the road ahead and the red light above. Pressed my foot into the brake with the clutch in as I swung my brake-foot heel over to rev rev rev rev . . . and LOL glanced at my rearview mirror when the kids were all stirred up and wouldn’t notice in the background, and noticed a cop car two cars back behind me . . . tried to hold back my smile, and when the light turned green I bellowed out, “I’ll just hit the brake and they’ll fly right by!  That’s how you win, right?” . . . as the other car’s smokin’ tires jettisoned it across the intersection to quickly become smaller and smaller and WHOOSH the cop car flew right by.  See?  And, you thought I was dealing with the car beside me.

The kids were confused

The kids were confused . . . of course for only just a second in that wide-eyed-dropped-jaws slowly looking around kind of way, and then you saw their smiles start to form out of the mayhem as they started bobbin’ around fake-pushing each other around laughing.  “DOOD, did you see that? That cop just FLEW . . RIGHT . . .BY, justa yeah right by.  HEY!  Maverick said that in the movie last night!  You tricked us!!”  I smiled as they kept doing the I’m-turning-into-teenager masterful command of the obvious statements to keep cool present by acting like the world needs to stop and provide fanfare for whatever just happened . . . as I looked away from them in the mirror and proceeded normally across the intersection, they just hip-hop bobbed back in to, “Dood, Did you see that?”  “Oh Dudette, ya saw that, right, un huh?”  I may have never had so much fun just normally crossing the intersection like it was normal on a Friday having so much fun on a Friday.

Wait, The Department of Redundancy Department Team hijacked my sentence!

And, there’s the lesson to assist you to enhance the effectiveness of your Fridays.  STOP!

STOP~, When the light goes green.  STOP on Fridays, for just a little longer than normal, and let all the things in play fly right by so you can see them and focus on them ONE . .  AT . . . A . . . .TIME.  Don’t multi-task.  That’s a myth.  Yeah yeah, the studies say women can and men can’t.  BS on both.  They were looking for lines in that study, and they missed the orbits.  You don’t kill things when you look away.  Things may be out of sight and out of mind at times, but they don’t cease to exist when you look away.

Visualize each area of your day on it own pace as a juggling ball

Get all of these juggling balls going in their elliptical orbits in your mind.  Like juggling, only one thing at a time in your hand.  STOP!  Look at your hands.  Look at the ferris wheel of things above.  GO one frame.  STOP.  Next thing in your right hand?  Last thing now in your left hand?  GO one more frame. STOP. and another . . .wait . . .and another . . .wait . . .and another and another and let ’em get going back flow-orbit smoothly as you juggle them in your mind . . . and, here’s the lesson . . . don’t miss the subtle evolution that continues as it presents itself in the same sentence from one presentation to the next . . . WOW, the Department of Redundancy Department had it right up there . . . and here’s the lesson.

Take your hands off the task. Stop juggling by . . .

The juggling balls are smoothly and fluently negotiating their orbits smoothly as you subtly re-place them into orbit one at a time fluidly like WATTA.  Like BUTTA.  As you continue juggling all the juggling balls representing your areas of focus smoothly, as you continue juggling smoothly, allow them to continue in your mind as you slowly take your hands away.  Friday’s a car that’s already started.  Get your hands on the wheel and out of the engine.  Get your hands on the wheel and steer.  Get your hands on the wheel and GREEN LIGHT!  Whatta you do?

Get your hands on the wheel and out of the engine

There’s your Friday Imagin-Action thought.  In the summer of 2005 after being self-employed for several years, I started “taking Fridays off.”  I was one guy, a one guy sole prop architecture shop.  I had to complete weekly file management and administration and accounting for each and every project, do the overall accounting so Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable existed in the sole prop shop, make my Office Depot run, and all the other things too numerous to list.  Friday became a “STOP!  I’ll hit the brakes, and they’ll FLY RIGHT BY” day, and my business began to run like I had multiple employees . . . which then set the priority of “I DO want Fridays off, so I will make it a priority to be able to hire someone.”

So, on your Friday each week, get your hands on the wheel, eyes on YOUR road

Let the weekly cycles of your Fridays be the juggling balls above.  Even give them different colors and give each juggling ball in each Friday a different color in your mind.  Once you get the juggling cycle of what you focus on in YOUR Friday, slowly pull your hands away and really get a sense of how each one orbits.  5 RPMs? 500 RPMs?  5,000RPMs?  Get into the multiple-things-going-on-smoothly Hip Hop groove of the things in your Friday.  Hip Hop into a sense of fluent fluidity with all of them like a one person drum circle.  Work with this here and there each day throughout your week.  Next week we’ll cover Friday in another way so The Department of Redundancy Department can rehash this blog to show you how to use it with even further expertise.

Take the time for laughter. Take time to find the laughable in any situation

It sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.  Finding the laughable in no way disrespects even the grieving most difficult times.  It celebrates their goodness by bring you even MORE present when you are with them.

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I’ll bet you won’t even feel like you worked, and you may start having more to show for your work across the board when you do this.  Gear into your synchromeshed juggling now, and let the clutch out.  Learn to drive the standard transmission of YOU!  Jackrabbit the gears here and there, and then soon you’ll be effective effectively.

Enjoy playing. There is potentially expert skill in your play.  Find Yours!

Magical laughter to you as you to prime your pumper and pump up the volume on your celestial groove with Imagin-Action!  Have a great weekend when Ya get to it!  ~ Jordan Hoggard


This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say?  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Discipline in the sandbox is finding the natural way you flow and play with your ideas effectively.  It is about discovering their value that can take seconds, can take your whole life up to this point.  Each day, each play.  Make ’em count.  The value of a moment can be perennially catalyzing.  The value present in each moment can be infinite.

Oh, and I checked the Cosmic Daytimer.  The future and the past seem to be all booked up.  No room in The Inn.  Now works, though.  There always seems to be an opening for you now.

Happy Friday, and tune in daily for Imagin-Action!  All similar, each unique.

Have a grand weekend!  And remember, “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.” ~ Victor Borge. Find the laughter that is the shortest distance between you and your ideas and effectively implement them with better and better success.

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