Friday Mystereum Theatre: Tarot Theme Team Technique

28 Sep
Friday Mystereum Theatre: Tarot Theme Team Technique

These Mystereum Theatre Tarot Theme Team Techniques look into the depthful places of value for you that you can build with your cards.

Use these Mystereum Theatre Tarot Theme Team Techniques with your own cards to build an ongoing stage to orchestrate your momentum. It works with Tarot cards, Oracle cards, you name it. The Imagination Primer companion book that comes with Mystereum provides Imagination Tools for each card ~ helpful catalysts to work with your cards ~ and the cards tend to speak for themselves with or without the book.  A great dance they have going.

As your cards speak to you today, also check out The Mystereum Presence Of series to see an example of how cards literally visit, visually speak, cameo with, and work together with and IN other cards.  Day by day create your own Tarot lineage. Pedigree your readings with the vibrancy of YOUR history.  Allow your cards to evolve subtly as they do like seeing a friend time after time.  That just doesn’t get old.

Today’s Theme Plays With Yesterday’s For Good Practice

Check out yesterday’s Thursday Tarot Theme Team Technique to see how these cards below were used to build a theme for me to play throughout my day.  Check out yesterday’s explanation of this technique, ’cause it’s a Friday rip roarin’ n ready to go time! Happy Friday to Ya!  Hop on in, fasten your seatbelt, pull down the safety bar, and here we go! . . .

3 Cards To Build A Friday Mantra

10 of Wands         6 of Pentacles         4 of Cups

Theatre Theme Iteration 1

  • 10 of Wands ~ Strong, agile . . . balancing strong and agile twilight dawn and dusk energies, focused naturally as easily as Cirque du Soleil, showing my cockatiel headfeathers
  • 6 of Pentacles ~ an epic spiral of giving . . . an epic spiral of sharing and receiving
  • 4 of Cups ~ brings new treasures of the earth to me in sync with another, synchromeshing with another AS a gift AS a new gift appears, is manifested

Theatre Theme Iteration 2

  • 10 of Wands ~ strong and agile focus
  • 6 of Pentacles ~ in an epic spiral of sharing
  • 4 of Cups ~ and new treasures emerge.

Theatre Theme Becoming a Mantra for the Day

With my strong and agile focus in the epic spiral of sharing I will manifest a new treasure to emerge.

Theatre Theme Friday Mantra for Today

It’s Friday!  Beeboppin’ Friday!  Agility from laughter.

The fun of sharing with friends!  Enjoy the day being aware of sharing.

New treasures emerge from this daily recipe.

Theatre Theme Draft

Laughter is one of the most agile ways of sharing with friends.

It’s a recipe to churn up new treasures.

Theatre Theme Final

Laugh and share with friends today to nurture and discover natural new treasures.

Tuned the card energy. Subtly and sometimes boldy re-iterate a line little by little

Notice the way I tuned the energy across each iteration until it was just right.  Maybe it’s The Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Technique.  This is a process of evolving and clearing to get to your true teammates provided by each card’s nucleus each day.  This is a process similar to “work the problem and you begin to magically give form to the formless.”  This is a process to work your cards to magically give form to the formless  Watch as yours change subtly even with the same card or cards day by day.  Simply iterate until they are just so, and VoiLA, you’ve made a mantra for yourself.  So easy, you can do it every day.  Thick enough to teach you with your own age-old wisdom naturally present in your emotions.

Here’s a Question for You

What would you like to see from Mystereum in future blogs?  Cards? Blurbs? Techniques?  What would you like to see from The Land of Mystereum presented in future blogs?

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the 6 of Pentacles video below!

How will you use YOUR Land of Mystereum today?

Discover natural new treasures as you laugh and share with friends today.

Also, check out Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Mystereum can support and further inform the coordination your create and make in your journey throughout your life.

Become your Natural Nature with Mystereum


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