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22 Jan

Like I’m going to compare the Tarot and the DSM

Like I’m going to compare the Tarot and the DSM — the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?  Oh, though OH but I AM, aren’t I?!  Please accept this giant grain if salt to take with you if you move forward. First off, let me be clear, the DSM is basically a giant Table of Contents for use as an insurance coding manual. It doesn’t flesh out distinctions. It doesn’t provide perspective in context. It’s one, long train. Be mindful when reading it, too. If you have a noggin’, it can often be like psyche-med commercials: ”Do you wake up tired in the morning? Oh my God. Write this down. I HAVE that.” ~ LazyBoy TV

I’m a layman, so basically, I can pretty much say anything even if it’s bullshit or infinitely inspirational, useful maybe even, mildly of interest, or All/And and/or either/or, and there is no E&O Errors and Omissions Insurance required. That’s for YOU to decide, though it’s also YOUR responsibility that if this affects you negatively to either duck, look the other way, or comment otherwise or not think you have a chance in hell to sue me for simply blogging my thoughts. McDonald’s coffee verdict may go against that, though. Coffee’s supposed to be hot. Evidently, her coffee actually was WAS too hot.

No Psych Advice Here

There’s no psychological advice or even any other advice here. it is simply for entertainment purposes according to some states’ laws? Yeah, whatev. I don’t make my living on the stage like Robin Williams, so the Psych Professionals who hmmph at this? Yeah, you know where you can go, though you can really only aim at the contingent of your colleagues who agree with me. Oh, though I should really follow through and should tell you where you can go. Please don’t go to Hell. Wm Blake, Shakespeare, James, . . . and Carl Jung and Fred, no not Flintstone, and Fred (Nietzche) are already holding a post for me. They tell me it’s warm, too. And, You’re not on the list. The bouncer will tell you that. Not to worry. I will appear and confirm it.


Oh, I made the link to the DSM a Wiki one as I wouldn’t want to promote that you actually buy the fucker.  Heck, the IBC (International Building Code) is usually around $249 dollars, though you get 5 volumes for twice the price of the single-volume DSM.  It, too, the IBC is to protect the public safety, health, and welfare. Frankly, that seems TOO damn similar.  Effin Building Codes. Fuckin’ Regulatory Agency Society. Oh, and don;t get me wrong. I actually geekily LOVE regs, especially the Special Regulatory Agency ones. You see, I wrote policy for a time as a Co-Chair of Community Form and Identity. Looks like the DSM and the IBC give me something to talk about, huh? One day I will have an original idea, maybe. (( {{ [[How many parentheses do I have to put the wink emoticon in at the end of the sentence, so you won’t see it? lol ]] }} ))

And, “to protect”??? Who ARE YOU?!! I wrote policy for YEARS!!!  And, THAT opening line is crystal effin clear.  Please diagnose your societal-level control issue prior to contacting me. With the Building Code . . . I can live my life by the Building Code. Structural integrity . . . of Self. Oh, and here’s a biggee. Are ya all stressed out most of the time? If you are, what’s the prob? Stress isn’t a problem. Stress is simply a force applied to something. Strain is the kicker.

Stress and Strain

Stress isn’t a problem. Stress is simply a force applied to something. Strain is the kicker, the stinker to watch for, watching for . . . outside load limits, which themselves are often set up with a 20% buffer. Strain occurs when something deforms, achieves permanent deformation when it is pushed past its elastic memory. Like bent steel.  That’s strain. It was caused by a stress or stresses, though only after the stresses went past a certain point on a graph. What is your Load Calculation Package For Life look like? How much stress till you balk? How much more till you break? I don’t propose to pass your own point of flexure. Like steel, you might not have any warning.

Take Care With Your Stresses

Take care with your stresses. Direct them. Resolve their forces all the way to the ground . . . or make sure they bring you together like in aircraft design. Look at how strain is pen up there, though. It “achieves” permanent deformation. I think materials must be crazy about going nutso, huh. lol They ACHIEVE deformation. Achieve is simply another great word for “reached” or “met.”  How do you reach or meet something WITHIN your load limits?  How do you stretch your elastic limits to renew their 100% at a new and stronger datum of a new 100% place?

Yep [[Are short headings hell on SEO? Or, just clear]]

Yep, when I play Architect, drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job. Not. And, then yes, drawing pretty pictures IS the smallest part of my job then. I have to be an attorney, though never come off as giving legal advice. I have to be a Counselor, as, well . . . most of my work has been residential or commercial . . . and dealing with couples or business partner groups is often relatively simil  . . . no, it’s the same . . . and not PRESENT myself as a Counselor.  I have to be an Accountant, yet do it silently and of course not present myself as one, and sometimes even have to hire one. Clients usually refer to that as “he’s a very efficient businessman.” The doctor thang?  No, they can bury their clients. I can only advise mine to plant some wickedly fast-growing vines. Please laugh now.  Though, on the doctor thang. I DO advise to live and work in healthy beautiful space. It’s important for your well-being. I used to have an Audi TT. When I felt off, I would simply go sit in it. The baseball leather seats were living thrones, the overall aesthetics at every scale? Balanced and beautiful. The beauty of its interior environment literally bled off whatever off or negative gig I was feeling. If it was really bad, I’d also turn on the stereo. 6 speakers per door is pretty surround sound surrounding.

Tarot helps like that, too, huh?

Oh, back to the DSM

Oh, back to the DSM. Specifically the DSM-IV.  Does the Psych Profession actually think I am going to hop on their Psych Building Code hype?  Fuck. The IBC is RE-ISSUED every 3 damn years. I have to allocate a 4-hour speed-read session every 3 years to groc my own sense of how the relationships have changed by the bits and functionally-inter-related-component-part modifications to make sure ANY given Building Department submittal is considered valid and goes through and is stamped APPROVED.

And, the DSM-IV. Really now?!  You REALLY want me to think that’s something to GO by when drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job?  Oh, maybe you didn’t get my irony there. You see, I KNOW the IBC like the back of my hand, all 5 volumes. Oh, and 3 or 9 additional other other IBC manuals that apply to the nature of the work I perform specific to particular projects.  But, do I MENTION them?  Heck no. That’s one of the reasons to HIRE an Architect. “Building your project” is what I am hired for, and all THAT? Well, that’s MY job . . . well, of course there is a multi-layer Consultant Coordination aspect that makes 3-layer chess look like . . . well, ya know, split up and . . . I’ll just say it . . . Gray’s Anatomy (the book and not the series) for . . . just 3 layers. Effin CAKES easily have 3 layers. Oh, kudos to you cake makers and the things that go on in YOUR background where your expertise . . . Oh, you get the pic.

So, I got to here finally

So, I got to here finally. I got to here finally with grammar that looks like a bad set of teeth. Can’t fucq with Dentists, though.

Why all that oompaloompaville rant above?  Well, I don’t like to footnote shit, mostly because I don’t need to. That pisses people off into omission of my work, plus the conversational nature of most of it making allegedly complex topics . . . uh hem . . . talkable.  That’s a PITA.  So . . . whatev on that.  Oh CUMMON. That’s not some bird-with-a-fucking-broken-wing statement.  I know my sales stats. Integers are SUPPOSED to be on THIS side of 3 per 6 months by MORE THAN a moved decimal point.  Honestly, I am really thankful that my work is outside the crowd. ‘Cause due to that I keep doing my work without customized requests and suggestions.  WOO HOO!  THANK YOU SCHIFFER!!  Seriously.  Seriously, they took a risk publishing something like Mystereum that has never been done before. That’s what Schiffer does. Quality. And, what better quality than to make you make another segment on your shelf WITHIN your existing ones for something special? . . . with a magnetic clasp even!

What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

What do they have to do with one another?  Well, it’s no strange stretch that operating with a natural language sense visually at 4 1/2 that I “went” into architecture, formally.  Well, I guess at this point, I am going to leave it to you with these 3 zingers:

~ Did you know that homosexuality was considered a Disorder until the DSM-IV? So, why ya letting them regulate you with that. They may be professionals, though OBVIOUSLY they are human.

~ The IBC is modified-updated ever 3 years. Hmmm. That feels about right. Why does the Psych Profession sit on its ass so?

~ Tarot. Oh boy! Here we go!  You see, the cards told me stories at 4 1/2. They told me stories. I would hop off of full-on diggin’ and being immersed in Grimm’s and hop onto the floor to spread out the cards, or, of course vice-versa contrariwise. I liked the cards’ stories MUCH mo betta, typically. I could TELL the stories lifefully rather than un-crack the metaphorical kernels . . . though of course with Tarot I was doing that all on the fly.

At about 25 while avidly trying to learn a particular Tarot gig, it came to me. A deep respect of the moment when I was 4 1/2 came to me. I AM A READER. Or, I WAS THEN!  Do THAT! So, I became a Reader at 25 after a 21-year retirement, and now I am 45 20 years later. How’d the time go by so . . . . . I LOVE it that no-one mobs me for my autograph. Introvert movie stars may want to listen to this. Seems helpful to avoid the paparazzi. Take a career-length break and then mimic it year-wise.

So, What’s the Tarot and DSM and Architecture point?

So, The IBC is updated every 3 years. At least they AFFECT that they are doing something.  I’m pretty much wondering if the OMS (Over-Medication Syndrome) Psyche Professionals are systematically trying to medicate out our artists.  Maybe Psych Professionals would do well to issue inspirational picture posters . .  ’cause if that’s all it takes . . . like TRADITION . . . “Just because you;ve always done it that way does not mean it is not incredibly stupid.” (c) . I’ve gotta say . . . is a GREAT place to go to stop smoking hope. Or, for more technical people. . . . try Touched With Fire where Kay Redfield Jamison all but makes the point of “Are we medicating out or artists?”

You see, I can pack shit in and keep going like a horse. I don’t really get depressed. I get COMpressed. I can carry too much.  Lately, though, I’ve been learning to drop shit here and there at various base camps.  You would be AMAZED at how fast I took the 1.25 mile ride up a steep grade today when yesterday I felt I was losing the gas in my legs. Psych stuff is IM PO TANTAY!  Nunya business, though I had a relief of something today. DAYum I took that hill!

Did You Know?

Did you know that homosexuality was considered a Disorder until the DSM-IV?  So, why ya letting them regulate you with that DSM fucker?  I AM NOT telling you to go off your meds.  I am saying . . . They may be professionals, though OBVIOUSLY they are human, too. The IBC is updated every 3 years. The DSM? Uhhhh, well, Nope. And, I’m not telling you anything about homosexuality, either. Why would I go further for something that I feel is simply the pursuit of being a man . . . where I am not telling you about me one way or the other as neither would be wrong.  I picked it as a sore thumb that stuck out.  Like in the Building Code . . .

What are YOUR egress rules in Chapter 10? I would have said Section 10 to be proper, though it sounded too much like Section 8.

Happy Tarot’ing everyone!

Don’t Lose Your Ego, sometime’s it tells you to DUCK! 

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