Cussing As A Soulfully Spiritual Tuning Fork

26 Jan

Cussing As a Soulfully Spiritual Tuning Fork

 It’s funny when you say F**K!  Is it charged? Or, is it simply an Uncle Walt Level Cosmic YAWP of an exhale?
Rather than raising a glass to some situations so to speak, I sometimes experience the converse of that celebratory gesture when I indefatigably have a Cosmic whatEV WTF moment of discernment when I simply raise my right eyebrow.  You see, if BOTH eyebrows raise with a glowingly glistening, sparkly-eyed smile, THAT’s somethin’ else, huh? That time when you say, “WOW, THAT’s somethin’ else!”, as you resonantly take in the experience like some of your best kitchen food-paintings making dinner for a lover or friends.


And I do say, “But,” . . . yeah yeah yeah “but’ is the new don’t-say-that-word-’cause-THEN-here-comes-the-lie. WhatEffinEv. Everything is scaled to how YOU utilize it, maybe even beyond your perceptions of it. Your mode of being can dis that or encourage it to hop in the hayride of life.  “But” is one of those conversational segues that can ensnare you in the anti-delight of . .. well . . . ensnaring yourself, only of course if you let it. “But” is simply a word.  Not just a word, though, right?  “Just and “Simply” are two other words like that. Though, haha-Rockin’ there’s another one, “though,” and they certainly can serve to bind you up outside of something experienced or some impending substance upcoming.

What Is A Yawp Of An Exhale?

What Is A Yawp Of An Exhale?  Well, it HAS to be colored with some Mark Twain or . . . here it comes, Uncle Walt Walt Whitman farcicality. Uncle Walt, Walt Whitman owned a newspaper. And, it’s not unethical to make damn sure your work is in print regardless really . . . Uncle Walt did THAT in spades!   . . . though Uncle Walt owned a newspaper which made the parse-the-whole-world’s-scales-out pretty Fu**ing easy.  So, I guess it is really the c and the k that get people. lol.
Personally, I am glad Uncle Walt’s work was worthy so I don’t have to solidly venture into the ethical questions of his actions, and I bet not simply just from my perspective.
You see, he would publish his own work, oftentimes under a pen name . . . and here’s the kicker.  Then, he would fabricate new employees to hire to give it stellar reviews. And, after the buzz got going, he would fabricate some f**ker to full-on scathingly review the work which stirred the pot.  Then, a couple of others playing the bird-with-a-broken-wing-come-to-the-rescue-of-the-initial-reviewers part to even the success-of-the-article keel. And, then POOF we’ve got a bestseller!  Uncle Walt certainly knew the power of building, of discussion, of priorities placed and then re-established-placed forward strongly just before a public denouement, and then ahhhhhhhh the Finale.

The Silence Between Inhaling and Exhaling

Inhaling is very yang, one takes in life. Exhaling is very yin, one’s shoulders drop and there is a relaxation. And, there is the twilight magic of the space between breaths inherently connected in a prescient remembrance backwards and forwards of them that . . . you needn’t probably couldn’t give a shit about either . . . except to note it or them . . .and effectively EFFECTIVELY move on YOUR WAY.
Top of breath Galactic Center scale apogee of our solar system . . . at the top of the breath.  Bottom of breath  . . . well,  . . . Galactic Center scale apogee of our solar system . . . at the bottom of the breath.  The magical twilight of dawn and dusk between night and day at one scale, at the scale of the whole Cosmos at another, and most pertinently all scales small and large and in between in one, simple cycle that is just one breath.

Breath Is Prayer

Breath is prayer. It is really all you need.  Do you get INSANELY FRUSTRATED at some people? Oh, take note of the tree I just timbered across your path. That is not always wholly your projection of your gigs. If it is, then maybe you are the ultimate narcissist, except be careful. They don;’t take much responsibility, and maybe they aren’t even able to do so always locked into the alleged dynamism of their emotional arithmetical multiplication tables.
And, when you take credit for EVERYTHING?  Well, if it’s your fault, try saying in jest . . . “Well, yes, it IS always my fault. I am just THAT powerful.”  See if ya don’t get a laugh that’s more than a hiccup heh of humor received.  See what happens when you lighten the load?  No, it is NOT always your fault, and the high road these days is where the rush hour spiritual gridlock goes when each of it has experienced a loss of soul.  Stand up for yourself. Yes, it’s really that simple. Oh, and don’t be afraid of being strong enough to be gentle. Anger doesn’t have to be expressed angrily. A little directness, like saying, “I don’t believe you,” and then understanding the ball’s not in your court anymore after saying that is often enough.

Cuss For Silence

Cuss without cussing. Blow off steam whether you do it verbally or to yourself as a preparatory measure.  It may not work for you, though I find it an awesome technique that hop-jimps even one’s air traffic control to the good stuff. . . . the good stuff being what comes next in the next batted ball in a tennis match rally that only minds the scale and speed of your pace. Don’t suck the exhaust pipe and exhale it. Let it go. The plants are there to lap it up. Aspirate! Exhaust! Though, do it every day like you are on a road trip. Simply mind when you need to top off the tank or fill ‘er up.

Cuss More For Yourself And By All Means Don’t Tell People About It. Get TO it!

Cuss more.  You may just find your soul returning to invigorate your spirit. I call it “Chthonic Numinosity: Self.” Maybe you can see that, maybe not. Either way. Let your soul be the foundation you brace against to emphasize your spirited actions. May the ground you walk on be as inspirational as the stars in your sky.  Do me a favor. Only miss the ground when you are either falling or on a magic carpet.  One person’s delusion and / or illusion is another’s magic carpet.
Have an anti-hysterical bias as you respond rather than feather’s ruffling react. My guess if you are reading this blog is that you are not a bird. Mind your figures of speech and metaphors. They may help you read your life.  Being quiet enough to hear, you may experience Silence . . . and you may as well hear what you are actually telling yourself.

Cuss As A Soulful Tuning Fork For Your Spirit

Cuss as a soulful tuning fork for your spirit.  Some of you may dismiss this as you are hmmphing your OWN raised right or left eyebrow.  That’s cool. I raise mine as well, and ask you to comment.  If you tell people the truth, make sure to make them laugh.  Otherwise, they will kill you.  I’ll put quotes on that statement when someone makes a good case for whether that was said by Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain . . . and further, from whom they stole it.  Know that the fork of your soul may bring gourmet things that are deliciously insane to spirit your palette.  Feel when you do. Or, DO.  I bet you may know what you like, your spiritual, dietary restrictions. F**K your restrictions. Let them be what solidifies a part of your identity.  Like, I could go all solid and tangible on Pentacles. Until I play them from a timing perspective.  THEN, . . . then, I may realize that a person’s presence or personality is very Pentacle-y as it makes an impression.
What impression do things make on you?  What place does ducking and moving forward strongly have?  How can you NOT duck when bad things are presented to you?  Can you simply just feel the “though” of saying . . . “I don’t believe you” ??  It may help your deadhead and prune WISE IN TIME at speed over time to naturalize the beautiful garden of yourself. When you work with your ‘good and better and best” and not explaining your “not this-or-that,” things might just tend to get better and better.  Just makes good sense. Of course listen to who you are listening to here. Listening to me is quite a risk.  Play with me, though listen to yourself.
Ciao For Now B****E*  Smiles to you envigorating your life YOUR way.  Be your own uniquely complete being.  That never means you have to sit in the corner. Quite the contrary. Unless of course you dig corners.  I much more dig corners as differently-scaled-and-placed chicanes.
Are you the kid interested at 1:20 in the video or the one picking his nose via his apathetic teeth?  Make sure you WANNA be there. You’re not that teeth-probing bored kid anymore . . . well, I hope.  The Lovers say . . . Love What You Love with a Queen of Swords no bs period at the end of . . . I Love What I Love.  Do You?  Do you express that?

Don’t Lose Your Ego, sometime’s it tells you to DUCK!  Sometimes you just say F**k! So what?

All Similar, Each Unique.

All images (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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