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The 5th Ace: Death & My Greatest Crux

I found at the crux of the greatest challenge of my life . . .
I haven’t spoken of this story in years, and I carried the equilateral, triangular piece of basalt that I found back at the top, that had personality, would stand up on one side, in my pocket daily for 5 years. . .
I was waiting for the rest of the group to come back down off of the summit, and slipped backwards off of a cornice rock ledge into the scree field on the backside of a 14’r (14,000 foot mountain) in October of 2000 years back on a hiking trip and slid standing perfectly upright about 100 feet down, no resistance, just gliding with feet under the sand, submerged feet-surfing mostly.  Then I breathed and that movement made for another 100 feet, and another 100 feet, and then down over the 1st pitch from the top out of the view of my climbing buddies as I yelled “DON’T FOLLOW ME, ONLY ONE OF US WILL DIE, AND I CAN’T TAKE CARE OF YOU HERE, GO NOTIFY. . .”  . . .and eventually almost 2,000 vertical feet later at a 45-50 degree pitch found solace on a boulder bigger than my car that moved when I touched it, sand sliding out from in front of it.  I flowingly climbed on to it thinking that if it went I’d feel no pain. . .and might as well go out on a sports car of a fast-accelerating boulder ya know?!   Then after an hour of wonderful end-game tears and no way out at 4p in the afternoon when you were supposed to be off the pile of rocks by 2p. . .the temp dropped from 65 to 25 as the sun dropped below the rim of the summit, and I was day-dressed, long shorts and one sweatshirt.  Then, after smiling that “well, if I’m gonna go, I’m going out in my style. . .kickin’-and screamin’ in a long-form cosmic YAWP!”  Turning to look back up the steep pitch towards the top I couldn’t see, “And, if I’m going to go, I am going THAT way!!” I recited a poem I had written in 1991 on the hood of my car by headlights moving to Denver in 1991 in the middle of a blizzard snowstorm:

A Prayer

There comes one,

whom we know like wind,

like rain upon the water.

And, as winter comes

and our memories freeze together,

together may we sleep and dream.

So, that come the springtime,

as we embrace with open eyes,

may we melt

back together

in each others’ arms.

And, I slid-flowed off of the boulder as more sand made its way down to the 2+ second drop-off, thousand one thousand two, CLICK the rock I tossed over sounded. Can’t survive a 2+ second fall that I had by the grace of all higher powers defiantly stopped short of. . .and I knew search and rescue couldn’t help with a helicopter until morning ’cause the storms were coming in, and even then the turbulence from the blades would avalanche the dry and frozen sands I was standing on in the scree field and they consequently wouldn’t try. . .I began slowly churning my feet chanting a word at each step “discipline   of   the  ritual     discipline    of    the    ritual” as I aimed up toward the next larger-than-my-car boulders knowing two things. . .1 the sand would be subtly more stable for upward movement, and 2 that if they went, again I would feel no pain. . . for 6 hours straight veering towards and then off from one to the next as the sand mini-avalanche cascaded up towards them in that flow of undermining the hill on its way uphill to the boulder . . .until at 10pm in the pitch black of night I was back at some snow patches near that 1st top pitch.  Except I remembered from the daylight when I slowly slid past them that the snow patches had tons of pink in them as I passed them earlier.  Ghiardia?, Pseudomollus?.  Not so good to touch or ingest. Can be fatal, and I had enough of that entree on my plate already.
So, I churned sideways traversing around them, and at midnight I was back at the summit.  Dead tired, looked up at the stars. . . BEAUTIFUL.  EXQUISITE.  And, dragged my right hand through the scree field at my feet to get a sand band-aid to stop bleeding that came from??, and something felt to stay in my hand.  I lifted my hand flat-palm up as a sand tea ceremony into the light of the stars and the sand cascaded off to reveal a stone, a triangular piece of basalt.  It would be my memory of this trip, and now, ALL I had to do was downclimb a mountain I had been on for the first time that day, in the dark, with sharp-edged rocks that would end up slicing through the thick soles of my hiking boots by the time I got down to near the top trailhead, and a 500 foot drop-off somewhere off over to the left, somewhere, somewhere over to the left. . . somewhere, too dark to tell. . . just don’t go left, I muttered as my lips cracked. More sand, at least some relief to keep focused as much as I could.  Clamping the triangle talisman memory-rock in my hand. . .moving down and to the right, at least right-ish.
At 3 am I, dragging my left leg as my left knee was totally blown and banged up and bloody as was my right temple from a rock somewhere, who knows where, sand probably too foot-trafficked dirty here to use, and the water had been in someone else’s pack ’cause I carried it up the climb, I saw campfires. . .base camps.
 I tried to shout and nothin’ but more cracking lips, the aphasia of dehydration anesthetizing my voice. No voice, no sound.  I kept creature-from-the-black-lagoonin’ limp-dragging my leg, the thought of which had kept a subtle grin but not so big as to crack my lips more through the last half of the down-climb — my Norwegian defiance of a joke on my lips kinda thing.  A woman walking at the edge of their campfire light shouts from way over “HEY EVERYONE. . .LOOK!!!”  and , runs towards me.  Search and rescue and my buddies had spread the word around the campsites. . .”Jordan? Are you, Jordan?” she said with her hand on my shoulder. . .and when I heard my name, I looked at her and my legs disappeared, collapsed. Unconscious k.o. by mountain.  Woke at after 4am to paramedics laughing that “Man, his vitals are VITAL!, 120 over 80 the whole time, and he’s waking up.”  I looked to my buddies and chuckling, lips salved or something, weird taste, said “Who’s gonna punch me, 1st?!!!”   One of my good friends shook his head and said “I’ve never been SO pissed off in my life!” ???  “HOW were we gonna tell your parents that you were the only one who didn’t do shrooms, and DIED?  We didn’t offer ’em to you ’cause you’re so damn vivid anyway we knew you’d laugh a no thanks.”  And, then put a gallon of water and a cold burger and fries in front of me they had gone into town to get for me waayyy earlier when they got to base camp.
I still love that story . . .NOW!  😉
BIG OLE :-)’s from here!  BIG OLE :-)’s  It was Mt. Democrat near Breckenridge, Colorado.  Guess I put in MY vote, huh.  😉

There comes one,

whom we know like wind,

like rain upon the water.

And, as winter comes

and our memories freeze together,

together may we sleep and dream.

So, that come the springtime,

as we embrace with open eyes,

may we melt

back together

in each others’ arms.


That was the best burger and fries I have ever had.  Thank You Mike Allison.

Jupiter’s Blessings,
All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard. Please be responsible and simply not an ass. When you utilize any of this information, cite your source.  Thanks in advance. When you do, expect a rockin’ smile.  If you don’t, watch out for trebuchets, the adult wrist rocket.

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The 411 on One’sness’ 2-Lane Highway: Death, The Wheel, & The iMAG-iNation

The 411! A Revisionist Birthcard Combo? ;-D
“Studies show that one out of one people experience death, maybe you will, too.”
~ Dr. Janet Noever
“Life. None of us are getting out alive. Enjoy it!”
~ Comedian, “Lazyboy TV” cd
“Be comfortable with the not-knowing NOW. Your imagination is there for you.  Does yours work in your best interest?”
~ Jordan Hoggard
“Mastery leads to further discovery.”
~ Jordan Hoggard
ON DEATH AND IMAGINATION: This one is a little longer article. May I suggest to pick paragraphs like apples, and plant the seeds?
You knocked on the right door.  Thanks for visiting!  I’ve been thinking about this over the last year. . .
Have you ever picked up distinctions between different kinds of not-knowing, or unknowns, in your life? There feels to be a connection between, death, imagination, and living. There are of course connections and disconnects between everything all the time. . .
I see death and the not-knowing to form a 2-lane highway, both lanes 2-way, that go in the both directions forward and back. Do both utilize imagination in one way or another? Does death have to merge at some point lest it be a dead-end on that highway? Do we simply merge with it?
The way I look at it is that we are inherently imaginative even in a deceptively simple way as a primal survival mechanism. We tend to think forward, to literally imagine the future. What if I do this? Or, that? Or, those? And, in that I say, if you know what’s going to happen, why do it? There would certainly be no serendipity there, no surprises to catalyze further interest, you already know what is going to happen.  But, do you? Have you ever experienced familiar surroundings differently doing the same ole actions you have done there before? I have. And, there is where I see this 2-lane highway, both lanes 2-way forward and back, forward to the future with dreams, and back to the past with memories. If I drop time out of the metaphysical experience for ya, aren’t memory and dream very similar? Both float-orbiting weightlessly in mind? I am not going to do the boring “what is mind, Jordan?” dictionary-pulling conversation stopper here.  I will leave that to people who like to be annoying. I know what I know, and I don’t know what I don’t know, and catching truth in regard to mind may simply be a philospshical game of catch-the-greased-pig-while-you-are-blinfolded-with-your-hands-tied-behind-your-back.  I can think of better uses there without the pig. 
If we imagine forward into the future and only come to death, it would only be a disheartening, deflating dead end, and imagination would probably have evolved away way back some time. Yet, still that does not often induce, “ok, so why keep doing anything? No matter what, none of us are getting out alive. What’s the point? I saw death, and it kinda killed everything back to now.” Seems, though, we are not hard-wired that way.  Even people who have nead death experiences (NDEs) are often better goal-setters and planners while at the same time are successful WHILE they take things in stride at speed, often utilizing both positive and negative surprises as free, catalyzing serendipity along the way.
And, that is where rather than avoiding the not-knowing, I feel it more of a rationalizing of death to, “Well, so death comes from this which is a big thing.  Are their more coolio even BIGGER things with this imagination stuff?”
And, like Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park says, “life finds a way,” which is where my other lane comes in.  So, we imagine past death.  Did that create reincarnation?  In the same way if we imagine past birth, do we experience past life scenarios? Hmmm.  Both seem to play in to an irrational and EXTREMELY NECESSARY optimism whereby imagination is like an awake-dream, and we can of course compose the same future scenario differently, but I feel we also re-remember our pasts where like Samuel Johnson stated, then “hope triumphs over experience” and we LEARN from experience even capitalizing on failures. Is that to say something is true the way happened, but can be more true the way we tell it? Can be more nourishing the way we incorporate it into our life? That links to storytelling, but I would say more to cherry-picking the perennials in our past to forget the crapola and support the things worth remembering, and also visualizing in to the future to nourish our upcoming new perennials.
I sometimes wonder if creating the Mystereum Tarot and then evolving it into The Land of Mystereum was a balancing gesture forme.  Was I weighted down and filling up one of these 2 lanes more than the other? I mean, I have almost died on a mountain, a 14’er.  I have almost died on a mountain, stuck 45 feet up with no way down except to climb back down the vertical face but my hands were blowing out, or of course let go which would have had SUCH a quicker solution time. ;-D.  I got shocked in my 17-foot ceiling in my studio in Denver years back while standing on top of an 8-foot ladder as a friend held it. I had to change a light bulb, not a common almost-croaking scenario–but, as well I was grabbing things with the back of my hands, too. In a 150 year old building, you can tug on one thing and then POOF molten tin ceiling tiles from a wire crossing and falling above the ceiling. X-raying the ceiling has never been one of my strong points when changing a light bulb. So, there is that dang irrational positivity we can utilize to make the best out of even tricky and dangerous and even life-threatening situations. With the light bulb incident, rather than freaking out standing on the top of the ladder, even while being electrocuted (not of course in a power line way but more a “get a free home-perm” way) I steady-froze my balance standing on top of the ladder and simply tucked my head and squinted so I could still see as the spew of molten tin ceiling tiles shrapnel fire-fell and cascaded over me.  Lotsa holes burned in my shirt, but in that instant I knew that steady was better than falling from 8-feet up. Fight or flight would have killed me. Steady and turning the other cheek, well, both, though, wasn’t fighting OR fleeing. Do you hmmph like an old librarian with purple hair to say, “The ladder SAYS not to stand that high on it.  Wasn’t smart to be there in the first place. You brought this on yourself.” I do not know which is worse, hmmmphing, or the guests coming over later for dinner to eat in the dark?
Not many people fear for your safety and life when you chime out that you are heading to the bank. But, we never know do we?  We never know. . .hmmm. . .what do we really know?  The sky is up?  It is even sometimes blue? And, sometimes blue, like an orange? Thanks Andre Breton. Seems all of those experiences I expressed just now about ALMOST dieing are about being UP, and not being able to come down. Is it no matter that there was a pattern that would tell any normal person to stay on the ground? Neh, I do not feel that getting cowered or beaten down by our experiences is the point of life. Life is to experience. I’ve never seen a cosmic D-Hall. . .maybe because I had enough of that waaaaay back in school.  Even if it would seem I may have been egging those experiences on to a great degree, literally and systematically challenging myself to death, ONE, I am still here, and two, it was better than doing nothing. Back then I would much rather go to a mountain and camp than sit on a couch and order pizza.  I do see the error there now, though, if there are coupons involved. ;-D.  So, no need to go into samurai or ninja or warriors or duels from the perspective of those experiences indicating past-life content surfacing. Can if you want to, but. . .I think that that is the way I was/am/will be hard-wired to a degree, and there’s not much static about that. More a WEEEEEEEEEE, but possibly a little less annoyingly funny than the pig in the Geico commercial.. Wits come waaaaayyyy naturally, just like grace under fire, and that I even perform under pressure optimally like I am sipping tea. So, I use ’em when necessary, they tell me something I KNOW about myself. . .yet still . . .
The above is expressed less to talk about me, but more to inform this 2-lane idea thingee from my personal experience which I have no need of either repeating or proving, to provide some experiential things to chew on.  Life doesn’t seem to be a repeat the experiment to prove something gig, more a repeat things for discipline, ritual, study, improvement, meditation, journeying, payment, etc etc.
So, I often wonder if Mystereum on all of its forms from 2005 until 2008, and then 2009-2010 when I completed The Land of Mystereum really did NOT take 5 years.  Did it take my whole life up to that point? All of my life experience infusing a WHOLE land? Gotta say a definitive and enthusiastic yes to that.  But, was the catalyst form-giver in 2005 in my garden really like a psychic gear being shifted? A psychic gear that when switched then stepped on the gas to gun it out of the dead-end death-challenge lane into the other lane to go beyond the death I had pretty much just almost gotten to, and in many cases while painting always felt I had gone beyond? Gone over the horizon so to speak? To switch into the re-remembering forward and back on a discovery where I could metaphysically and actively drop time out of the equation? And, dropping time out the past and future became synonomous.  The past became memory, the future became dream, and both live weightlessly, floating to a degree, and are naturally supported in their orbits in the mind/consciousness/unconsciousness. . .and Everything is in Everything in the continual flow of switching focus and re-orchestrating momentum.  I dig Ken Wilbur, but he is from the last 100 years.  He can bite some credit from the Everything is in Everything cake, but it is an age-old idea.  A medicine man around a campfire thousands of years ago would be my first go-to there.
So, do I dismiss too many distinctions when I do not define “mind”? Frankly, that incessant word-definition in conversation is boring.  Conversationus interruptus with, “What do you mean by mind?” etc ad infinitum ad neauseum. Maybe no fault of their’s.  Maybe people who do that simply do not comprehend the sanctuary a good question will positiviely provide in a conversation.  But, I digress. To pull back from death? Nope. I seem to be driving the other lane, now. I much rather seal the deal and say mindbodybeautiful where though there are a great many opoosites together, it is not so much a dulaity, but more so an antinomy–a totality of inner opposites functioning in real-time (whether there or not) at speed in play in life.
So, back to “what was the form-giver catalyst for Mystereum?” I don’t really need to know, but since it strikes me as important, I know my process well enough to sniff on down that trail for the goods. Maybe it is that I started getting lop-sided, that there was too much or simply enough experience with the death gig already, AND that I would often say about my paintings, “If I go down and start painting, don’t worry if I don’t come back.  I always go over the horizon and I have no clue if it is dangerous or not, and that may mean I am going beyond death in my active hand-paint-drum-strokes of trancedance rhythmically drum-dance-stroking the colors across the canvas. It also may simply mean I am able to dance with my shadow in a land of imagination consciously. Damn Neptunian boundaryless-concept boundaries. Hi Pluto.” And, I’d toddle off into the studio.  All that then was more to mess with roommates than anything. And then those attempts at some-truth humor . . . How much direct foreshadowing is THAT?! 😀
As you are probably aware a rhythmic drumming is often used in shamanic journey work to facilitate travel.  I simply came to it naturally after the intense physical and sitting meditations in the martial arts.  That serves up a great deal of my skepticism to the ooh la laaaas of “oh it blew my mind, man” like people describing LSD trips and it and gets back to, (grimacing)”Stop talking about it, and go do it then. It’s yours” kinda thing.  I always hmmphin’ shook my head when offered acid or similar with, “DOOD, that’s so like batteries not included in the Christmas toy of your mind.  My model has that standard and at will and mostly most all the time.  Enjoy yourself, though.” You see, that’s THEIR gig, and that’s ALL them. Jerry Seinfeld might say something here. I remember a writer friend coming back after doing mushrooms on a hike.  He had asked to watch me paint in oils one day to see if it would give him a story. I obliged happily so long as he agreed NO MATTER what with NO exceptions that once we were in the studio he was not to say anything at all or get up and leave and disrupt the process. I suggested he was about to go on a road trip with me as I painted, so he might wanna visit the lou.  He had watched my pupils naturally widen to almost all black as I painted. Mentioned afterwards that all he could think was “Dog. Food. Do NOT get between them.” Pretty funny. Don’t think I would have attacked him. The big pupils were more of an actively creative taking-all-senses-in-in-motion-in-action as I painted.  So, he came back in after his shroom gig on a boulder yelling out to get me to come from wherever in the house I was.  “OK, Man. How do I say this? I STILL don’t understand you AT all. You swim SO easily in complex, unconscious areas.  But, the shrooms made EVERYTHING so vivid today!  The thought came to me that I might have been sensing what you feel ALL the time.”  Couldn’t tell you.  I have always said my mind was aleady too Ferrari’d to go sticking some fuel booster crap in it. But, I like what he said.  Some are hard-wired to experience psychic contents like looking at art in a museum.Born with a foot in both sides? I believe my astrologer when she says yes to that.
Well, this is a meandering story written to as a reel to draw out a mini-memoire through the biography of an idea, the idea now living of The Land of Mystereum.  I think, though, that moving meanderingly like on a new trail, and expansively AND recording it in ways that archetypally have more to do with everyone rather than being only personal, The Mystereum Tarot and The Land of Mystereum are visual and word stories that took me to power up the rest of my noggin’ in creating and making them to experience more fully the right-on-the-money inklings I seem to have always had instant access to, yet for the most part though I utilized them in architecture, I took them for granted as well. . .like the way I took the Death card in a reading I performed on The Tarot Guild’s internet radio show. . .where I pretty much ran laps around the R.I.P. idea of death in my mind in about 1/2 a second and POOF saw instead the death of her old relationship, and then frankly ran laps around the High Priestess just as quickly to spark, “I feel it is coming from an outside source.” Where did that come from? Channelling? I may channel my energies, focus them, but that’s the imagination at work. Channelling from my perspective is not about getting OUT of the way, but more fully inhabiting the way to be IN the way. Is channelling expression of one’s inner divinity being powered up and further infused and informed by a larger divine source? I ill simply say Everything is in Everything.  There is a whole universe in the focused frame of any scale you choose to focus on.  And, more so, I feel that inner divinity being energized is indicative of our imagination’s 4-banger engine cycling with: 1-idea; 2-creativity; and 3-intuition.  The 4th cylinder is the silence, the space between the other three always swimming them into and through the experience of their living relationships with one another in each of our creative processes.  In that Tarot Guild radio show reading I had never said that about those cards before.  But, in the context of a reading, the expectations in the present tense all die, or are removed, resurrected, or infused . . .well. . .as they are in each reading, and each one is different. . .like the endless imagination lane or orbit-around an orbit in an orbit — moon orbiting the earth orbiting the sun orbiting in the solar system in a galaxy that is probably in orbit, too, etc etc, and that to me is SO NOT ad infinitum ad nauseum but way cool. Readings are similar to my Stargazer Lilies blooming each year in a graden years back.  They always look the same, and they unfurl subtly differently, and I never found this repetitive gig boring.  Quite the contrary, I anticipated their brilliant golden glow every year, just like my purple Crocus noses popping up 1st to indicate Here Comes Spring!
All in all, I think about death more and more now that Mystereum is living, but that doesn’t worry me.  It simply indicates to me that I feel I have developed my imagination up to and maybe past the near-death intensities I experienced on mountains, grown a more expansive AND balanced sense of things, that I have gotten the inevitability of death to partner the power of its inevitability with the power of my imagination, and in that I will go out on a limb to say that whatever imagination is, THAT is what I find transcends death, and it can do it to infuse life in life in an every day kind of way. . .which is pretty much where my “Death As The Master Gardener” article in the Themed Personifications section of my blog came from.  It also has a lot to do with my,”Success and mastery are not effective when they lead to megolomania or egomania. Those are qualities of a dead-in-the-water life in motion.  Success and mastery are there to lead to further discovery.”  Further discovery ’cause I lived and was able to come off the top of the mountain alive and continue to discover? Possibly.  Possibly a masterful command of the obvious.  Like my Stargazer Lilies blooming. But, “Mastery leads to further discovery.” I rather like that one as much as I like my perennials blooming.  Another one of “When I listen to myself, literally hear the importance of what I say, I really tell myself what to do in a way that’s not too complex, and really more subtle.  Pretty much a masterful command of the obvious.” After creating the Mystereum Tarot card images, I began to more clearly experience a quality of decptive simplicity I have.  I began to say more with less, and maybe even talk a blue mile better. ;-D  These days I hope that blue mile is more of spinning an interesting yarn in my work that provides some welcome resonances with people.
To initially sum it up. Imagination and death from my mind are a 2-lane highway where death continually prune-preens chaff out of ideas, intuition, and creativity, and keeps the spce between them clean and flowing, like Psychic Feng Shui for your 4-charactered voice of idea, creativity, intuition, and the space between as my (functionally inter-related component parts description) of Imagination. Call imagination Feng Shui for the mind, the psyche.  Nice, psyche AS room. . .in the Sacred Temple of Your Mindbodybeautiful Self.  And, Imagination is just as present and inevitable as death, and I feel it may in fact transcend death.  With butt in the chair, time naturally drops out of the equation.  2 hours may feel like a whole day.  I feel and think/know that dilates when we create.  And, add the continued ability to be punctual to the mix, and you can create things on schedule.  That said, squinching my nose and chuckling, I only see it as prudent to be late to my own funeral.  I should go ahead and add myself to the guest list instead to really set that up. Bettin’ death doesn’t have a truant officer. ;-D
And, now, to round this all up, I will yin-yang-symbol it. Yin-yang-symbol as a verb. Think of the yin-yang symbol as a lush diagram of your whole imagination.  Imagination surrounds the black dot of the wormhole of death. Imagination surrounds the white dot of the wormhole of birth.  I couldn’t tell you which is the black paisley field or the white paisley field, though, because you can switch all those nouns and substitute death for imagination.  It works both ways.  Again, everything in everything. I feel this expresses the female, yin, creation concept of the completeness of living things + the male, yang, concept of perfectionism or finality in ongoing tuning and tailoring pretty nicely as a single totality working together. The bad guys wear white in chinese theatre. Here they mostly wear black. So, does that simply then make the ball of the earth itself the indication from the visual metaphor of the yin-yang symbol? Is the earth then its own symbol of self AS itself as the diagram of the supreme ultimate like with taijutsu’s expression of yin-yang? The earth is also a concretized and living form-diagram of Gaia.
Are you about to ask where The Wheel and The Magician are in the text?  I will suggest to read the cards for that part. There may be more there than these words. But, here’s a nudge:
~ How does Death Cycle Magic within and about for you?
~ Where are you going to drive on your Imagination Highway today?
Thanks for visiting!  Till next time. May Your Inner Divinity Be Stoked By Your Imagination!
Jupiter’s Blessings,
Jordan & The Land of Mystereum
All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard. Please be responsible and simply not an ass. When you utilize any of this information, cite your source.  Thanks in advance. When you do, expect a rockin’ smile.  If you don’t, watch out for trebuchets, the adult wrist rocket.

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Lucidity As Expressed In A Creation Story. Start To Finish With The Ace Of Swords!

Excerpt from The Ace of Swords in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Welcome to Swords!  This is the place within Mystereum for you to see and feel how your day to day and night to night communications cut right through.  Cut right through from your imagination like a living sprout bursting up into the sun.  And, you’ve met The Sun.  My does he shine brightly like YOU inside!  I’m like a single sunbeam.  He’s like all of your brightness.  So, let’s focus shall we?!!

I love sticking to the point and keeping things clear.  I feel ideas will just about stand up for themselves like sprouts bursting up.  And, remember, maybe when a sprout bursts up into the sun, it may not know where it is.  May not have met my brother The Ace of Wands.  No matter.  The sprout naturally placed itself.  That’s what I’d like to show you here.  I’d like to show you how naturally well-placed ideas cut right through when you are aware to notice detail.  Sometimes this occurs ESPECIALLY even when there is no certainty of placement.

I love meditating options objectively before taking my next logical step.  The Emperor came and gifted me that. I love identifying and understanding causes through feeling.  The Queen of Wands gifted me that.  I love trusting my inner, personal convictions.  Temperance taught me that.  I love cutting through the bull all the while protecting my privacy.  We can thank Mr. Chariot for roaring through my imagination with that one!  I learned my speed and agility in my cutting through from him.

Then something happened.  I had already been heated and cooled and rolled and hammered diligently and patiently for a long time.  I was annealed and then came the tempering.   I was a sword after all, tempering was something I wanted.  What happened is that I hesitated.  After all this work on me, I was held at my hottest point over brisk and cool water.  Fortunately my Sis the Ace of Cups had provided it all.  I was to be quenched, thrust at my hottest temperature into the cold water.  What if I cracked?  What if I. . .Let’s stop right there.

See how easy it is to build bad drama with worry?  I like thicker dramas than that.  Heck, I had been through all the other parts.  What was I worried about? Here’s what it was.  After all the hard work and all the studious efforts I was to be thrust into an unknown which made me who I am today!  So, like stepping onto the stage for the first time, IN I WENT HOT into the coldest of water pssssshhhhhhhzzzzssssssss!  Gota ll steamed up and NOT a crack anywhere.  In fact that may still be the most favorite speaking engagement I’ve had where I just went right in and was quenched.

So, after all this, what I’d like to tell you is that even when your steps are unsure, if you have been working hard and going step by step, AND have a positive feeling, even a positive unknown of a feeling, keep it up.  Sometimes, like with my quenching. . .that last 5% of the time felt like the OTHER 95% of the time.  The 2 of Wands taught me not to perceive many little things as one big thing.  I took that to heart in my quenching.  I decided to not let one new thing get missed.  And, here’s the catch.  I KNEW where that water came from.  It was good water from a good cup.  I took a risk, just like those sprouts bursting into the sun.  Keeps me sharp now, though.

Imagination Tools From The Ace of Swords:

  • I gift you the ability to cut to the chase, to the core idea.  Bet it’ll show you
    the way to sync up almost every time with the proper, sharply focused
  • I’d like you to make a gift of your own creation.
    • You’ve come a long way.  Hoping you’re enjoying Mystereum and your imagination tools,
      and especially your imagination. I’d like you to have your own quenching of
      sorts.  Pause.  As you move along, I would like you to use your imagination to
      come up with a gift for The Queen of Swords for when you meet her.  It’s all
      YOU!  Use your imagination!  She mentioned that it’s ok to jump ahead to get a
      sense of her first.  But, with your imagination, I would like you to present her
      a weightless gift from you imagination.  She has a vast collection of sharp
      ideas.  I’d like you to tell her one of yours.

(end of excerpt)

As a parting gift in celebration of World Tarot Day I would like to extend an Ace of Swords thought that may cut through some bull in regards to creativity and comms.  I feel there is a 4-charactered voice of Imagination.  It consists of idea, creativity, and intuition. What? You say that is only 3? Enliven the 3 with the idea that most groups are oftentimes n + 1 phenomena.  For those 3, introduce and INDUCE the space between ideas, creativity, and intuition to continually PRODUCE a cascade of actionable relationships between them as the 4th character of Imagination!  It is like neurological cascades through synapses for the effectiveness of your creativity in all your actions.

Till next time!

Jupiter’s Blessings,

Jordan and The Land of Mystereum



All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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And, The 2 Other Queens Play . . . In The World?

So, The High Priestess stepped into the parts of the Queen of Wands and Queen of Cups.  What about the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords?  So far we have seen the Majors playing roles in the Minors, and The Queen of Pentacles, such a perennial gardener with her care and interested attention that she showers on the home, the pleasure she gifts in nurturing her family . . . well, such a gardener as she is she not only naturalizes as honestly as nature with no bullpoopy to cycle the tempered and crisp directness to play as the Queen of Swords . . . she also lent her throne to Judgment to establish a multiple-way street of communication and exchange.  Note how her thrown unfurls as Judgment’s wing-herald, opening as the nascent and always waking resurrection present in the Judgment card.  Her throne, so very elegant and grounded, is sacred enough to her to gift flight to a seraphim?  The chicken and the egg of inner divinity present in mortality and divine immortality exchanging tools freely? Hmmm. . .

And, The Queen of Pentacles is a natural anima, a native and inner naturalizer for the Master Builder that is the King of Pentacles.

The Queen of Pentacles everpresently stabilizes The King of Wands from the inside for his  flawless wielding of his magnanimous energies.

And, then what have we here? 4 Pharaonic fraternal twin quadruplets? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes . . . The King of Cups royal counsel of the Queen of Pentacles evoked his way to naturalize with The High Priestess who emanates from his bicep? The King of Swords who hides in plain sight, a learn-ed gesture of the power of camouflage to blend in to one’s surroundings with absolute clarity while never losing sight of the point present in his identity? That is a confident gesture I must say.  Seamless.  His swords of mental communications SO in respect of nature that he becomes nature? Becomes THE ultimate natural communicator?  If so, I highly respect that.

4 Pharaonic fraternal twin quadruplets? Maybe not so odd. Does each of these Pharaoh Kings bring his core elemental value to bestow within each of the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West? OR, hmmm, maybe even AND, The 4 corners of the World ruled by the King of Pentacles with the counself of his 3 brothers? What does the The King of Cups rule with the counsel of his 3 brothers? What about The King of Wands with his brotherly counsel?  Are the 4 winds ruled by the King of Swords? Is the King of Swords the integration of all 4 Kings in one unified personality? Takes all 4 elements to make a sword.  Does it take all 4 Kings to make a King of Swords?  Does it take a trinity of Kings to magically integrate with one another to transformatively bring about the 4th?

And, there is Judgment’s wing with its gift of the unfurling herald blowing the divine horn for resurrection. The Queen of Pentacles throne, freed as its foundation is her garden itself, freed it takes flight.  The Queen of Pentacles bestows care across a variety of vital scales.  Much like her garden.  Where The Empress is Gaia herself, is the Queen of Pentacles the personal Gaia of your exquisite inner and outer garden?

Interestingly enough, I am now seeing the whole creation story retold in this cross-card vignette. The World in The Land of Mystereum will agree with a foundation as a garden itself bringing flight to a throne . . . as The World, its Portal of the Seamless Segue in its top-of-the-obelisk pyramid says, “I once overheard the Kings talking as they gazed out through my glass top. They knew they were in an obelisk looking up through the vanishing point at infinity of the top. ‘Here we see the infinite world of our next cycle. Here we see a powerful portal between worlds. Here is our connection to the afterlife.  With each joyful completion of a cycle we will see a glimpse of eternity. The pyramid is itself its own foundation, set on the sands of time.’ ”

In The World card whose Calla Lily Hands are those? High Priestess hands?  Is that the Ace of Swords World-size laurel in there? Whose feet are those? The 2 of Pentacles’ feet?

Enjoy the whole world present at whatever scale you focus in The Land of Mystereum, in your daily world.  Think of a cell. The earth. The universe.  If you shift focus and redirect scale, there is a whole world present in each one.  Wormhole your way between scales to practice moving between worlds? As simple as to refocus your gaze?  I would say scale is like a wormhole, and that the wormhole is present in more places than you might think.  Take the yin-yang symbol for example. So far into the light you POOF to the dark? So far into the dark you POOF to the light? I will simply say that the black spot is more than a beauty mark on the yin-yang.

Black and white or clear as mud?  It’s your world. It’s your call, and you have free long distance.

And, in closing the Queens all have a quality of natural leadership.  May they enhance your journey. May they guide you with your highest good in the world.

Until Next Time!
Jupiter’s Blessings,
All images and text (c)2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of the Priestess

The Presence of The High Priestess character in The Land of Mystereum

The High Priestess plays 10 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 10 very specifically different roles.  This came about from the amazing breadth and great deal of work I felt The High Priestess performs naturally in her role as the one who gives form to the formless.  Tha Magician sparked inception, whereas The High Priestess then form-gave conception.  It felt very natural to let the presence of the Priestess naturalize itself throughout these 9 perennial cards in The Land of Mystereum.

1. The High Priestess appearance.  As herself The High Priestess gives form to the formless connected to ground and sky, above and below? Conception. A visual story of an out-of-body experience or across-every-scale as a natural and total mode for this card.

2. The Empress appearance.  The High Priestess golden and pregnant connected not to ground and sky here, but to the two Empress Yoni-verse trees, carrying out the function she began in the completion of the task of The Empress’ “carrying to full term.”

3. The Temperance appearance. We see The High Priestess’ unconscious workings, the creature forces of the unconscious, brought forth into the light of day to layer in another dimension of vast connection.  The vast connection of above with below.  The vast connection of unconscious with conscious.  Temperance then as a metaphor for unconscious contents utilized naturally and consciously?

4. The Moon appearance.  The Priestess up close focuses on the drawing-down-the-moon ritual.

5. The 6 of Pentacles appearance, 2 of her.  The epic spiral of giving and receiving.  The Priestess sisters as two facets of her personality in more casual black and lavendar robe garb to continually spin-juggle Pentacle-worlds in this epic exchange.

6. The 6 of Wands appearance.  The Priestess, having drawn down the moon resonates from its other side to cascade an exchange of new energies down into your process.  Papesse? As, here The High Priestess is performing what is traditionally a Hierophant function of bringing spirit to the earth, yet in your Wands, in your Minor Arcana, in your everday life.  Present in the Minors is the Priestess exalting new qualities to enliven your down-to-earth spirit?

7. The Queen of Wands appearance.  Sees through mirage clearly and naturally.  Feels the full-on whole ‘nother world in a simple reflection.  Life inside the mirror, a whole ‘nother universe there?  Note, though, that the reflections here are not symmetrical reversing one another like in a traditional mirror.  Mirror mirror on the wall . . . with NO competition.  The Priestess plays this Queen with her mirror-magic of above and below, outside the mirror and at one and the same time within yourself.  The High Priestess focuses identity here to express a magical and clear nature in her energetic vision.  The High Priestess is wholly transformed here.  Suffice it to say, The Queen of Wands Gets ‘er done!

8. The Queen of Cups appearance.  And, in The Queen of Cups the Priestess fulfillingly emerges from her cup, fulfillment carried to full term?  She is akin to a living Nautilus in the sea of emotion present to brightly wash through like great weather.  Also, have you noticed the Calla Lily energy coming from her hands as she moves through these cards?  The Calla Lily.  One of the few asymmetrical flowers.  Beautiful.  SO stunningly beautiful a flower.

9. King of Cups appearance.  And, The High Priestess finishes her World Tour 2010 of The Land of Mystereum emerging as the emotionally infused strength emanating from the King of Cups’ bicep.  That goes places for me. More than Jungian anima, the female spirit within the male.  More a mindbodybeautiful strength present in this King.

Oh, and Lest We Miss Subtlety

Looking up from inside the obelisk, complete cycles, expansive, infinite

Looking up from inside the obelisk, complete cycles, expansive, infinite

10. The World appearance.  One of those hands up top in The World belongs to The High Priestess… and by the way, the other comes from Strength. Which is which?

Hope you have enjoyed this segment

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!  Till Next Time.

Jupiter’s Blessings,


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All images and text (c)2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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The Magician’s Message

And, I continue with the Mystereum Image Lineage series with the places The Magican appears:

The Magician of course, and as well the Page of Pentacles. . .

The Magician, the POOFer in The Land of Mystereum plays a part of inception, of 1st-sparking an idea.  Like with my concept of The Black Crucible of The Magician an idea may present as a shooting star across the big bowl of your night sky.  May play as an inspiration, magic of mind.  May play as a coolio quark kind of phenomena that 1st-sparks your ideation process for something.

The Magician present in the Page of Pentacles begins the Page of Pentacles thought-form of “Magical Spirit Moving” as a 3-word Magician~Hierophant~Chariot statement, one word gifted from each to turbo-read and form-give to the Page’s grounded new development that is in the works.

From your perspective of visual story, metaphor, archetype, and/or symbol, what do you feel The Magician is doing in this Page of Pentacles card?

Jupiter’s Blessings,


All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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The 3 Major Trees In The Land Of Mystereum

The Empress    The Hanged Man    The Emperor

A family?

The Yoniverse of the Empress’ tree.  Emanating from under the arched canopy of her naturalized forest garden.  Emanating with a golden and pregnant High Priestess .

The Hanged Man reflects his tree’s posture.  Hanged Man’s clarity AS one with nature? Natural inner nature of clarity?

The Emperor INside his horse-laid-down as tree.  Note the horseleg roots across the ground.  The sword and crown.  A statement of no need of weapons or crowns when going to inner places?  Judge your place with no implements of harm to Self?  Integrated armor simply being places of health and well-being?

The Empress’, The Hanged Man’s, & The Emperor’s trees. A Major Arcana clump of trees in an archetypal forest?

What do the 3 Trees In Mystereum say to you?

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

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The Birth-n-Death Perpetually Present In Death’s Garden

The Land of Mystereum Death card holds its 2-way flag in place,

A Birth-&-Death magic wand planted-placed in hand,

Each banner flag carries The Hermit,

Carries The Hermit as Death’s herald of lived cycles pondered,

The Hermit as herald of INsight resonating,

Resonating in and out from the left, from memory, memories past,

Cascading back and forth, ebbing and flowing from the right,

Dreams cascading, connected to fuel the present

In every birth-&-death a death. In every birth-&-death a breath.

Death as THE place where all time connects seamlessly . . .

The Hermit as THE place where a simple inner cloister

Provides an infinite interior World.

What are your thoughts on the double-Hermit herald aspect of this Death card?

All text and images (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.


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