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And, The 2 Other Queens Play . . . In The World?

So, The High Priestess stepped into the parts of the Queen of Wands and Queen of Cups.  What about the Queen of Pentacles and the Queen of Swords?  So far we have seen the Majors playing roles in the Minors, and The Queen of Pentacles, such a perennial gardener with her care and interested attention that she showers on the home, the pleasure she gifts in nurturing her family . . . well, such a gardener as she is she not only naturalizes as honestly as nature with no bullpoopy to cycle the tempered and crisp directness to play as the Queen of Swords . . . she also lent her throne to Judgment to establish a multiple-way street of communication and exchange.  Note how her thrown unfurls as Judgment’s wing-herald, opening as the nascent and always waking resurrection present in the Judgment card.  Her throne, so very elegant and grounded, is sacred enough to her to gift flight to a seraphim?  The chicken and the egg of inner divinity present in mortality and divine immortality exchanging tools freely? Hmmm. . .

And, The Queen of Pentacles is a natural anima, a native and inner naturalizer for the Master Builder that is the King of Pentacles.

The Queen of Pentacles everpresently stabilizes The King of Wands from the inside for his  flawless wielding of his magnanimous energies.

And, then what have we here? 4 Pharaonic fraternal twin quadruplets? If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes . . . The King of Cups royal counsel of the Queen of Pentacles evoked his way to naturalize with The High Priestess who emanates from his bicep? The King of Swords who hides in plain sight, a learn-ed gesture of the power of camouflage to blend in to one’s surroundings with absolute clarity while never losing sight of the point present in his identity? That is a confident gesture I must say.  Seamless.  His swords of mental communications SO in respect of nature that he becomes nature? Becomes THE ultimate natural communicator?  If so, I highly respect that.

4 Pharaonic fraternal twin quadruplets? Maybe not so odd. Does each of these Pharaoh Kings bring his core elemental value to bestow within each of the cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West? OR, hmmm, maybe even AND, The 4 corners of the World ruled by the King of Pentacles with the counself of his 3 brothers? What does the The King of Cups rule with the counsel of his 3 brothers? What about The King of Wands with his brotherly counsel?  Are the 4 winds ruled by the King of Swords? Is the King of Swords the integration of all 4 Kings in one unified personality? Takes all 4 elements to make a sword.  Does it take all 4 Kings to make a King of Swords?  Does it take a trinity of Kings to magically integrate with one another to transformatively bring about the 4th?

And, there is Judgment’s wing with its gift of the unfurling herald blowing the divine horn for resurrection. The Queen of Pentacles throne, freed as its foundation is her garden itself, freed it takes flight.  The Queen of Pentacles bestows care across a variety of vital scales.  Much like her garden.  Where The Empress is Gaia herself, is the Queen of Pentacles the personal Gaia of your exquisite inner and outer garden?

Interestingly enough, I am now seeing the whole creation story retold in this cross-card vignette. The World in The Land of Mystereum will agree with a foundation as a garden itself bringing flight to a throne . . . as The World, its Portal of the Seamless Segue in its top-of-the-obelisk pyramid says, “I once overheard the Kings talking as they gazed out through my glass top. They knew they were in an obelisk looking up through the vanishing point at infinity of the top. ‘Here we see the infinite world of our next cycle. Here we see a powerful portal between worlds. Here is our connection to the afterlife.  With each joyful completion of a cycle we will see a glimpse of eternity. The pyramid is itself its own foundation, set on the sands of time.’ ”

In The World card whose Calla Lily Hands are those? High Priestess hands?  Is that the Ace of Swords World-size laurel in there? Whose feet are those? The 2 of Pentacles’ feet?

Enjoy the whole world present at whatever scale you focus in The Land of Mystereum, in your daily world.  Think of a cell. The earth. The universe.  If you shift focus and redirect scale, there is a whole world present in each one.  Wormhole your way between scales to practice moving between worlds? As simple as to refocus your gaze?  I would say scale is like a wormhole, and that the wormhole is present in more places than you might think.  Take the yin-yang symbol for example. So far into the light you POOF to the dark? So far into the dark you POOF to the light? I will simply say that the black spot is more than a beauty mark on the yin-yang.

Black and white or clear as mud?  It’s your world. It’s your call, and you have free long distance.

And, in closing the Queens all have a quality of natural leadership.  May they enhance your journey. May they guide you with your highest good in the world.

Until Next Time!
Jupiter’s Blessings,
All images and text (c)2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of the Priestess

The Presence of The High Priestess character in The Land of Mystereum

The High Priestess plays 10 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 10 very specifically different roles.  This came about from the amazing breadth and great deal of work I felt The High Priestess performs naturally in her role as the one who gives form to the formless.  Tha Magician sparked inception, whereas The High Priestess then form-gave conception.  It felt very natural to let the presence of the Priestess naturalize itself throughout these 9 perennial cards in The Land of Mystereum.

1. The High Priestess appearance.  As herself The High Priestess gives form to the formless connected to ground and sky, above and below? Conception. A visual story of an out-of-body experience or across-every-scale as a natural and total mode for this card.

2. The Empress appearance.  The High Priestess golden and pregnant connected not to ground and sky here, but to the two Empress Yoni-verse trees, carrying out the function she began in the completion of the task of The Empress’ “carrying to full term.”

3. The Temperance appearance. We see The High Priestess’ unconscious workings, the creature forces of the unconscious, brought forth into the light of day to layer in another dimension of vast connection.  The vast connection of above with below.  The vast connection of unconscious with conscious.  Temperance then as a metaphor for unconscious contents utilized naturally and consciously?

4. The Moon appearance.  The Priestess up close focuses on the drawing-down-the-moon ritual.

5. The 6 of Pentacles appearance, 2 of her.  The epic spiral of giving and receiving.  The Priestess sisters as two facets of her personality in more casual black and lavendar robe garb to continually spin-juggle Pentacle-worlds in this epic exchange.

6. The 6 of Wands appearance.  The Priestess, having drawn down the moon resonates from its other side to cascade an exchange of new energies down into your process.  Papesse? As, here The High Priestess is performing what is traditionally a Hierophant function of bringing spirit to the earth, yet in your Wands, in your Minor Arcana, in your everday life.  Present in the Minors is the Priestess exalting new qualities to enliven your down-to-earth spirit?

7. The Queen of Wands appearance.  Sees through mirage clearly and naturally.  Feels the full-on whole ‘nother world in a simple reflection.  Life inside the mirror, a whole ‘nother universe there?  Note, though, that the reflections here are not symmetrical reversing one another like in a traditional mirror.  Mirror mirror on the wall . . . with NO competition.  The Priestess plays this Queen with her mirror-magic of above and below, outside the mirror and at one and the same time within yourself.  The High Priestess focuses identity here to express a magical and clear nature in her energetic vision.  The High Priestess is wholly transformed here.  Suffice it to say, The Queen of Wands Gets ‘er done!

8. The Queen of Cups appearance.  And, in The Queen of Cups the Priestess fulfillingly emerges from her cup, fulfillment carried to full term?  She is akin to a living Nautilus in the sea of emotion present to brightly wash through like great weather.  Also, have you noticed the Calla Lily energy coming from her hands as she moves through these cards?  The Calla Lily.  One of the few asymmetrical flowers.  Beautiful.  SO stunningly beautiful a flower.

9. King of Cups appearance.  And, The High Priestess finishes her World Tour 2010 of The Land of Mystereum emerging as the emotionally infused strength emanating from the King of Cups’ bicep.  That goes places for me. More than Jungian anima, the female spirit within the male.  More a mindbodybeautiful strength present in this King.

Oh, and Lest We Miss Subtlety

Looking up from inside the obelisk, complete cycles, expansive, infinite

Looking up from inside the obelisk, complete cycles, expansive, infinite

10. The World appearance.  One of those hands up top in The World belongs to The High Priestess… and by the way, the other comes from Strength. Which is which?

Hope you have enjoyed this segment

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of The Presence Of series where I show where the Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearances both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!  Till Next Time.

Jupiter’s Blessings,


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The Magician’s Message

And, I continue with the Mystereum Image Lineage series with the places The Magican appears:

The Magician of course, and as well the Page of Pentacles. . .

The Magician, the POOFer in The Land of Mystereum plays a part of inception, of 1st-sparking an idea.  Like with my concept of The Black Crucible of The Magician an idea may present as a shooting star across the big bowl of your night sky.  May play as an inspiration, magic of mind.  May play as a coolio quark kind of phenomena that 1st-sparks your ideation process for something.

The Magician present in the Page of Pentacles begins the Page of Pentacles thought-form of “Magical Spirit Moving” as a 3-word Magician~Hierophant~Chariot statement, one word gifted from each to turbo-read and form-give to the Page’s grounded new development that is in the works.

From your perspective of visual story, metaphor, archetype, and/or symbol, what do you feel The Magician is doing in this Page of Pentacles card?

Jupiter’s Blessings,


All images and text (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard


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