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The 3 Major Trees In The Land Of Mystereum

The Empress    The Hanged Man    The Emperor

A family?

The Yoniverse of the Empress’ tree.  Emanating from under the arched canopy of her naturalized forest garden.  Emanating with a golden and pregnant High Priestess .

The Hanged Man reflects his tree’s posture.  Hanged Man’s clarity AS one with nature? Natural inner nature of clarity?

The Emperor INside his horse-laid-down as tree.  Note the horseleg roots across the ground.  The sword and crown.  A statement of no need of weapons or crowns when going to inner places?  Judge your place with no implements of harm to Self?  Integrated armor simply being places of health and well-being?

The Empress’, The Hanged Man’s, & The Emperor’s trees. A Major Arcana clump of trees in an archetypal forest?

What do the 3 Trees In Mystereum say to you?

(c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard

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The Birth-n-Death Perpetually Present In Death’s Garden

The Land of Mystereum Death card holds its 2-way flag in place,

A Birth-&-Death magic wand planted-placed in hand,

Each banner flag carries The Hermit,

Carries The Hermit as Death’s herald of lived cycles pondered,

The Hermit as herald of INsight resonating,

Resonating in and out from the left, from memory, memories past,

Cascading back and forth, ebbing and flowing from the right,

Dreams cascading, connected to fuel the present

In every birth-&-death a death. In every birth-&-death a breath.

Death as THE place where all time connects seamlessly . . .

The Hermit as THE place where a simple inner cloister

Provides an infinite interior World.

What are your thoughts on the double-Hermit herald aspect of this Death card?

All text and images (c) 2010, 2011 Jordan Hoggard.


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