Mystereum Tarot Aces To Your Friday!

14 Sep

Aces to your Friday from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum!  Today I felt to gift you rockin’ Friday SALUTATIONS from the Aces like Charlotte from her World Weaving Web, and also a spread to raise your Cup to.

Salutations From The 4 Aces.  No, not the 4 Tenors.  The 4 Aces!

Your Ace of Cups raises its glass toasting, “Float!  Release!  Gift Your Awesomeness!

Your Ace of Wands chimes in, “Place small and Place WELL your awesomeness!”

Your Ace of Swords draws and points the way with,”LIFE-POLISH PEOPLE!  LIFE-POLISH!  You are both container and contained as you are both the polisher and the polished of your life.  LIFE-POLISH!  Here’s to LIFE-POLISH!  Keep those awesome, well-placed gifts ready to present!”

Your Ace of Pentacles steps forth embracing them all, giving everyone a place to stand in a big ole toasting circle, all raising, with, “May you nurture the natural treasure of your gifts!  Bone up!  Stand up!  Raise your glasses high to . . . Bone up and stand up and DELIVER your gifts!!

Experience The Ace of Swords’

in its full frontal telling of its creation story.


Happy Friday to Ya!!


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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