No Negativity? I Guess I Missed It. What Was That Again?

22 Mar

This Is Another Stick-Up, Inner Sanctum. Get Used To It.

Hands Up Where I Can See ‘Em!

Surrender … and skip to the exercise below for the baby and not the delivery

Surrender.  Give Up. Forget Ego.  Forget Self.  Forget yourself so you can show unconditional love.  What?!  W.T.F????  Did I hear that correctly?  Wait a second.  Does that mean YOU’RE picking up lunch?  Oh wait. Now, I remember.  I see the smoke and mirrors without the experience behind it, that half-baked stuff missing its up-front Loki.  Isn’t that type of thinking like someone only doling out only half of a koan?  At least make it half a scone.
If I remember correctly… yeah yeah tappity tap on the keyboard… No thanks, my memory isn’t stored on the Google Oracle or Wiki-this-or-that… and, if I can;t remember something, maybe that means it is a natural indication that it is falling together in a new way…

So, if I Remember in My Now-Correct Evolution of it Correctly

So, if I remember correctly, it was or would become… Hold on a sec as I first read this when I was 7 as my mom brilliantly made me into the first interactive audio book for what she was reading when we were on road trips… It was Zen Flesh, Zen Bones… Cool book!  Thought that then, and I remember at least that part of it, and the word Centering. what koan was that, the ONE that jumped out at me resonantly that day?…. That was a good drive.  When I went silent gazing out the window, she asked if all was ok as I had just stopped, one of those Silences that goes to 11.  “You stopped reading out loud.  Are you ok?”  (gazing bright-eyed yet calmer than ever…) “Yes, fine. I just already do this next one.”

Before I recount the memory… put the card captions together in order as a mini-story or short poem.  Of course you can change the order of the captions.  Heck, change the captions!  What would yours be for this card sequence?  Of course you can replace the cards, too, though please go sit at the small table — hint: it’s a lot more fun over there… like the Little Bus with food.

Koan number…

Oh, I have no clue what the koan I read actually said… I do recollect as I re-collect the experience that it was something like “84. Centering.”  I’ll go to the library to refresh it later this afternoon, and see what treasured takeaway it blesses me with currently. Though, in the interim it went something like… “When encountering another, forget Self. Hear and see as if through their eyes, rippling the pond only from their expression. No Self.  Center. The pond’s calm returns.  Remember Self.  Respond.”  Something like that
That’s GOTTA be the worst memory I’ve paraphrased EVER!  Oh, what’s that Mr. Mark Twain?  You say horseshit, that that’s a fine recollection as I re-collected the idea in my Idea Solar System?  Oh that’s RIGHT, you DID say “You cannot depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus.”  Thanks historical friend dood.  Imaginative memory?  Oh, not revisionist memory or irony or lies.  It is re-collecting rather than recollecting.  It’s sculpture made from rich Inner Booty Inner Earth clay.  Thanks for the glasses, Mark!  As a novelist I know often says  when asked whether something was true or not. “Oh, it’s certainly true the way it happened.  It’s just a lot more true the way I tell it.”

I Guess I missed It.  What Was It Again?

Oh, I guess I didn’t really get it… what to do when something goes wrong.  Somehow I missed the reason for blaming ourselves for things beyond our control with the directive-suggestion to “Change your negative thinking.”  I must have skipped class that day.  Really?  Like it’s all in my power to visualize better and better and then if something goes wrong I must have been doing it wrong, and it’s the fault… of my negative thinking?  Wait! They’re right!  It IS my fault.  It is ALWAYS my fault. I am just THAT powerful!!  lol  Then again, we each are that powerful with no lol after, and even more so when we lol while having fun together.

Change your negative thinking?

Change your negative thinking” to me is simply more Modern Renaissance High Church Self-Affirmation-then-hair-shirt-beat-yourself-up Bullpoopy from my perspective. Is it simply crowd control delegated to get people to nip at their own ankles, to hold their own grace hostage?

I suggest NOT to try and change your negative thinking.  Changing your negative thinking feels to be about as effective as trying to clean sewage into a good soup.  Where’s the exhaust pipe?  Step on it bayBEE!  Ahhh Inner Sanctum… Put your hands up where I can see ’em!  You better start getting used to it.  This is a stick-up!  Gotta empty your cup before it can be filled, huh?

But, WAIT! There’s More!

No, really. All that up there I just wrote is simply ground to support this simple figure of an exercise to take for a spin.

  • Before you fire an idea or a person or or or.  
  • Before you go into the societal erosion mode we are pretty much unconsciously supported by and trained to embrace.  
  • Try this… Plus something.  Plus it. What’s “plussing”? It is ONLY saying constructive things. It is seeing THROUGH the chaff to get the wheat… without mentioning the chaff.  
  • The FIRST thing you think about something… ESPECIALLY if it pisses you off might best be… “What treasure is hidden among these swine, and what part am I playing in… Ahhh, I see… SCREW THAT MIRROR… in fact I will BREAK that mirror into … not 7 years bad luck.  I will break the mirror into its multiple perspectives as they waft away like smoke revealing… the treasure takeaway!”  
  • Do that doggedly and selfishly in the first thing you THINK about something that gets your goat, causes you to WANT head butt… THEN 
  • With that as the selfish first thing you do which minds you of your own self-respecting boundaries… you may become strong enough to be gentle, and like a Silverback… forget yourself as…
  • …with the above as the first thing you THINK… the first thing you SAY can be expressed to embrace the priceless treasure you found inside… about someone else’s idea or expression. And, this is not speed chest with that slap-the-clock stuff. Find the rhythm of the expression. Express it.
  • Plus something. Plus it with plussing as a descriptive verb. In fact, pull the stonewalling invisi-ropes on your inner design team’s M.O. or your design team at work… watch how power flows then. Watch as the elegant smoke and mirrors, the houses of cards fall to…
  • Surprise yourself and try this. No negative comments. It’ll make the most practiced know-it-all a French mime mute… or concise if they can play that way.  You may also find the treasures people are protecting that enhance THEIR role… the treasures they are protecting from themselves so they can continue to miss themselves AS the key to freeing themselves from holding their grace hostage and shining more fruitfully THEIR way.

Try It

Try it. I dare you to explore only expressing potential benefits, positive qualities, and effective aspects of any idea presented in a group setting. And, there can be no punishment… because no exceptions to expressing an enhancement of or benefit to what is presented… no exceptions are allowed.

Try it. I dare you.

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  1. JJ

    March 22, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    And this is an idea that runs through your entire deck–one of the reasons it is different! I was quite surprised at the gentle way this meanders through the Minor Arcana. Surprised and rather heartened actually.

    • mystereum

      March 22, 2013 at 6:44 pm

      That adds a bright star in my day, JJ, to get a postcard so to speak like that back from the Mystereum Minors from their not-minimized mode of being. Thank You.


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