Wednesday Tarot Treasure Mid-Week Warm-Up

29 Aug
Wednesday Tarot Treasure Mid-Week Warm-Up

Following up on Monday’s Mystereum Tarot Mayhem blog, Wednesdays are for a mid-week mini-workshop for warming up when you are already into your week. Nothing to sign up for or schedule.  I simply provide you with a 5-card exercise to warm up your humor juices at speed in your week. Wednesday as hump day?  Neh, Wednesdays are for the higher octave of laughter, so life won’t be a string of Thursdays, or Sisyphus Wednesdays.  It’s hard to be too in your head when you’re laughing.

So, here is a great technique for showing yourself your own healthy, integrated, preventative armor that requires no maintenance. Humor AS a warm-up reading exercise:

  • to use humor to warm up prior to your readings
  • to get surfing on your celestial groove with humor.  Humor’s shinier than steel.
  • great exercise if you have a hard time saying “no” as a way to get past the silent and unsaid “no” by higher octaving your ability to say no FULLY to someone or something by stepping PAST your first reaction to get to a 1st and more evolved response with humor . . . as I feel that responding to things that getcha with humor often blooms gifts that were about to be missed.  Laughter is the shortest distance between people. ~ Victor Borge
  • Warming up is good for your muscles before exercise.  Warm up for your readings.  You don’t want to pull a psychic muscle or feel the Rx of not being warmed up fully. Let your smiles and laughter fill up and flesh out your tanks.
  • to directly experience how humor can be fun and very healthy, and even experience the health of being able to smilingly say, “I don’t believe you” as easily as The Queen of Swords does.
  • to use humor to find your own natural leadership like the Queens have.  They are certainly not bores, huh?

What do you see in a tree?

So, if you are similar to me and a lot of other Tarot readers, sometimes we see and read things in simple images, in a tree, in a group of people.  Well, when I made up this technique I felt what the heck, I woke up on the bright side today. . . Why not read the 1st 5 spams in my spam email folder?  They’re free.  I am pretty sure they will be there.  And, if this gives get me the opportunity to more earnestly search for buried treasure and misplaced emails in my spam folder.  Heck that crapola from Nigeria that occasionally shows up . . . Why not read the 1st 5 things I see when I open my Spam folder?  And, this technique was born!  I am doing this each Monday and Wednesday, so sign up and follow along . . . share, Tweet, and fly back around for some (hopefully) laughs.

Laughs are like geodes.  They open you up to the treasure of your Inner Inheritances.

Reading Spam Email As Warm-up With Humor.  Treasure buried in your spam? Sure!

I know from years of physical training that warming up and practice can often be taken way too seriously while one is doing it, and then you’re already tired of serious when it’s time to get serious.  Sometimes making too much of the same bores the dickens out of the expansion of warming up. When, simply turning up the music and naturally doing your activity casually safely warms up your suspension be it physical or psychic.

Do you get all serious when you throw a frisbee or watch a kite flying, or watch the waves at the beach?  Not many people will stare at a tennis court, though even non-surfers will watch the waves.  Even if you do, isn’t your staring a seriousness expanding at the level of a Magician’s full-on focus?  Magic?  Leads to expert skill in play, I say.

A Wednesday Warm-Up? A Scenic Overlook Segue In Your Week With Spam

Consider this a restful scenic overlook on the trip of your week, a place to laugh.  It’s a great place to stretch before getting back in there to ride out your week strongly.  Read the 1st 5 spams in your spam email folder.  You don’t need to actually read them, as opening them is sometimes not so safe, and certainly don’t click anything in there if you do.

Use the spam title as your inquiry topic, and the snippet of the first several words you see on the spam email subject line AS your inquiry.  Simple.  Title as card inquiry topic. Subject line AS your inquiry.  From my perspective I was probably going to say NO flat out if I even spent the time in the first place before clicking the flush of Delete.  I have new clients all the time, though, so a focused scan in my Spam before it’s trashola is a daily task.  So, I was already going to say “no”, and Tarot is probably not going to change my mind about spam email merit, BUT it can certainly flesh out some good laughs to prime the pumper before I happily and dramatically click DELETE TRASHOLA FOREVER, and OH YES I am really sure, with a grin on my face that washes them away in the next moment forever often cracking open the geode of treasure in the next thing I do..

Take the time to make laughter

Laughter sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.

Here’s your Mid-Week Tarot Warm-Up! Stretch, & then get back on it fresh! 

My reading of the 1st five spam emails that were in my spam folder this morning.

  • Use your own spams or the 1st 5 things you see where you are reading this as a warm-up exercise
  • Use the Spam FROM or title as the topic of your inquiry
  • Use the Subject Line snippet AS your inquiry
  • Draw a card for each, and let the humor rip!
  • This is a great way to explore the natural leadership present in the Queens that is present in YOU.  Discover the Inner Inheritances of yourself as geode with your imagination.  No need to crack yourself open. Pump up your humor to discover and amp and prime your celestial groove more vibrantly!

5-Card Warm-Up Exercise.  Spam to Geode to HUMOR TREASURE!

Spam Card 1 ~ Solar Savings America. Save money from one day with solar.

XV The Devil

  • The Devil indicates earthly desires rising in you. Mind that such feelings are nothing to fear, be ashamed of, or avoid so long as you are compassionate with yourself. Inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses. It is indicated that your expectations can be blind spots OR magical and invisible connections between things. It is also indicated to be mindful of your intensities. Your tethers are loose at this time. Don’t let your intensities take you by surprise as you use the greater mobility. Earthly desires can light you up and inspire you and make you feel great! Unrequited anything may be hurtful. Abolish your toxins of fear and you may very well feel the purity of your desires. Ambitions you have may be frightening and dangerous, but feel how they can be less frightening and dangerous than the subtle decay present if your hands are idle. This is a strong time to start learning how it feels to be honest and alive inside and out!
  • So, to get the earthly desire goody out of this I only have to use it for one day?
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = I think the heat of The Devil might be more fun to play with than this solar saving hoopy.  My inquiry was wrong.  I much prefer the card instead.  THANKS!  ‘m glad I asked the wrong question!

Spam Card 2 ~ Belly Fat Free. 4 foods that kill fat and 7 food chemicals that cause it.

Knight of Pentacles

  • The Knight of Pentacles indicates bringing earthbound goals into being. Here is your place of consistently and steadily applying your highest aspects and working diligently and full-on feeling your task AS the meaning. Being very present with your actions at this time. Reasons may go wonderfully missing while you are getting things done. Have a spirited and active ball with your mundane, every day devotions!
  • So, I have to be honest that I first read “my inquiry topic” as Jelly Fat Free.  Like fat free jelly, and thought *where’s the fun in THAT?!!* 4 food that kill fat?? Well, my Knight of Pentacles knows my lipid quantities are probably all the same, though they may swell and shrink?  This Knight is not afraid to keep on moving without any other reason than he does.  The 7 food chemicals that cause it? More of this crap?  WhatEV.  I tend to know where my food comes from, so . . . it’s still food instead of wondering what percentage of my food is food and what percentage of my food is not food.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = Velveeta says “Food Product” I think.  Well, if you have to tell me that  . . .  though, it DOES make GREAT queso!  Thanks for focusing me on my belly.  Now where are those chips to full-on spoon this queso IN MA BELLY?!!

Spam Card 3 ~ Timeshare Resorts.  Curious about your options to sell your Timeshare?

Ace of Wands

  • The Ace of Wands indicates new life and making place. Setting a sacred staff or blessing your home with a ritual, say a sage ritual, can also be indicated in re-making place where you already are. Clear so you provide the strong new energies a more prominent home. There is also courage in the act of placement, the creativity in the placement itself, and the enthusiastic energy you create and bring in to in newly made places. Celebrate your flow as you increase the power of its force!
  • So, it is indicated since I don’t own real estate, maybe I will do well to look into it.  OH, I had a coaching session yesterday, and lo and behold . . . I still don’t own property, though I am planning to sooner than I know.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = What’s up with this Timeshare BS?!!  How did I get on this list?!!  OH!  A whole reSORT?!!  Csn the Ace of Wands introduce me to his Empress and Emperor who hires him to make place?

Spam Card 4 ~ Mary.  The video about mind control trick to use some girl.

7 of Swords

  • The 7 of Swords indicates sneaky & devious & sly & stealthy most probably hiding right in plain sight. Also indicated is to look at things differently, pause, and outwardly expand through blind spots that you are letting actively deceive you! Mirror them and play along. Hide in plain sight, too, as you begin to move through them! It is indicated that you are not as exposed as you feel.
  • So, actually the trick is on me if I click.  Some girl is waiting with her index finger on the mouse to BAMMMM click if I do.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = Your evil sneaky plan did not work on me Spam Author Person.  MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA

Spam Card 5 ~ Trade Magazines (2). iPhone Survival Kit.

XVII The Star

  • The Star indicates continually finding your cosmic groove and going for it! Eternal hope in the diamond-like seat of your mind-body-beautiful is indicated to be sparkling brightly! The Star card indicates the immutable and vibrant presence of your memories, your hope, and your knowledge. The Star encourages you to shift your focus and re-direct your scale without moving the gaze upon your focus. Even the smallest star provides a glimmer of hope. This is a bright time for feeling your possibilities expanding!
  • Wow, I thought an Everest Survival Kit was a necessity.  Glad I saw this today, though, before I went out and bought it.  I really need to learn how to survive that iPhone before I hit Everest.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = ??? I don’t have an iPhone!  How did you trick me into reading this card as if I did??!!!  The Star.  Maybe iPhone wants to offer me corporate sponsorship.  I promise I will wear your T-shirt every time I write this blog to keep me warm so I survive.

Enjoy playing With Your Spam.  You may CREATE some Geodes!

the Forgetting Is For Getting Laughter Warm-up technique from the mini-workshop presented here! 

Magical Blessings to this technique further opening up you up to your celestial groove so you powerfully bring more YOU to the table as enliven your Tarot readings in just your way!

And, Oh!

I’ve decided that as a service offering, I am going to leave the eReading Tarot For Tips donation button up on my website, and keep doing them for a while!  A one day offering on a spur of the minute thought really didn’t feel to spread the love very far. So, get your Tarot For Tips eReading at your convenience. It’s my way of giving back until I find some local volunteer work.

Happy Wednesday.  Laugh ON!  Laugh OM!  Feel it in a great week!


All images and text (c)2010, 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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