Mystereum Tuesday Tarot Taring Triggers

28 Aug
Mystereum Tuesday Tarot Taring Triggers

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum provides Imagination Tools, one at least from each card, many gift you several after their character speaks in the 192-page Imagination Primer deck companion book.  These Imagination Tools have been described as psychic triggers ~ psychic triggers as catalysts for imaginative ideation with the feelingsense of Mystereum card characters to assist you to gain further clarity into your situation through your Tarot inquiry through The Land of Mystereum.

So, today let’s play a short Imagination Tool game I call Tuesday Taring the Scale. It is simple.  It is a technique to keep in your back pocket for those interesting times when a couple or more cards synchromesh into the leading edge of a single card. I don’t suggest forcing the technique on a reading. Though, it certainly comes in handy at those times when a reading feels like reducing the simplest of fractions and two cards magically mix like one of them becomes the heartbeat of the other ~ such as when you arrive at the fraction 4/1 and it reduces to 4, or 2/4 reduces to 1/2 or 0.5.

Imagine Psychic Triggers Called Imagination Tools

This technique came to mind when I pulled a couple of cards yesterday evening, AND these two cards were also wisely spoken to by a Samurai warrior woman Tomoe Gozen in the series Riverworld that I had just begun trying out.  Honestly she was more like a sexy Kunoichi (female Ninja pronounced ku – no – ichi, ku no- eKuy) or strong Southern woman as she kept her lineage hidden for a great while ~ or like any of you Girruls who’ve got your act together YOUR WAY — until with a slight and wry grin she responded to a scrambling and panic’d question calmly saying, “Too many questions obscure the path.  Never allow the delusion of self doubt to cloud your vision.”  Her first statement off the bat AFTER she outs herself as a warrior and not play the the light saffron robed nun anymore is “I am Tomoe Gozen! Swordswoman of the Minamoto Clan! Champion, consort, and War-Captain to Kisoe Yoshinaka! I bow to no man!” She’s HAWT!  Both personlities seamlessly synchromesh in her character like the 6 of Cups can heartbeat into the Ace of Cups.

From my perspective one most often makes realizations

of these kinds at this level during heated battle where intense urgency is present, when under deadline on a project, or in a Calgon Take Me Away Moment in an essential oil bath or in a massage therapy session . . . though I have to admit that at the massage session, I FINALLY stopped working and describing.  My massage therapist is thankful I don’t parry-dance with her anymore unconsciously matching her every move which defeats the point, and my body is even more thankful, or less.  However it works so that the massage has greater effects.  Lol.

The cards for today’s Tuesday Taring the Scale 

are the 6 of Cups and the Ace of Cups in that order.  When I pulled the 6 of Cups there was a clean exchange feeling cascading forward, one of those “this feels clear enough and wise enough in itself that let’s pull another card for this one to disappear in to.”  Ever had that feeling?

When I pulled the Ace of Cups the Taring the Scale exercise immediately set into full boat play, which is interesting as it’s full boat play is like a simple fraction. It reduces and is DONE!  Operation complete in a single stroke.  Like the poetic verse of an iaido quick-draw minus the blood-wiping part.  Though this was more a very fresh-gurgling-stream-discovered kind of Water-y and not so (wipe the throat-usurping blood off in a movie) Blade-y.

6 of Cups Taring the Scale to become the heartbeat of the Ace of Cups

. . . and the statement that I instantly read was, “an epic exchange banes well for a fresh start midstream.  Enjoy your 2nd wind!”  This goes ROCKIN’ly WELL with Tomoe Gozen’s “Too many questions obscure the path.  Never allow the delusion of self doubt to cloud your vision.”

That was quick. Miss it? Scrolling back and downshifting to frame by frame

Though too much explanation can cloud the path just as much as too many questions, and that’s often simply how I roll ~ always complete, never finished, worlds in an instant ~ all similar, each unique. From in between the frames here are your Imagination Tools for today’s cards:

6 of Cups ~ Imagination Tool ~ We gift you a tool of a balanced and refreshed place to explore and exchange portions of your ideas.  Remember the weightlessness of your ideas and tools.  You can fill and exchange a lot here with just the right amount of effort.

Ace of Cups ~ Imagination Tool ~ I gift you bright eyes to trust and flow through your ideas. Bright eyes and wide, ear to ear grins. They present fresh things that rejuvenate things you already have. You may already know this.  Imagination Tool ~ Smile when you feel fresh ideas at play in your imagination.  Begin to express them.

And when I express the synchromesh of the dovetail of my Taring the Scale expressions this way they feel to become

And, the poetic synchromesh of the Tared Scale from Imagination Tool triggers

An epic and fulfilling exchange banes well for a fresh start midstream.

As both container and contained, the cup and the water self-same, enjoy your 2nd wind from this and after!

Too many questions obscure the path.

Never allow the delusion of self doubt to cloud your vision.

An epic and fulfilling exchange banes well for a fresh start midstream.  Enjoy your 2nd wind!


Thanks Tomoe Gozen!  And, thanks 6 of Cups and Ace of Cups!

 How do YOU feelingsense the 6 of Cups and Ace of Cups in your life?

“Trust is different than hope. Don’t smoke hope. Trust. Then, act.  Sometimes action in and of itself is the ultimate trust . . . in yourself” ~Jordan Hoggard

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