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Tarot Tarot. Full Frontal Friday Tarot Time In Mystereum

Tarot Tarot. Full Frontal Friday Tarot Time In Mystereum

It’s Full Frontal Friday in The Land of Mystereum!  What happens when cards have a head-on collision, or you have a whiz-bang POW kind of short thought where it’s all right in there? Is it total destruction?  . . . that has the potential to catalyze you with its explosive energy and inspire another new thing altogether?

Make Invigorating Mind Movies With Your Cards & Thoughts

Think about the movie The 300.  There is the early scene about King Leonitas and the wolf and the winter cold.  Leonitas slowly and steadily backs into a crack of a cave, and as the wolf charges BAM he zap-plunges his staff . . . and arrives back to Sparta heralding his Self-leadership proving himself as the new king in a new fur coat certainly not bought at Macy’s with his allowance, begotten by his bold and courageous focused action. And, in the end, the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonitas revisits that one act from early in his life with the wolf and the winter cold.  The wolf and the winter cold functions as his whole strategy against Xerxes’ wolf of a much larger army as Leonitas dispatches most of his army home to remain with 300 of his men in one of the most famous last stands ever.  The seed of his early experience with the wolf and the winter cold evolves into his method of organizing his whole scene, and a whole army.  Is this not like cards coming together in an imaginatively actionable way?  One small, though potently memorable scene from before becomes a fully developed and orchestrated plan for King Leonitas in the Pass at Thermopylae. . . Plus, there’s an amazing love scene between King Leonitas and Queen Gorgo. Actually, it’s better than that. It’s a full frontal bold YEAH kind of scene. SPICY BayBEEEEE!  SPICY SCENE!!

Downshift Into The Turn. Rocket Yourself As You Stick Through It With Presence

Let’s get Full Frontal Friday Tarot serious here and layer in a tongue-in-cheek video.  Sorry, no war here, just a sneaky Newsman.  You’ll NEVER guess what he got into the news.  WOW, Tarot?  Oh YEAH!!

Notice how The Newsman looks around before saying “Tarot.”  GO NEWSMAN!!

Full Frontal Friday Flank The Chariot with these cards

Experience The Ace of Swords’ in its full frontal telling of its creation story directly from its perspective.

  • What subtlety of a Mind Movie kind of Scene-Statement brings a higher octave, higher octane evolution-fuel to ALL of your actions?
  • How is Tarot a portal to YOUR amazing 4-letter words out in the open?  Poetry?
  • STILL can’t believe he snuck that in there, and all in under a minute. He should get an award! GO NEWSMAN!!

Full Frontal Tarot Friday ideas!

  • The Chariot as an Audi R8 turtle ~ a high performance Knight carrying all he needs, a high performance tortoise secure in his high performance Chariot shell performing like a finely tuned hare!
  • “Intention is over-rated.  It is simply far more important the way something comes across.” (c)1993 Jordan Hoggard
  • All of your integrity and responsibility is present in that last statement huh?!! ~ No need to talk about integrity and responsibility is there if it is truly all present and infused into your actions.  People will feel their magnetic orbits around you.  All of your good and gritty gear-head tuning will show up clean and polished and VROOMMMMing in your actions as they naturally come across through the road-trip-track of the journey of your life when . . . it’s important the way it comes across works for YOU in YOUR way!

Does Full Frontal Friday Tarot Birth An Evolution For You?

Does Full Frontal Friday Tarot birth an evolution for you of a higher octave and very effectively iterated new version of how one of your ideas comes across?  Does it make something else entirely?  Can you apply that throughout your process today like a Hawaiian shirt for a day just for fun to see if it does?

Here’s A Full Frontal Friday Tarot Question For You

How does your presence in actions go well beyond your spoken words?

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Rockin’ness to Your Full Frontal Friday.

VROOM your day steering yourself with your feet into the centrifugal stick of the turns.  And, VROOM it on in to your weekend and beyond!

Intention is over-rated.  How does yours come across?


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard.

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard, and as noted.

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