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Tarot. Lammas. Pentacles. A Magnetic Fruit


to this Tarothoppin’ segment from Tarot by Arwen’s blog along your Lammas TarotBlogHop dance of Pentacles: The Fruits of Harvest.

And, thinking about Pentacles and the fruits of harvest . . . a magnetic fruit came to me . . .

A Solid Big Fruit

As I sit here in my desert Oasis in New Mexico, USA thinking about Lammas and harvest, the fruits of harvest, Pentacles, Pentacles: The Fruits of the Harvest, I forget my oasis on my deck above my courtyard where I am shaded under my apple tree. . .
Yes, the tree is heavy with fruit, as is the pear tree near,
yet another idea wants to come through, a different kind of clear idea,
a different Pentacle, a differerent kind of fruits of the harvest . . .
and my mind wanders off into the imagined desert outside the city-oasis, as the apple tree shades me,
and I look up at all the apples.

I imagine

that the desert may be the ultimate reaper, always reaping, though I also imagine a field of harvesters harvesting in the bean fields that used to be right here, and a feast afterwards, and that is when I felt it, a different fruit of the harvest, a magnetic one!
This fruit danced its way into being as the heart of a solid idea, solidly birthing its qualities, and moreso renewing an awareness, a primary awareness of thanks for the harvest . . . and of something larger.

You see,

a whole apple tree of potentiality lives in the apple seed. In a field of barley the ancient Egyptians felt living sustenance, which by the way feeds in to their hieroglyph for “Fabric”.  The “fabric” hieroglyph is 4 pairs of barley stalks, 4 pairs of barley stalks leaning together in pairs all on common ground. . .like the 4-pillared golden symbol below this Knight . . .

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

And, therein is the solidly magnetic idea that renews my awareness, that draws me in another direction of fruit harvested.  The magical twilight of the space between each of us that bring any two or more of us into relationship . . . is MAGNETIZED BY THE HARVEST to bring together and enhance and strengthen the magnetic and solid fruits of the harvest that are us in . . . COMMUNITY!!!


is solidly magnetized by the harvest to be present and visible, resonating fully during the harvest.  Like the visual story of meaning living in any hieroglyph like the whole apple tree present in the inner infinity of potentiality of the seed . . . Like the visual story of meaning living in the hieroglyph for “fabric” is magnetized by the harvest to gather together community . . . Communities are Pentacles-level solid fruits magnetized together by the harvest.
A community and the harvest inner-outer mirror one another.  Inner-outer mirroring?  Inner-outer mirroring and the always ripe number 9, and 9 of Pentacles come to mind for a coming harvest feast’s sweet dessert.
So, as you hop through fruits of the harvest with Pentacles in mind, enjoy this video about literal inner-outer mirroring with the 9 of Pentacles.
Enjoy the solid magnet-mirror living within the 9 of Pentacles.  Best to it folding over into the solid fruits of your harvest in your community of self, with others, with Nature!
Hop back by any time you have a Tarot appetite and want an impromptu feast.  TarotBlogHop along next to Joanna Ong’s TarotBlogHop blog!
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(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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