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Tarot And The Spider

Tarot . . . And The Spider Is The Mother Of The Universe

Couple The Mother of the Universe of the spider with The Empress and Mama Gaia, that from which all emanates, and maybe it’s The Yoniverse.

Spider energy is much about the predominant expressions of magic:

  • magic and energy of creation
  • assertiveness of the force of creation
  • spiral energy linking past and future in the present

Credit and (c)1993-2008 for the 3 points above goes to Ted Andrews in his Animal Speak book published by Llewellyn.  May he R.I.P.

3 Predominant Expressions Of Magic?

I would call the spiral energy the perpetual present with its own inner customs agent of the horizon all around linking it to past and future.  Is past memory? Is future dream?  If we remove the hinge pins of time from the equation, memories and dreams can orbit with one another weightlessly in mind, and are of the same family.  They are not the same, though very very similar.  They are an integral feature of our Idea Solar System as put forth in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

I feel that the assertiveness of the force of creation and the magic of energy and creation, though potentially distinct, are as well facets of Nature’s personality, the personality of any Place Of Creation.  It is not that I take issue with Ted’s presentation of the 3, I simply feel they work so well together that I would bullet-point them as a single expression.  And, I would add:

  • making decisions as doing so directs and orchestrates the momentum of things which tends to magnetize them to their aim, or intent or intention to manifest something.
  • clarity of focus as it tends to open up portals of vision, and clarity of vision is pretty dang magical.

Magic is a lot like Psychic Synapses Between And Around Your Cards

Yesterday I presented a technique about how to get living connective tissue to bridge between cards and connect them more lucidly in your Idea Solar System when reading Tarot cards.  Today I will let the technique flow outwardly to gift you another technique: The Blooming Card Technique.  I am a gardener, so I’m a geek for this kind of stuff, just love it! — click for the free 13-card Death As The Master Gardener Tarot Spread in a Powerpoint. Hint, it’s waaaaayyyyy at the end of the article.

So, today I will show you my Blooming Card Technique.  I find it to be a rockin’ ally in those readings where a card is really standing out in ways that aren’t making me so sure I trust my reading of it.  I came up with the technique because just like us, sometimes cards really transcend and stand for a soliloquy in ways that spread their magic across the garden like a blooming flower.

The Blooming Card Technique

When you receive a card that shines in wholly new ways, and you are both surprised AND want to hear it out AND to not want to minimize the gift it is shining to you . . . try this . . .

Give the card a little breathing room as you meditate on its wonderfully new message in all its glory AND unfold the petals of its past and future.  Visualize or literally pull the card that comes before it in the deck, and the card that comes after.  So, if you get the 3 of Swords, for example, unfurl its past petal of the 2 of Swords and its future petal of the 4 of Swords.  This will rarely minimize the effect the card is having.  Remember, I’m a geek for gardening.  Rather, it will serve to give further strength to the card’s newfound message by amending the soil around it, give it clearer context to spread its bloom.

Blooming A Tarot Card In Action

So, I’ll pull a card.  I pulled The Queen of Pentacles.  Perfect for this is acceptable. lol The cards do that, huh?

So, let’s say I am SO resonantly astounded by what this card has to say in a reading that I want to Bloom it. I will visualize the card before it in the deck, and the card after it.  Easy on this one.  I will unfurl the card-petal of The Knight of Pentacles coming right before it, and The King of Pentacles coming right after it.

If you are working with an Ace of any suit, take a bit of time to order the suits from your most preferred to least preferred, or if you are like me, I like ’em all for different reasons.  I am very Wand-y, and for example, I order them Wands, Cups, Pentacles, Swords as I am very Wand-y, sometimes windy, and I feel it takes all the other elements to make a Sword.  So, order your suits, and then you can know which King will come before your Ace, and as well which Ace will come after a King.  Though, if you are working with a card in your 1st suit, you might drop back from the Ace to The World in the Majors, and to The Fool if you have a King that is from your last suit.  Ok, ok, where’s the damn picture of the card Bloomed with its card-petals either side?  Here ’tis. Here’s an example.

If you are working with the Majors, you can go from The World forward to The Fool, or back from The Fool to The World OR make a choice using your suit orders.  Go back from The Fool into your 4th suit, and forward from The World into your 1st suit.  And, both if that suits you.

I also like to look at the card you are focused on as my hands embracing in Namaste in the garden with my hands together as a flower bud, and as I unfurl my flower-petal-hands to open palms up the before and after cards appear in my hands and the focus card is the flower’s center.

Best to The Blooming Card Technique unfurling a new bloom in your Tarot Garden reading repertoire.  Have fun, there’s often expert skill in it!

Best to this Blooming Card exercise doing some bright blooming of your card(s) for you to enhance the Inner State Highway of your readings.  What do YOU see and feel when you bloom a Tarot card or cards?

Oh! There are only 4

Empress side of Hanged Man~Empress talisman

Mystereum Tarot copper Birth Card talisman pendants left at .  The 4 left are SOLD OUT.

  • Hanged Man ~ Empress
  • Death ~ Emperor
  • Tower ~ Chariot
  • Fool ~ Wheel .  This one’s of course not a Birth Card pair, was simply a cool meditative combo when I made them.

Once they’re gone, their magic is on its journey elsewhere.  Get yours while you can. UPDATE. SOLD OUT.

And, here is the featured Mystereum Tarot Moment video.  The Empress felt right for the Spider and the Yoniverse.  And, since she’s a 3, here’s an article on Form-Giving Identity with the Tarot 3’s Birth Cards.  Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.

Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous, and Tarot is more fun, anyway. 😉

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Tarot Spaces Between Your Notes

Tarot Spaces Between Your Notes. Notes As Your Cards

There is the 4-charactered voice of the Universe.  A  U  M,  and then the Silence between them and all around and within them.  You will also see this as a whole world of an one identity of the All as OM.

There is also what I find to be a 4-charactered voice of Imagination.  Idea  Creativity  Intuition, and then the bridges of Psychic Synapse spaces between them that bring them into relationship with one another, and as well serve to emphasize each of their identities.  To enhance, to reinforce, to strengthen these identities, let’s look at the spaces between them.

Psychic Synapses Between Your Cards

Let’s pull 3 cards and look at the spaces between them.  This may enhance the way you merge cards together into the creative traffic in your Idea Solar System?  Wait!  What’s an Idea Solar System?  It is a concept in the Land of Mystereum dealing with the natural orbits of your ideas, how they weightlessly move in mind and into and as your work.   Look at each card as a snapshot of a whole world in motion.  Simply, look at each card as a verb and itself a whole place of creation, a sanctuary of Inner State Highways speaking from the relationships born of the spaces between the cards.

What do you discover to enhance your Tarot reading style with the spaces between the cards? How does this enhance and reinforce and strengthen your Idea Solar System? 

I have been doing what I call Turbo Readings for some time now.  It’s a great way to get a landscape level overview of your reading, and it is great to see others coming up with and playing with it on their own in Make A Sentence From The Cards exercises abounding recently.  I came up with the idea on my own, as I gather many others have as well when they begin to see the cards more immediately.  Be mindful of deceptive simplicity.  Simply because a reading is quick does not mean it does not have depth.  Some of the best readings are as clear as speaking with a friend, and Tarot is certainly a friend of mine.

Turbo Reading The Spaces Between Your Tarot Cards

I drew these 3 cards to step on the gas with this Space Between Exercise: 3 of Swords ~ 5 of Pentacles ~ 6 of Swords

First off, I will Turbo Read the cards themselves, then Turbo Read the spaces between them.  Look at the spaces between as bridges, as living and silent connective tissues.  The space between can also be a metaphor for your influence and presence going well beyond your spoken words.

Turbo Reading 3 of Swords, 5 of Pentacles, 6 of Swords.

Your emotional refraction/distortion is playing with your brightness that is missed yet in plain sight.  You have everything you need.  No need to reach for more.  Clearly communicate your emotions mindfully TO solidly lord over any trouble TO find the mindfulness present in the tools of your touch.  Is there simply something outside of you that you reach for that is really extraneous to what you need to see in your situation?

I will go so far as to put these 3 cards in an alchemical crucible with some rosemary and lavendar.  Heating them up together, the card they feel to indicate is a hesitant Devil XV card, an excess in the form of inhibitions.  Remember, inhibitions can enslave as easily as excesses.  Are inhibitions really an excess themselves, and excess of worry precluding action?

Turbo Reading the living, connective tissues of the spaces between (the cards)

Put a card’s width of space between the cards as you begin this part of the exercise.  Literally, make an invisi-card that IS the space between them.

3 of Swords TO 5 of Pentacles: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “Focus your thoughts to solidly see through pity or sorrow and see the established inner light of an idea, of yourself, in a situation.”

5 of Pentacles TO 6 of Swords: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “See through to the established brightness present to feel the sharp thoughts present in your touch.”

And then round the troops.  Marshall your forces with 6 of Swords TO 3 of Swords: TO, the bridge of the space between may equal, “Utilizing the sharp ideas in your grasp do you see where the irritating psychic splinter is to simply pull it out?  Pull it out like a bent twig in the water . . . that clears the water and of course is not really bent.”

Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous. 😉

The Middle of the Inner State Highway Of These Cards Is

the 5 of Pentacles.  Enjoy a quick Mystereum Tarot Moment video for this card.

Best to this exercise and video doing a little whizbang windshield cleaning for you to enhance the focus of your view on the Inner State Highway of these cards.  What do YOU see and feel between these 3 cards?

And, for a little squirrelyness

The Birth Cards for this 3-card reading might = 3 + 5 + 6 = 14 = Temperance = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5 = Hierophant.  So, here’s the Birth Card Blog for your 5’s of 14 and 5, Temperance ~ Hierophant.  Yesterday had the video for the Family of the 3’s, so that’s rather tidy.  Here’s the 3’s Birth Card Blog, too.

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard



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Driving Inner State Highways. Tarot Traffic

You know when you are driving

You know your driving personality pretty well, huh?  What is your Tarot reading personality?

There are 2 U’s in gUrU.  Do you kneel to the On-High when you drive?  Or, are you at a minimum twice as much U with no gurus anywhere in sight?  You’re not alone in that, however you responded.  Is there a clue to your Tarot reading style there?

How do y0u merge into other traffic when you are driving?  Well, you know how you merge.  I know how I merge.  And, I try my best not to disparage other drivers, though despite my best efforts there is more than occasionally still a “Drive like you mean it!” that slips out of my mouth . . . well, more like a verbal RPG really.  I think I keep it around 7 or 8 now, though, rather than the GOES TO 11 of years past.  Driving can be a people-watching experience like a moving zoo, though the Geico Gecko and your wallet might thank you more for some awareness as you are both spectator and actor.

On the same token

What’s up with talking about traffic and how any of us merges into traffic when Tarot is the order of the day on this blog?  Well, does how you merge in traffic provide you with useful clues to your Tarot reading personality?  Does how you merge into traffic reveal helpful resonances into how your imagination works?  I am thinking your driving style at speed in traffic in real time provides more than a simple glimpse of your Tarot reading personality.  Does your driving style actually paint a world-size picture of your Tarot reading personality?

How do you merge into the creative traffic in your Idea Solar System?  Wait!  What’s an Idea Solar System?  It is a concept in the Land of Mystereum dealing with the natural orbits of your ideas, how they weightlessly move in mind and into and as your work.  How do you merge into the creative traffic of your Tarot reading style?  Is each spread you work with a snapshot of cards that are really all verbs?  Is each spread a place of creation, a sanctuary of Inner State Highways speaking?  Don’t text while you Tarot.  It’s dangerous. 😉

I am going to pull a card about driving style clueing us in to our Tarot reading personality.   I drew XXI, The World card.

Is your Tarot reading style expansive and infinite?  When you master things does that mean you have no more to learn from them?  Does your mastery lead to further discovery?  What’s the style of your Inner State Highways when you drive Tarot in your readings?  What’s your driving style?  Take a little drive somewhere and see.  Is your driving style wonderfully similar to your Tarot reading personality?

The Tarot GPS with the sexy Aussie voice that distracts me when I am driving repeatedly with “recalculating route” will finally say, “You have arrived.”  I rather like that part.  I also rather like the new things I discover while she is recalculating my route.  What do you discover in your driving style about Tarot and the Inner State Highways of your Idea Solar System?

Enjoy your driving World!  And, X + X + I = 3, have fun driving around with the 3’s and . . .

The 3’s Birth Cards as Inner State Highway GPS

Here’s the 3’s Birth Card Blog, too.
Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard


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Tarot & Two U’s in gUrU

You know the old saying

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ ”  You can always respond to that with a smile, “You’re right.  There’s no ‘U’ in this “team.”

On the same token

Think about this, though: There are 2 ‘U’s’ in “gUrU.”  Think twice before giving up the powerfully and uniquely complete being and voice that is U and Yours.

Take a look at

Your 2’s Birth Cards

What do you think about YOU as your everyday gUrU?  Is your simple breath a priceless prayer?  Maybe play with the Strength (XI, VIII) and Justice (VIII, XI) Tarot Tennis Game to explore further — racket and balls not provided.  Are Strength and Justice two unique sides of the same U coin?  Like the centaur Chiron and Sagittarius.  Half-person + half-horse makes for a uniquely complete being. . .and even Chiron was set apart from his kind further in his own, unique way.

Have a great one!

All images (c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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Ace of Swords & The Place of Creation

Tarot & the Place of Creation

Enjoy this Tarot excerpt from The Ace of Swords’ Enter the Ace of Swords chapter in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum‘s Imagination Primer companion book.  Each card in the Imagination Primer included with the deck has 2 chapters: one chapter for a Mystereum perspective; one chapter where the card literally speaks to you.

Tarot Cards Speaking??

You’re kidding, right?  People talk about that, Tarot voice, essenced personalities of cards, but who has written it before?  Jordan had a special recording device. A word processor in The Land of Mystereum.

Wait!  A Place of Creation?  What’s that? . . .

Well, each card has one.  All similar, each unique, they say.  

Imagine finding out . . .

enjoy this taster spoon from . . .

Enter The Ace of Swords

Welcome to Swords!  This is the place within Mystereum for you to see and feel how your day to day and night to night communications cut right through.  Cut right through from your imagination like a living sprout bursting up into the sun.  And, you’ve met The Sun.  My does he shine brightly like YOU inside!  I’m like a single sunbeam.  He’s like all of your brightness.  So, let’s focus shall we?!!

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

I love sticking to the point and keeping things clear.  I feel ideas will just about stand up for themselves like sprouts bursting up.  And, remember, maybe when a sprout bursts up into the sun, it may not know where it is.  May not have met my brother The Ace of Wands.  No matter.  The sprout naturally placed itself.  That’s what I’d like to show you here.  I’d like to show you how naturally well-placed ideas cut right through when you are aware to notice detail.  Sometimes this occurs ESPECIALLY even when there is no certainty of placement.

I love meditating options objectively before taking my next logical step.  The Emperor came and gifted me that. I love identifying and understanding causes through feeling.  The Queen of Wands gifted me that.  I love trusting my inner, personal convictions.  Temperance taught me that.  I love cutting through the bull all the while protecting my privacy.  We can thank Mr. Chariot for roaring through my imagination with that one!  I learned my speed and agility in my cutting through from him.

Then something happened.  I had already been heated and cooled and rolled and hammered diligently and patiently for a long time.  I was annealed and then came the tempering.   I was a sword after all, tempering was something I wanted.  What happened is that I hesitated.  After all this work on me, I was held at my hottest point over brisk and cool water.  Fortunately my Sis the Ace of Cups had provided it all.  I was to be quenched, thrust at my hottest temperature into the cold water.  What if I cracked?  What if I. . .Let’s stop right there.

See how easy it is to build bad drama with worry?  I like thicker dramas than that.  Heck, I had been through all the other parts.  What was I worried about? Here’s what it was.  After all the hard work and all the studious efforts I was to be thrust into an unknown which made me who I am today!  So, like stepping onto the stage for the first time, IN I WENT HOT into the coldest of water pssssshhhhhhhzzzzssssssss!  Gota ll steamed up and NOT a crack anywhere.  In fact that may still be the most favorite speaking engagement I’ve had where I just went right in and was quenched.

So, after all this, what I’d like to tell you is that even when your steps are unsure, if you have been working hard and going step by step, AND have a positive feeling, even a positive unknown of a feeling, keep it up.  Sometimes, like with my quenching. . .that last 5% of the time felt like the OTHER 95% of the time.  The 2 of Wands taught me not to perceive many little things as one big thing.  I took that to heart in my quenching.  I decided to not let one new thing get missed.  And, here’s the catch.  I KNEW where that water came from.  It was good water from a good cup.  I took a risk, just like those sprouts bursting into the sun.  Keeps me sharp now, though.

Tarot Imagination Tools

Imagination Tools From The Ace of Swords:

  • I gift you the ability to cut to the chase, to the core idea.  Bet it’ll show you
    the way to sync up almost every time with the proper, sharply focused
  • I’d like you to make a gift of your own creation.
    • You’ve come a long way.  Hoping you’re enjoying Mystereum and your imagination tools,
      and especially your imagination. I’d like you to have your own quenching of
      sorts.  Pause.  As you move along, I would like you to use your imagination to
      come up with a gift for The Queen of Swords for when you meet her.  It’s all
      YOU!  Use your imagination!  She mentioned that it’s ok to jump ahead to get a
      sense of her first.  But, with your imagination, I would like you to present her
      a weightless gift from you imagination.  She has a vast collection of sharp
      ideas.  I’d like you to tell her one of yours.

(end of excerpt)


Decide.  Work clean.

Jordan and The Land of Mystereum

All images and text (c) 2010, 2011, 2012 Jordan Hoggard


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An Apple A Day Tarot

Imagine : ~ :  . . .

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A lemon a day keeps the doctor away.

Blocking their call keeps a doctor away.

Ok, that takes care of 3 of ’em.  What do we do about the rest?

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

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Signed Art Print Special Offer

Imagine : ~ : brightening up a room!

There’s a signed art print special going on

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Featuring ~ Mystereum Tarot Queen & King of Swords

The Queen & King of Swords in The Land of Mystereum

Excerpt from the 192-page Imagination Primer

Enter The Queen of Swords:

shrewdness, exact statements, clear opinions

I AM the Queen of Swords.  I am shrewd and judicious.  From me no news is just as good as good news.  Worry has no place here.  I hold back my opinions until I say exactly what needs to be said.  Period.  Always.  No need to hold your breath.  I love it when your constitution makes your opinions crystal clear.  That makes me smile.  Period.  Always.  I love when you use your fine intelligence and clear voice to present yourself in the most effective ways.  I see right through lies as they are being presented.  A strong silence while I listen is often my first response.  It is okay to say, “I do not believe you.”  I inorporate my truth in situations.  I am clear and direct in the way that is best suited to the situation and my truth.  I am the voice of your reason when fully thought out and expressed in a clear and direct way.  Fit, finish, and polish are not of concern to me.  They are required.

Imagination Tool from The Queen of Swords: I gift you the tool of the idea to be effective when you present yourself.  With this you can stand your ground with positive and confident gestures.  I do not move out of the way.  Also, when I am clear and direct, people rarely take aim. 🙂


Enter The King of Swords:

clarity of perception, discerning, logical and fair

I AM the King of Swords.  I am careful to weigh all angles of a situation before I act.  I love to be logical and fair.  My perceptions are clear.  I discern well.  I do not allow emotions to interfere with my beliefs and innovative ideas to fruition.  I make fair decisions that befit each and all involved.  All benefit when my decisions befit the situation.  I exclude cunning and clever ideas from touching anyone.  I have a clarity that goes beyond my spoken words.

Imagination Tool from The King of Swords: I gift you the clearest and most effective communications within and outside all of Your Royal Court.  May you use these to carry Your Royal Court to your highest purpose.  These are the things I wish for you.  You are blessed and sacred.  This is part of your inner inheritance.

Best to you enjoying this excerpt from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer Tarot deck + 192-page Imagination Primer book set available signed by yours truly at .

Check out “Presence Of” articles, where Tarot cards cameo

to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present throughout Mystereum.  Portals can be simple and childlike.  Nor childish, childlike.  Each card takes you places.  Enjoy where Tarot in the Land of Mystereum takes you.

The Presence Of The Priestess to see her guest starring cameos to further inform cards with her presence throughout The Land of Mystereum.

Magical Blessings,


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The Land of Mystereum Herald!

The Land of Mystereum Herald!.

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